So Tara­ji P Hen­son Nat­ur­al-gate con­tin­ues!

Back in Jan­u­ary Ms Hen­son post­ed a pho­to on her Insta­gram account of what looked to be a volu­mi­nous nat­ur­al blow out. We declared our excite­ment at Tara­ji being part of the under­cov­er nat­ur­al club, but were quick­ly checked by read­ers who point­ed to her Decem­ber 2012 Jet Mag­a­zine cov­er that seemed to fea­ture a relaxed style.

But the ques­tions are flar­ing up again with pho­tos of Tara­ji yes­ter­day at the Sta­ples Cen­ter for a Los Ange­les Kings game, rock­ing what looks like a nat­ur­al puff.

I dun­no ladies… it looks pret­ty nat­ur­al to us! 

All pho­tos cour­tesy of NecoleBitchie.com.



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HER LEGS THOUGH!!! OUUUUCH!!!! SHE IS KILLING ME WITH THOSE LEGS… can we found out what her work­out rou­tine is… <3


@Coco I work­out with the per­son­al train­er that trains her when she’s in town. He’s a excel­lent train­er! His name is Ramon & his web­site is http://www.myformula360.com Not sure if she has anoth­er train­er when she’s not in town or if she still does his cus­tomized work­out when she’s shoot­ing. It’s worth check­ing. Have a great day!


That out­fit is hor­rid, I like the boots.


I think Tara­ji is one of THE BEST actress­es out there—she is incred­i­bly tal­ent­ed! I think her hair looks good, and if it’s hers or not is her busi­ness. Not a fan of those shorts, but again, she’s wear­ing them, not me—DO YOU!


It’s so thick and pret­ty and I love her shoes! 



Thanks BGLH for this post and ones like it! I per­son­al­ly find it nice to see what celebs are doing with their hair when not on set or done up for an indus­try event. Regard­less of what I think of her hair, or any­one else’s for that mat­ter, I appre­ci­ate that this blog pro­vides a look at hair that oth­er out­lets do not.


Why is it that you all are on “watch” or “look­out” sta­tus all the time to see if some­one has con­vert­ed over to nat­ur­al? Most relaxed hair blogs/forums don’t do this! This is what is so strange about this blog! LOL

Most relaxed hair blogs/forums don’t fea­ture nat­u­rals. Most of those sites, blogs, and mag­a­zines exclu­sive­ly fea­ture celebri­ties with relaxed hair. It’s a sta­tis­ti­cal fact that while the nat­ur­al hair move­ment is grow­ing, most Black women are still relaxed so see­ing a famous woman with nat­ur­al hair can be a refresh­ing change to some of us — per­haps even an inspi­ra­tion to oth­er nat­u­rals. Some of us don’t need the inspi­ra­tion but there are a num­ber of YOUNG nat­u­rals — tweens, teens, sis­tas in their ear­ly twen­ties who feel a bit of affir­ma­tion from see­ing nat­u­rals — famous or not. Also,… Read more »

not only young women… i’ve met some old heads — like in their 60s, 70s, 80s, who are still hold­ing on to the relax­er… so, meh — to each their own. do you.


THis is a nat­ur­al hair blog after all.

@Hmm, It just comes across as strange. That is is where the term nat­ur­al nazi’s come from. That is a lit­tle bit extreme to be on the look­out all to time to see who’s nat­ur­al or not? It doesn’t mat­ter how some­one choos­es to style their hair! Is that what black women have come to? There’s already a divide between who’s light skinned/dark skinned now there’s a divide between who relax­es their hair or not! This is ridicu­lous & for some­one to write a whole arti­cle on it, just goes to show how far this has gone! Yea, I real­ize… Read more »

I com­plete­ly agree. Love the blog. Wouldn’t con­tin­ue to read it if If didn’t, but the con­stant celebri­ty nat­ur­al hair watch is ridicu­lous. Bring on the thumbs downs.


i meant issues sor­ry for the typo and @ mar­cia thank you but no i don’t know deep down that my behav­ior is strange i have my opin­ion just like you have yours let’s say to each his own.

well “nor­mal black per­son” was just a way to say that i don’t have iss with the top­ics that seem to pas­sion­ate some peo­ple in the com­mu­ni­ty like relaxed/natural light skin/dark skin it wasn’t to say that oth­ers are not nor­mal. quite frankly com­ing here to say that women who like to see black celebs with nat­ur­al hair are fools is not bet­ter but that’s just my opin­ion. i don’t know why you like to see reg­u­lar black women with nat­ur­al hair but dis­like to see black celebs? it doesn’t make sense to me. maybe we should stop “watch­ing” reg­u­lar… Read more »
Sharon J

This is a nat­ur­al hair blog as oth­er have point­ed out. Most enter­tain­ers are fash­ion trend­set­ters. It’s inter­est­ing to see what new styles they are wear­ing. I think you’re being a lit­tle over sen­si­tive. No one takes issue with peo­ple wear­ing relax­ers. Per­son­al­ly, I have worn them for sev­er­al years. I think relaxed hair looks good. Weaves look great, too. Blogs such as this one helps us learn how to style and care for our nat­ur­al hair. It helps us bet­ter appre­ci­ate the beau­ty of our hair in its nat­ur­al state.


Exact­ly! They have thumbed down every­thing I said, because they know deep down their behav­ior is strange! LOL

relaxed women do not care about the way oth­er peo­ple chose to style their hair? if that was the case women who choose to go nat­ur­al would not feel pres­sure from women who still relax their hair like “why don’t you do some­thing with this mess?”  like B said this is a nat­ur­al hair blog so it deals with… nat­ur­al hair high­light­ing black stars who rock nat­ur­al hair at one moment in their lives goes to show that nat­ur­al hair is being more and more accept­ed in a soci­ety where relaxed hair is still the norm for black women is that… Read more »

Can we define “nor­mal black per­son”. Wow.


and who sits all day dis­cussing hair? maybe some peo­ple do but i’d say that hair is a sub­ject that pas­sion­ates women of all races not only black women


No, the term “nat­ur­al nazi” come from the igno­rant who find no prob­lem in being ever so flip­pant with such a dis­gust­ing word (nazi) to describe any­one who dare not share their opin­ion on “just hair”. 

You sound like a white per­son com­plain­ing about the NAACP. RMFE.
Cel­e­brat­ing a group of peo­ple DOES NOT equal cre­at­ing a damn divide. GTFO

That’s not cel­e­brat­ing a group of peo­ple or black women peri­od when you focus on some­thing so pet­ty as how some­one styles their hair. Trust me, I’m African Amer­i­can and I don’t sound like a white per­son at all. A white per­son read­ing these blogs would think you have gone crazy, to sit back all day dis­cussing hair and if you put a par­tic­u­lar prod­uct (relax­er) in your hair or not. To the aver­age per­son, white or black it is strange. Yes, the tone of these arti­cles and mes­sages, sends the impres­sion that you take issue with peo­ple with relaxed… Read more »

Either way looks good


I love her and she is my favorite char­ac­ter on Per­son of Inter­est but I’m not too crazy about the hair nor the out­fit. She has great legs though.

Marra Joelle

I real­ly could care less about the hair once i saw the shorts and boots. YASSSS Girl, you bet­ta work!!!


Her shoes is FIERCE and her bag… Lov­ing it…she look­ing good.. she work­ing it… From head to toe..


I love the sandal/boots!


she has a great body.

I find it hilar­i­oius that peo­ple are so wor­ried about her hair and whether it is nat­ur­al or relaxed. Guess what I have 4A/4B tex­tured hair. It’s curly, I can comb it out into a fro, or I can get a wash and blowdry or have it flat ironed and end up look­ing like I had a chem­i­cal relax­er applied. Just because some­one wears their hair straight does not mean it is relaxed, nor does it mean that they are not nat­ur­al. Heck it could even be or weave or maybe it’s just the hair that grow out of their scalp. ;-)

She could wear a pack of bandaids and some swap­meet slip­pers and still look bet­ter than most. That woman is bad on an extrater­res­tri­al lev­el there­fore yall need to stop the slut shamey bull­shit and mean spir­it­ed com­ments.


She could wear a pack of bandaids and some swap­meet slip­pers and still look bet­ter than most. 

I’m going to call BS on that. LMAO I love Tara­ji-she my GF in my head but come on this out­fit is beneath her. She look­ing like damn I know bet­ter


The hair looks won­der­ful, exten­sions or real, love it! I saw that game on TV, and Tom Cruise and his look-alike ‘adopt­ed’ son Con­nor, David and Vic­to­ria Beck­ham and Justin Bieber were shout­ed out and shown on the jum­botron but no such love for Tara­ji :(

Also, it’s a unique out­fit for a hock­ey game, the rink stays pret­ty chilly so I hope Ms. Hen­son had luxe box seats :)


Damn if she wants to wear that out­fit it’s her damn body and deci­sion to — you don’t own her body.….she’s a grown ass woman.…ignorant ass com­ments ugh 

& Her hair looks nice what­ev­er it is


Still doesn’t change the fact that the out­fit is hor­rid. This must be some tacky stuff you would wear.


She just looks miserable…which is all I see.


You guys are doing the most with your com­ments… Any­way I LOVE Tara­ji from her hair down to her out­fit!!! Espe­cial­ly her shoes!


What in the street walk­er hell but at least she’s trendy =/ LOL


What’s going on with her mouth. Looks like she suf­fered a stroke or spasms or some­thing… #ijs


or she’s chew­ing gum — are you slow?.….…


Love the hair, hate the hook­er out­fit.


Sigh… It looks like a half wig. In the sun you can clear­ly see the off col­or and dif­fer­ent tex­ture her relaxed hair has and the wig has… but okay.


i agree. as a long time wear­er of many forms of exten­sions it does look like a pur­chased pony­tail. but regard­less its cute.


that hair looks relaxed to you?? o_O


HER HAIR? Sure does. Unless her real tex­ture is 2b. It looks like when I would comb out my permed hair after its been in braid from a sew -in.

Patrick Croff III

Shorts are too high… Come on ladies, leave those shorts for the kids…


i dont think her out­fit looks too bad. it depends on where she is going. is she out and about or on a movie/ tv set some­where. is she in LA? as long as she isnt show­ing up to a cor­po­rate job or the PTA dressed like that whats the prob­lem? she is fit and noth­ing is hang­ing out…


This could be a set of a new movie and this is one of her costumes(wardrobe )???


Why does she look like she’s work­ing a truck stop?


Yeah, I was think­ing the same thing, Patrick. I noticed her hair last. The whole out­fit looks like a wardrobe mal­func­tion in wait. It’s like she’d bet­ter not sit down, bend over, turn too fast, achoo too hard, spill noth­ing, get caught in the wind … 

I actu­al­ly don’t care any­more how these Black female celebri­ties wear their hair, either. I already know that Tara­ji will prob­a­bly don a straight weave or wig soon after this pho­to — I believe the pony­tail is a weave as “Duh” stat­ed — and that’s Taraji’s choice. But I don’t want to know about it.

Patrick Croff III

Too is too low also. If you have to put your hand up to cov­er than you need to change it…


i just don’t care what a star is or is not doing with their hair


She’s already said they are exten­sions yall…comeon…Not that it mat­ters.



tex­tured Does Not equal real (i.e. — grown from scalp). there are plen­ty of tex­tured pony tails, half wigs, wigs, weave tracks, exten­sions not on tracks that can be bought at the beau­ty sup­ply store. hair can be bought in all tex­tures not just indi­an remy.…

regard­less tara­ji is gor­geous and her hair­style is cute…


Lol, Yep I’m wear­ing tex­tured exten­tions now.


thank you!


YES!!! Work it