3 Cute and Easy Styles for TWAs and Short Natural Hair

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Aside from the usual wash-n-go and puff, what are some other simple cute styles to wear on short natural hair, especially on teeny weeny afros (TWAs)?  Check out the following three videos for some inspiration:

1. Pinup natural hairstyle

Some of the best hairstyles are born from accidents, and this video showcases one of them.  Watch Yaasoulrebel discuss her pinup natural hairstyle.

2. Wash-n-go fro-hawk

For this look you will only need a few bobby pins.  Jo Michelle does a tutorial for this style on her slightly longer hair but the same process applies to the style in the above video.  (Here is the tutorial.)

3. Quick and easy “finger coils”

All you need are wet natural curls and a soft bristle brush.  In the video above, Toliahli shows you how to achieve “finger coils” within minutes.

For my ladies with short hair and TWAs, would you rock any of these styles?

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