Early this morning Sanaa Lathan took to her Facebook page to post a picture of her hair sans-weave with the caption

And the weave is out! #yesihaveALOTofhair #sandybrown #ineedatrim #ilovemyscalp


Cute! Lots of hair must run in the family, because we know Sanaa’s mama definitely has it.

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@faith: some just because they like it, like we all have our own things that we like that people question. Some for convenience, and some for protective styling. I’ve never been a fan of weave, but after moving to a colder climate with harsh winters, my scalp has some serious issues. I will definetly be investing in weave options that will cover and protect my scalp for this coming winter.

Why do people judge those who have hair but choose to wear weave at times? Statements like ” she has beautiful hair why does she wear weave?” irk me. Why do you go to the mall and choose the type of clothes you choose? Because you like them right? Some people like the versatility that wearing weave offers… Long today … Short tommorrow… Curly the next day. Also, if someone with long hair wanted to achieve versatile styles they’d have to apply extreme heat and excessive tension then they wouldn’t have long, healthy hair anymore. So please pause with the… Read more »
Very well stated, Sunshine! This is another perspective for all the natural anti-weave wearers. When I did the big chop, length retention didn’t enter my mind because I just enjoyed this new experience of being natural. Long natural hair wasn’t really a thought until I found YouTube hair vloggers and blogs like this. Then I became interested in length retention. During that time, I let other people and their actions influence me into thinking that weaves and extensions were to be avoided if you wanted to be truly natural and learn how to take care of your own naked hair.… Read more »
Kaila P

I think it’s mostly because the priginal intention of weaves was to add length it was mstly used by people who have very short hair and had a desire for it grow overnigh (if you know what I mean).


aww Mel seems so cranky… lol could take or leave the hair, but Sanaa’s skin looks great!


Mel woke up on the wrong side of the bed :'(


Oh dear, far from cranky. This is a public forum and I can say whatever I please. Whether you or anyone else likes what I have to say. Toodles :o)


Well, at least she learned from others and gave a frontal pic. šŸ˜€

#shrug #dontreallycare #stillafan


Faith, its just a choice. If you’ve ever worn a weave, you’ll know its not always about length. Its also about conveience. No nightly maintenance, you hair is always “styled” and in a cut. You don’t have to worry about humidity, etc. I have natural, thick, 4A, APL hair, and I wear a sew-in on a from time to time.


Why do people wear weaves when she got all that beautiful hair, don’t know if its natural or not but its still better than wearing somebody else hair.


I haven’t worn a wig yet, but if I did it was to give my hair a rest. I love protective styles, the help the hair grow faster and healthier.


so true


@ faith, wigs are FUN…a person can change them any time, different styles, colors, cuts and lengths…sometimes the change of look perks you up…like different color lipstick or nail polish…go to the BSS and try one on to see; you might like it šŸ™‚


She may want to protect her hair from the rough handling of different stylists and constantly having to be polished for events and things


@Mel, This is a HAIR BLOG, why wouldn’t it be predictable that they would post a hair picture of a celebrity?


Knew this was going to show up on BGLH. Sooooo predictable. I’m only surprised the usual question was posted, “What do you all think?” SMFH


And like clockwork here you are again Mel making the same type of comments. Sooooo predictable.


Ahm, what type of comment is that? Have you ever seen a negative post from me on this blog or any other? Get your facts straight…or did you just feel like jumping on the bandwagon today? SMH and LMAO


“SMH, LMAO” I bet you use emoticons in off line conversations too Mel? “SMH” :-):-V šŸ˜€ o_O :-/ B-)


Yet you went out of your way to click on the post…


Yes I did. To post MY comment. Just as you went out your way to reply to what I posted. SMH Sorry I didn’t post something for your pleasure today. Maybe next time…NOT


Even with the advertisements I don’t have that problem with loading you guys computer needs an upgrade or you need a new computer. . .


it’s all the ads she has all over the website. not only the article has to load but all these dang advertisements have to load too.


So true hate it