Boyfriend of Popular Natural Hair Blogger Cipriana Brutally Attacked in Possible Hate Crime in NY

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If you’ve followed BGLH for a while, you know that Cipriana was a contributing writer for us in 2011 and 2012, and is popularly known in the natural hair community as a protective styling guru. Unfortunately she’s taken on another title — the significant other of the victim of a possible hate crime.


On May 27 Cipriana’s boyfriend was on his way home from his job as a bartender when he and his twin brother were brutally attacked by a group of 10 to 11 white and Indian men. The attack occurred on the Lower East Side of Manhattan around 4 a.m. Despite making clear that they did not want to fight, Cipriana’s boyfriend and twin brother were repeatedly punched and kicked, often times in the head.

Here is a photo of the injuries her boyfriend sustained.


After the attack was reported, according to Cipriana, the NYPD closed the case. Cipriana took it upon herself to canvas the scene, speak to witnesses and obtain security footage from a nearby business.

The security footage is below. The video is 55 minutes long, because Cipriana breaks down the timeline of the attack and the police response. You can forward to 4:04 to see the actual attack. Note: the footage is very disturbing.

According to Cipriana, the New York Police Department only re-opened the case after hearing that she had obtained security footage and distributed it to Fox 5 NY. The New York Post has also reported on the case.

To keep pressure on the New York Police Department, she has started a petition that you can sign here. You can also read Cipriana’s coverage of the attack on her blog here, here, here, here and here.

Our hearts go out to Cipriana during this difficult time. We hope and pray the NYPD fully investigates the crime and brings the perpetrators to justice.

To put a face to the victims, here are some photos of Cipriana’s boyfriend and his twin brother.



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54 thoughts on “Boyfriend of Popular Natural Hair Blogger Cipriana Brutally Attacked in Possible Hate Crime in NY

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Cipriana, her boyfriend, his brother and their families at this difficult time. I hope justice will be done.

  2. I’m praying for him and his brother. Believe it or not the pen (press)is more powerful than the gun. It’s aweful Cipriana had to shame them into doing their jobs.

  3. Please everyone sign the petition. I live in NY and there have been too many hate crimes going on. Justice has to be served.

  4. What is going on with the NYPD?! Wow! I’m SO proud of Cipriana for not relenting on getting the NYPD to do what is right because they have probably done this countless other people (of color)! I will be supporting her 100% and I hope she has and is compiling as much evidence as possible to support her loved ones in the court of law. If something like this ever happens to a loved one of mine, I’ll make sure to take a audio recorder along and secretly record all conversations with the police, doctors, etc. We now have to learn to protect ourselves against those who have sworn to protect you but really do not care to.

  5. This is so disgusting! You got support from Germany! Stay strong, wish your boyfriend & bro a quick recovery. And I hope those “men” get to pay for what they did ! . If there were any Indians among them, it’s even more disgusting! They should know better ! Am soo pissed off!

  6. I truely hope that firstly, he has or soon will fully recover then that he gets justice for this very acceptable attack. It is shocking that the police didn’t do their own investigating to get the evidence Cipriana was able to get before they sat up to really listen!

  7. Why can’t we all just get along?! If it was the other way around, surely more would have been done! Pray justice prevails!…#prayers2uall2

  8. This is why I’m getting a concealed weapons permit. Blast first and ask questions later. I’m from Texas and we don’t play that shi-att!

  9. Wow. This is so disgusting! I am mortified at the surveillance footage…and even more horrified that the NYPD was so quick to close the case before doing due diligence to the victims.

    I applaud Cipriani for forcing the police department to do their jobs.

    As a twin myself, I would die for my sister! I love her with every breath that I breathe… and It broke my heart to see both men literally fighting for their lives.

    I hope that this will not be another miscarriage of justice and these COWARDS, as Cipriani appropriately labeled them, are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Praying for a full recovery for the brothers and hoping that their spirits are not broken by this horrible incident.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Cipriani. I sincerely feel your pain and commend your efforts on behalf of not only your boyfriend and his twin, but for so many others that face these senseless acts of hate.

    The struggle continues…


  10. It disturbs me to the fullest when our own justice system that is supposed to be there for the people fail. My heart goes out to Cipriana and her boyfriend during this time. Sometimes we have to find our own justice and take a stand so I applaud herr for not giving up after the police closed the case. We need to send a message to these social systems and Cipriana and other cases like this is the start. Don’t give up until justice is served.

  11. this is horrible!!!! And the actions on part of the police MUST be investigated! The very ppl who should be protecting us acting as if they couldn’t care less whether our brothers and sisters died is appalling!! This is NOT what our justice system is about!

  12. Wow. Terrible. Although I am, unfortunately, not surprised either by this or by the lack of police response. I’ve been told by several white people to stop talking about racism and both potential and real race based violence in the U.S.. Those making the request seem to find my research and views uncomfortable and inconvenient. Until the culture can see itself realistically, change is very difficult…

    My heart goes out to both Cipriana and her boyfriend and their respective family and friends. The physical wounds will heal. The psychological ones will be adjusted to, but will remain. :-(.

  13. Shame on the NYPD for closing this case in the beginning. Way to go, Cipriana for taking a stand! I pray that justice is served and the perps get caught.

  14. Please Cipriana forward this video to The Young Turks on YouTube, i will leave them a comment about it, this needs more coverage, i can’t believe it!! i am praying for you and your boyfriend, his brother and your family. xxx

  15. This gave me chills….SMH! thank God she was able to get this far on her own and that she had a platform to get this message out! I signed the petition and I pray for Justice!

  16. My prayers to Cipriana and her sister and their boyfriends and their families at this time. I pray that the offenders (at least one of them) will come forward and admit their wrong-doing.

  17. This made me so sad and brought tears to my eyes. Cipriana I’m so glad that you have stayed on this. I will be praying for your boyfriend, his brother, you and both your families. This could have been my brothers and I love with all my heart.

    I’m praying for a full recovery for both of them.

    Hugs and love..

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