So Taraji P Henson Natural-gate continues!

Back in January Ms Henson posted a photo on her Instagram account of what looked to be a voluminous natural blow out. We declared our excitement at Taraji being part of the undercover natural club, but were quickly checked by readers who pointed to her December 2012 Jet Magazine cover that seemed to feature a relaxed style.

But the questions are flaring up again with photos of Taraji yesterday at the Staples Center for a Los Angeles Kings game, rocking what looks like a natural puff.

I dunno ladies… it looks pretty natural to us!

All photos courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com.



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“If it’s growing out of her head then it’s Natural (her real hair) even if the Texture is not. When a woman rollersets or flat irons her natural hair; the hair is still natural even though the Texture is not.”–Natural Kinky Curly-Marie



As women of color we giv each other the hardest time, instead of uplifting one another


Forget her hair, her shoes are the business!!! LBS!!!




I think we misunderstand the relaxed movement as naturalists. Some women don’t go for bone straight relaxed hair and are thus able to maintain some of the curl and ‘puff’ that is typical of natural hair. Let’s give Taraji a break and either vote up or vote down the style rather than trying to determine whether she is on the “natural” meaning not-chemically straightened bandwagon.

Charm White

I honestly receive motivation from celebs who are in fact natural. They are in a world where beauty is more subjective and constraining. So to make a stance to go natural, remain natural and wear their natural hair is pretty deep. It makes me feel like, if they are doing it, there is no reason I can’t do it. Keep posting these pics. I love it!!!

Yvette Flounoy
I think that all of this discussion about other people’s hair choices is ridiculous. I, for one, have natural hair because relaxers damage my skin. However, more often than not, I have my hair blown out because it makes it easier to manage and is quicker for me since I wasn’t that young girl who stayed in the mirror learning how to style her hair and still haven’t mastered styling as an adult. I much rather go out looking like something with my hair straight than looking a wreck because I don’t know what to do with my hair and… Read more »

This is a hair blog-founded by a natural black woman-if you would like to start a blog about hair and not discuss current celebrity style or other women’s hair choices, then feel free. However, please note, those topics are kinda the point here…Otherwise, it wouldn’t be relevant… Honestly, the title and post were intriguing enough for you to read and participate in the discussion so its safe to assume that it is indeed a good topic to cover. yes?


I have natural hair that is longer than the weave I sometimes choose to wear. I know lots of people who love pixie cuts etc but don’t want to cut their hair so they get a short sew in weave and rock it for a bit without damaging their hair. I am sure she wears weaves, wigs etc for work…go Taraji


she is very much natural, she said it herself, she also stated that she wears sow in weaves because she does not want to put so much stress on her hair with styling.


I personally think that its useless to argue if her hair is natural or not. i think we all have different lifestyles and as women we choose what works best for us in terms of hair manageability. Relaxed or not, hair needs to be cared for daily. it seems to me that people are trying to convince each other that chemically altered hair is better then natural hair and vice versa but at the end of the day it is a personal choice and preference


The woman has so much more than hair going for her, the boots, the Daisy Dukes, she looks well toned and healthy, take it all in. And remember she is a hell of an actress. Get back haters.
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i think dat hair is as natural as it looks,…..and y d heck u covering your chest gal,it’s either u take your hand off or change the top!


I am baffled on the gibberish you women are talking about. How about talking about the chemicals that are in these so called “all natural” hair products. And the fact that 73% of all African American women or Obese! This is the root of the problem. Focusing on your outside but dying on the inside.Ladies, FYI guys don’t really care about your hair length. We just don’t want you to have a bigger belly than us.


I think her hair is cute (whether it’s real or not)and she looks hot. She’s in her 40’s, where are her titties supposed to be, under her chin? I instantly thought that I need to work out more when saw her pic because I want to look that good when I’m her age. LOL


her tits should be in a bra,bird. working out doesn’t mean a thing if u do it to fit in juniors clothing at 45. forget it.


Natural or not she looks a reck, not put together at all. junior shorts,sloppy tits,big belly and shoes. slutty and trashy.


Thank you for saying that Sharon! Forget the hair, I am surprised to see how sloppy she looks! She could have done so much better, where is her mother to check her? She does not even look like Hollywood material, very slutty looking! Sad!


Please stop showing celebrities with their so called ” fake natural hair” . It’s sickening l don’t care about Oprah, Solange, nor Minaj. I would rather see and read a regimen from a non celebrity sister like myself.


@marquita very well said lady we as black women have enuff on our plate I dare explain my dam style or reason for it to anyone…
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Oh dear. Talk about ‘divide and conquer’!
Waaaay too much internal debate going on here. Save your energies for presenting a more united front ladies.

To whom? To a world that’s not too black-female friendly, as most of you have experienced.
United fronts!….I’m no historian but …It’s what’s won world wars. 🙂

Does it really matter what it is called or how it is labeled (chemical free vs. natural)? I personally use the term natural because it is a word I’ve become accustomed to using, so I shall keep on using it. Starting with rocking a fro…um my hair becomes way too difficult to detangle after wearing a fro so that is why I choose not to do so. Now, the fact that I’ve had my hair flat ironed (once and never again. lol), wore my hair in extensions, and to whatever future manipulation I choose to do to my kinks does… Read more »
Just watching
Pardon my language, but what a dumb argument. I think it’s dumb to argue about the purpose of the site. I think it’s dumb to argue about what races criticize each other. I also think it’s really dumb to even care whether taraji’s hair is natural or not. Who cares? Don’t be Natural nazis. The fact of the matter is, women are fickle. Natural is in because enough women have dared to do it to make it desirable. If this wasn’t such a big “revolution” women wouldn’t be flocking in droves to do it. Hair companies wouldn’t be making products… Read more »
myhair mybusiness
Many of us are switching to natural from relaxers for flexibility – duh – straight one day and curly / kinky the next. We are who we are and a relaxer or any other process is not going to change that fact. Blacks need to stop being so shallow and start to encourage, appreciate and honor each other. That is why there is so much black on black crime today. Most blacks today do not have a clue of how to care for natural hair because of our history .. the wisdom and knowledge was lost with slavery. We are… Read more »
How about this Ladies & Gents. Lets not worry about whether or not her hair is real, and appreciate the fact that a female celebrity has decided to show her hair (whether real or fake) in what is her “natural” texture. Let us also appreciate the fact that WE as a community are now using our power as consumers to slowly change and alter the standard of beauty to represent us. Since the “natural hair movement” has begun I have seen more books, blogs, videos, and new hair care products natural hair. I always walk into Target with a smile… Read more »
Yes Marquita, you do see other races of women raggin each other out over who’s hair is naturally blonde, or curly among other ways of criticizing each other. I see it all the time between white women. When my daughter visited Japan, she told me that many a yoing Asian females just love to spend their days spotting eye and nose jobs! Especially if their into cosplaying Anime characters. Those ridiculous procedures are actually rather big over there. A lot of Asian women getting plastic surgery to appear more European is very common. It is also very common for East… Read more »



I don’t think it’s her hair because her hair is extremely fragile and fine and she doesn’t have the type of hair that grows very long. But it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s her hair. Even if it’s a weave, so what! it is an attempt to wear natural hair or to appear like she is wearing natural hair. Who freaken cares?


huh? she doesn’t have the type of hair that grows long? you sound like you know her hair personally. fine hair can grow long, have you seen Cipriana from urban bushbabes? 4c hair and fine strands and her hair is AWESOME and waist length.


what the heck? what does ‘the type of hair that grows very long’ look like as opposed to that that doesnt fit that description? please humor me.


So if it isn’t her natural hair, then what? Does she get kicked out the the club or something. All this effort is going into whether she is natural or not. Regardless, her hair is cute and I know this is a natural hair blog, but lets not resort to making rude comments about her hair. At the end of the day it’s her hair and she can do with it what she pleases.

Ok, I love her hair, lol at the face she’s making. After reading the comments, I became very disappointed. As a couple made smug comments about the fact black women celebrate hair, I began to wonder if they ever took the time to do and read research on black women’s identification of self in a post and pre-a partied and post slavery day. Further more, this blog was created for women, who despite the social and popular view of what it means (or thankfully, meant in a lot of parts in this country and world) to be “nappy” (usually with… Read more »
I didn’t read all of your post, because it was rather long, but I will say this. A lot of women that are transitioning to natural, must still feel that “nappy” isn’t deemed beautiful, because so many are still trying to achieve the “European” look via flat ironing, Keratin treatments, and some have gone as far as texturizing to loosen their curl pattern! Only a select few are wearing their hair in Afrocentric hairstyles. So to me, the better term should be that you are “chemical” free versus saying you are natural. Manipulating the hair in any form is not… Read more »
Marci, of course you didn’t read the whole thing because you will continue to come from a position of “im right”. You will even argue against something to confirm it in the next sentence. The fact that women do wear natural hair is important regardless of the percentage, we’re not talking about women who don’t, we’re talking about women who do. That sort of chemical damage to the hair is unhealthy, but people still smoke too. Sharing pictures of women in the corporate media with natural hair is to show that it is being done, hence the information and pictures…… Read more »
No, this blog is still not fully representing individuals in the industry who are fully “natural” or showing the world they are. This blog shows slight snippets of photos where the celebrity is still rocking a weave, as the case above where Taraji is wearing a weave ponytail. Which is not natural. Also, Taraji is a bad example to show as a celebrity being natural, because she always wears her natural hair under weaves, she straightens her hair to the point it appears bone straight that you can’t tell if she has a relaxer or not. Most of the celebrities… Read more »

Why is it that we get so caught up in trying to prove ourselves to the world one way or the other? Do you see women of other races trying to justify why they get lip injections, why they wear weave, why they get butt implants, why they also straighten their hair etc.? We need to stop! at the end of the day do whatever you need to do to look your best of course within your comfort zone and just be confident and happy in your own skin…

I’d like to respond as to MAYBE why some naturals get offended by celebs who primarily rock weaves and wigs yet sites such as this hail them as “naturals”. Maybe ppl r so touchy bc as blks our beauty /race has been the one primarily picked apart,downgraded and marginalized by main stream america. We have endured centuries of external AND internal hate abt our features including our hair. So when women of color are bold enough & confident enough in themsleves to wear their natural hair in a world that tells them they must “tame that hot mess”…they could be… Read more »

its debatable that relaxers make the hair more manageable. in my experience all i got outta the deal was breaking hair that couldnt retain length, and that’s the way it works for most women who undergo relaxer treatments for their hair. doesnt sound like easy management to me. contrast that to my natural hair, i may not be able to run a comb thru it, but that’s not how i would determine ‘manageable’. peace


I wore my hair natural for 15yrs, but recently decided to texturize it and can definatively say that relaxers aren’t necessarily more damaging nor is natural hair necessarily more resilient, but that how you care for your hair determines how healthy and strong it remains. Many naturalistas, myself included, have spent a great deal more time caring for their hair than they did when they wore it relaxed. Since deciding to chemically alter my hair, I have subscribed to the same level haircare I had before and my hair is still strong and healthy.

Many women of all colors and races flat iron and straighten their hair. I don’t use chemicals in my hair and I wear my hair curly or in a wavy pony tail. But when I blow dry my hair after I shower my hair straightens without even flat ironing it. I wear my hair straight sometimes just to have a different look. but I get more compliments when I rock my natural curls. oan to the others: Taraji doesn’t use relaxer in her hair. She puts coco butter on her hair regularly (why it looks so healthy) and she gets… Read more »
re: Marcia– I honestly can understand some of what you’re saying. And sure, there are naturals and those transitioning who straighten their hair because they believe it to be more beautiful than their natural hair, which would point to an identity issue. However, the mere practice of straightening ones hair does not make them less natural. I think if your same standard was applied to White women, many would not be natural as heat is regularly used to both curl and straighten the hair. When heat or a chemical is added to the hair and permanently alters the structure of… Read more »