Fro Spotting: Marsha Ambrosius’ Perfect Twist-Out, Solange’s Growing Fro + Goapele’s Partial Fade

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Time for another round up of noteworthy celeb fro sightings!

Marsha Ambrosuis rocked the perfect twist-out while attending the Gig-It launch party in New York.


And Solange and her ever-growing fro hit up the Pre-Met Ball screening of The Great Gatsby.


Goapele showed off her new partial fade style.


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What do you think of all the looks ladies?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founding editor of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008), social media and black beauty enthusiast. When I'm not here, I'm moderating a Facebook group for black mothers called Black Moms Connect.


37 thoughts on “Fro Spotting: Marsha Ambrosius’ Perfect Twist-Out, Solange’s Growing Fro + Goapele’s Partial Fade

  1. Having finer textured hair doesn’t mean they aren’t natural or have had a perm. Especially given the fact that both ladies have a white parent. Either way they all look gorgeous!

    • LOL. I know the difference between natural and perm, and the variations in hair texture. I’m just very accustomed to Marsha’s hair from back in her Floetry days, till now. This very well may be just flat-ironed, but given that it’s been looking like this for awhile I am under the impression she chemically straightened her hair.

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    • Goapele relaxed her hair and is growing it out (that’s why she got the fade hairstyle). Read her essence interview where she talks about this (google ‘goapele relaxed hair essence mag’ and the interview will pop up)

  2. Marsha has admitted to having keratin. However, my twist outs are just as beautiful & I’m a 4b/c. Keep rocking ladies.

  3. They all look great, but I especially love Solange…She always has a slamming look and I just love her style..

  4. On an overall style note, Solange is killen the game right now… and, sorry, but I find Marsha’s hair and Goapele’s hair boring in these styles. Not the there’s anything wrong with the style itself, but I’m not feeling those looks on them.

    • LOOL the irony!! (??? Not sure if that’s the right word) asking to get rid of thumbs down thumbs up function and getting thumbs down…..forgive me I just found this funny, I actually laughed out loud…..anywhoo *looks away whistling*.

  5. everyone looks great. i really love the dress Solange is wearing but is it me or does she look old in this pic?

    • she just got under eye bags which means she’s probably pretty sleep deprived. I got some big ones right now from studying nonstop for finals *sigh*

  6. Few things scarier than the comments section of a natural hair blog, whew. Either you like it or you don’t, but these attacks! We all might as well still have perms because, for many, the mentality hasn’t changed. What happened to we’re all beautiful? Ha!

  7. I am not feeling Marsha nor Goapele’s hair but Solange looks fabulous from head to toe!!! her fro is so nice.

  8. Marsha doesnt have a twist out….thats a curly weave. I also think she has a relaxer or heat straightened it. Im not upset or anything it looks nice…however I think the description of her hair in the article is wrong. Marsha’s hair texture is not fine & silky. When she was in Floetry she had a kinky fro.nuff said

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