Time for anoth­er round up of note­wor­thy celeb fro sight­ings!

Mar­sha Ambro­su­is rocked the per­fect twist-out while attend­ing the Gig-It launch par­ty in New York.


And Solange and her ever-grow­ing fro hit up the Pre-Met Ball screen­ing of The Great Gats­by.


Goapele showed off her new par­tial fade style. 


All pho­tos cour­tesy of Essence.com.

What do you think of all the looks ladies?

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37 Comments on "Fro Spotting: Marsha Ambrosius’ Perfect Twist-Out, Solange’s Growing Fro + Goapele’s Partial Fade"

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Mar­sha does­nt have a twist out.…thats a curly weave. I also think she has a relax­er or heat straight­ened it. Im not upset or any­thing it looks nice…however I think the descrip­tion of her hair in the arti­cle is wrong. Marsha’s hair tex­ture is not fine & silky. When she was in Floetry she had a kinky fro.nuff said


Goapele has always been nat­u­ral, I’m sure that’s a press!! All of the ladies look love­ly!!

Dr. Anjana

In my hum­ble opin­ion, Solange is WAY more classy and beau­ti­ful than her unfor­tu­nate sis­ter.


I am not feel­ing Mar­sha nor Goapele’s hair but Solange looks fab­u­lous from head to toe!!! her fro is so nice.


Willie Lynch men­tal­i­ty is real. This is the rea­son I left the nat­u­ral hair group on face­book.


Solange’s dress is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


Solange’s fro is fierce. She and the oth­er nat­u­ral ladies are beau­ti­ful.


Few things scari­er than the com­ments sec­tion of a nat­u­ral hair blog, whew. Either you like it or you don’t, but the­se attacks! We all might as well still have perms because, for many, the men­tal­i­ty hasn’t changed. What hap­pened to we’re all beau­ti­ful? Ha!


every­one looks great. i real­ly love the dress Solange is wear­ing but is it me or does she look old in this pic?


she just got under eye bags which means she’s prob­a­bly pret­ty sleep deprived. I got some big ones right now from study­ing non­stop for finals *sigh*


I absolute­ly love Marsha’s twist out.

Old fan

Please get rid of the thumbs up/thumbs down func­tion.


LOOL the irony!! (??? Not sure if that’s the right word) ask­ing to get rid of thumbs down thumbs up func­tion and get­ting thumbs down.….forgive me I just found this fun­ny, I actu­al­ly laughed out loud.….anywhoo *looks away whistling*.


On an over­all style note, Solange is kil­len the game right now… and, sor­ry, but I find Marsha’s hair and Goapele’s hair bor­ing in the­se styles. Not the there’s any­thing wrong with the style itself, but I’m not feel­ing those looks on them.


They all look great, but I espe­cial­ly love Solange…She always has a slam­ming look and I just love her style..


Mar­sha has admit­ted to hav­ing ker­at­in. How­ev­er, my twist outs are just as beau­ti­ful & I’m a 4b/c. Keep rock­ing ladies.


How do you get your twist outs to look like that??? I have sim­i­lar­ly tex­tured hair to yours and I would love for my hair to look like that.


SEEE!!!!! And all I got was thumbs down for point­ing out the obvi­ous.




Some peo­ple just have to over analyze.….They are all beau­ti­ful ladies, nat­u­ral or not




Goapele may have just pressed her hair. It doesn’t look chem­i­cal­ly processed to me. Each lady looks love­ly :)


Goapele relaxed her hair and is grow­ing it out (that’s why she got the fade hair­style). Read her essence inter­view where she talks about this (google ‘goapele relaxed hair essence mag’ and the inter­view will pop up)


Hav­ing fin­er tex­tured hair doesn’t mean they aren’t nat­u­ral or have had a perm. Espe­cial­ly given the fact that both ladies have a white par­ent. Either way they all look gor­geous!


mar­sha par­ents are both black. light skinned but black.

Stephanie Tabva

her father is greek


LOL. I know the dif­fer­ence between nat­u­ral and perm, and the vari­a­tions in hair tex­ture. I’m just very accus­tomed to Marsha’s hair from back in her Floetry days, till now. This very well may be just flat-ironed, but given that it’s been look­ing like this for awhile I am under the impres­sion she chem­i­cal­ly straight­ened her hair.


Don’t be mad she got that good hair.


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Did u real­ly say good hair, OMG healthy hair is good hair. PERIOD


LOL @ Ang­ie, I ain’t.


What is “that good hair” you speak of?


Goaple don’t look nat­u­ral.….. But beau­ti­ful ladies any­way


Both ladies have straight hair on their heads.… If you’re count­ing the Goapele’s half fade, you could con­sid­er her “more” nat­u­ral than Mar­sha. I think every­one has a dif­fer­ent def­i­n­i­tion of what it means to be nat­u­ral. For me it’s relat­ed to tex­ture, one’s hair tex­tures as it grows out of their scalp. For oth­ers it’s dif­fer­ent.


Essence did an arti­cle on her about her nat­u­ral hair.


Goapele looks more nat­u­ral that Mar­sha Ambro­sius. I’m pret­ty sure Mar­sha got a perm.