Blue Ivy’s HeadFul of Pigtails

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Today’s dose of cuteness. Blue Ivy sports a headful of pigtails while on tour with her Mom Beyonce. Cute.

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Black Girl With Long Hair

I created BGLH in 2008 and I've mainly been behind the scenes since then. I'm hoping this forum is a way for me to connect more with my readers, and share my life and hair journey :)


73 thoughts on “Blue Ivy’s HeadFul of Pigtails

  1. Honey,

    That child is adorable and I see mama Carter working on her photography skills.

    Trolls create a false sense that a topic is more controversial than it really is. Let em’ argue amongst themselves and all of their troll profiles who defend their ‘simpleminded’ b.s.

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    • No, that is not what the chair says. In order for that chair to spell bitch, it needs the letters “T” and “H.” Unless I am unaware the Webster’s dictionary changed the speller. I just hope that Beyonce, in dealing with her child’s hair dos not let the public’s criticism, particularly with the pics with the baby in Timberlands and a tee-shirt and her hair just out, drive her to do unnecessary things to her child’s hair and ruin it.

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      • I can see where she got confused here. B.I.C. is sometimes used as an abbreviation for “Bitch In Charge”. I think she knows how to spell that word out. She commented too fast without thinking of the babies initials and thought of that phrase.

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      • I agree. No need to raise your child based on the public’s opinions. I hope that was not the case and she is simply playing dress up with her daughter.

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