Fro Spotting: Adorable Skai Jackson


We decided to dedicate this edition of Fro Spotting to Skai Jackson, the pint sized 11-year-old star of the Disney channel show Jessie. She rocks one of the meanest twist outs we ever seen, and puts many a grown natural to shame with her hair’s fullness and shine. The New York native will star in the upcoming movie The Watson’s Go to Birmingham, alongside Wood Harris and Anika Noni Rose. This tiny natural is definitely one to watch!




Skai Jackson 001

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • Blackdoll24

    Oh my gosh! She makes me want to have children lol

    You and your daughter are such an inspiration, I hope to have a daughter like her one day :)

    • stephanieb

      I agree, me too, she’s SO precious, and love her hair!!

  • Shahidah

    she is simply gorgeous

  • jewellthief

    I’m no fan of the Disney channel shows, but I’m lovin this child’s hairstyles!!! She has a spectacular head of hair….kudos, kudos, kudos to her stylist and parents!!!

  • cmj

    Absolutely adorable!!!!! However, why MUST the article offer further division amongst naturals by saying “and puts many a grown natural to shame with her hair’s fullness and shine.” SERIOUSLY? Every single time there’s an article about a celebrity sporting a natural look there’s ALWAYS some underlying negativity. “Is it her natural “natural” hair, is your hair really “natural” if you straighten it, look how long this persons waist length hair is, are you natural if you wear a weave – HONESTLY- just encourage, compliment and move on! God forbid if this pint sized cutie decides to straighten her hair, then there will be an article about how her mother sold her out to hollywoods perception, and how her edges are falling out and ends are chipped off – Just PLEASE stop.

    • stephanieb

      I do agree cmj, that part of the article wasn’t even necessary.

  • Dani Emm

    That 2nd pic reminded me of Rudy Huxtable! *sp?

  • Lovebugg

    I agree with cmj comment please stop it you make people who are natural not go through the natural process because you guys judge also

  • Kayla

    She is absolutely adorable!

  • Colalover

    She looks like a perfect doll! So pretty and sweet. I love edges hanging out! I make a point not to do more than brush mine back a little. I love my edges. But yes the article was written negatively.

  • The Mane Captain

    wow! kudos to her mom, or whoever takes care of her hair. She is such a pretty child. I’m sure she’ll go far.

  • http://blackgirllonghair maya

    Ms.skai your hair is very gorgeous and you are an amazing actress I know you and your mom are so happy with your hair girl I love Jessie but everytime I watch it I like seeing your hairstyles and very perty you and Peyton list keep up the good work

    • LOVEME

      I agree Skai Jackson have beautiful hair and yor hair is also pretty. I love Peyton List and Skai Jackson. Keep Jessie Going and have fun with it.

      Luv Luv__Me

  • Arieanna Goldwire

    I frost my heart. Explore Talet just gave me an acting job

  • aniya

    if i had a wish i would wish to have hair like that and be rich

  • http://Tiffany' Tiffany

    I wish I had l long hair

  • Kanashia Pope

    Akila, that remark was ugly. It’s called cyber bullying and you really shouldn’t do that…

  • http://Wikipedia LUVME

    I am 9 years old. Skai Jackson is pretty have good hair and a good actor. That hair is SUPER CUTE!! Whoever do her hair. You Know how to do some GOOD HAIR. Plus skai if your reading this I think Jessie would be better if they should adopt a new child your age . And that will make the show better because the more people that is on the show the more people watch

  • Nosky Solomon

    I like her hair and I wish I was like her. Sometimes I wish hair could change between processed and natural hair. I love being Black.