Today’s dose of cuteness. Blue Ivy sports a headful of pigtails while on tour with her Mom Beyonce. Cute.

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tasha fierce

i don’t understand the obsession with this baby’s hair.


Beautiful hair like her momma has!


How do I known this baby is who you say she is ??


She’s cute, but a chair that says bitch in charge? Now…that ain’t cute.


LOL and smh…BIC is that baby’s initials – Blue (B) Ivy (I) Carter (C)


No, that is not what the chair says. In order for that chair to spell bitch, it needs the letters “T” and “H.” Unless I am unaware the Webster’s dictionary changed the speller. I just hope that Beyonce, in dealing with her child’s hair dos not let the public’s criticism, particularly with the pics with the baby in Timberlands and a tee-shirt and her hair just out, drive her to do unnecessary things to her child’s hair and ruin it.


I can see where she got confused here. B.I.C. is sometimes used as an abbreviation for “Bitch In Charge”. I think she knows how to spell that word out. She commented too fast without thinking of the babies initials and thought of that phrase.


I agree. No need to raise your child based on the public’s opinions. I hope that was not the case and she is simply playing dress up with her daughter.


That stands for blue ivy carter lol




Broke the adorable meter


She is so cute like the pony tails.



Nature Girl


That child is adorable and I see mama Carter working on her photography skills.

Trolls create a false sense that a topic is more controversial than it really is. Let em’ argue amongst themselves and all of their troll profiles who defend their ‘simpleminded’ b.s.


So. Freakin’. Adorable.


yea when i saw the picture my first thought was, bey is going to have to find something to thicken blue ivy’s hair up, cz when she is a teenager she is going to want what she doesnt have. thick hair. we all want what we dont have at that age. or hopefully bey will have instilled good confidence in her so she doesnt compare her head to the heads of others. anyway when i saw the picture, i just thought thin flat hair.

A considerable amount of the articles on this website are dedicated solely to celebrating us wearing our hair naturally. Hence the style icons etc. I see postings of natural haired babies as part of that because that’s when most of us were starting to be told our hair as it is was ugly. Mums that use this website can use posts like this to affirm their daughters adorableness. It’s obviously easier to post pics of celebrity babies because then you don’t have to heckle the parents to give permission cause it’s already out there. When you come on here and… Read more »
Ugonna Wosu

I think using this site to “affirm their daughter’s adorableness” is pointless. If you mean using it to “get hairstyle ideas for their daughters”, that is a much better reason. Why do you need to look at other girls to know your daughter is adorable? Heck, you don’t even need to post your own daughter’s pics here to prove that. If she’s adorable, she’s adorable.

The point should be to share hair ideas for children and adults.


I meant from their daughter’s point of view. And I think that as well as styling ideas there is value in simply seeing other people rocking what you have naturally and looking good with it.


So yeah anywho, bringing it back to Blue Ivy’s pigtails lol


Negative comments about children is unnecessary period….. If its okay for someone to voice their opinion about a child then it’s okay for others to voice their opinion about the individual.

I really must say. I am pleasantly surprised at the number of board-certified psychiatrists in the natural hair community. So glad I can have so many highly-qualified diagnoses. And for free, to boot! It seems I hit the jackpot, here! Seriously. I was just making an observation. A lot of the crazy replies really failed to grasp the spirit of the comment. I suspect many didn’t read it at all – just looking for a bandwagon to jump on. What I was expressing was layered. I thought ya’ll were intelligent enough to get that. It was both awareness that I… Read more »


For 2 years, I’ve read the comments section for hair tips and tricks, but the sanctimony today, the ponies, sunshine & rainbows cult-like adherence to one perspective forces me to glance up from my tablet every now and again to make sure it’s not 1984.

Stepford Wives, you do know that your intolerance of “contrary opinions” in a blog comments section is indicative of a general attitude of intolerance?


how adorable is the mini director’s chair.
man, that takes me back almost 20 yrs.
cutesy baby furniture, lil’ braids & tutus!
“ahhhhhhhhh” ~ from my OVARIES
Lol ๐Ÿ˜€


Aww, she seems really cute! Love the tutu, chair, and pigtails! I wish we could have seen her face though ๐Ÿ™ (BTW-NOT a Beyonce’ fan or “celebrity worshipper”, but I can appreciate a picture of a cute child!)

Lawd, I really don’t see the outright bitterness in guest’s w.e comments, I see a bit of cynicism but jah know its not as huge as you guys are making it to be. Its a cute baby yea yea, but guest admitted that she doesn’t have one yet and so doesn’t know the joys of motherhood to really appreciate the gushing and showing off of a baby. I somewhat understand, not that I agree but I can understand. Whats with the bashing. Side note, I get prayed for daily and blessed as well, I am an optimistic person with a… Read more »

I thought this was a hair forum and not a hating blog. comment on the hair and leave that poor child alone. Her name stands for blue Ivy Carter. Get you life!!!!

Inez Hampson

I give up, I come on these boards to seek a bit of knowledge, all the snapping at one another is a bit sad. So this site has lost me as a fan…had enough going elsewhere. Continue to enjoy your bickering at one another.


The website has nothing to do with the “snapping”


You don’t have to leave the website. You can still enjoy the stories and pics on this site. Just don’t read the comments, that’s all.


the picture is cute. Can I request different/more celeb babies also if this is the route you guys are taking just for variety?


Y’know what I don’t like? The hostility towards posters with a different opinion. We’re supposed to be better than that people. If you like the photos then fine, but if someone doesn’t then that’s fine too(and they have a right to post their opinion!). There’s nothing wrong with the posters that don’t agree, those of you that have been making those passive aggressive comments need to stop.


I don’t think the difference of opinion was the issue. A two paragraph diatribe about how much you hate looking at pictures of babies just seems so unnecessary. Especially when you took the time to click on – wait for it….- a post with a picture of a baby! *gasp* If that’s not your thing, why entertain it at all? Of course all opinions are welcomed, that includes those of the people who questioned Guest1234’s seemingly bitter thesis. ๐Ÿ™‚


My point was related to the fact that people were making little personal jabs at guest1234. Its honestly not THAT serious where people should be talk about how they’re going to “pray” for them and calling them “bitter” (which is unnecessary AND rude btw. If a bunch of posters called you bitter you’d have a problem with it too)
There’s a difference with disagreeing with the poster and there being a Hive mentality of everyone going after this one person. No matter how you slice it, it was unnecessary.


I don’t consider calling a comment bitter or offering to pray for someone “jabs”. I can see how it could come off condescending maybe (especially if the prayer offer wasn’t sincere), but the tone of this person’s comment was negative in its entirety. He/she even called it negative themselves. lol So is calling the post bitter that much of a stretch? In any case, much ado about very little. God bless that child if the BACK of her head already elicits such venom.

Ugonna Wosu

telling her she has an evil heart, or needs a shrink? To me was over the line.


@bri – I hear what you are saying…. however – to direct such negativity towards children is just very mean spirited – that’s all I’m saying. It’s someone’s child and that’s just mean. ๐Ÿ™ If you don’t think BIC or any baby for is cute – maybe just don’t say anything… to talk about a child is mean. I do hear ya though! Thanks for keeping it positive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

They didn’t say babies were horrible people or that they hated them. “If you donโ€™t think BIC or any baby for is cute โ€“ maybe just donโ€™t say anythingโ€ฆ” they didn’t say that babies aren’t cute,just that parents often see their kids differently than everyone else (and this IS true!) the poster even went as far as to say “I intend to have my own little bundles of joy in the near future. And Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll think theyโ€™re the cutest thing EVER!” Its a perception/point of view thing, not a “omg babies are so ugly I hate them eww… Read more »
Ugonna Wosu

I wish I could fan you!

Are bglh old heads lurking? I’m surprised Bri got +25! This site didn’t used to be rainbows and sunbeams but now it is. I’m not saying I want to see commenters tear e-strips off each other but the level of lively debate on here has dipped since the makeover. If you are not on a 100% positive vibe over every post, you are thumbed down immediately. Yes Guest went on a rant but both her and Bri are right about the lack of tolerance for a difference of opinion on here these days. Instead of clicking thumbs down, why not… Read more »

You know what you could have done, Guest1234? You could have NOT clicked this post. Nobody is forcing Blue Ivy or any of the other Carters on you. What a sad little bitter rant. Bless your heart.

I’ll be the first negative commenter. I’m sick of the baby photos. So, there! Maybe it’s because I’m entering that phase of life where my friends and peers are having kids, but NOBODY’S kids are as cute as they think they are. I understand why all parents think their kids are special little snowflakes, but I don’t get why they expect me to agree. I intend to have my own little bundles of joy in the near future. And I’m sure I’ll think they’re the cutest thing EVER! And I’ll annoy my friends with pics of my beautiful little sunflower.… Read more »

Feel better? If don’t like it, then don’t comment. Nobody ask you for your 2 cent that you need change back.


and…u needed to post that here because???what u expected some sort of validation,people coming out of the woodwork saying “hey yea i agree with u”?they’re strangers and they don’t matter,well guess what ur a stranger to us and to them also and what u said right there isn’t worth anything either.and judging by that username,ur most likely not in this forum for natural hair interest at all and seek pleasure from trolling articles like these smh


Praying for you this morning Guest1234. There’s some bitterness and anger going on in your heart. And it makes no difference if people are “strangers” or not…all people are important, not just the ones you personally know. Being negative and having a mean heart will do nothing but make you sick mentally, spiritually and physically. If pictures of beautiful babies and their joyful parents upsets you, maybe you should log off social media for a while and let the Lord heal your heart and get your mind right.

Ugonna Wosu

I don’t think there’s something wrong with her just because she doesn’t like having baby photos shoved down her throat, from time to time anyone can feel that way.

MY problem with her post is that she is so bothered by it that she needed to vent here about it. It does sound like she has some real deep issues.

I wish I could be as perfect as all of you. If only I could be such an extraordinary human being that EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT I ever have is positively glowing. You guys are right. I need prayer to save my hedonistic soul. Clearly, Satan is responsible for my failure as a human being – my failure to gush over some stranger’s kid. Thank you for blessing my wretched heart. Why does any opinion that doesn’t consist solely of rainbows and moonbeams threaten you all so much? As much as you say I don’t have to comment….well, neither do you.… Read more »

LOL still mad huh? Don’t worry you’ll feel better. Here’s the thing, life is too short to be thinking negative. You’re negativity wasn’t necessary AND it didn’t ask for your fucking opinion on here. You’re just upset sweetie it’s okay ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oh, I see! Perhaps the concept of an implied request for opinion is a bit over your head. That explains the celebrity worship and simple-mindedness. I’m sorry. I misjudged the audience. Carry on. My bad.


Yes thank you for your two cent Guest1234, here’s your change back. Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜€


The swearing really isn’t necessary. Come on, ladies. Let’s keep it clean. ‘To each her own’ and all that jazz, right? -_-‘

Ugonna Wosu

no need to aggravate the situation. We’ve all made our point to her, I think we can move on now.


Can’t say i disagree ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, actually Guest1234, free speech. Free country. This site does invite comments. But your difference could have been um a little bit more tactful. “Nobody’s kids are as cute as they think they are?” Ouch! How about treat people the way you want to be treated? However, I will say there is an element of truth to your harsh comment. Because of the internet there is a general oversharing of information and pictures that no one except immediate family and close friends should have to be privy to, especially on Facebook, other social networks, some documentaries, and reality shows. But… Read more »

Praying for guest1234 as well…what the world need is love…there’s alot of bitterness and frustration in your little rant…life’s too short…#ain’tnobodygottimeforthat…B blessed!


im gonna get some negatives.. but I agree with guest1234 a little. She’s cute but ehhh? I don’t really care that much. but oh wait until kim k has her baby. I will have to avoid all natural blogs then.. I mean these women hate on all celebrity babies because who their parents are. trying to find some bad in the parenting or baby looks, hair etc. I don’t like the pictures because some women say mean things about the babies in the comment section. the babies don’t need that. that’s all.


@Guest1234 – oh my… life must really be so hard for you that you have to pick on innocent cute babies.. yes all of them are innocent and cute and anyone that says otherwise has just a mean streak in them. If the innocense of a child can’t make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside – then you need to be on someone’s couch getting therapy – but keep your nasty comments to yourself.

Ugonna Wosu

I know a lot of people who think some babies are cute and some aren’t. Its a common opinion(I don’t share it though). It doesn’t mean she is “evil” just because she doesn’t think like you.


I smell bitterness from this comment

Bridget J

You got issues sweetie.


I mean, you could just ignore the pictures because people will not stop posting pictures of their kids, like, ever. And they especially won’t stop just because you say it annoys you.

I don’t gush over the “cute puppy/kitten” photos and videos because I don’t care for dogs or cats, but guess what I do? Ignore.


I remember B posted a pic of that little chair! =D
Cute, a little tutu!
Here’s my remix of the Little Lulu theme song for Blue!
“Little Blue Blue, little Blue Blue, with curlies on your head!” Lol


B.I.C stands for BLUE IVY CARTER


Too cute! Loving the baby pictures of Blue Ivy!


ADORABLE!! And BIC = Blue Ivy Carter. SMH. Here we go again with the underhanded hatin.


Uh oh haters with negative comments coming in 3…2..1


I hope that B I C doesn’t stand for what I think it does..
Cuteness all the way though.


It stands for Blue Ivy Carter……-______-


Jasmine, I’m clueless what do you think B.I.C. stands for? I say Blue Ivy Carter…what do you think? I’m curious


She was robably thinking B*^%H In Charge…

Sooo True

Feel free to excersize common sense one in a while J!


I’m pretty sure it’s called a joke and not hating, folks. While Jasmine’s picking up some common sense, the rest of you might want to grab a sense of humor, while you’re at it. That’s, of course, if you’re interested, no pressure.


Thanks Nina! I put a thumb up for Jasmine, her comment is 100% a joke, and I actually loved it (no offence to the little cutie). People really needs to chill out.