Solange took a crack at the Havana twists trend, rocking the new look while performing at the 6th Annual Roots Picnic in Philly. The twists plus the African print (by designer Kenzo) are a winning combo! What do you think ladies?


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Lol, I prefer solange over beyonce anyways.
And i love those twists, gonna rock that soon.

Quail Turran

She’s Hot


Solange looks amazing. Her style, music, and hair is a reflection of her growing confidence. I love it sista.


she looks beautiful omgosh


lol, she looks high, but she looks good

If there is a difference between havana and marley twists I don’t see it. These are just brand names or hair extensions textures. There are only 2 ways of twisting with 2 strands of hair: rope twists also called senegalese twists and two strands twists. Whether you use afro kinky, marley braids or whatever extensions you have handy, when you use two strands of hair those are the only two technics you can use to twist. If somebody here can explain better hat makes the difference in havana twists I will really appreciate. Thanks. About the outfit, I don’t find… Read more »

On the other hand, I am irked by some black women who act as though not ONE coil or curl should be seen! I HATE! DESPISE that so much! From the time I was little I hated when sistas did that. Lol damn we all know you got kinky ir curly hair!!! As if they can fool anyone into thinking they have naturally straight hair!

I’m tired of people assuming that all naturals are engaged in this natural hair movement thing, so I can see where Solonge is coming from.:-) Maybe just maybe, some of us wear our natural hair because we love the look and think our hair is ACTUALLY pretty? For me it’s not about making a militant statement to anyone. I just happen to enjoy my hair the way I was born to wear it. I didn’t even know there was any movement going on? I like straightened hair too btw. I just happen to think women of color look more beautiful… Read more »

The hair, the lippie, the shoes and those legs = magnifique!


don’t understand why people are spaming the hairbysusy posts. lol she (susy) does her hair she does a good job at it. i love this whole look!she also has tutorials on youtube for this. I’m gonna try it next!


What’s her YouTube name?

Shaunicy Muhammad

I LOVE her hair. I think it’s beautiful and I love that she has the courage to continue to rock ethnic hairstyles in the public eye. I also love the way she doesn’t make her hair seem like it’s all that’s special about her. She’s a talented, unique young women who’s inspiration to a young college student such as myself who is tired of seeing Black women in the public eye who never show a little curl or coil-at least a little nappiness is nice to see every now and then if they cant rock it all the time.


Don’t like her facial expressions! LOL Her hair is cute though!


“Havana Twists”? Who the heck names these hairstyles??


THANK YOU!!!! Please these are simply chunky Afro Kinky Twists or Marley Twists. The way people give hairstyles names is akin to walking into a restaurant ordering a fancy named chicken meal from the menu and when it hits your table it is simply chicken, vegetables and potatoes!


loose it girl u not rocking it .look n 2 her eyes what do u c or is it me


It’s all you.


the “african print” is called ankara


Lets just call it African Print for the purposes of this post because various African countries have different names for the print. We don’t want everyone coming here to give the print their country’s name of origin now do we?


nopes,everybody calls it ankara.


^^ +1
It’s a West African print. It’s called Ankara because that’s what it is lol like demin is denim


nopes not everyone does do your research

Regina s

Cute and I don’t care for the whole natural community my self. Just look at pictures and do me not a movement


I love this girl!!! Very cute on her.


Not to be technical but I think these are done with Marley Hair, not the Havana hair.
Either way I think it looks good.


What is the difference between the 2? I’m thinking of getting the twists done, but thought they were one in the same. Can you tell me the difference, please?


I think the Havana hair is more textured than the Marley.


I haven’t had Havanna Hair installed myself, but I have heard that it has more of natural smoothness and shine than Marley Hair. But it’s also a lot more expensive.


I love it!!! I’m loving the havana twist trend, and right now I’m rocking it too! (:

Love It Here

She usually acts like she doesnt care about the natural hair community and she’s a rebel blah blah blah yada yada am on my own..but obviously, evidently through the twists she has been getting inspired by the beautiful natural hair ladies all over the net..


true, every time I see her I laugh my butt off


I guess she doesn’t want to be the voice for the natural hair community if she goes & decides she wants to go back to relaxing. She probably don’t want folks following her every move with her hair decisions. She has been getting harrased on Twitter from naturals, so that’s why she’s showing some hostility.

Love It Here

Oh! Now I understand her perspective! I didnt see it that way. Thanks for pointing it out, peace and love over here 🙂

Love JAH

She pulls it off and looks lovely while doing so…


Not sure if Kenzo designs for Boxing Kitten but this top, and these shorts are in their collection.


Not sure why you’re getting thumbs down — I thought the top and shorts looked like Boxing Kitten too, especially since Solange has worn and praised their designs before.


ohhhhhhhhhhh that outfit!!! luv it!!!


i love susy africancreature!!! her hair and her brows always on point!!! Solange looks great as always!!! i want Susy to hook me some huge twists up!!!

Kelly Augustine



I don’t even know the person who posted the link but its NOT spam I swear to god, she does her hair. She does mine too and her she is know for her braids.


Yup, Solange is featured in the client gallery on her website. So the comment and link seem legit.


Definitely not spam. Susy (africancreature on Instagram) does her hair.


She looks like she’s feelin good


Not sure I like it on her but then again, it’s not exactly the best angle. Still, I applaud any woman in the public eye who embraces a more natural hairstyle.