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Major shrinkage and little to no curl clumping are typical characteristics of 4B/4C natural hair that can make detangling a challenge.  Here are four great conditioners that can help to ease the process for our hair type:

1. Avocado Detangling Mixture

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This is my favorite conditioner when it comes to my 4B/4C strands.  This homemade mixture consists of an avocado, olive oil, melted shea butter, and apple cider vinegar, which together provide amazing slip and hang for detangling. Check out the recipe for the detangler in this previous post.

2. Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus


This conditioner is very inexpensive yet very effective at providing slip and hang for 4B/4C strands.  Because of the addition of cholesterol in combination with other ingredients, it is very thick, heavy, and lubricating – all of which are great for easing the detangling process.

3. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration



This conditioner is really popular among 4B/4C naturals, especially those with fine hair.  It provides great slip, which can aid in detangling. The product does contain silicones, so be sure to monitor for buildup or use a shampoo that will adequately prevent such buildup.

4. Lekair Cholesterol Plus


Like Lustrasilk, Lekair is very thick, heavy, and lubricating making it a great option for detangling 4B/4C hair.  Unlike Lustrasilk, it also contains a bit of protein (hydrolyzed collagen) that provides a little strengthening.  For those who do not mind mineral oil in their conditioners, you may like Lekair (which contains mineral oil) a little better than Lustrasilk.

Ladies, what conditioners do you use for detangling 4B/4C strands?


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I love my hair but there is no way I will put avocadoes on it. This yummy food will be going in my salad!!!lol
I used to swear by Hello Hydration but then I discoverd Aussie Moist; it is sooo good that I have never looked back. In the past I used it for DC’s or Pre-poos. Now that I only dry finger detangle, I use it as a regular condish. It’s still the love of my life 🙂


I’m a huge fan of Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration! I have type 4 curls (a little bit of all of them) and my hair is fine and the slip is amazing! I only detangle when my hair is loaded up with the conditioner.


V05 gets the job done for me. I would never spend extra money on a detangler, it’s not necessary. I would try the avocado treatment, but why add acv? How would that help if you’re trying to moisturize?


I just use good ol’ Suave conditioner on my strands. Works every time..


I love avocados but putting them on my hair makes me itch. I only like the Herbal Essence on this list. Aussie is still my number 1 go to then it’s the TJ brand.


Sorry- avocadoes go in my tummy, not my hair 🙂 If I had a really gross looking one, then I might throw it into a homemade condish, but if it’s still fresh, I’m eating it.

I’ve used LeKair and Hello Hydration before. I found my favorite detangler at the Dollar Tree, though they no longer make it. I’ve found that prepooing with a heavy oil (like olive oil or soybean oil) makes any detangler work much better.


I’m with you MrsGlam! every time I see a recipe that uses avocados, while know the fats will condition the hell out of one’s hair, I get this pang of sadness ‘but I won’t eat you mr. avocado’ ::pout:: don’t think this one is the best for detangling, but I’ve always felt my hair seemed stronger after leaving Queen Helene’s Cholesterol in for a few hours…


Gigi, I know that pang of sadness, and that’s why I’ve yet to put avocado in my conditioner LOL!


Full fat natural yogurt. Aloe vera juice & your favorites oils can be added to make it even more moisturizing.


I had to stop using Herbal Essence when I first went natural because it made my hair extremely dry. I worked well when I was relaxed, but not have I had all natural hair.


is it just that brand of herbal essences that does the trick? i find that all of them are pretty much the same…correct me if i’m wrong

my 4c hair never 'tangles'
my 4c hair never 'tangles'
All this talk of detangling confuses me, I have really really tight curls, 4c or whatever, and I’ve never had tangled hair! What are people doing with their hair to get it tangled? When I wash it, I wash it properly with shampoo, rinse, wash again, rinse, then maybe again, maybe not, and then condition for twenty minutes, and sit under drier if I have time. Then I rinse out conditioner and either comb my hair and twist it and go to sleep, or blow dry if I need to go somewhere. Thats it. What is all this talk of… Read more »

Girl, if your hair doesn’t tangle, you do NOT have 4c hair. Truth be told I’m tempted to take scissors in hand after every wash.


You say you comb your hair out….well my dear that is detangling. Even type 1 hair tangles and IF you have 4c hair then honey child, unless you have a dread lock..when you comb it (fingers or comb or brush) you are detangling it. Full stop


When you comb your hair, you’re detangling. So whatever is the reason you comb your hair after you take out your braids and after your rinse out your conditioner, that’s one of the reasons people detangle.

If you wear your hair in braids most of the time, you probably need to do less detangling (combing, finger detangling, combing with conditioner, whatever) than people who wear “out” styles a lot.

I don’t know any hair type that never “tangles.” Strands can get wrapped around each other, regardless of texture. Length usually means increased tangles, so a person with a TWA or above shoulder-length hair may not have tangling, but as the hair gets longer, tangles increased. Detangling is simply removing tangles: nothing complicated about that. If you’re combing your hair braid by braid after removing extensions, then you ARE detangling, otherwise, you’d wash your hair and it would likely mat and be nearly impossible to comb out. If your hair didn’t tangle, there would be no need to comb it… Read more »

And to add to that – Even straight and wavy hair tangles up. With curlier/kinky textures that shrink up the more chance to tangle-up.

I have 4b/c hair. When I have my hair in plaits & twists (without extensions) I don’t have a problem with tangles either, therefore detangling is not an issue. However, my hair is waist length and if I am not very thorough with the removal of shed hairs after removing the protective styles to shampoo my hair, then detangling can be an issue. I think the amount of shedding you get plus what hair styles u wear and what products u use to shampoo and condition your hair will determine how challenging your detangling process will be. I keep my… Read more »

I have type 4 hair. I don’t braid my hair. I either wear it in a bun or a combination of two ponytails. I can detangle my hair then wear it out in any style (completely, in a single ponytail) even in a neat bun, take it down to moisturize and sure enough it’s dangle. I don’t know how someone with type 4 hair can not have it tangle. My hair tangles while I’m detangling, lol!


Natures gate, aloe vera conditioner. I love this conditioner, with olive oil and coconut oil added to it.


4b/c does have. Pattern which people stop stating otherwise. Except for the first option I wouldnt use any of these. Best conditioner I found was trader joe’s tea tree. Cheap all natural and my hair feel like butter