Intro­duce your­self!
My name is West and I live in Atlanta, but import­ed from the tiny island of Tor­to­la in the British Vir­gin Islands.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
My hair has been nat­ur­al since for­ev­er (minus that one year my mom exper­i­ment­ed). A year after my first relax­er, in the 6th grade, my mom made the deci­sion to tran­si­tion my hair back to nat­ur­al because it sim­ply was not thriv­ing. I was at the age where my mom’s braids were not hot, and I was a high­ly active pre-teen so I wore my relaxed hair in pony­tails dai­ly which result­ed in break­age, split­ting, and every­thing else. So back nat­ur­al, I was! This was when I began exper­i­ment­ing and learn­ing to braid and style my own hair.

How would you describe your tex­ture?
My hair is more 4a and some 4b. It can become very dry and frizzy pret­ty quick­ly, but is quite finicky as my strands are fine, so find­ing mois­tur­iz­ers which are not too heavy or too light is a chal­lenge.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.
I main­tain my twists for a week by wear­ing them in a bun. At the end of that week I wear my hair in a twist-out for anoth­er week. If I real­ly want to push the style to last longer, I braid the twist­ed-out hair in 5–6 jum­bo braids using Pura Body Nat­u­rals Muru­mu­ru Mois­ture Milk and Cupuacu Hair But­ter. With my hair being pre­vi­ous­ly twist­ed, it allows for instant sep­a­ra­tion and/or big hair when I remove the braids. I also ban­tu knot old twist outs for the same big hair effect.


What does wash day look like for you?
Once a month I use sham­poo, oth­er­wise I deep co-wash every 7–14 days. A deep co-wash con­sists of apply­ing a deep con­di­tion­er on dry hair (or hair that has been pre-pooed with coconut or olive oil). Right now, I use BASK’s Cacao Bark Deep Con­di­tion­ing Hair Treat — some­times, when using oth­er deep con­di­tion­ers I add a lit­tle Coconut Nec­tar to kick the mois­ture up a notch. I typ­i­cal­ly con­di­tion for at least 2 hours and some­times overnight. When rins­ing, I am sure to use the pads of my fin­gers to agi­tate residue that may be on my scalp and rinse clean­ly. I braid or twist into 8–10 sec­tions and dry my hair using a bon­net dry­er. I like to mois­tur­ize with Pura Body Nat­u­rals Muru­mu­ru Mois­ture Milk in the dry­ing and stretch­ing process. I even­tu­al­ly style my stretched hair in twists for the week using Pura Body Nat­u­rals Cupuacu Hair But­ter.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
If my twist out or braid out is on its last leg, an updo is my go-to style — it’s actu­al­ly pret­ty easy and takes less than 5 min­utes and no more than 6 bob­by pins. On days where I can be a lit­tle more casu­al, I don a snood.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I stretch my hair every wash day and keep my stretched twists bunned. When my hair is twist­ed out, I am sure to re-twist in 4 twists each night and mois­tur­ize to pre­vent shrink­age as much as pos­si­ble.

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?
The crown of my hair is coarse, yet prone to much more break­age than any oth­er so I am sure to gen­tly manip­u­late that area dur­ing styling.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Deep con­di­tion bi-week­ly – it is the first line of defense in the bat­tle of mois­ture main­te­nance. Low manip­u­la­tion styles – the less your hair is manip­u­lat­ed, the less like­ly your hair will suf­fer from break­age, help­ing to retain the hair that has grown.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
Wash and Gos are a no-no for me – my hair becomes dry, brit­tle, and let’s not talk about shrink­age. Skip­ping deep con­di­tion­ing – deep con­di­tion­ing helps to reg­u­late your hair’s pH and pre­pare your hair’s cuti­cle for styling.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Twit­ter: @westndnbeauty
Insta­gram: @westndnbeauty
YouTube: @wwestndnbeautyy


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Remark­able! Its actu­al­ly awe­some post, I have got much clear idea con­cern­ing from this piece of writ­ing.


BIG UPS VI MASSIVE!!! WEST END IN THE BUILDING! (well actu­al­ly born and raise on STT but fam is from West End and I go back and forth between the two so it counts) HA!


Hel­lo my fel­low vigin islander (STT massive)…loooove the hair! About to check out your YT page right NOW!


Beau­ti­ful hair.…I found anoth­er hair crush

Jo Somebody

Gor­geous hair as always!


I’ve always admired your hair, glad to see you fea­tured as here.


What a beau­ti­ful woman! That sec­ond pic down on the left hand side with the sun in your face real­ly shows off the hair well!


Nice hair How do you get it so healthy and shiney with­out shed­ding? VERY NICE1 #hair­crush!


Gor­geous hair


Do a lot of 4as seem to have low den­si­ty hair or is that just my imag­i­na­tion? I like Westndnbeauty’s styling, she’s gift­ed! My hair is a high den­si­ty beast!

I live in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. and it’s great to see a lady from the V.I. fea­tured as a style icon on this web­site. I’m hap­py to report that i see more and more women with nat­ur­al hair than 23 years ago when i grew out my perm but we still have a ways to go. Nice hear­ing that you had nat­ur­al hair although you had an active lifestyle as a stu­dent. Some women refrain from exer­cise because they don’t want to sweat their hair out (make it frizzy because of sweat) even though seden­tary lifestyles with­out exer­cise regimes are… Read more »

beau­ti­ful woman and hair!


Just awe­some! There is hope for me and my hair! Great hair ‘Tola lady


Hey neigh­bor (from St.john VI resid­ing in FL)

Love your hair!!


u real­ly have some pret­ty styles going on there. do u go to a beau­ti­cian? do u do them your­self? i love the corn­rowed and flat­twist­ed updos. i am noto­ri­ous­ly lazy when it comes to my hair. it is about your length and den­si­ty. i wish i could find a styl­ist i could trust and one that will not charge me like she is try­ing to pay her next house note on me. u keep the good work up! i am so envi­ous!


Thanks. I style it all myself. Check out my youtube chan­nel for a few tuto­ri­als :-)


Her hair is won­der­ful, I love twist.


You and your hair are absolute­ly stun­ning! Thanks for shar­ing.

cynthia J

I love your hair in the twist state in the bun. I know you have retained so much length with that reg­i­men. Beau­ti­ful.