We can agree that some peo­ple do not need to trim their hair often while oth­ers real­ly need to in order to keep dam­age at bay. The way you choose to trim your hair is entire­ly depen­dent on you, your hair goals, your hair’s rate of dam­age and your skills. Here are 4 video tuto­ri­als describ­ing the main ways to trim nat­ur­al hair:

1. The ‘Search and Destroy’ Method

This is the most time con­sum­ing method but it does have the added ben­e­fit of con­serv­ing the most hair. You need patience and dili­gence to fil­ter through indi­vid­ual strands and cut away only dam­aged split ends or knots. You will need good light and a mir­ror or two if your hair is not long enough to pull down and see the indi­vid­ual strands. Enter­tain your­self with a movie (or two) if nec­es­sary.

2. Trim­ming indi­vid­ual twists or braids

If you do not have time for a search and destroy then this method may be for you. All you need to do is clip some hair from the end of medi­um to small twists or braids. The small­er the braid sec­tion, the bet­ter the trim will be, how­ev­er, you do not need to try to install mini twists, part­ing the twist with a square inch sec­tion at the base will give you a good result.

3. The straight hair trim

It real­ly is not nec­es­sary to straight­en your nat­ur­al hair for a trim. How­ev­er, if you hap­pen to have straight­ened your hair or you reg­u­lar­ly wear your hair straight, then trim­ming it in this state has the advan­tage that shrink­age is elim­i­nat­ed. Less shrink­age means hair is easy to han­dle and you nev­er cut off more than you intend to. If you are look­ing to have an even hair cut, then this too is the method for you

4. The ‘curls that no longer curl’ trim

This method is most use­ful for peo­ple whose hair nat­u­ral­ly clumps in curls but this does not mean that you can­not use it if your hair does not. The gen­er­al prin­ci­ple is to smooth wet, light­ly con­di­tioned hair down and trim off the ends that ‘feel’ rough or do not form a reg­u­lar curl. If your hair is quite kinky, the ‘feel’ method can be very unre­li­able and there­fore you should mod­i­fy the method to sim­ply cut off what you want

Ladies, what method do you use to trim your hair? And why does it work best for you?

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Chloé Cece
Hey I have alot of split ends and I trimmed dur­ing the sum­mer and I live in the Caribbean and I dont know if its the hot sun thats always dam­ag­ing my hairs and I need edge con­trol for my edges because they dont stay down and I plait or braid my hair before I go to sleep and leave in for some some and the curl pat­tern goes away after like 5–10 mins it does­nt stay and my par­ents dont always have mon­ey for me to buy heat pro­tec­tant and good hair prod­uct packs like the can­tu shampoo/cond and… Read more »

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This is great, but does any­one have advice for dam­age at the crown? 

I had a real­ly unfor­tu­nate hair­cut six months ago.…split ends and dead lanky strands (my hair is nat­u­ral­ly medium-fine/wavy from the back of the crown all the way down. Hor­ri­ble cut and split ends in lay­er.

I can actu­al­ly gath­er the worst sec­tion of dam­age into one lock but I’m actu­al­ly afraid if I touch it I’ll leave a bald spot.


*split ends in EACH lay­er, I should say


My broth­er is a hair­dress­er so I get him to trim it from time to time


A shame MD Obadan didn’t pre­scribe a gram­mar cream..
I’ve been real­ly neg­li­gent and haven’t trimmed my hair (Ever) since going nat­ur­al 3 years ago. Only recent­ly have I aban­doned the wash and go. Hor­ri­ble, I know. I’m on a mis­sion for healthy hair, though, appre­ci­ate the trim­ming tips. Thanks!

i want to share my tes­ti­mo­ny on how i gain my nature hair back in just three weeks: i had very thick curly hair.i straight­ened my hair 3 year ago.they after some time start­ed 2 fall out.i also hav­ing dan­druff prob­lem all d time, before i used sham­poo called antidruf con­tain­ing keto­cona­zole and tugain 2%(minoxidil) have stopped using chem­i­cal one year ago.but still i am loos­ing a lots of hair every­day and my hair has become so thin. when a friend of my vis­it me and i explain how i lose my hair every day, she told me she was… Read more »
Sheryce Watson

I go to a pro­fes­sion­al and have her blow my hair out so she can see what needs to be trimmed and that I feel was the best way for me. That’s what I did when I had loose nat­ur­al hair now I’m lock­ing my hair so trims will not be as nec­es­sary to main­tain my hair.


[…] cut.  Severe­ly worn ends need to be cut.  These weak points need to be removed. (Check out this post for var­i­ous ways to trim nat­ur­al hair.)  After your trim, you can then real­ly focus on achiev­ing […]


[…] cut.  Severe­ly worn ends need to be cut.  These weak points need to be removed. (Check out this post for var­i­ous ways to trim nat­ur­al hair.)  After your trim, you can then real­ly focus on achiev­ing […]


The twist/braid method! :D I usu­al­ly know when I need a trim because my shed hair starts to tan­gle and cre­ate knots on my ends. BUT I search and destroy for SSKs every once in a while


I blow-out my hair to trim because it’s fast and I can see & feel exact­ly what I need to trim. I ‚usu­al­ly, only need to trim every 4 months.


i cut of any strag­gly, long ends that are there after i twist my hair up after wash­ing or dur­ing the week. i cut out lit­tle knots too.

my hair seems to be okay with this approach.

i haven’t done a big trim in almost two years.


I’m so afraid to trim my hair, but I real­ly like Method 2. It seems the eas­i­est and con­sid­er­ing I only get my hair straight­ened once a year (for my birth­day and a trim) then the third method wouldn’t work. The first method real­ly would take for­ev­er and the fourth one is just kind of weird to me.


I do the small braid method about twice a year. Where the braid starts to taper, that’s where you cut. Pret­ty straight for­ward. It is time-con­sum­ing to take down all those braids though, so I usu­al­ly leave them in for 2–4 weeks, but in the end, I have a real­ly nice look­ing braid out.


Love ur mea­sure­ment!! I nev­er can tell how much to dust off. I used to straight­en n trim then I real­ized that was stu­pid b/c I 95% prtcv style n hv a LOT of shrink­age. Doesn’t mat­ter if its cut straight if I nev­er wear it straight. Rot­flmao at me.


I twist my hair and then just cut off the very tips. I use the width of my thumb as a mea­sur­ing tool. 

I stopped the search and destroy method just because of how I would con­cen­trate more on the front than the back.


I am a huge advo­cate of “dust­ing” (and/or trim­ming) of split ends. Because I take excel­lent care of my locs I only have to do so every 8–10 weeks. There­fore, I main­tain a very pro­gres­sive hair growth/length while com­bat­ing split ends. How­ev­er, I go to the salon because I want it done the CORRECT way (LOL).

Mocha Dier

Im in dire need of a trim … i bleached my hair when i first cut it a year ago and nev­er had a trim or nutn…i can feel the rough dry dam­aged ends, but some­thing has me hold­ing on to it. 1. i like the colour it has (some­times, cuz i rinse it) and 2. I think im obsessed with length. I’ll make up my mind and cut them off 1 day tho


Be sure to trim soon because your hair will start to split/break off at a high­er and high­er length. It will also refrain your hair from grow­ing any longer, if not break off and become short­er.


Hub­by trims mine once a month or so, does a per­fect job.


Where can I get one of those? Give him a hand clap AND the big piece of chick­en and rncour­age him to teach a class!


i trim in small sec­tions every 4 months. My sec­tions are prob­a­bly sim­i­lar in size to the indi­vid­ual braid/twist trim. I do not trim in braids or twists because the pat­tern of the twist or braid does not allow for the ends of all the hairs to cul­mi­nate at the end of the twist or braid. So i do it in loose sec­tions while twist­ing. I will part a sec­tion to twist, trim it, then twist it. I trim as a part of my pro­tec­tive styling process every 4 months.


I trim just about the same way (more often, because my hair is fine and prone to dam­age). My hair doesn’t retain length even­ly, so trim­ming in braids/twists is just ask­ing for split ends, these fine , frag­ile strands can­not abide heat, and I aleady spend way too much time in the bath­room on hair main­te­nance… a search and destroy is out.

Kay Tee

Search and Destroy — every 6–8 weeks.

Crystal J

I so meant to thank your post. Search abd destroy has worked best for my daughter’s hair.


I am total­ly fear­ful of mess­ing up my hair, so I just go to the salon. my hair­styl­ist knows that when I want a trim that is what I mean, A TRIM.

Ugonna Wosu

I love Naptural85(not shown here) and AliciaJamesMusic’s meth­ods.


I just used the Nap­tural85 method and I am real­ly pleased with the results. Let­ting the con­di­tion­er soak first helped me to deter­mine how much I need­ed to trim ver­sus how much I need­ed to increase my use of mois­tur­iz­ing prod­ucts.