Our hands are one of the most used body parts. We use them to cook, clean, care for our loved ones, love, work and express our­selves. Our hands help us com­plete var­i­ous tasks and most of us don’t give it a sec­ond thought. Just as our body devel­ops sore­ness and strain from use over­time, so can our hands. Many peo­ple, espe­cial­ly women are prone to devel­op­ing a repet­i­tive strain injury called Carpal Tun­nel Syn­drome. In CTS, the medi­an or mid­dle nerve in the wrist sup­plies sen­sa­tion to the wrist and all fin­gers except for the pinky fin­ger. When the medi­an nerve is com­pressed for any rea­son you will feel a tin­gling sen­sa­tion through­out the areas that the medi­an nerve serves. Reg­u­lar hand mas­sages can tem­porar­i­ly alle­vi­ate the tin­gling dis­com­fort.

If there’s any part of our body that we want to keep healthy, we must care for it as best we can. When you do reg­u­lar man­i­cures your hands will look and feel great. Let’s find out all about how to exe­cute a per­fect man­i­cure at home!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A tow­el, a nail brush and a bowl (to put soapy water to soak your nails in)

2. A cuti­cle push­er (I am a cos­me­tol­ogy stu­dent so I use cuti­cle nip­pers on myself and clients, but I DO NOT rec­om­mend using a cuti­cle nip­per at home, it is safer to use a cuti­cle push­er).


3. Lotion, cuti­cle soft­en­er, soap for water bowl, cuti­cle oil (I like jojo­ba oil or olive oil if I don’t have cuti­cle oil) and nail pol­ish remover

4. Cot­ton balls, nail clip­pers, nail file, 3 or 4 way buffer



5. Base coat, nail pol­ish of your choice and a fast dry­ing top coat (I use “Out The Door”).


Now to the steps…

1. Remove any nail pol­ish you may be wear­ing on both hands with cot­ton and nail pol­ish remover.


2. Clip and/or file all of your nails into the shape you desire. Always clip your nails in two or three steps start­ing with one on each side join­ing at the mid­dle, then you may clip the cen­ter if there is a point that you wish to remove. When fil­ing your nails file in one direc­tion to pre­vent splits.


3. Place cuti­cle soft­en­er on your nails on one hand. Let it sit accord­ing to instruc­tions.

4. Put your hand in the sudsy water bath for 5 min­utes. Scrub under­neath your nails with the nail brush to remove any dirt or dead skin.

5. In gen­tle cir­cu­lar motions, push back the cuti­cle (trans­par­ent and white skin at the base of your nail).

6. Apply a small amount of cuti­cle oil to the base of your nails and mas­sage lotion on your hand for 1 to 2 min­utes.

7. Use the 3 or 4 way buffer to gen­tly buff away any super­fi­cial grooves or ridges. The nails should look smooth and glossy.

8. Wipe away any debris with nail pol­ish remover or soapy water.

9. Apply a base coat.

10. Apply nail pol­ish.

11. Apply top coat then repeat steps 3–11 on your oth­er hand.

All done!! I bet your nails look gor­geous.

Below are 4 of my favorite pro­fes­sion­al and bright Sum­mer col­ors for peo­ple of all skin tones: red, taupe, roy­al blue and tan­ger­ine.





Enjoy your beau­ti­ful hands!

Have you tried an at-home man­i­cure? How did it turn out? Share your pics!

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Good tuto­r­i­al, but I skip the salon extras like soak­ing and putting 5 dif­fer­ent lotions/oils on your hands. Applied on clean & dry nails, Zoya nail pol­ish lasts for weeks with min­i­mal chips. And keeps my nails from break­ing. They’re nice and long now! It does take a bit longer to dry, though, since it’s free of dan­ger­ous chem­i­cals.


I was hop­ing you includ­ed some sort of info regard­ing the col­ors used; what is the blue?!?!? i MUST have it!!! i have a sim­i­lar blue, it’s a frost shade. I thought that one was vibrant; this is so strik­ing and eye catch­ing!


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[…] splat­ter art. It’s a must to start out with your cuti­cles in tip top shape, so check out my post 11 Steps to Get a Salon Qual­i­ty Man­i­cure at Home if your nails need some […]


The Gelous nail gel from Sally’s helps man­i­cures last longer. Such nice pic­tures!


Very love­ly, but how do I get it as neat as those which are post­ed above? They look flaw­less!

Tiff Dizzle

My pol­ish nev­er looks that good when I do it at home no mat­ter how neat I try to be


Same here :-/ And, I’m right-hand­ed, so the nails on my right hand always look quite ter­ri­ble, no mat­ter how care­ful I try to be.

Cece Danielle

Dit­to! I’m left hand­ed and feel the same. Prac­tice makes per­fect I guess :)

jenna marie christian

i am going to have to prac­tice. her nails look great. I loved the blue pol­ish.


Great man­i­cure but I often hear that soak­ing your nails is unnec­es­sary (and makes your nails too soft) just wash your hands as you nor­mal­ly would to rid of any residue. I real­ly like the roy­al blue man­i­cure.


I real­ly love the way that the nails look but I find that every­time I pol­ish my nails or get them pol­ished in the salon it only last 2 days. I usu­al­ly just wear clear on my fin­ger nails and I get bi-week­ly pedi­cures. Kudos to those who can keep up with it!! :)


Yes, I agree my man­i­cures only last for 2–3 days most of the time…4 days if I am very lucky and use gloves for clean­ing, and use hand wipes to clean my hands instead of water (unless I’m doing some­thing very dirty like cook­ing chick­en or using the restroom).


[imgcomment image[/img]

All I do is keep my hands lotioned and paint my nails only when I feel like it


Excel­lent post! I’m a lover of at home man­i­cures. What is the name of the taupe nail pol­ish in the pho­to? Looks like the per­fect nude shade!