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If you’ve followed BGLH for a while, you know that Cipriana was a contributing writer for us in 2011 and 2012, and is popularly known in the natural hair community as a protective styling guru. Unfortunately she’s taken on another title — the significant other of the victim of a possible hate crime.


On May 27 Cipriana’s boyfriend was on his way home from his job as a bartender when he and his twin brother were brutally attacked by a group of 10 to 11 white and Indian men. The attack occurred on the Lower East Side of Manhattan around 4 a.m. Despite making clear that they did not want to fight, Cipriana’s boyfriend and twin brother were repeatedly punched and kicked, often times in the head.

Here is a photo of the injuries her boyfriend sustained.


After the attack was reported, according to Cipriana, the NYPD closed the case. Cipriana took it upon herself to canvas the scene, speak to witnesses and obtain security footage from a nearby business.

The security footage is below. The video is 55 minutes long, because Cipriana breaks down the timeline of the attack and the police response. You can forward to 4:04 to see the actual attack. Note: the footage is very disturbing.

According to Cipriana, the New York Police Department only re-opened the case after hearing that she had obtained security footage and distributed it to Fox 5 NY. The New York Post has also reported on the case.

To keep pressure on the New York Police Department, she has started a Change.org petition that you can sign here. You can also read Cipriana’s coverage of the attack on her blog here, here, here, here and here.

Our hearts go out to Cipriana during this difficult time. We hope and pray the NYPD fully investigates the crime and brings the perpetrators to justice.

To put a face to the victims, here are some photos of Cipriana’s boyfriend and his twin brother.



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This made me so sad and brought tears to my eyes. Cipriana I’m so glad that you have stayed on this. I will be praying for your boyfriend, his brother, you and both your families. This could have been my brothers and I love with all my heart.

I’m praying for a full recovery for both of them.

Hugs and love..


My prayers to Cipriana and her sister and their boyfriends and their families at this time. I pray that the offenders (at least one of them) will come forward and admit their wrong-doing.


This gave me chills….SMH! thank God she was able to get this far on her own and that she had a platform to get this message out! I signed the petition and I pray for Justice!


Please Cipriana forward this video to The Young Turks on YouTube, i will leave them a comment about it, this needs more coverage, i can’t believe it!! i am praying for you and your boyfriend, his brother and your family. xxx


Shame on the NYPD for closing this case in the beginning. Way to go, Cipriana for taking a stand! I pray that justice is served and the perps get caught.

C. Earle

Wow. Terrible. Although I am, unfortunately, not surprised either by this or by the lack of police response. I’ve been told by several white people to stop talking about racism and both potential and real race based violence in the U.S.. Those making the request seem to find my research and views uncomfortable and inconvenient. Until the culture can see itself realistically, change is very difficult…

My heart goes out to both Cipriana and her boyfriend and their respective family and friends. The physical wounds will heal. The psychological ones will be adjusted to, but will remain. :-(.


Keep talking about it even more and speak even louder about racism! #MartinLutherkingdidn’tgiveupeit


this is horrible!!!! And the actions on part of the police MUST be investigated! The very ppl who should be protecting us acting as if they couldn’t care less whether our brothers and sisters died is appalling!! This is NOT what our justice system is about!


It disturbs me to the fullest when our own justice system that is supposed to be there for the people fail. My heart goes out to Cipriana and her boyfriend during this time. Sometimes we have to find our own justice and take a stand so I applaud herr for not giving up after the police closed the case. We need to send a message to these social systems and Cipriana and other cases like this is the start. Don’t give up until justice is served.


This just makes me sick. I hope that justice is served and people come forward to identify these cowards.

Wow. This is so disgusting! I am mortified at the surveillance footage…and even more horrified that the NYPD was so quick to close the case before doing due diligence to the victims. I applaud Cipriani for forcing the police department to do their jobs. As a twin myself, I would die for my sister! I love her with every breath that I breathe… and It broke my heart to see both men literally fighting for their lives. I hope that this will not be another miscarriage of justice and these COWARDS, as Cipriani appropriately labeled them, are prosecuted to the… Read more »

This is why I’m getting a concealed weapons permit. Blast first and ask questions later. I’m from Texas and we don’t play that shi-att!


Why can’t we all just get along?! If it was the other way around, surely more would have been done! Pray justice prevails!…#prayers2uall2

S. Amy L.

I truely hope that firstly, he has or soon will fully recover then that he gets justice for this very acceptable attack. It is shocking that the police didn’t do their own investigating to get the evidence Cipriana was able to get before they sat up to really listen!


This is so disgusting! You got support from Germany! Stay strong, wish your boyfriend & bro a quick recovery. And I hope those “men” get to pay for what they did ! . If there were any Indians among them, it’s even more disgusting! They should know better ! Am soo pissed off!

What is going on with the NYPD?! Wow! I’m SO proud of Cipriana for not relenting on getting the NYPD to do what is right because they have probably done this countless other people (of color)! I will be supporting her 100% and I hope she has and is compiling as much evidence as possible to support her loved ones in the court of law. If something like this ever happens to a loved one of mine, I’ll make sure to take a audio recorder along and secretly record all conversations with the police, doctors, etc. We now have to… Read more »

Please everyone sign the petition. I live in NY and there have been too many hate crimes going on. Justice has to be served.

Noah Sexton, Esq.

This is disgusting. If there is anything I can do to help please get in touch.

Pierrela Jeanbaptiste
Pierrela Jeanbaptiste

I’m praying for him and his brother. Believe it or not the pen (press)is more powerful than the gun. It’s aweful Cipriana had to shame them into doing their jobs.

Rachel Enwonwu

My thoughts and prayers are with Cipriana, her boyfriend, his brother and their families at this difficult time. I hope justice will be done.


Now that the NYPD took their time investigating and waited for the news media to report on it those thugs are going to know not to go hang out in that area for a while. If the police had been doing their jobs they probably would have been able to pick up most of the thugs that very next night in the same place.

Anon BK
From the sounds of the story Cipriana told, they were not interested in finding or arresting anyone for the crime. It seems like they were saying that no crime took place. Imagine if the girl was not a blogger with a bit of influence but just a normal girl? They would have had no comeback. It gives people no faith in the justice system or the police. I am not in the US or I’d sign the petition. I feel that the NYPD need to be shamed further and a message needs to be sent out that this treatment is… Read more »
@Cipriana, you are amazing and I’m truly sorry for everything that you all are going through. My prayers are with you. This is highly unacceptable on every level. Your bf is blessed to have you in his corner. I’ve signed this petition and also forwarded it to family and friends. “Justice delayed is justice denied”! This is not a game (@NYPD) black America’s eyes will be on you. We have not forgotten Sean Bell either and how your “boys in blue” who just happened to be undercover, riddled his car with bullets and killed that innocent young man a day… Read more »

I literally just started crying with you. I made it to like 20 mins, but I am going to try to watch the rest of your video. This is so sad. I hope and pray justice will be served. There are seriously NO excuses whatsoever of why this case is closed. Justice may not happen today, and maybe not even tomorrow, but it WILL come. Keep fighting for your man and his brother, Sweetheart!!!

So sorry they had to endure this brutality and further injustice by NYPD. These gruesome attacks (gay, race, religious) are on the rise downtown, an area that had been deemed ‘safe’. I watched the entire video and it was heartbreaking and infuriating. It’s a shame but you must be your own advocacy system in dealing with the NYPD, you have to scream to all media networks, ramp up support on FB, twitter, YT and anywhere else and you must do it quickly and with fury. She’s right, this isn’t her job, it’s the cops, but sadly that isn’t reality and… Read more »
Anon BK

What do you mean about the store being notorious? Do you think the store entertains lowlifes and criminal activity?


No. It’s not even a dodgy area, it is however a heavily trafficked residential/commercial, 7 day a week nightlife area. That store gets a ton of traffic from residents and bar and club goers all night long where anything can and sometimes does happen. They’ve staked a reputation for playing deaf, dumb and blind to the safety of patrons and pedestrians as long as nothing happens to their inventory. Some of the staff is generally nice but the ownership…..and I wouldn’t put it past the owners to recognize 1 or more of the savages involved in the attack.


24 hour nightclub environment or upscale residential area….it happens every day all day and need to STOP! #sotiredofthis!


There seems to be no sound for viewers on the video clip in the UK


There’s no sound for anybody. Most surveillance cameras don’t have sound.


If it was black men attacking white men ….NYPD would round up the whole fuckin department!!! Them devils don’t give a shit about US!!! I pray for victory for you over this matter. I do my best to be equal with all but when I hear stories like this….it brings up in me what I know is true….the blackman and woman in America is still very much hated. I cannot deny it or act like it doesn’t exist.


Black men attacking a white man like that would have the national headlines, best believe. The US sucks.


Is that the partial logo from a shoe on his forehead? My God.


I applaud all of what she did to put a fire under the NYPD’s behinds, but I’m saddened that she even had to do all of that. And so sad to see that ‘after’ picture of her boyfriend. It’s bad enough to see a loved one fall victim to such a senseless attack, but to then have to do all the police work too? That’s inexcusable. Someone needs to hold these vicious attackers accountable, and the police need to answer for their lack of action, too.


Find them and Crucify them! NO DEALS WILL BE MADE! They had BETTER get the full punishment for this.

That is a f-ed up situation! So his girlfriend has to do these Police Officer’s job?! It didn’t take it upon them to look for footage?! This is straight up Fuckery! They better not ever call these guys New York’s Finest. She should do more than just do the petition she needs to hold the police that was supposed to take her case responsible for the UNSAT way they handled the case. I am so sick of cops being Bullies or being Lazy. There needs to be a change, lets start from the top and work our way down.

I’m very confused why the police closed the case? Why would they close something immediately after it’s been reported? Don’t they’d investigate before closing a case? Very strange. Horrible thing to happen


They do it all the time!


I enjoy your blog and I am very glad that you posted this. It is important that this type of violence and hatred be made known. I did sign her petition. I pray for a speedy recovery for her boyfriend and his brother.


This is ridiculous. It’s seriously time to start thinking about a law suit. It’s not right.


Cipriana, we stand by the victims, you, and your families. We support you and hope that justice is rightfully served!


Wow! That is crazy. People act so savage sometimes. I will definitely sign the petition and continue to show my support. The attackers and NYPD’s lack have no idea what force is behind Cipriana and UrbanBushBabes. They have a following and people know people. I hope the investigation gets solved.


BUT he is alive and did not suffer any lasting physical injuries (hopefully), so they should be thankful for that… You Americans dont understand that worse injustice acts happen outside the world..so be thankful for your blessings

efa onyianta
ummm excuse you but people come to America so they dont have to deal with things like this on a day to day basis… My dad came here as a child because the beginning of the Genocide in Nigeria was happening. My mother came here as a child to escape the Guerilla war fare happening around her village. i just showed them your hateful comment and they are disgusted. Just because something isnt as bad somewhere else doesnt make it ok. And this is AMERICA last time i checked this was 2013 not 1965. We already went through the civil… Read more »

Excuse you. Let’s not act like America is heaven on earth for black people. That country was built on the backs of your ancestors and to this day y’all are treated like scum and innocent blacks are still being killed everyday. Just stop it.

Pleshette's sister
Yes, there are many injustices outside the United States, but that still does not change the fact that we must take care of “home” first! How can we police the world when we are not right ourselves!?! These horrible crimes keep occurring (and, often those in authority try to push them aside). This and any crime like it should always be publicized so that those in “charge” can see that we do care about what happens to each other! I am glad that they survived! Now, it is time for justice! I am signing the petition and I hope that… Read more »

…O_o “outside the world”… like where, outta space? Look, a crime was committed and justice is necessary. Don’t minimize what happened and certainly don’t minimize their pain or the actions they are taking to see to it that justice is served. And lastly, don’t assume they or anyone else is unfazed or unaware of the other injustices that occur outside “this country”…


Just because they are alive doesn’t make the incident any less hurtful, nor does it downplay the hurt that others feel around the world when they are attacked. And “You Americans”??? Don’t assume that all Americans are clueless to the injustices that occur around the world. I, like many other Americans, happen to care about the issues that plague various countries around the world. Not every American is self centered or ignorant.

Nature Girl

Thank goodness your boyfriend had his brother there and they had each others back to the best of their ability. Dirty low down wolf pack of men! And it took 11 of them? I hope he gets better soon. Get you a civil rights attorney and sue them all!

Now I’m going to sign your petition.


I remember reading about this terrible event on Cipriana’s website but I can’t even watch the whole video because it makes me feel so mad and powerless. I admire Cipriana for taking matters into her own hands. She is a very brave woman. I hope she finds answers soon and hope her boyfriend recovers from the physical and emotional wounds this ordeal has caused him.


I agree Tisha and I hope and pray that they find the jerks that committed this horrible crime. It’s a darn shame that in this day and age stuff like this is still happening! Makes me so angry to read stuff like this!!


This is horrific. Is there anything we can do to show support, or to help you.


You can sign the petition!! The link is in the article.


That’s horrible that happened! I’m glad they didn’t lose their life! May God reveal who did that evil act to them!