Today’s dose of cute­ness. Blue Ivy sports a head­ful of pig­tails while on tour with her Mom Bey­once. Cute.

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tasha fierce

i don’t under­stand the obses­sion with this baby’s hair.


Beau­ti­ful hair like her mom­ma has!


How do I known this baby is who you say she is ??


She’s cute, but a chair that says bitch in charge? Now…that ain’t cute.


That stands for blue ivy carter lol


No, that is not what the chair says. In order for that chair to spell bitch, it needs the let­ters “T” and “H.” Unless I am unaware the Webster’s dic­tio­nary changed the speller. I just hope that Bey­once, in deal­ing with her child’s hair dos not let the public’s crit­i­cism, par­tic­u­lar­ly with the pics with the baby in Tim­ber­lands and a tee-shirt and her hair just out, dri­ve her to do unnec­es­sary things to her child’s hair and ruin it.


I agree. No need to raise your child based on the public’s opin­ions. I hope that was not the case and she is sim­ply play­ing dress up with her daugh­ter.


I can see where she got con­fused here. B.I.C. is some­times used as an abbre­vi­a­tion for “Bitch In Charge”. I think she knows how to spell that word out. She com­ment­ed too fast with­out think­ing of the babies ini­tials and thought of that phrase.


LOL and smh…BIC is that baby’s ini­tials — Blue (B) Ivy (I) Carter ©




Broke the adorable meter


She is so cute like the pony tails.



Nature Girl


That child is adorable and I see mama Carter work­ing on her pho­tog­ra­phy skills.

Trolls cre­ate a false sense that a top­ic is more con­tro­ver­sial than it real­ly is. Let em’ argue amongst them­selves and all of their troll pro­files who defend their ‘sim­ple­mind­ed’ b.s.


So. Freakin’. Adorable.


yea when i saw the pic­ture my first thought was, bey is going to have to find some­thing to thick­en blue ivy’s hair up, cz when she is a teenag­er she is going to want what she does­nt have. thick hair. we all want what we dont have at that age. or hope­ful­ly bey will have instilled good con­fi­dence in her so she does­nt com­pare her head to the heads of oth­ers. any­way when i saw the pic­ture, i just thought thin flat hair.

A con­sid­er­able amount of the arti­cles on this web­site are ded­i­cat­ed sole­ly to cel­e­brat­ing us wear­ing our hair nat­u­ral­ly. Hence the style icons etc. I see post­ings of nat­ur­al haired babies as part of that because that’s when most of us were start­ing to be told our hair as it is was ugly. Mums that use this web­site can use posts like this to affirm their daugh­ters adorable­ness. It’s obvi­ous­ly eas­i­er to post pics of celebri­ty babies because then you don’t have to heck­le the par­ents to give per­mis­sion cause it’s already out there. When you come on here and… Read more »
Ugonna Wosu

I think using this site to “affirm their daughter’s adorable­ness” is point­less. If you mean using it to “get hair­style ideas for their daugh­ters”, that is a much bet­ter rea­son. Why do you need to look at oth­er girls to know your daugh­ter is adorable? Heck, you don’t even need to post your own daughter’s pics here to prove that. If she’s adorable, she’s adorable.

The point should be to share hair ideas for chil­dren and adults.


I meant from their daughter’s point of view. And I think that as well as styling ideas there is val­ue in sim­ply see­ing oth­er peo­ple rock­ing what you have nat­u­ral­ly and look­ing good with it.


So yeah any­who, bring­ing it back to Blue Ivy’s pig­tails lol


Neg­a­tive com­ments about chil­dren is unnec­es­sary peri­od.…. If its okay for some­one to voice their opin­ion about a child then it’s okay for oth­ers to voice their opin­ion about the indi­vid­ual.

I real­ly must say. I am pleas­ant­ly sur­prised at the num­ber of board-cer­ti­fied psy­chi­a­trists in the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. So glad I can have so many high­ly-qual­i­fied diag­noses. And for free, to boot! It seems I hit the jack­pot, here! Seri­ous­ly. I was just mak­ing an obser­va­tion. A lot of the crazy replies real­ly failed to grasp the spir­it of the com­ment. I sus­pect many didn’t read it at all — just look­ing for a band­wag­on to jump on. What I was express­ing was lay­ered. I thought ya’ll were intel­li­gent enough to get that. It was both aware­ness that I will be… Read more »


For 2 years, I’ve read the com­ments sec­tion for hair tips and tricks, but the sanc­ti­mo­ny today, the ponies, sun­shine & rain­bows cult-like adher­ence to one per­spec­tive forces me to glance up from my tablet every now and again to make sure it’s not 1984. 

Step­ford Wives, you do know that your intol­er­ance of “con­trary opin­ions” in a blog com­ments sec­tion is indica­tive of a gen­er­al atti­tude of intol­er­ance?


how adorable is the mini director’s chair.
man, that takes me back almost 20 yrs.
cutesy baby fur­ni­ture, lil’ braids & tutus!
“ahh­h­h­h­h­h­hh” ~ from my OVARIES
Lol :-D


Aww, she seems real­ly cute! Love the tutu, chair, and pig­tails! I wish we could have seen her face though :( (BTW-NOT a Bey­once’ fan or “celebri­ty wor­ship­per”, but I can appre­ci­ate a pic­ture of a cute child!)

Lawd, I real­ly don’t see the out­right bit­ter­ness in guest’s w.e com­ments, I see a bit of cyn­i­cism but jah know its not as huge as you guys are mak­ing it to be. Its a cute baby yea yea, but guest admit­ted that she doesn’t have one yet and so doesn’t know the joys of moth­er­hood to real­ly appre­ci­ate the gush­ing and show­ing off of a baby. I some­what under­stand, not that I agree but I can under­stand. Whats with the bash­ing. Side note, I get prayed for dai­ly and blessed as well, I am an opti­mistic per­son with a… Read more »

I thought this was a hair forum and not a hat­ing blog. com­ment on the hair and leave that poor child alone. Her name stands for blue Ivy Carter. Get you life!!!!

Inez Hampson

I give up, I come on these boards to seek a bit of knowl­edge, all the snap­ping at one anoth­er is a bit sad. So this site has lost me as a fan…had enough going else­where. Con­tin­ue to enjoy your bick­er­ing at one anoth­er.


You don’t have to leave the web­site. You can still enjoy the sto­ries and pics on this site. Just don’t read the com­ments, that’s all.


The web­site has noth­ing to do with the “snap­ping”


the pic­ture is cute. Can I request different/more celeb babies also if this is the route you guys are tak­ing just for vari­ety?


Y’know what I don’t like? The hos­til­i­ty towards posters with a dif­fer­ent opin­ion. We’re sup­posed to be bet­ter than that peo­ple. If you like the pho­tos then fine, but if some­one doesn’t then that’s fine too(and they have a right to post their opin­ion!). There’s noth­ing wrong with the posters that don’t agree, those of you that have been mak­ing those pas­sive aggres­sive com­ments need to stop.

Are bglh old heads lurk­ing? I’m sur­prised Bri got +25! This site didn’t used to be rain­bows and sun­beams but now it is. I’m not say­ing I want to see com­menters tear e-strips off each oth­er but the lev­el of live­ly debate on here has dipped since the makeover. If you are not on a 100% pos­i­tive vibe over every post, you are thumbed down imme­di­ate­ly. Yes Guest went on a rant but both her and Bri are right about the lack of tol­er­ance for a dif­fer­ence of opin­ion on here these days. Instead of click­ing thumbs down, why not… Read more »

@bri — I hear what you are say­ing.… how­ev­er — to direct such neg­a­tiv­i­ty towards chil­dren is just very mean spir­it­ed — that’s all I’m say­ing. It’s someone’s child and that’s just mean. :( If you don’t think BIC or any baby for is cute — maybe just don’t say any­thing… to talk about a child is mean. I do hear ya though! Thanks for keep­ing it pos­i­tive. ;)

They didn’t say babies were hor­ri­ble peo­ple or that they hat­ed them. “If you don’t think BIC or any baby for is cute – maybe just don’t say any­thing…” they didn’t say that babies aren’t cute,just that par­ents often see their kids dif­fer­ent­ly than every­one else (and this IS true!) the poster even went as far as to say “I intend to have my own lit­tle bun­dles of joy in the near future. And I’m sure I’ll think they’re the cutest thing EVER!” Its a perception/point of view thing, not a “omg babies are so ugly I hate them eww… Read more »
Ugonna Wosu

I wish I could fan you!


I don’t think the dif­fer­ence of opin­ion was the issue. A two para­graph dia­tribe about how much you hate look­ing at pic­tures of babies just seems so unnec­es­sary. Espe­cial­ly when you took the time to click on — wait for it.…- a post with a pic­ture of a baby! *gasp* If that’s not your thing, why enter­tain it at all? Of course all opin­ions are wel­comed, that includes those of the peo­ple who ques­tioned Guest1234’s seem­ing­ly bit­ter the­sis. :)


My point was relat­ed to the fact that peo­ple were mak­ing lit­tle per­son­al jabs at guest1234. Its hon­est­ly not THAT seri­ous where peo­ple should be talk about how they’re going to “pray” for them and call­ing them “bit­ter” (which is unnec­es­sary AND rude btw. If a bunch of posters called you bit­ter you’d have a prob­lem with it too)
There’s a dif­fer­ence with dis­agree­ing with the poster and there being a Hive men­tal­i­ty of every­one going after this one per­son. No mat­ter how you slice it, it was unnec­es­sary.


I don’t con­sid­er call­ing a com­ment bit­ter or offer­ing to pray for some­one “jabs”. I can see how it could come off con­de­scend­ing maybe (espe­cial­ly if the prayer offer wasn’t sin­cere), but the tone of this person’s com­ment was neg­a­tive in its entire­ty. He/she even called it neg­a­tive them­selves. lol So is call­ing the post bit­ter that much of a stretch? In any case, much ado about very lit­tle. God bless that child if the BACK of her head already elic­its such ven­om.

Ugonna Wosu

telling her she has an evil heart, or needs a shrink? To me was over the line.


You know what you could have done, Guest1234? You could have NOT clicked this post. Nobody is forc­ing Blue Ivy or any of the oth­er Carters on you. What a sad lit­tle bit­ter rant. Bless your heart.

I’ll be the first neg­a­tive com­menter. I’m sick of the baby pho­tos. So, there! Maybe it’s because I’m enter­ing that phase of life where my friends and peers are hav­ing kids, but NOBODY’S kids are as cute as they think they are. I under­stand why all par­ents think their kids are spe­cial lit­tle snowflakes, but I don’t get why they expect me to agree. I intend to have my own lit­tle bun­dles of joy in the near future. And I’m sure I’ll think they’re the cutest thing EVER! And I’ll annoy my friends with pics of my beau­ti­ful lit­tle sun­flower. But… Read more »

I mean, you could just ignore the pic­tures because peo­ple will not stop post­ing pic­tures of their kids, like, ever. And they espe­cial­ly won’t stop just because you say it annoys you. 

I don’t gush over the “cute puppy/kitten” pho­tos and videos because I don’t care for dogs or cats, but guess what I do? Ignore.

Bridget J

You got issues sweet­ie.


I smell bit­ter­ness from this com­ment


@Guest1234 — oh my… life must real­ly be so hard for you that you have to pick on inno­cent cute babies.. yes all of them are inno­cent and cute and any­one that says oth­er­wise has just a mean streak in them. If the inno­cense of a child can’t make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside — then you need to be on someone’s couch get­ting ther­a­py — but keep your nasty com­ments to your­self.

Ugonna Wosu

I know a lot of peo­ple who think some babies are cute and some aren’t. Its a com­mon opinion(I don’t share it though). It doesn’t mean she is “evil” just because she doesn’t think like you.


im gonna get some neg­a­tives.. but I agree with guest1234 a lit­tle. She’s cute but ehhh? I don’t real­ly care that much. but oh wait until kim k has her baby. I will have to avoid all nat­ur­al blogs then.. I mean these women hate on all celebri­ty babies because who their par­ents are. try­ing to find some bad in the par­ent­ing or baby looks, hair etc. I don’t like the pic­tures because some women say mean things about the babies in the com­ment sec­tion. the babies don’t need that. that’s all.


Pray­ing for guest1234 as well…what the world need is love…there’s alot of bit­ter­ness and frus­tra­tion in your lit­tle rant…life’s too short…#ain’tnobodygottimeforthat…B blessed!

I wish I could be as per­fect as all of you. If only I could be such an extra­or­di­nary human being that EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT I ever have is pos­i­tive­ly glow­ing. You guys are right. I need prayer to save my hedo­nis­tic soul. Clear­ly, Satan is respon­si­ble for my fail­ure as a human being — my fail­ure to gush over some stranger’s kid. Thank you for bless­ing my wretched heart.  Why does any opin­ion that doesn’t con­sist sole­ly of rain­bows and moon­beams threat­en you all so much? As much as you say I don’t have to comment.…well, nei­ther do you.… Read more »
Well, actu­al­ly Guest1234, free speech. Free coun­try. This site does invite com­ments. But your dif­fer­ence could have been um a lit­tle bit more tact­ful. “Nobody’s kids are as cute as they think they are?” Ouch! How about treat peo­ple the way you want to be treat­ed? How­ev­er, I will say there is an ele­ment of truth to your harsh com­ment. Because of the inter­net there is a gen­er­al over­shar­ing of infor­ma­tion and pic­tures that no one except imme­di­ate fam­i­ly and close friends should have to be privy to, espe­cial­ly on Face­book, oth­er social net­works, some doc­u­men­taries, and real­i­ty shows. But… Read more »

Can’t say i dis­agree ;)


LOL still mad huh? Don’t wor­ry you’ll feel bet­ter. Here’s the thing, life is too short to be think­ing neg­a­tive. You’re neg­a­tiv­i­ty wasn’t nec­es­sary AND it didn’t ask for your fuck­ing opin­ion on here. You’re just upset sweet­ie it’s okay ;-)

Ugonna Wosu

no need to aggra­vate the sit­u­a­tion. We’ve all made our point to her, I think we can move on now.


The swear­ing real­ly isn’t nec­es­sary. Come on, ladies. Let’s keep it clean. ‘To each her own’ and all that jazz, right? -_-’


Oh, I see! Per­haps the con­cept of an implied request for opin­ion is a bit over your head. That explains the celebri­ty wor­ship and sim­ple-mind­ed­ness. I’m sor­ry. I mis­judged the audi­ence. Car­ry on. My bad.


Yes thank you for your two cent Guest1234, here’s your change back. Have a nice day :-D


Pray­ing for you this morn­ing Guest1234. There’s some bit­ter­ness and anger going on in your heart. And it makes no dif­fer­ence if peo­ple are “strangers” or not…all peo­ple are impor­tant, not just the ones you per­son­al­ly know. Being neg­a­tive and hav­ing a mean heart will do noth­ing but make you sick men­tal­ly, spir­i­tu­al­ly and phys­i­cal­ly. If pic­tures of beau­ti­ful babies and their joy­ful par­ents upsets you, maybe you should log off social media for a while and let the Lord heal your heart and get your mind right.

Ugonna Wosu

I don’t think there’s some­thing wrong with her just because she doesn’t like hav­ing baby pho­tos shoved down her throat, from time to time any­one can feel that way. 

MY prob­lem with her post is that she is so both­ered by it that she need­ed to vent here about it. It does sound like she has some real deep issues.


and…u need­ed to post that here because???what u expect­ed some sort of validation,people com­ing out of the wood­work say­ing “hey yea i agree with u”?they’re strangers and they don’t matter,well guess what ur a stranger to us and to them also and what u said right there isn’t worth any­thing either.and judg­ing by that username,ur most like­ly not in this forum for nat­ur­al hair inter­est at all and seek plea­sure from trolling arti­cles like these smh


Feel bet­ter? If don’t like it, then don’t com­ment. Nobody ask you for your 2 cent that you need change back.


I remem­ber B post­ed a pic of that lit­tle chair! =D
Cute, a lit­tle tutu!
Here’s my remix of the Lit­tle Lulu theme song for Blue!
“Lit­tle Blue Blue, lit­tle Blue Blue, with curlies on your head!” Lol


B.I.C stands for BLUE IVY CARTER


Too cute! Lov­ing the baby pic­tures of Blue Ivy!


ADORABLE!! And BIC = Blue Ivy Carter. SMH. Here we go again with the under­hand­ed hatin.


Uh oh haters with neg­a­tive com­ments com­ing in 3…2..1


I hope that B I C doesn’t stand for what I think it does..
Cute­ness all the way though.

Sooo True

Feel free to excer­size com­mon sense one in a while J!


I’m pret­ty sure it’s called a joke and not hat­ing, folks. While Jasmine’s pick­ing up some com­mon sense, the rest of you might want to grab a sense of humor, while you’re at it. That’s, of course, if you’re inter­est­ed, no pres­sure.


Thanks Nina! I put a thumb up for Jas­mine, her com­ment is 100% a joke, and I actu­al­ly loved it (no offence to the lit­tle cutie). Peo­ple real­ly needs to chill out.


Jas­mine, I’m clue­less what do you think B.I.C. stands for? I say Blue Ivy Carter…what do you think? I’m curi­ous


She was rob­a­bly think­ing B*^%H In Charge…


It stands for Blue Ivy Carter.…..-______–