Ear­ly this morn­ing Sanaa Lath­an took to her Face­book page to post a pic­ture of her hair sans-weave with the cap­tion

And the weave is out! #yesi­haveALOTofhair #sandy­brown #inee­datrim #ilove­myscalp


Cute! Lots of hair must run in the fam­i­ly, because we know Sanaa’s mama def­i­nite­ly has it. 

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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@faith: some just because they like it, like we all have our own things that we like that peo­ple ques­tion. Some for con­ve­nience, and some for pro­tec­tive styling. I’ve nev­er been a fan of weave, but after mov­ing to a cold­er cli­mate with harsh win­ters, my scalp has some seri­ous issues. I will definet­ly be invest­ing in weave options that will cov­er and pro­tect my scalp for this com­ing win­ter.

Why do peo­ple judge those who have hair but choose to wear weave at times? State­ments like ” she has beau­ti­ful hair why does she wear weave?” irk me. Why do you go to the mall and choose the type of clothes you choose? Because you like them right? Some peo­ple like the ver­sa­til­i­ty that wear­ing weave offers… Long today … Short tom­mor­row… Curly the next day. Also, if some­one with long hair want­ed to achieve ver­sa­tile styles they’d have to apply extreme heat and exces­sive ten­sion then they wouldn’t have long, healthy hair any­more. So please pause with the… Read more »
Very well stat­ed, Sun­shine! This is anoth­er per­spec­tive for all the nat­u­ral anti-weave wear­ers. When I did the big chop, length reten­tion didn’t enter my mind because I just enjoyed this new expe­ri­ence of being nat­u­ral. Long nat­u­ral hair wasn’t real­ly a thought until I found YouTube hair vlog­gers and blogs like this. Then I became inter­est­ed in length reten­tion. Dur­ing that time, I let oth­er peo­ple and their actions influ­ence me into think­ing that weaves and exten­sions were to be avoid­ed if you want­ed to be tru­ly nat­u­ral and learn how to take care of your own naked hair.… Read more »
Kaila P

I think it’s most­ly because the prig­i­nal inten­tion of weaves was to add length it was mst­ly used by peo­ple who have very short hair and had a desire for it grow overnigh (if you know what I mean).


aww Mel seems so cranky… lol could take or leave the hair, but Sanaa’s skin looks great!


Mel woke up on the wrong side of the bed :’(


Oh dear, far from cranky. This is a pub­lic forum and I can say what­ev­er I please. Whether you or any­one else likes what I have to say. Toodles :o)


Well, at least she learned from oth­ers and gave a frontal pic. :D

#shrug #don­tre­al­ly­care #stil­lafan


Faith, its just a choice. If you’ve ever worn a weave, you’ll know its not always about length. Its also about con­veience. No night­ly main­te­nance, you hair is always “styled” and in a cut. You don’t have to wor­ry about humid­i­ty, etc. I have nat­u­ral, thick, 4A, APL hair, and I wear a sew-in on a from time to time.


Why do peo­ple wear weaves when she got all that beau­ti­ful hair, don’t know if its nat­u­ral or not but its still bet­ter than wear­ing some­body else hair.


I haven’t worn a wig yet, but if I did it was to give my hair a rest. I love pro­tec­tive styles, the help the hair grow faster and health­ier.


so true


@ faith, wigs are FUN…a per­son can change them any time, dif­fer­ent styles, col­ors, cuts and lengths…sometimes the change of look perks you up…like dif­fer­ent col­or lip­stick or nail polish…go to the BSS and try one on to see; you might like it :)


She may want to pro­tect her hair from the rough han­dling of dif­fer­ent styl­ists and con­stant­ly hav­ing to be pol­ished for events and things


@Mel, This is a HAIR BLOG, why wouldn’t it be pre­dictable that they would post a hair pic­ture of a celebri­ty?


Knew this was going to show up on BGLH. Sooooo pre­dictable. I’m only sur­prised the usu­al ques­tion was post­ed, “What do you all think?” SMFH


And like clock­work here you are again Mel mak­ing the same type of com­ments. Sooooo pre­dictable.


Ahm, what type of com­ment is that? Have you ever seen a neg­a­tive post from me on this blog or any oth­er? Get your facts straight…or did you just feel like jump­ing on the band­wag­on today? SMH and LMAO


“SMH, LMAO” I bet you use emoti­cons in off line con­ver­sa­tions too Mel? “SMH” :-):-V :-D o_O :-/ B-)


Yet you went out of your way to click on the post…


Yes I did. To post MY com­ment. Just as you went out your way to reply to what I post­ed. SMH Sor­ry I didn’t post some­thing for your plea­sure today. May­be next time…NOT


Even with the adver­tise­ments I don’t have that prob­lem with load­ing you guys com­put­er needs an upgrade or you need a new com­put­er…


it’s all the ads she has all over the web­site. not only the arti­cle has to load but all the­se dang adver­tise­ments have to load too.


So true hate it