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My name is Tawana John­son. I was born in Jamaica and have lived here my entire life. I am a Uni­ver­si­ty stu­dent study­ing psy­chol­o­gy. I am a pret­ty sim­ple lady who appre­ci­ates the small things in life and is try­ing to live life her way!

How long have you been nat­u­ral?
My last relax­er was in August 2011. I tran­si­tioned for 9 months, then big chopped in May 2012 and have been nat­u­ral ever since.

How and why did you tran­si­tion into nat­u­ral hair?
I tran­si­tioned for more than one rea­son. First­ly, I didn’t start out with the inten­tion to go nat­u­ral. On the day of my last relax­er I was very frus­trat­ed with my hair­dresser and my hair after she told me it was break­ing. I was annoyed because it seemed like it was always break­ing and I was always get­ting trims and cuts. So I told her I was nev­er com­ing back and that I would not relax my hair again. While that relax­er grew out I start­ed dis­cov­er­ing YouTube videos of nat­u­ral hair ladies and I loved how it looked on them. Also my friend Chantel had just went nat­u­ral, so I was inspired by her as well. I start­ed to research more and nat­u­ral hair became more appeal­ing to me. I loved the idea of a big chop and a dras­tic change of my look because I had been crav­ing a change in my life at that peri­od. So I final­ly decid­ed to go nat­u­ral and impul­sive­ly chopped all my relaxed hair off by myself one day in my room.

What are your must-have prod­ucts for sham­poo­ing, con­di­tion­ing and styling your hair?
I must first start out by say­ing I am NOT a pro­duct junkie. I like sim­ple, and that includes my hair reg­i­men. When I find some­thing that works for me I stick to it. My favorite sham­poo is Tre­sem­me Nat­u­rals Vibrant­ly Smooth Sham­poo. I use it once per mon­th to clar­i­fy and remove buildup. My favorite con­di­tion­er is Tre­sem­me Nat­u­rals Vibrant­ly Smooth Con­di­tion­er. I use this every sin­gle week­end to deep con­di­tion my hair. I mix it with coconut oil, cas­tor oil and hon­ey. I also use it alone to cow­ash my hair the few times I do cow­ash. For pro­tein treat­ments, which I do once per mon­th, I use an egg, hon­ey, cas­tor oil, coconut oil and may­on­naise mixed togeth­er and let sit under plas­tic caps for an hour. I always deep con­di­tion after I do this.

image_2 copy

My favorite leave in con­di­tion­ers are Can­tu Shea But­ter and Beau­ti­ful Tex­tures Tan­gle Tam­ing Leave-in Con­di­tion­er. I prefer the Can­tu Shea but­ter for its con­sis­ten­cy (a lit­tle goes a long way) but I love the ingre­di­ents in the Beau­ti­ful Tex­tures. I use either one depend­ing on how I feel. I use them after I wash my hair, before twist­ing, or braid­ing, and apply them with an oil of my choice and Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel. For mois­tur­iz­ing, I use a spray bot­tle filled with water and coconut oil to refresh my hair and Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor Smooth n Hold Pud­ding. I use the­se like about week to give my hair a boost before retwist­ing or rebraid­ing, or just on my afro while it’s out.

What is your sig­na­ture hair­style?
Because my hair is still short, it doesn’t give me a big enough puff when I put it in one. So I just stick to my afro most times. That is my go to hair­style, just to wear it out. Or I may do a tur­ban wrap or a crown­braid.

What is your style phi­los­o­phy?
I dress to suit myself. I go through dif­fer­ent phas­es with my style so I nev­er stick to one way of dress­ing. I guess you can say I dress for com­fort in my own skin because every­thing I wear appeals to me and what I think flat­ters my body shape and ideas of wom­an­hood. My mood also has a lot to do with my style. Late­ly I’ve been very into the androg­y­nous look so a lot of my out­fits have reflect­ed that. So I don’t think I have a phi­los­o­phy; I real­ly just wear what appeals to me at a par­tic­u­lar peri­od in time. Today I may feel like a hip­pie, tomor­row I may feel hood, lol.

What are the three favorite things in your clos­et?
Right now because it is approach­ing sum­mer in Jamaica and it’s get­ting very hot I would say den­im (I love den­im any­time of year, I’m obsessed), a nice pair of brown san­dals and a good pair of shorts. I hard­ly ever shop in Jamaica because I find the things to be very over­priced and not worth it, but some­times I see lit­tle pieces I just can’t leave the store with­out. I do most of my shop­ping when I trav­el in the sum­mer to the States. I am a bar­gain shop­per, lol. I do not stick to one place. I look for the best things, at the best price. So I looooove thrift stores. I shop at H&M, Forever 21, Banana Repub­lic, lit­tle no name stores in New York, Macy’s, Express, Char­lot­te Russe, Marshall’s (I love Marshall’s) and some oth­ers. I lit­er­al­ly just go wherever some­thing catch­es my eye. Brand mat­ters to me, but hard­ly. It’s most­ly how it looks and how well I wear it.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me on Insta­gram at Taw­iJ. You can also find me on Twit­ter @TawanaAJ.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Wow, awe­some weblog struc­ture! How lengthy have you been blog­ging for?

you make blog­ging glance easy. The whole look of your web­site is won­der­ful, let alone
the con­tent mate­ri­al!


Love your hair! You look fab!


Jamaicans ROCK!!! Big up my girl. Your hair looks beau­ti­ful and love your style.


Gor­geous wom­an, gor­geous hair! I think that you are my hair twin! Our tran­si­tions start­ed the same way. My hair kept break­ing off in the cen­ter and along the edges. At the time, my hair styl­ist was not offer­ing me any solu­tions oth­er than trims as well.….I start­ed my trani­si­tion and didn’t look back. Com­ing up on my one year anniver­sary next mon­th :)

Coley Cole

Wow, what a cutie!

Arielle M.

I think you’re my hair twin!
[imgcomment image[/img]


Gor­geous style, gor­geous hair, gor­geous girl!


Nice stlye, beau­ti­ful face and hair. Love the 3 pics with the mon­ey shirt and den­im shorts… Sexy!


Beau­ti­ful Girl and great sense of style


Wow!!!!! So beau­ti­ful. Love it that you are Jamaican too!


Awwwww I got a men­tion :) Love you tawi! keep doing ya thangggg! :*


She is beau­ti­ful!


YESSS! A fel­low Jamaican.She’s fly!


those bat­ty rid­er shorts are FLY


o my good­ness, your afro is just too much. i love the the black and white pho­to.


Beau­ty, style, hair… Just… Wow!


What did you use to take the fifth pic­ture?


Beau­ti­ful!! I love the hair­styles.


YESSSS! I see you going wild in the pics with the magen­ta shoes.…love the entire look. You look flaw­less in the pic with the 3 tiered skirt…very natural…shows off your features…like a mod­el.


Gor­geous lady and hair. You are exud­ing lots of con­fi­dence in the­se pic. Jamaican lady, rep­re­sent!


love­ly all the way, the afro hairstyle(main pic) GORG!


Reminds me of Shame­less Maya in the main pic­ture, pret­ty!

kinky Canuck

Yes my Jamaican sistrin. I love your style and your hair is gor­geous.

cynthia J

Beau­ti­ful young lady. Your style is gor­geous. :D and I Love your con­fi­dence that is illus­trat­ed through the pic­tures