So Taraji P Henson Natural-gate continues!

Back in January Ms Henson posted a photo on her Instagram account of what looked to be a voluminous natural blow out. We declared our excitement at Taraji being part of the undercover natural club, but were quickly checked by readers who pointed to her December 2012 Jet Magazine cover that seemed to feature a relaxed style.

But the questions are flaring up again with photos of Taraji yesterday at the Staples Center for a Los Angeles Kings game, rocking what looks like a natural puff.

I dunno ladies… it looks pretty natural to us!

All photos courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com.



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HER LEGS THOUGH!!! OUUUUCH!!!! SHE IS KILLING ME WITH THOSE LEGS… can we found out what her workout routine is… <3


@Coco I workout with the personal trainer that trains her when she’s in town. He’s a excellent trainer! His name is Ramon & his website is http://www.myformula360.com Not sure if she has another trainer when she’s not in town or if she still does his customized workout when she’s shooting. It’s worth checking. Have a great day!


That outfit is horrid, I like the boots.


I think Taraji is one of THE BEST actresses out there—she is incredibly talented! I think her hair looks good, and if it’s hers or not is her business. Not a fan of those shorts, but again, she’s wearing them, not me—DO YOU!


It’s so thick and pretty and I love her shoes!



Thanks BGLH for this post and ones like it! I personally find it nice to see what celebs are doing with their hair when not on set or done up for an industry event. Regardless of what I think of her hair, or anyone else’s for that matter, I appreciate that this blog provides a look at hair that other outlets do not.


Why is it that you all are on “watch” or “lookout” status all the time to see if someone has converted over to natural? Most relaxed hair blogs/forums don’t do this! This is what is so strange about this blog! LOL

Most relaxed hair blogs/forums don’t feature naturals. Most of those sites, blogs, and magazines exclusively feature celebrities with relaxed hair. It’s a statistical fact that while the natural hair movement is growing, most Black women are still relaxed so seeing a famous woman with natural hair can be a refreshing change to some of us – perhaps even an inspiration to other naturals. Some of us don’t need the inspiration but there are a number of YOUNG naturals – tweens, teens, sistas in their early twenties who feel a bit of affirmation from seeing naturals – famous or not. Also,… Read more »

not only young women… i’ve met some old heads — like in their 60s, 70s, 80s, who are still holding on to the relaxer… so, meh — to each their own. do you.


THis is a natural hair blog after all.

@Hmm, It just comes across as strange. That is is where the term natural nazi’s come from. That is a little bit extreme to be on the lookout all to time to see who’s natural or not? It doesn’t matter how someone chooses to style their hair! Is that what black women have come to? There’s already a divide between who’s light skinned/dark skinned now there’s a divide between who relaxes their hair or not! This is ridiculous & for someone to write a whole article on it, just goes to show how far this has gone! Yea, I realize… Read more »

I completely agree. Love the blog. Wouldn’t continue to read it if If didn’t, but the constant celebrity natural hair watch is ridiculous. Bring on the thumbs downs.


i meant issues sorry for the typo and @ marcia thank you but no i don’t know deep down that my behavior is strange i have my opinion just like you have yours let’s say to each his own.

well “normal black person” was just a way to say that i don’t have iss with the topics that seem to passionate some people in the community like relaxed/natural light skin/dark skin it wasn’t to say that others are not normal. quite frankly coming here to say that women who like to see black celebs with natural hair are fools is not better but that’s just my opinion. i don’t know why you like to see regular black women with natural hair but dislike to see black celebs? it doesn’t make sense to me. maybe we should stop “watching” regular… Read more »
Sharon J

This is a natural hair blog as other have pointed out. Most entertainers are fashion trendsetters. It’s interesting to see what new styles they are wearing. I think you’re being a little over sensitive. No one takes issue with people wearing relaxers. Personally, I have worn them for several years. I think relaxed hair looks good. Weaves look great, too. Blogs such as this one helps us learn how to style and care for our natural hair. It helps us better appreciate the beauty of our hair in its natural state.


Exactly! They have thumbed down everything I said, because they know deep down their behavior is strange! LOL

relaxed women do not care about the way other people chose to style their hair? if that was the case women who choose to go natural would not feel pressure from women who still relax their hair like “why don’t you do something with this mess?” like B said this is a natural hair blog so it deals with… natural hair highlighting black stars who rock natural hair at one moment in their lives goes to show that natural hair is being more and more accepted in a society where relaxed hair is still the norm for black women is… Read more »

Can we define “normal black person”. Wow.


and who sits all day discussing hair? maybe some people do but i’d say that hair is a subject that passionates women of all races not only black women


No, the term “natural nazi” come from the ignorant who find no problem in being ever so flippant with such a disgusting word (nazi) to describe anyone who dare not share their opinion on “just hair”.

You sound like a white person complaining about the NAACP. RMFE.
Celebrating a group of people DOES NOT equal creating a damn divide. GTFO

That’s not celebrating a group of people or black women period when you focus on something so petty as how someone styles their hair. Trust me, I’m African American and I don’t sound like a white person at all. A white person reading these blogs would think you have gone crazy, to sit back all day discussing hair and if you put a particular product (relaxer) in your hair or not. To the average person, white or black it is strange. Yes, the tone of these articles and messages, sends the impression that you take issue with people with relaxed… Read more »

Either way looks good


I love her and she is my favorite character on Person of Interest but I’m not too crazy about the hair nor the outfit. She has great legs though.

Marra Joelle

I really could care less about the hair once i saw the shorts and boots. YASSSS Girl, you betta work!!!


Her shoes is FIERCE and her bag… Loving it…she looking good.. she working it… From head to toe..


I love the sandal/boots!


she has a great body.

I find it hilarioius that people are so worried about her hair and whether it is natural or relaxed. Guess what I have 4A/4B textured hair. It’s curly, I can comb it out into a fro, or I can get a wash and blowdry or have it flat ironed and end up looking like I had a chemical relaxer applied. Just because someone wears their hair straight does not mean it is relaxed, nor does it mean that they are not natural. Heck it could even be or weave or maybe it’s just the hair that grow out of their… Read more »

She could wear a pack of bandaids and some swapmeet slippers and still look better than most. That woman is bad on an extraterrestrial level therefore yall need to stop the slut shamey bullshit and mean spirited comments.


She could wear a pack of bandaids and some swapmeet slippers and still look better than most.

I’m going to call BS on that. LMAO I love Taraji-she my GF in my head but come on this outfit is beneath her. She looking like damn I know better


The hair looks wonderful, extensions or real, love it! I saw that game on TV, and Tom Cruise and his look-alike ‘adopted’ son Connor, David and Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber were shouted out and shown on the jumbotron but no such love for Taraji 🙁

Also, it’s a unique outfit for a hockey game, the rink stays pretty chilly so I hope Ms. Henson had luxe box seats 🙂


Damn if she wants to wear that outfit it’s her damn body and decision to – you don’t own her body…..she’s a grown ass woman….ignorant ass comments ugh

& Her hair looks nice whatever it is


Still doesn’t change the fact that the outfit is horrid. This must be some tacky stuff you would wear.


She just looks miserable…which is all I see.


You guys are doing the most with your comments… Anyway I LOVE Taraji from her hair down to her outfit!!! Especially her shoes!


What in the street walker hell but at least she’s trendy =/ LOL


What’s going on with her mouth. Looks like she suffered a stroke or spasms or something… #ijs


or she’s chewing gum – are you slow?……..


Love the hair, hate the hooker outfit.


Sigh… It looks like a half wig. In the sun you can clearly see the off color and different texture her relaxed hair has and the wig has… but okay.


i agree. as a long time wearer of many forms of extensions it does look like a purchased ponytail. but regardless its cute.


that hair looks relaxed to you?? o_O


HER HAIR? Sure does. Unless her real texture is 2b. It looks like when I would comb out my permed hair after its been in braid from a sew -in.

Patrick Croff III

Shorts are too high… Come on ladies, leave those shorts for the kids…


i dont think her outfit looks too bad. it depends on where she is going. is she out and about or on a movie/ tv set somewhere. is she in LA? as long as she isnt showing up to a corporate job or the PTA dressed like that whats the problem? she is fit and nothing is hanging out…


This could be a set of a new movie and this is one of her costumes(wardrobe )???


Why does she look like she’s working a truck stop?

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, Patrick. I noticed her hair last. The whole outfit looks like a wardrobe malfunction in wait. It’s like she’d better not sit down, bend over, turn too fast, achoo too hard, spill nothing, get caught in the wind . . . I actually don’t care anymore how these Black female celebrities wear their hair, either. I already know that Taraji will probably don a straight weave or wig soon after this photo – I believe the ponytail is a weave as “Duh” stated – and that’s Taraji’s choice. But I don’t want to… Read more »
Patrick Croff III

Too is too low also. If you have to put your hand up to cover than you need to change it…


i just don’t care what a star is or is not doing with their hair


She’s already said they are extensions yall…comeon…Not that it matters.



textured Does Not equal real (i.e. – grown from scalp). there are plenty of textured pony tails, half wigs, wigs, weave tracks, extensions not on tracks that can be bought at the beauty supply store. hair can be bought in all textures not just indian remy….

regardless taraji is gorgeous and her hairstyle is cute…


Lol, Yep I’m wearing textured extentions now.


thank you!


YES!!! Work it