This pho­to was recent­ly uploaded to Beyonce’s offi­cial Tum­blr account and we got­ta say, keep­ing hair pro­tect­ed nev­er looked so good, lol. Have you rocked a tur­ban while chill­ing pool or jacuzzi side?

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JUNE 25, 2013 AT 9:36 PM
@bliss & @ kiki take all that ener­gy and use it toward the Zim­mer­man case. We need to make sure he doesn’ t walk scot-free like in 1940?s ( when wear­ing a scarf was bang­ing, any­whoo)
And what about using some of the pas­sion to help these lost kids of the future. . If you do, good because that’s where your wis­dom will tru­ly make a dif­fer­ence. After all this is a blog. So unfor­tu­nate­ly any­thing goes.



Did you guys ever stop to real­ize she IS con­cerned about her baby? She has enough mon­ey to have peo­ple reg­u­late the tem­per­a­ture of the water just for her baby. Be crit­i­cal about some­thing worth being crit­i­cal over.

Cute pho­to. And to the folks with the “bad par­ent­ing” com­ments. Why does she have to be a “bad par­ent” for appar­ent­ly not know­ing some­thing? I don’t know Beyonce–she may be a great or bad moth­er, nei­ther I nor you know that. But she obvi­ous­ly doesn’t know about the risk–I cer­tain­ly nev­er received this very spe­cif­ic warn­ing from a pedi­a­tri­cian. The cracks about “cog­ni­tive rea­son­ing” and “com­mon sense.” …real­ly? Every­one just auto­mat­i­cal­ly knows the ins-ands-outs about hot tubs? Sigh. Just because you know it as an AQUATICS DIRECTOR doesn’t mean we all know it. To many peo­ple, a hot tub… Read more »
D.P. to Tatiana.
If you read my com­ment, you will see that I nev­er called her stu­pid. If you read through my com­ments you will see that I was actu­al­ly pret­ty polite about what I said. I nev­er said she was a bad par­ent, I nev­er claimed to be all know­ing (just to be cor­rect in this instance, which is dif­fer­ent), I nev­er once said she was a bad par­ent. If you go back and read you will see this com­ment, “It’s extreme­ly dan­ger­ous and while I know she was not inten­tion­al­ly putting her daugh­ter in harms way…” I even said that I… Read more »

You don’t have to be an aquat­ics direc­tor to know some­thing isn’t right. It’s called instincts. I have tak­en a hot bath on many occa­sion that’s made me feel nau­sea . The water was not hot enough to burn my skin but some­how hot enough to make me feel sick. I’m quite sure peo­ple can under­stand a hot bath in a bath­room can feel like a sauna.

Ny Ny

Love this, great choice if you don’t want to get your hair wet.


Cute tur­ban, bad par­ent­ing. Babies should not be in hot tubs. Numer­ous con­trolled stud­ies have impli­cat­ed the harm­ful effects of pro­longed expo­sure to high heat. Unfor­tu­nate­ly while celebri­ties can just hire a style consultant,cognitive rea­son­ing is some­thing you have to do all by your­self.


nat­ur­al beau­ty

D.P. to shoe

If you read the fol­low­ing arti­cles you will see that about 1/5 of the deaths that occur are drown­ings, anoth­er per­cent­age are because of drains and being sucked under and then tem­per­a­ture is a major con­cern the rest of the time.

“High tem­per­a­tures can cause drowsi­ness, which can lead to uncon­scious­ness… Addi­tion­al­ly, increased body tem­per­a­tures can lead to heat stroke and pos­si­ble death.”

An uncon­scious baby is not a cry­ing one that is for sure.




Chil­dren should not be in hot tubs. Peri­od. Espe­cial­ly one that can not talk or tell you when they are feel­ing too warm. It’s extreme­ly dan­ger­ous and while I know she was not inten­tion­al­ly putting her daugh­ter in harms way it is not a smart choice on Beyonce’s part. She’s lit­tle, her body can eas­i­ly over heat.


Actu­al­ly, babies and tod­dlers can with­stand warmer/cooler tem­per­a­tures than most peo­ple think. Even more so than adults in many cas­es. Also, if tem­per­a­tures rose too hot for lit­tle Blue, she would most like­ly do what every small child who can’t talk would — that is, cry.

D.P. to shoe
As the for­mer aquat­ic direc­tor for a well known com­mu­ni­ty cen­ter I respect­ful­ly dis­agree. Her tiny body gets warmer MUCH faster than an adults. You can test this out your­self by sim­ply allow­ing a baby to rest against your chest and sleep for a while (and they don’t wake up cry­ing, they sim­ply play there warm). They get very warm and that is under nor­mal con­di­tions. We would not allow chil­dren under the age of 16 in our hot tubs (that age most­ly because they play and no one wants a child in there that plays), but also a young… Read more »

Love it.


Look, not every­one that has a child is a moth­er or acts like one (*cough* Draya *cough*) and even though I’m neu­tral to Bey­once, she does seem like a great mom. I guess Blue Ivy goes on the road with her…I’d do the same thing in her case.


Are hot tubs safe for babies?


I was won­der­ing the same thing lol


I thought Blue was over one by now. That makes her a tod­dler. With parental guid­ance and reg­u­lat­ed tem­per­a­ture, the hot tub should not cause lit­tle Blue any prob­lems.

Coley Cole

Oh, a lit­tle baby leg boil won’t hurt j/k… Cute pic though.


that’s what I said lol


[imgcomment image[/img]
Wish I was back in that Jacuzzi !!!!!!


I have lived life more then I can then you know. Lol just got back from vaca­tion in the Jacuzzi every­day! And night. Lol Maybe the jacuzzi you were in was not hot or not up to stan­dard, or per­haps you were in a kid­dy pool and did not know. Lol


Sor­ry for­got to add , I said I hope. Because Blue looks so sleepy in her arms. I took no note of that until after read­ing what the safe­ty instruc­tor said. I’m a Mom and we all do things when we first became moth­ers that we would not repeat again once we become expe­ri­enced.

I feel con­fi­dent that Bay is a good mom

Bliss Taylor

Yes, because jacuzzi water is “sooo. hot”! Some­one please call the near­est child pro­tec­tion agency because “poor­Blue Ivy is being abused” . Shut the hell up with your mad­ness. You can tell some you peo­ple have nev­er lived life yet! I have a sev­en and a three year old and they both enjoy Jacuzzis. You ppl need to trav­el or go to the spa or some­thing and get off the com­put­er with the b.s. you are spew­ing.


@bliss & @ kiki take all that ener­gy and use it told the Zim­mer­man case. We need to make sure he doesn’ t walk scot-free like in 1940’s ( when wear­ing a scarf was bang­ing, any­whoo)
And what about using some of the pas­sion to help these lost kids of the future. . If you do, good because that’s where your wis­dom will tru­ly make a dif­fer­ence. After all this is a blog. So unfor­tu­nate­ly any­thing goes.


THANK YOU! Some peo­ple only know a 4-block radius their entire lives and can’t wait to ‘inter­net par­ent’ — geez!

I had no idea any­one would even ques­tion the heat set­tings on a stan­dard jacuzzi, let alone one for mul­ti­mil­lion­aires, and the abil­i­ty of chil­dren to cry or kick if uncom­fort­able.

I’ve nev­er donned a wrap pool­side or in a jacuzzi, but Bey­once brings back the 1940s with this one and makes it look glam­orous as hell, so I might give it a try!

Bay looks great! Looks like a ten­der moment. How­ev­er, Since the com­ments turn to baby safe­ty. I was curi­ous. Found an inter­est­ing com­ment from a Water Safe­ty Instruc­tor : “I’m a Water Safe­ty Instruc­tor through the Red Cross, and spe­cial atten­tion is giv­en to chil­dren and hot water. Most pub­lic pools will not allow chil­dren under 12 in a hot tub, although the Red Cross rec­om­mends no chil­dren under age 5, explain­ing that “chil­dren can­not cope phys­i­cal­ly with the heat, which may cause hyper­ther­mia and oth­er harm­ful effects.” Small chil­dren have a dif­fer­ent body tem­per­a­ture reg­u­la­tion sys­tem than adults and… Read more »

This is a very sweet pho­to. And y’all, I doubt Bey would pose for a pho­to­graph while endan­ger­ing her child. A baby will cry if it’s uncom­fort­able. Blue Ivy is chill­in!


I like the wrap and the whole look here. They do seem to pub­lish a lot of “inti­mate” snaps, but I guess that’s new par­ent­hood for ya. I thought what a lot of peo­ple have said about babies in a hot tub, but I imag­ine it’s not that warm, just bub­bly… which would prob­a­bly actu­al­ly be quite nice for a baby!


You can have a whirlpool tub at any tem­per­a­ture you want, doesn’t have to be a hot tub. Great pic.


Lov­ing the head wrap. I think next time I go to the beach or pool I might con­sid­er using one to accen­tu­ate my bathing suit and pro­tect my hair.

Tizamm Bam

I high­ly doubt that she is in a jacuzzi, BGLH said that. The point of this pho­to is the head wrap, and YES I can dig it! Get a freak­ing grip nar­row heads!


Beau­ti­ful mom and daugh­ter pic..Beyonce enjoy­ing some pre­cious moments with her child…in a relax­ing pool…love it!!


sMH, this pic is fly. 1) do u think any moth­er would sub­ject their child to unbear­ably hot water. Give the sis­ter some cred­it and quit being such a hatred peo­ple. 2) Bey­once has nat­ur­al hair, but wears pro­tec­tive styles because her hair has to be done every­day, some­time 2x a day. 3) talk should real­ly remem­ber she a nor­mal black woman and chill on the hate. It’s sad and you are mak­ing unin­tel­ligient assump­tions.


@ Belles, bet­ter yet, do peo­ple real­ly think a baby would not react to being in hot water?!? Baby Blue is going to lay calm­ly on her mother’s chest while being uncom­fort­able at the same time? Babies, tod­dlers have no prob­lem let­ting peo­ple know when they’re uncom­fort­able.

It’s a beau­ti­ful pic­ture of moth­er and child.


Gor­geous pic of Bey­once and Baby Blue. She looks stun­ning as usu­al.


While I am not a fan of Bey­once or her music, I will say that Bey­once looks like she is lov­ing being a moth­er. Blue Ivy’s curls are adorable, and I love that lit­tle bow in her hair! That hot tub looks real­ly relax­ing as well!

Cece Danielle

Aww how cute! She makes moth­er­hood look so beau­ti­ful! I love how she has Blue in the hot tub with her, so pre­cious. Can’t wait until I’m at that stage in my life <3


Pro­tect­ing the hair in style. B looks fab and Blue’s lit­tle bow is pre­cious!!


So when is Beya­ki gonna ditch the asian wigs and final­ly show the world the hair she was born with? This girl has been in the indus­try for decades and there are next to NO pictures/videos of her with her nat­ur­al, unpressed, unchem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair. Always try­ing to look like the Euro­peans and the Asians. Ridicu­lous to the max.


You make a point, but you don’t have to be so angry about it. I am a nat­ur­al girl and luvin’ it, but some folks don’t like it for them­selves. Is it self-hate? Maybe, but that’s their busi­ness. Sad, but many folks are not or will nev­er be okay with what God gave them nat­u­ral­ly. I am just glad that more and more peo­ple are embrac­ing their nat­ur­al and beau­ti­ful hair. Is a fad? Maybe, but it sure feels good to see more nat­ur­al heads.…strutting their stuff and being con­fi­dent. :-)


@Eloisa, believe it or not some black women do not want to be natural…it’s their choice.


Why do you need to see nat­ur­al hair pic­tures from some­one who doesn’t wear their hair that way? She cer­tain­ly isn’t the only WOC who doesn’t wear their nat­ur­al hair, celeb or non celeb — does this wor­ry about oth­er people’s heads keep you up at night? Maybe you should wor­ry about your own hair and call it a day. Maybe we can call you Birdya­ki because you have the wrong men­tal­i­ty here. She’s hav­ing a ten­der moment with her child and you are wor­ried about and yakking about hair, moron­ic sta­tus!


And when she does peo­ple like you will still crit­i­cise her. I’m sure her nat­ur­al hair is very beau­ti­ful any­way. Back to the topic…I love the moth­er and daugh­ter pho­to, so beau­ti­ful­ly cap­tured x

Laura Smart

Here’s a pic­ture of her­self enjoy­ing her nat­ur­al hair on the beach like a nor­mal per­son is enti­tled to,if that makes you less bit­ter and jeal­ous:comment image


1 pic­ture in what? Over 20 years? Mom­ma Tina start­ed burn­ing her hair with chem­i­cals when she was like 6. She prob­a­bly doesn’t even know what her real hair looks like. But it’s just hair right? Smh. Some peo­ple stay stu­pid.

Why are you wor­ried about what some­one else does to their hair? Focus on YOUR hair and YOUR life and quit wor­ry­ing about Bey­once or any­one else. I am not even a true fan of Bey­once, but I feel the need to defend her and any oth­er “non-nat­ur­al” woman who is con­stant­ly being hat­ed on by a “Nat­ur­al Hair Nazi” like your­self. If you don’t like what Bey­once does to her hair, or her daughter’s hair, then why come on to BGLH post ABOUT Bey­once and rant?? Sounds like you need some­thing bet­ter to do…or maybe you are inward­ly jeal­ous… Read more »

its her hair and can be worn as she choos­es to wear it.


Great pic, Lau­ra! Thanks for shar­ing


Or maybe she just likes her hair like that? Nat­ur­al isn’t for every­one and that’s not a crime.


You’re one of those type of women that prob­a­bly wouldn’t mind if Beya­ki starts burn­ing Blue Ivey’s hair with chem­i­cals and hot combs at the age of 3 and start sow­ing packs of asian hair to her head at the age of 12, since you know it’s just what she likes and it’s just hair. Smh. Some peo­ple stay brain­washed.


some peo­ple just mind their own busi­ness. you should try it. bey­once can do what­ev­er she wants to her or her childs mane.


She is lovin’ her moth­er­hood! I am hap­py for her. It is won­der­ful to see some­one who enjoys her sta­tus as a mom. And I imag­ine she is well aware of the water tem­per­a­ture as any good mom would do. That water should real­ly be relax­ing for her and for Blue Ivy. Love it!


Bey­once is so very pret­ty. Love her voice. Wish I looked like her lol :-) I’m sure tge water is temp reg­u­lat­ed so that it’s not so hot for baby. Mt Jacuzzi is temp reg so it doesn’t get too hot.


I was think­ing the same thing, Mar­cia.

I’m not a fan but this looks classy. Moth­er­hood looks good on B.

Ugonna Wosu

unless this is pho­to­shop, she did endan­ger her child. I am not crit­i­ciz­ing her, I don’t think she did it on pur­pose. But clear­ly some­one needs to tell her that babies can­not reg­u­late steam and heat as well as adults do. The child could get dehy­drat­ed at the very least.


Wouldn’t that Jacuzzi water be a lit­tle too hot for a small child?! Poor lit­tle Blue Ivy!


COMMON SENSE would dic­tate to any sane per­son that a par­ent mere­ly has to adjust the heat set­tings, which by the way are found on any stan­dard jacuzzi, EASILY mak­ing the expe­ri­ence com­fort­able for a child. Com­mon sense should answer that ques­tion for any­one par­ent­ing via inter­net who believes that Bey­once would sub­ject her child to uncom­fort­able, let alone unbear­able, heat.


Well I’m almost cer­tain she will nev­er put her child in harms way. It’s just a pho­to, who knows what the set up was.


some­thing tells me that what we’re see­ing is the result of a cast of hun­dreds arrang­ing their a**es off to make it just so.… hand-poured spring water infused with some­thing like chamomile & laven­der heat­ed to just the right temps to be baby & Bey­once friend­ly — a feast for all five sens­es! lol


LOLOL! It ain’t like she can’t afford it.