Check out Naptural85’s tuto­ri­al for a quick, easy sum­mer beach style.

Hot! Ladies, would you try this look?

Prod­ucts used in this tuto­ri­al
Oil Mix: Jojoba OilOlive OilCas­tor OilAvo­cado OilSweet Almond OilVit­a­m­in E
Trader Joe’s Nour­ish Spa Con­di­tion­er

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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her hair is beau­ti­ful, but one thing i find so dif­fi­cult to do is to use advise from a nat­u­ral­is­ta with total­ly dif­fer­ent hair type.. its just nt prac­ti­cal to me.. gor­geous though!

I don’t watch her for tips either. I’ve been sub­scribed to her chan­nel for a long time but I dip in and out of her videos pre­cise­ly because we don’t share a hair type. If you are look­ing for styling videos from tighter tex­tured peo­ple then Jouelzy has a great chan­nel for 4C hair. I think if you can get good tips from Nap85 then why not. I think she put a lot of peo­ple on to the mud wash but I can’t get that where I live. She has a nice spir­it and her videos are easy watch­ing. I… Read more »

Some of the best advice & hair tips I have received is from hair gurus with hair yours light years away from mine. At first I thought the same thing, but even if you can’t do all their styles, the hair health tips and meth­ods can be just as use­ful..

Ugonna Wosu

me too. My hair is noth­ing like Whitney’s, and I use her tips.


*hair types


I have 4a hair and my wash n go’s , twist outs, braid outs, & ban­tu knots all come out the same too. I love this easy style though, def­i­nite­ly going try it out! Thanks whit!


Luv it!!! I live by this styling tech­nique!!! So simple…seems to always come out as planned…Naptural85 is awe­some, as always!!!
(insta­gram: six­da­jua­na)

Antoinette Stewart

Whit­ney always has zero frizz and com­plete curl def­i­n­i­tion no mat­ter what state her hair is in…which makes it gen­er­al­ly very hard for me to achieve any of the styles she does. But she looks great in it! Go ahead!


it’s the oil. and the way she twists. plus she prob­a­bly lives North­East Unit­ed states where there is not so much humid­i­ty… don’t let it phase you.


She lives in Mary­land like me and the humid­i­ty is crazy here! Her hair is always well mois­tur­ized, though so that helps fight frizz.


She lives on MA not MD


Humid­i­ty is what makes the north­east sum­mers unbear­able. I live in the NE (haven’t lived any­where else) and hav­ing been to Que­bec, New York , Philadel­phia, Boston, and DC in the sum­mer, I can say the humid­i­ty is there with a vengeance.


The humid­i­ty in the NE is NOTHING com­pared to humid­i­ty in the south. I have lived in DC, but I’m from Tex­as. Noth­ing I did to my hair in DC works in Hous­ton.


Not sure how well this will work for my 4b/c hair, but it’s cer­tain­ly worth a try! I guess this is a pret­ty good alter­na­tive for wash-n-go’s, besides co-wash­ing and unsuc­cess­ful­ly “shin­gling” my cot­ton-like tex­tured hair, lol. Great vid as always from Whit­ney :D

I just bought some con­di­tion­ers and I definit­ley plan to co-wash more fre­quent­ly.


I love Whit­ney she is so full of life and her videos are straight to the point! I like her! NOT just her hair but her as a per­son! Whit shares so much of her time,life and ener­gy! I will be doing this 3 times a week since I have been work­ing out and scalp clean­ing is not doing it for me..also the more you co wash the more moisture..I think her hair is healthy and retains length because she is always spray­ing her hair and mois­tur­iz­ing and seal­ing her hair. Thanks for the video Whit­ney!


I don’t like her tuto­ri­als. All her stuff is hard to do & it turns out look­ing the same! No mat­ter what new tuto­ri­al she does, her hair always turns out look­ing like a twist out.

Um…this is just not true. I use her styles all the time and they don’t all look like twistouts. My ban­tu knots that I wore for a week­end this week­end look very dif­fer­ent from my twistout. Her updos are sta­ples in my styling. I don’t have curl­form­ers so I haven’t tried her styles but it is clear that her results don’t look like twistout. I would argue that Whit­ney shows the broad range of ver­sa­til­i­ty with our hair in its nat­u­ral state. I don’t expect my hair to look exact­ly like hers because we have dif­fer­ent hair tex­tures. If that… Read more »
ah, so now we know who’s among those ‘dis­likes’ on her chan­nel lol hon­est­ly I’m as cyn­i­cal as they come but all I get from Whit­ney is love­ly brown skin & head full of curls that inspire me… nev­er felt any oth­er way. I mean espe­cial­ly now when we see her & her hus­band inter­act w/ their baby her reserved/guarded a-to-b-to-c per­son­al­i­ty kin­da shows thru, and Fil­ipe is all organ­ic & all over the place, but that’s the beau­ty of them. It’s inter­est­ing to see their ‘parts’ find their ‘spots’ on each oth­er. I get a feel­ing peo­ple get bit­ter… Read more »



Did­nt think peo­ple would go so hard on an opin­ion… If Mar­cia does­nt like her tuto­ri­als well… She just doesn’t. No harm done. I will admit that SOME of nap­turals styles are a lit­tle hard to fol­low, but it works for some. Her chan­nel is like a cook­ing show to me: I love watch­ing what she does and wish I could do the same. Most like­ly nev­er will.


If you can’t cook bet­ter than Rachel Ray, why are you try­ing to make a Wolf­gang Puck recipe?

Then the OP needs to learn the basics first. This style is basi­cal­ly a wash n go pre­served overnight to dry by a two strand twist; if a two strand twist is hard to some­one peo­ple, it sure as heck ain’t Nap85’s fault. 

And again, this looks noth­ing like a twist out.


There are so many youtube videos you can follow…find one that suits YOUR needs…I won­der? jeal­ous? it’s ok…I’m jeal­ous of her hair too…its beau­ti­ful

Ugonna Wosu

are you some kind of a troll or some­thing? Cause what you said is like say­ing the sky is red. Look the same? Hard to do?


How in the world do her curl­form­ers, bas­ket curls, or foam roller curls look like a twist out? And she has quite a large amount of updo tuto­ri­als. Also, this clear­ly looks like a wash and go, her twist outs look different…most nat­u­rals’ twist outs don’t look like this. Last­ly, if twist­ing your hair after you cow­ash is dif­fi­cult, then out­side of get­ting out of the show­er and let­ting your hair drip dry all day, then every nat­u­ral hair­style is dif­fi­cult.

And all of this is com­ing from a nat­u­ral also not fond of Nap85 videos.


Out of curios­i­ty, why are you not fond of them? Just won­der­ing.


This was great. I work out five days a week, and I wasn’t even try­ing to wash my hair that often. I ain’t got time for that! This def­i­nite­ly seems like some­thing I do do mul­ti­ple times a week. And my hair isn’t as long as hers, so prob­a­bly look­ing at 30 min­utes or so! Thanks, Whit­ney! Almost every­thing I know about my hair, I learned for her.


I real­ly love this girl, her advices are always use­ful. My hair thanks her haha ! Love from Paris, France.


Love it. I’m try­ing this tonight! I can’t wait until my hair gets as LNG as yours — gor­geous.