Fro Spotting: Solange’s Red Carpet Glamour, Chrisette Michele’s Tats + Kimberly Elise’s Romantic Pinup

So, here’s our latest roundup of natural and natural-inspired styles in the celeb world.


Solange Knowles look stunning on the Gatsby red carpet. We love that her fro was part of the look!


Corrine Bailey Rae rocked a twistout while attending the Versus Versace launch in New York. How cute are those shoes!


Chrisette Michele rocked her signature TWA at the 2013 New York Association Of Black Journalists Gala in New York. Cute dress and we love the tats!


Up and coming songstress and Prince protege Andy Allo rocked a curly fro at the 2013 SESAC Pop Music Awards in New York.


Kimberly Elise pinned up a side of her fro for a romantic Grecian look at the CARRY Foundation’s 7th Annual ‘Shall We Dance’ Gala in Beverly Hills, California


Beautiful hair all around!! Ladies, which look is your favorite? Photos courtesy of Solange Knowles photos courtesy of

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

21 thoughts on “Fro Spotting: Solange’s Red Carpet Glamour, Chrisette Michele’s Tats + Kimberly Elise’s Romantic Pinup

  1. All the ladies are looking great and they are rocking their hair to reflect their own unique style. Hard for me to pick a favorite look.

  2. I loved Kimberly Elise’s look the best! I hated Solange’s makeup though, the second picture makes her look like a man, IMO. And her dress is too sheer.

  3. Gorgeous! Kimberly Elise’s hair is gorgeous and goes so well with her outfit. Remember when people ALWAYS used to straighten their hair natural hair for special events?

    Also, I wish it was possible for Solange to teach me how to be confident…she looks lovely and is working it. People talk such crap about her hair and style (not on here but on non-hair centered black websites especially) and who knows what she faces in real life but the girl always has her head high and works her unique style.

    • I agree. Solange is so confident, given some of the abuse she takes from posters on sites other than this one. It’s almost an act of bravery to be your natural self in this society.

  4. Dem girls are werkin it! I love that they are embracing their natural textures and giving mainstream style mavens a run for their money. It’s exciting to see which new celeb will ditch the straight look or weave and showcase their natural hair texture…

  5. kimberly elise is pretty. not feeling solange’s lipstick color. i dont think she has enough color in her skin to make that melon color look right. i love her hair, but not on her. it makes the shape of her face appear very masculine. i love how she dont care though. the others should have asked not to have their pictures taken.

  6. Solange’s dress is very Diana Ross in my opinion. It is absolutely fabulous! I agree with you all on her confidence. I wish I could embrace my hair like that. Others say they like it but sometimes I feel like I want to stick some crack back in it. I’m clueless…

  7. I liked Solange’s look on her. I LOVED Chrisette’s look the most, so sassy! The dress was gorgeous and the tatts really made her look pop!

  8. Nothing like wearing your hair in the texture it grows from your scalp and being proud of it. Solange always does that. She always looks confident and that’s great! Not forgetting, her style choices look great on her body.
    I love Kimberly Elise with her natural hair. I love the headband with her dress! They match perfectly!

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