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Intro­duce your­self!
Hi beau­ti­ful ladies! My name is Ebony, I’m 31 years old. I was raised in Port Arthur, Texas and moved to St. Louis, Mis­souri in high school, which is where I still reside.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
I went nat­ur­al for a few rea­sons. One because the Lord told me to. I was shar­ing Christ with oth­ers and telling them they are beau­ti­ful just as God made them, but I was feel­ing as though I need­ed a relax­er to look beau­ti­ful. It was not agree­ing with my spir­it. I need­ed to embrace my nat­ur­al hair and know/show that it is beau­ti­ful just the way it was made by God. Also, I plan to have chil­dren and I want to be an exam­ple. I want my future daugh­ter or son to know that nat­ur­al black hair is beau­ti­ful and women rock­ing their nat­ur­al hair are so beau­ti­ful. So the only way for my future chil­dren to know that is to be that, an exam­ple. I also went nat­ur­al because my hus­band encour­aged me to! Yes my man! Ha! My hair was thin and dam­aged. I was con­stant­ly get­ting chem­i­cal burns and severe scalp issues (dan­druff, etc.) from relax­ers. My hus­band desires for me to be healthy from head to toe and relax­ers were not healthy for me so they had to go, and he encour­aged me to embrace my hair as God made it! And I love it! I have been nat­ur­al since Octo­ber 19, 2012.

How would you describe your tex­ture?
Hon­est­ly I am not sure, LOL! I believe my hair falls into the 4b+ cat­e­go­ry.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.
I wash and style my hair week­ly alter­nat­ing between a mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo or clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo. I use Gio­van­ni Tea Tree Triple Treat Sham­poo and Con­di­tion­er when clar­i­fy­ing, or Herbal Essences Hel­lo Hydra­tion Mois­tur­iz­ing Sham­poo and Con­di­tion­er. I always apply the Kim­may­tube (from YouTube) leave in con­coc­tion that con­sists of jojo­ba oil, cas­tor oil, aloe vera gel, and Kinky Curly Knot Today. I used this all win­ter. Now that it is warmer I apply Kinky Curly Knot Today or Gio­van­ni Direct Leave In with jojo­ba oil to seal, which is a lighter prod­uct for the warmer weath­er. I twist my hair with Ecostyler Gel and As I Am Dou­ble­But­ter Cream by using a small dab of each. Once I twist my hair, I per­son­al­ly pre­fer a shrunk­en look on the sides, so I light­ly knot the sides once dry for a tighter curl. I sleep on the twists overnight on a satin pil­low­case. I take my hair down once I sat­u­rate my hands with jojo­ba oil. To main­tain, I retwist the sides at night with a light spritz of water and by adding Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie or more Dou­ble­But­ter Cream if need­ed. I also get braids every cou­ple of months. It gives me a break from styling and manip­u­la­tion of my hair. Ini­tial­ly when I first went nat­ur­al I wore my hair in tight fin­ger coils using the same prod­ucts, just a dif­fer­ent styling tech­nique. Coil outs give a tighter, shrunk­en look.

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What does wash day look like for you?
I detan­gle with con­di­tion­er, rinse, then apply my leave in mix. I let my hair air dry. Once dry I gath­er all my items need­ed to com­plete the twist­ing task includ­ing hair clips, a comb, water bot­tle, As I Am Dou­ble­But­ter Cream and Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel. I twist my hair begin­ning with the back. Depend­ing on the time, I sit under the dry­er on low or medi­um for 30 min­utes to ensure my hair is dry when I need it to be. I nev­er go to bed with wet hair. I found if I twist my hair and go to bed with them wet, they dry flat which dimin­ish­es the fluff I love LOL.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My quick go to hair­style is def­i­nite­ly the fro­hawk. I brush the sides up, pin them, pick the roots, and I’m done!

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
Hon­est­ly I don’t! I just embrace it. My hair is longer than it appears, but I am ok with shrink­age. Short hair is cute! I embrace it! LOL!

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?
Def­i­nite­ly my edges. They suf­fered damage/thinning from relax­ers. I have nursed them back to life LOL and I am hap­py to report they are grow­ing in thick and full. I avoid lots of ten­sion on my edges to ensure no fur­ther dam­age is being caused, and I absolute­ly nev­er sleep on cot­ton.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Mois­ture and water dai­ly!

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
Sleep­ing with­out a satin pil­low­case or scarf and skip­ping mois­tur­iz­ing my hair are two absolute don’ts!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
I don’t have a blog, but I am on Instra­gram @mrsebonye.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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I LOVE ur short hair! I recent­ly big chopped, n now decid­ed to grow my hair back. I enjoyed this inter­view, ur very pret­ty! love ur make­up and style :)
Stay blesed


Short hair suits you real­ly nice­ly. Beau­ti­ful face!