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Aside from the usu­al wash-n-go and puff, what are some oth­er sim­ple cute styles to wear on short nat­ur­al hair, espe­cial­ly on tee­ny wee­ny afros (TWAs)?  Check out the fol­low­ing three videos for some inspi­ra­tion:

1. Pin­up nat­ur­al hair­style

Some of the best hair­styles are born from acci­dents, and this video show­cas­es one of them.  Watch Yaa­soul­rebel dis­cuss her pin­up nat­ur­al hair­style.

2. Wash-n-go fro-hawk

For this look you will only need a few bob­by pins.  Jo Michelle does a tuto­r­i­al for this style on her slight­ly longer hair but the same process applies to the style in the above video.  (Here is the tuto­r­i­al.)

3. Quick and easy “fin­ger coils”

All you need are wet nat­ur­al curls and a soft bris­tle brush.  In the video above, Toli­ahli shows you how to achieve “fin­ger coils” with­in min­utes.

For my ladies with short hair and TWAs, would you rock any of these styles?


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hair is curly
If you are look­ing for new ways to style your hair I sug­gest a few of the fol­low­ing. This is what I did when I first cut my hair : D most require hair to be at least 4“inches in length depend­ing on hair tex­ture. Mine is very curly which is why I rec­om­mend 4″ inch­es. 1. Make two puff­balls on each side of your head. Twist or braid them. Pin to the back. 2. Make mini sized puff­balls all over your head. Twist each one. Or leave them puffy. 3. Part a small line down the front cen­ter of your hair.… Read more »

I have such a hard time doing a twist out or braid out, my hair nev­er looks good after doing it. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

Nandi Alexander

I just did the big chop on August 7th, 2013 and I have been look­ing for ways to style my hair. Def­i­nite­ly going to try the fin­ger coils!

April Fuller Jones

Lovvvvvvve It! Thanx

Thank you so much for this video (#3). I just did the big chop on August 2, 2013 and was look­ing for a way to style my TWA. The fin­ger coils with the brush is so on point. I tried it and I love it! I feel so much bet­ter about my TWA. I should have gone the nat­ur­al route a long time ago! I can’t wait for it to grow out! This is awe­some. I am so excit­ed about my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney and will always look for new styles and prod­ucts on this web­site. Peace!
jennifer agbaroji

I always style my twa using the brush in the third video but I’m con­cerned about the con­stant brush­ing on wet curls. Does brush­ing dam­age wet hair?


Any­one know where Yaa­Soul­Rebel has gone? Went to see her video and got mes­sage that her chan­nel is closed. I had viewed it once (how she did her puff) and want­ed to see it again.

Beautifully Misunderstood

I’m cer­tain­ly going to check out the videos rec­om­mend­ed. My TWA has got­ten out of con­trol. I didn’t expect it to grow this fast. Cur­rent­ly, I have opt­ed for a sew-in due to exhaus­tion with rolling, twist­ing and lim­it­ed styling. I’ve almost had this installed a month. I miss my curls so this was a very GOOD post for me to run across!!! Thank you so much.


OOH OOOH!!! the first one Just gave me an idea! Puffy flat twist!! I will try it tonight! Thanks BGLH!


I am way past the twa/short hair phase, but look­ing at these videos made me wish I had enjoyed this peri­od of my jour­ney more instead of hid­ing under a beanie most of the time :/
Rock your twa’s with pride ladies!!


I loved the wash-n-go fro hawk. I did my BIG Chop in Jan­u­ary of this year. My hair is just about that length now and I think that style will real­ly work well on me.


THANK YOU! I will be try­ing all of these… as I BC’d a few weeks ago and have about 3 inch­es, I’ve been strug­gling to think of things to do besides the wash n go (which I love, but I hate wear­ing my hair the same way every day).


When I had just BC’d, I tried doing the last tuto­r­i­al video, the one with the brush & fin­ger coils, & oh my lord, it did NOT work for me. Just made my hair a knot­ted, mat­ted mess. I real­ly think that only a cer­tain hair type can do this method. Or maybe it was the brush? I have no idea, but I was sad that it didn’t work for me.

nappy headed black girl

I like the pin­up. I could nev­er get pinned up styles to my lik­ing. My hair is fine and they just nev­er looked plump and juicy enough for me.