This photo was recently uploaded to Beyonce’s official Tumblr account and we gotta say, keeping hair protected never looked so good, lol. Have you rocked a turban while chilling pool or jacuzzi side?

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JUNE 25, 2013 AT 9:36 PM
@bliss & @ kiki take all that energy and use it toward the Zimmerman case. We need to make sure he doesn’ t walk scot-free like in 1940?s ( when wearing a scarf was banging, anywhoo)
And what about using some of the passion to help these lost kids of the future. . If you do, good because that’s where your wisdom will truly make a difference. After all this is a blog. So unfortunately anything goes.



Did you guys ever stop to realize she IS concerned about her baby? She has enough money to have people regulate the temperature of the water just for her baby. Be critical about something worth being critical over.

Cute photo. And to the folks with the “bad parenting” comments. Why does she have to be a “bad parent” for apparently not knowing something? I don’t know Beyonce–she may be a great or bad mother, neither I nor you know that. But she obviously doesn’t know about the risk–I certainly never received this very specific warning from a pediatrician. The cracks about “cognitive reasoning” and “common sense.” …really? Everyone just automatically knows the ins-ands-outs about hot tubs? Sigh. Just because you know it as an AQUATICS DIRECTOR doesn’t mean we all know it. To many people, a hot tub… Read more »

You don’t have to be an aquatics director to know something isn’t right. It’s called instincts. I have taken a hot bath on many occasion that’s made me feel nausea . The water was not hot enough to burn my skin but somehow hot enough to make me feel sick. I’m quite sure people can understand a hot bath in a bathroom can feel like a sauna.

D.P. to Tatiana.
If you read my comment, you will see that I never called her stupid. If you read through my comments you will see that I was actually pretty polite about what I said. I never said she was a bad parent, I never claimed to be all knowing (just to be correct in this instance, which is different), I never once said she was a bad parent. If you go back and read you will see this comment, “It’s extremely dangerous and while I know she was not intentionally putting her daughter in harms way…” I even said that I… Read more »
Ny Ny

Love this, great choice if you don’t want to get your hair wet.


Cute turban, bad parenting. Babies should not be in hot tubs. Numerous controlled studies have implicated the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to high heat. Unfortunately while celebrities can just hire a style consultant,cognitive reasoning is something you have to do all by yourself.


natural beauty

D.P. to shoe

If you read the following articles you will see that about 1/5 of the deaths that occur are drownings, another percentage are because of drains and being sucked under and then temperature is a major concern the rest of the time.

“High temperatures can cause drowsiness, which can lead to unconsciousness… Additionally, increased body temperatures can lead to heat stroke and possible death.”

An unconscious baby is not a crying one that is for sure.




Children should not be in hot tubs. Period. Especially one that can not talk or tell you when they are feeling too warm. It’s extremely dangerous and while I know she was not intentionally putting her daughter in harms way it is not a smart choice on Beyonce’s part. She’s little, her body can easily over heat.


Actually, babies and toddlers can withstand warmer/cooler temperatures than most people think. Even more so than adults in many cases. Also, if temperatures rose too hot for little Blue, she would most likely do what every small child who can’t talk would — that is, cry.

D.P. to shoe
As the former aquatic director for a well known community center I respectfully disagree. Her tiny body gets warmer MUCH faster than an adults. You can test this out yourself by simply allowing a baby to rest against your chest and sleep for a while (and they don’t wake up crying, they simply play there warm). They get very warm and that is under normal conditions. We would not allow children under the age of 16 in our hot tubs (that age mostly because they play and no one wants a child in there that plays), but also a young… Read more »

Love it.


Look, not everyone that has a child is a mother or acts like one (*cough* Draya *cough*) and even though I’m neutral to Beyonce, she does seem like a great mom. I guess Blue Ivy goes on the road with her…I’d do the same thing in her case.


Are hot tubs safe for babies?


that’s what I said lol

Coley Cole

Oh, a little baby leg boil won’t hurt j/k… Cute pic though.


I thought Blue was over one by now. That makes her a toddler. With parental guidance and regulated temperature, the hot tub should not cause little Blue any problems.


I was wondering the same thing lol


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Wish I was back in that Jacuzzi !!!!!!


I have lived life more then I can then you know. Lol just got back from vacation in the Jacuzzi everyday! And night. Lol Maybe the jacuzzi you were in was not hot or not up to standard, or perhaps you were in a kiddy pool and did not know. Lol


Sorry forgot to add , I said I hope. Because Blue looks so sleepy in her arms. I took no note of that until after reading what the safety instructor said. I’m a Mom and we all do things when we first became mothers that we would not repeat again once we become experienced.

I feel confident that Bay is a good mom

Bliss Taylor

Yes, because jacuzzi water is “sooo. hot”! Someone please call the nearest child protection agency because “poorBlue Ivy is being abused” . Shut the hell up with your madness. You can tell some you people have never lived life yet! I have a seven and a three year old and they both enjoy Jacuzzis. You ppl need to travel or go to the spa or something and get off the computer with the b.s. you are spewing.


THANK YOU! Some people only know a 4-block radius their entire lives and can’t wait to ‘internet parent’ – geez!

I had no idea anyone would even question the heat settings on a standard jacuzzi, let alone one for multimillionaires, and the ability of children to cry or kick if uncomfortable.

I’ve never donned a wrap poolside or in a jacuzzi, but Beyonce brings back the 1940s with this one and makes it look glamorous as hell, so I might give it a try!


@bliss & @ kiki take all that energy and use it told the Zimmerman case. We need to make sure he doesn’ t walk scot-free like in 1940’s ( when wearing a scarf was banging, anywhoo)
And what about using some of the passion to help these lost kids of the future. . If you do, good because that’s where your wisdom will truly make a difference. After all this is a blog. So unfortunately anything goes.

Bay looks great! Looks like a tender moment. However, Since the comments turn to baby safety. I was curious. Found an interesting comment from a Water Safety Instructor : “I’m a Water Safety Instructor through the Red Cross, and special attention is given to children and hot water. Most public pools will not allow children under 12 in a hot tub, although the Red Cross recommends no children under age 5, explaining that “children cannot cope physically with the heat, which may cause hyperthermia and other harmful effects.” Small children have a different body temperature regulation system than adults and… Read more »

This is a very sweet photo. And y’all, I doubt Bey would pose for a photograph while endangering her child. A baby will cry if it’s uncomfortable. Blue Ivy is chillin!


I like the wrap and the whole look here. They do seem to publish a lot of “intimate” snaps, but I guess that’s new parenthood for ya. I thought what a lot of people have said about babies in a hot tub, but I imagine it’s not that warm, just bubbly… which would probably actually be quite nice for a baby!


You can have a whirlpool tub at any temperature you want, doesn’t have to be a hot tub. Great pic.


Loving the head wrap. I think next time I go to the beach or pool I might consider using one to accentuate my bathing suit and protect my hair.

Tizamm Bam

I highly doubt that she is in a jacuzzi, BGLH said that. The point of this photo is the head wrap, and YES I can dig it! Get a freaking grip narrow heads!


Beautiful mom and daughter pic..Beyonce enjoying some precious moments with her child…in a relaxing pool…love it!!


sMH, this pic is fly. 1) do u think any mother would subject their child to unbearably hot water. Give the sister some credit and quit being such a hatred people. 2) Beyonce has natural hair, but wears protective styles because her hair has to be done everyday, sometime 2x a day. 3) talk should really remember she a normal black woman and chill on the hate. It’s sad and you are making unintelligient assumptions.


@ Belles, better yet, do people really think a baby would not react to being in hot water?!? Baby Blue is going to lay calmly on her mother’s chest while being uncomfortable at the same time? Babies, toddlers have no problem letting people know when they’re uncomfortable.

It’s a beautiful picture of mother and child.


Gorgeous pic of Beyonce and Baby Blue. She looks stunning as usual.


While I am not a fan of Beyonce or her music, I will say that Beyonce looks like she is loving being a mother. Blue Ivy’s curls are adorable, and I love that little bow in her hair! That hot tub looks really relaxing as well!

Cece Danielle

Aww how cute! She makes motherhood look so beautiful! I love how she has Blue in the hot tub with her, so precious. Can’t wait until I’m at that stage in my life <3


Protecting the hair in style. B looks fab and Blue’s little bow is precious!!


So when is Beyaki gonna ditch the asian wigs and finally show the world the hair she was born with? This girl has been in the industry for decades and there are next to NO pictures/videos of her with her natural, unpressed, unchemically treated hair. Always trying to look like the Europeans and the Asians. Ridiculous to the max.


Or maybe she just likes her hair like that? Natural isn’t for everyone and that’s not a crime.


You’re one of those type of women that probably wouldn’t mind if Beyaki starts burning Blue Ivey’s hair with chemicals and hot combs at the age of 3 and start sowing packs of asian hair to her head at the age of 12, since you know it’s just what she likes and it’s just hair. Smh. Some people stay brainwashed.


some people just mind their own business. you should try it. beyonce can do whatever she wants to her or her childs mane.

Laura Smart

Here’s a picture of herself enjoying her natural hair on the beach like a normal person is entitled to,if that makes you less bitter and jealous:comment image


Great pic, Laura! Thanks for sharing


1 picture in what? Over 20 years? Momma Tina started burning her hair with chemicals when she was like 6. She probably doesn’t even know what her real hair looks like. But it’s just hair right? Smh. Some people stay stupid.


its her hair and can be worn as she chooses to wear it.

Why are you worried about what someone else does to their hair? Focus on YOUR hair and YOUR life and quit worrying about Beyonce or anyone else. I am not even a true fan of Beyonce, but I feel the need to defend her and any other “non-natural” woman who is constantly being hated on by a “Natural Hair Nazi” like yourself. If you don’t like what Beyonce does to her hair, or her daughter’s hair, then why come on to BGLH post ABOUT Beyonce and rant?? Sounds like you need something better to do…or maybe you are inwardly jealous… Read more »

And when she does people like you will still criticise her. I’m sure her natural hair is very beautiful anyway. Back to the topic…I love the mother and daughter photo, so beautifully captured x


Why do you need to see natural hair pictures from someone who doesn’t wear their hair that way? She certainly isn’t the only WOC who doesn’t wear their natural hair, celeb or non celeb – does this worry about other people’s heads keep you up at night? Maybe you should worry about your own hair and call it a day. Maybe we can call you Birdyaki because you have the wrong mentality here. She’s having a tender moment with her child and you are worried about and yakking about hair, moronic status!


@Eloisa, believe it or not some black women do not want to be natural…it’s their choice.


You make a point, but you don’t have to be so angry about it. I am a natural girl and luvin’ it, but some folks don’t like it for themselves. Is it self-hate? Maybe, but that’s their business. Sad, but many folks are not or will never be okay with what God gave them naturally. I am just glad that more and more people are embracing their natural and beautiful hair. Is a fad? Maybe, but it sure feels good to see more natural heads….strutting their stuff and being confident. 🙂


She is lovin’ her motherhood! I am happy for her. It is wonderful to see someone who enjoys her status as a mom. And I imagine she is well aware of the water temperature as any good mom would do. That water should really be relaxing for her and for Blue Ivy. Love it!


Beyonce is so very pretty. Love her voice. Wish I looked like her lol 🙂 I’m sure tge water is temp regulated so that it’s not so hot for baby. Mt Jacuzzi is temp reg so it doesn’t get too hot.


I was thinking the same thing, Marcia.

I’m not a fan but this looks classy. Motherhood looks good on B.

Ugonna Wosu

unless this is photoshop, she did endanger her child. I am not criticizing her, I don’t think she did it on purpose. But clearly someone needs to tell her that babies cannot regulate steam and heat as well as adults do. The child could get dehydrated at the very least.


Wouldn’t that Jacuzzi water be a little too hot for a small child?! Poor little Blue Ivy!


something tells me that what we’re seeing is the result of a cast of hundreds arranging their a**es off to make it just so…. hand-poured spring water infused with something like chamomile & lavender heated to just the right temps to be baby & Beyonce friendly – a feast for all five senses! lol


LOLOL! It ain’t like she can’t afford it.


Well I’m almost certain she will never put her child in harms way. It’s just a photo, who knows what the set up was.


COMMON SENSE would dictate to any sane person that a parent merely has to adjust the heat settings, which by the way are found on any standard jacuzzi, EASILY making the experience comfortable for a child. Common sense should answer that question for anyone parenting via internet who believes that Beyonce would subject her child to uncomfortable, let alone unbearable, heat.