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If you’ve fol­lowed BGLH for a while, you know that Cipri­ana was a con­tribut­ing writer for us in 2011 and 2012, and is pop­u­lar­ly known in the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty as a pro­tec­tive styling guru. Unfor­tu­nate­ly she’s tak­en on anoth­er title — the sig­nif­i­cant oth­er of the vic­tim of a pos­si­ble hate crime.


On May 27 Cipriana’s boyfriend was on his way home from his job as a bar­tender when he and his twin broth­er were bru­tal­ly attacked by a group of 10 to 11 white and Indi­an men. The attack occurred on the Low­er East Side of Man­hat­tan around 4 a.m. Despite mak­ing clear that they did not want to fight, Cipriana’s boyfriend and twin broth­er were repeat­ed­ly punched and kicked, often times in the head. 

Here is a pho­to of the injuries her boyfriend sus­tained.


After the attack was report­ed, accord­ing to Cipri­ana, the NYPD closed the case. Cipri­ana took it upon her­self to can­vas the scene, speak to wit­ness­es and obtain secu­ri­ty footage from a near­by busi­ness.

The secu­ri­ty footage is below. The video is 55 min­utes long, because Cipri­ana breaks down the time­line of the attack and the police respon­se. You can for­ward to 4:04 to see the actu­al attack. Note: the footage is very dis­turbing.

Accord­ing to Cipri­ana, the New York Police Depart­ment only re-opened the case after hear­ing that she had obtained secu­ri­ty footage and dis­trib­ut­ed it to Fox 5 NY. The New York Post has also report­ed on the case. 

To keep pres­sure on the New York Police Depart­ment, she has start­ed a Change.org peti­tion that you can sign here. You can also read Cipriana’s cov­er­age of the attack on her blog here, here, here, here and here.

Our hearts go out to Cipri­ana dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time. We hope and pray the NYPD ful­ly inves­ti­gates the crime and brings the per­pe­tra­tors to jus­tice.

To put a face to the vic­tims, here are some pho­tos of Cipriana’s boyfriend and his twin broth­er.



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This made me so sad and brought tears to my eyes. Cipri­ana I’m so glad that you have stayed on this. I will be pray­ing for your boyfriend, his broth­er, you and both your fam­i­lies. This could have been my broth­ers and I love with all my heart.

I’m pray­ing for a full recov­ery for both of them.

Hugs and love..


My prayers to Cipri­ana and her sis­ter and their boyfriends and their fam­i­lies at this time. I pray that the offend­ers (at least one of them) will come for­ward and admit their wrong-doing.


This gave me chills.…SMH! thank God she was able to get this far on her own and that she had a plat­form to get this mes­sage out! I signed the peti­tion and I pray for Jus­tice!


Please Cipri­ana for­ward this video to The Young Turks on YouTube, i will leave them a com­ment about it, this needs more cov­er­age, i can’t believe it!! i am pray­ing for you and your boyfriend, his broth­er and your fam­i­ly. xxx


Shame on the NYPD for clos­ing this case in the begin­ning. Way to go, Cipri­ana for tak­ing a stand! I pray that jus­tice is served and the perps get caught.

C. Earle

Wow. Ter­ri­ble. Although I am, unfor­tu­nate­ly, not sur­prised either by this or by the lack of police respon­se. I’ve been told by sev­er­al white peo­ple to stop talk­ing about racism and both poten­tial and real race based vio­lence in the U.S.. Those mak­ing the request seem to find my research and views uncom­fort­able and incon­ve­nient. Until the cul­ture can see itself real­is­ti­cal­ly, change is very dif­fi­cult…

My heart goes out to both Cipri­ana and her boyfriend and their respec­tive fam­i­ly and friends. The phys­i­cal wounds will heal. The psy­cho­log­i­cal ones will be adjust­ed to, but will remain. :-(.


Keep talk­ing about it even more and speak even loud­er about racism! #MartinLutherkingdidn’tgiveupeit


this is hor­ri­ble!!!! And the actions on part of the police MUST be inves­ti­gat­ed! The very ppl who should be pro­tect­ing us act­ing as if they couldn’t care less whether our broth­ers and sis­ters died is appalling!! This is NOT what our jus­tice sys­tem is about!


It dis­turbs me to the fullest when our own jus­tice sys­tem that is sup­posed to be there for the peo­ple fail. My heart goes out to Cipri­ana and her boyfriend dur­ing this time. Some­times we have to find our own jus­tice and take a stand so I applaud herr for not giv­ing up after the police closed the case. We need to send a mes­sage to the­se social sys­tems and Cipri­ana and oth­er cas­es like this is the start. Don’t give up until jus­tice is served.


This just makes me sick. I hope that jus­tice is served and peo­ple come for­ward to iden­ti­fy the­se cow­ards.

Wow. This is so dis­gust­ing! I am mor­ti­fied at the sur­veil­lance footage…and even more hor­ri­fied that the NYPD was so quick to close the case before doing due dili­gence to the vic­tims. I applaud Cipri­ani for forc­ing the police depart­ment to do their jobs.  As a twin myself, I would die for my sis­ter! I love her with every breath that I breathe… and It broke my heart to see both men lit­er­al­ly fight­ing for their lives.  I hope that this will not be anoth­er mis­car­riage of jus­tice and the­se COWARDS, as Cipri­ani appro­pri­ate­ly labeled them, are pros­e­cut­ed to the fullest extent… Read more »

This is why I’m get­ting a con­cealed weapons per­mit. Blast first and ask ques­tions lat­er. I’m from Tex­as and we don’t play that shi-att!


Why can’t we all just get along?! If it was the oth­er way around, sure­ly more would have been done! Pray jus­tice prevails!…#prayers2uall2

S. Amy L.

I tru­ely hope that first­ly, he has or soon will ful­ly recov­er then that he gets jus­tice for this very accept­able attack. It is shock­ing that the police didn’t do their own inves­ti­gat­ing to get the evi­dence Cipri­ana was able to get before they sat up to real­ly lis­ten!


This is so dis­gust­ing! You got sup­port from Ger­many! Stay strong, wish your boyfriend & bro a quick recov­ery. And I hope those “men” get to pay for what they did ! . If there were any Indi­ans among them, it’s even more dis­gust­ing! They should know bet­ter ! Am soo pissed off!

What is going on with the NYPD?! Wow! I’m SO proud of Cipri­ana for not relent­ing on get­ting the NYPD to do what is right because they have prob­a­bly done this count­less oth­er peo­ple (of col­or)! I will be sup­port­ing her 100% and I hope she has and is com­pil­ing as much evi­dence as pos­si­ble to sup­port her loved ones in the court of law. If some­thing like this ever hap­pens to a loved one of mine, I’ll make sure to take a audio recorder along and secret­ly record all con­ver­sa­tions with the police, doc­tors, etc. We now have to… Read more »

Please every­one sign the peti­tion. I live in NY and there have been too many hate crimes going on. Jus­tice has to be served.

Noah Sexton, Esq.

This is dis­gust­ing. If there is any­thing I can do to help please get in touch.

Pierrela Jeanbaptiste
Pierrela Jeanbaptiste

I’m pray­ing for him and his broth­er. Believe it or not the pen (press)is more pow­er­ful than the gun. It’s awe­ful Cipri­ana had to shame them into doing their jobs.

Rachel Enwonwu

My thoughts and prayers are with Cipri­ana, her boyfriend, his broth­er and their fam­i­lies at this dif­fi­cult time. I hope jus­tice will be done.


Now that the NYPD took their time inves­ti­gat­ing and wait­ed for the news media to report on it those thugs are going to know not to go hang out in that area for a while. If the police had been doing their jobs they prob­a­bly would have been able to pick up most of the thugs that very next night in the same place.

Anon BK
From the sounds of the sto­ry Cipri­ana told, they were not inter­est­ed in find­ing or arrest­ing any­one for the crime. It seems like they were say­ing that no crime took place. Imag­ine if the girl was not a blog­ger with a bit of influ­ence but just a nor­mal girl? They would have had no come­back. It gives peo­ple no faith in the jus­tice sys­tem or the police. I am not in the US or I’d sign the peti­tion. I feel that the NYPD need to be shamed fur­ther and a mes­sage needs to be sent out that this treat­ment is… Read more »
@Cipriana, you are amaz­ing and I’m tru­ly sor­ry for every­thing that you all are going through. My prayers are with you. This is high­ly unac­cept­able on every lev­el. Your bf is blessed to have you in his cor­ner. I’ve signed this peti­tion and also for­ward­ed it to fam­i­ly and friends. “Jus­tice delayed is jus­tice denied”!  This is not a game (@NYPD) black America’s eyes will be on you. We have not for­got­ten Sean Bell either and how your “boys in blue” who just hap­pened to be under­cov­er, rid­dled his car with bul­lets and killed that inno­cent young man a day… Read more »

I lit­er­al­ly just start­ed cry­ing with you. I made it to like 20 mins, but I am going to try to watch the rest of your video. This is so sad. I hope and pray jus­tice will be served. There are seri­ous­ly NO excus­es what­so­ev­er of why this case is closed. Jus­tice may not hap­pen today, and may­be not even tomor­row, but it WILL come. Keep fight­ing for your man and his broth­er, Sweet­heart!!!

So sor­ry they had to endure this bru­tal­i­ty and fur­ther injus­tice by NYPD. The­se grue­some attacks (gay, race, reli­gious) are on the rise down­town, an area that had been deemed ‘safe’. I watched the entire video and it was heart­break­ing and infu­ri­at­ing. It’s a shame but you must be your own advo­ca­cy sys­tem in deal­ing with the NYPD, you have to scream to all media net­works, ramp up sup­port on FB, twit­ter, YT and any­where else and you must do it quick­ly and with fury. She’s right, this isn’t her job, it’s the cops, but sad­ly that isn’t real­i­ty and… Read more »
Anon BK

What do you mean about the store being noto­ri­ous? Do you think the store enter­tains lowlifes and crim­i­nal activ­i­ty?


No. It’s not even a dodgy area, it is how­ev­er a heav­i­ly traf­ficked residential/commercial, 7 day a week nightlife area. That store gets a ton of traf­fic from res­i­dents and bar and club goers all night long where any­thing can and some­times does hap­pen. They’ve staked a rep­u­ta­tion for play­ing deaf, dumb and blind to the safe­ty of patrons and pedes­tri­ans as long as noth­ing hap­pens to their inven­to­ry. Some of the staff is gen­er­al­ly nice but the ownership.….and I wouldn’t put it past the own­ers to rec­og­nize 1 or more of the sav­ages involved in the attack.


24 hour night­club envi­ron­ment or upscale res­i­den­tial area.…it hap­pens every day all day and need to STOP! #sotired­ofthis!


There seems to be no sound for view­ers on the video clip in the UK


There’s no sound for any­body. Most sur­veil­lance cam­eras don’t have sound.


If it was black men attack­ing white men .…NYPD would round up the whole fuck­in depart­ment!!! Them dev­ils don’t give a shit about US!!! I pray for vic­to­ry for you over this mat­ter. I do my best to be equal with all but when I hear sto­ries like this.…it brings up in me what I know is true.…the black­man and wom­an in Amer­i­ca is still very much hat­ed. I can­not deny it or act like it doesn’t exist.


Black men attack­ing a white man like that would have the nation­al head­li­nes, best believe. The US sucks.


Is that the par­tial logo from a shoe on his fore­head? My God.


I applaud all of what she did to put a fire under the NYPD’s behinds, but I’m sad­dened that she even had to do all of that. And so sad to see that ‘after’ pic­ture of her boyfriend. It’s bad enough to see a loved one fall vic­tim to such a sense­less attack, but to then have to do all the police work too? That’s inex­cus­able. Some­one needs to hold the­se vicious attack­ers account­able, and the police need to answer for their lack of action, too.


Find them and Cru­ci­fy them! NO DEALS WILL BE MADE! They had BETTER get the full pun­ish­ment for this.

That is a f-ed up sit­u­a­tion! So his girl­friend has to do the­se Police Officer’s job?! It didn’t take it upon them to look for footage?! This is straight up Fuck­ery! They bet­ter not ever call the­se guys New York’s Finest. She should do more than just do the peti­tion she needs to hold the police that was sup­posed to take her case respon­si­ble for the UNSAT way they han­dled the case. I am so sick of cops being Bul­lies or being Lazy. There needs to be a change, lets start from the top and work our way down.

I’m very con­fused why the police closed the case? Why would they close some­thing imme­di­ate­ly after it’s been report­ed? Don’t they’d inves­ti­gate before clos­ing a case? Very strange. Hor­ri­ble thing to hap­pen


They do it all the time!


I enjoy your blog and I am very glad that you post­ed this. It is impor­tant that this type of vio­lence and hatred be made known. I did sign her peti­tion. I pray for a speedy recov­ery for her boyfriend and his broth­er.


This is ridicu­lous. It’s seri­ous­ly time to start think­ing about a law suit. It’s not right.


Cipri­ana, we stand by the vic­tims, you, and your fam­i­lies. We sup­port you and hope that jus­tice is right­ful­ly served!


Wow! That is crazy. Peo­ple act so sav­age some­times. I will def­i­nite­ly sign the peti­tion and con­tin­ue to show my sup­port. The attack­ers and NYPD’s lack have no idea what force is behind Cipri­ana and Urban­Bush­Babes. They have a fol­low­ing and peo­ple know peo­ple. I hope the inves­ti­ga­tion gets solved.


BUT he is alive and did not suf­fer any last­ing phys­i­cal injuries (hope­ful­ly), so they should be thank­ful for that… You Amer­i­cans dont under­stand that worse injus­tice acts hap­pen out­side the world..so be thank­ful for your bless­ings

efa onyianta
ummm excuse you but peo­ple come to Amer­i­ca so they dont have to deal with things like this on a day to day basis… My dad came here as a child because the begin­ning of the Geno­cide in Nige­ria was hap­pen­ing. My moth­er came here as a child to escape the Gueril­la war fare hap­pen­ing around her vil­lage. i just showed them your hate­ful com­ment and they are dis­gust­ed. Just because some­thing isnt as bad some­where else does­nt make it ok. And this is AMERICA last time i checked this was 2013 not 1965. We already went through the civil… Read more »

Excuse you. Let’s not act like Amer­i­ca is heav­en on earth for black peo­ple. That coun­try was built on the backs of your ances­tors and to this day y’all are treat­ed like scum and inno­cent blacks are still being killed every­day. Just stop it.

Pleshette's sister
Yes, there are many injus­tices out­side the Unit­ed States, but that still does not change the fact that we must take care of “home” first! How can we police the world when we are not right our­selves!?! The­se hor­ri­ble crimes keep occur­ring (and, often those in author­i­ty try to push them aside). This and any crime like it should always be pub­li­cized so that those in “charge” can see that we do care about what hap­pens to each oth­er! I am glad that they sur­vived! Now, it is time for jus­tice! I am sign­ing the peti­tion and I hope that… Read more »

…O_o “out­side the world”… like where, out­ta space? Look, a crime was com­mit­ted and jus­tice is nec­es­sary. Don’t min­i­mize what hap­pened and cer­tain­ly don’t min­i­mize their pain or the actions they are tak­ing to see to it that jus­tice is served. And last­ly, don’t assume they or any­one else is unfazed or unaware of the oth­er injus­tices that occur out­side “this coun­try”…


Just because they are alive doesn’t make the inci­dent any less hurt­ful, nor does it down­play the hurt that oth­ers feel around the world when they are attacked. And “You Amer­i­cans”??? Don’t assume that all Amer­i­cans are clue­less to the injus­tices that occur around the world. I, like many oth­er Amer­i­cans, hap­pen to care about the issues that plague var­i­ous coun­tries around the world. Not every Amer­i­can is self cen­tered or igno­rant.

Nature Girl

Thank good­ness your boyfriend had his broth­er there and they had each oth­ers back to the best of their abil­i­ty. Dirty low down wolf pack of men! And it took 11 of them? I hope he gets bet­ter soon. Get you a civil rights attor­ney and sue them all! 

Now I’m going to sign your peti­tion.


I remem­ber read­ing about this ter­ri­ble event on Cipriana’s web­site but I can’t even watch the whole video because it makes me feel so mad and pow­er­less. I admire Cipri­ana for tak­ing mat­ters into her own hands. She is a very brave wom­an. I hope she finds answers soon and hope her boyfriend recov­ers from the phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al wounds this ordeal has caused him.


I agree Tisha and I hope and pray that they find the jerks that com­mit­ted this hor­ri­ble crime. It’s a darn shame that in this day and age stuff like this is still hap­pen­ing! Makes me so angry to read stuff like this!!


This is hor­ri­fic. Is there any­thing we can do to show sup­port, or to help you.


You can sign the peti­tion!! The link is in the arti­cle.


That’s hor­ri­ble that hap­pened! I’m glad they didn’t lose their life! May God reveal who did that evil act to them!