Solange took a crack at the Havana twists trend, rock­ing the new look while per­form­ing at the 6th Annu­al Roots Pic­nic in Philly. The twists plus the African print (by design­er Ken­zo) are a win­ning com­bo! What do you think ladies?


Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Lol, I pre­fer solange over bey­once any­ways.
And i love those twists, gonna rock that soon.

Quail Turran

She’s Hot


Solange looks amaz­ing. Her style, music, and hair is a reflec­tion of her grow­ing con­fi­dence. I love it sista.


she looks beau­ti­ful omgosh


lol, she looks high, but she looks good

If there is a dif­fer­ence between havana and mar­ley twists I don’t see it. These are just brand names or hair exten­sions tex­tures. There are only 2 ways of twist­ing with 2 strands of hair: rope twists also called sene­galese twists and two strands twists. Whether you use afro kinky, mar­ley braids or what­ev­er exten­sions you have handy, when you use two strands of hair those are the only two tech­nics you can use to twist. If some­body here can explain bet­ter hat makes the dif­fer­ence in havana twists I will real­ly appre­ci­ate. Thanks. About the out­fit, I don’t find… Read more »

On the oth­er hand, I am irked by some black women who act as though not ONE coil or curl should be seen! I HATE! DESPISE that so much! From the time I was lit­tle I hat­ed when sis­tas did that. Lol damn we all know you got kinky ir curly hair!!! As if they can fool any­one into think­ing they have nat­u­ral­ly straight hair!

I’m tired of peo­ple assum­ing that all nat­u­rals are engaged in this nat­ur­al hair move­ment thing, so I can see where Solonge is com­ing from.:-) Maybe just maybe, some of us wear our nat­ur­al hair because we love the look and think our hair is ACTUALLY pret­ty? For me it’s not about mak­ing a mil­i­tant state­ment to any­one. I just hap­pen to enjoy my hair the way I was born to wear it. I didn’t even know there was any move­ment going on? I like straight­ened hair too btw. I just hap­pen to think women of col­or look more beau­ti­ful… Read more »

The hair, the lip­pie, the shoes and those legs = mag­nifique!


don’t under­stand why peo­ple are spam­ing the hair­by­susy posts. lol she (susy) does her hair she does a good job at it. i love this whole look!she also has tuto­ri­als on youtube for this. I’m gonna try it next!


What’s her YouTube name?

Shaunicy Muhammad

I LOVE her hair. I think it’s beau­ti­ful and I love that she has the courage to con­tin­ue to rock eth­nic hair­styles in the pub­lic eye. I also love the way she doesn’t make her hair seem like it’s all that’s spe­cial about her. She’s a tal­ent­ed, unique young women who’s inspi­ra­tion to a young col­lege stu­dent such as myself who is tired of see­ing Black women in the pub­lic eye who nev­er show a lit­tle curl or coil-at least a lit­tle nap­pi­ness is nice to see every now and then if they cant rock it all the time.


Don’t like her facial expres­sions! LOL Her hair is cute though!


“Havana Twists”? Who the heck names these hair­styles??


THANK YOU!!!! Please these are sim­ply chunky Afro Kinky Twists or Mar­ley Twists. The way peo­ple give hair­styles names is akin to walk­ing into a restau­rant order­ing a fan­cy named chick­en meal from the menu and when it hits your table it is sim­ply chick­en, veg­eta­bles and pota­toes!


loose it girl u not rock­ing it .look n 2 her eyes what do u c or is it me


It’s all you.


the “african print” is called ankara


Lets just call it African Print for the pur­pos­es of this post because var­i­ous African coun­tries have dif­fer­ent names for the print. We don’t want every­one com­ing here to give the print their country’s name of ori­gin now do we?


nopes,everybody calls it ankara.


nopes not every­one does do your research


^^ +1
It’s a West African print. It’s called Ankara because that’s what it is lol like demin is den­im

Regina s

Cute and I don’t care for the whole nat­ur­al com­mu­ni­ty my self. Just look at pic­tures and do me not a move­ment


I love this girl!!! Very cute on her.


Not to be tech­ni­cal but I think these are done with Mar­ley Hair, not the Havana hair.
Either way I think it looks good.


What is the dif­fer­ence between the 2? I’m think­ing of get­ting the twists done, but thought they were one in the same. Can you tell me the dif­fer­ence, please?


I haven’t had Havan­na Hair installed myself, but I have heard that it has more of nat­ur­al smooth­ness and shine than Mar­ley Hair. But it’s also a lot more expen­sive.


I think the Havana hair is more tex­tured than the Mar­ley.


I love it!!! I’m lov­ing the havana twist trend, and right now I’m rock­ing it too! (:

Love It Here

She usu­al­ly acts like she does­nt care about the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty and she’s a rebel blah blah blah yada yada am on my own..but obvi­ous­ly, evi­dent­ly through the twists she has been get­ting inspired by the beau­ti­ful nat­ur­al hair ladies all over the net..


I guess she doesn’t want to be the voice for the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty if she goes & decides she wants to go back to relax­ing. She prob­a­bly don’t want folks fol­low­ing her every move with her hair deci­sions. She has been get­ting har­rased on Twit­ter from nat­u­rals, so that’s why she’s show­ing some hos­til­i­ty.

Love It Here

Oh! Now I under­stand her per­spec­tive! I did­nt see it that way. Thanks for point­ing it out, peace and love over here :)


true, every time I see her I laugh my butt off

Love JAH

She pulls it off and looks love­ly while doing so…


Not sure if Ken­zo designs for Box­ing Kit­ten but this top, and these shorts are in their col­lec­tion.


Not sure why you’re get­ting thumbs down — I thought the top and shorts looked like Box­ing Kit­ten too, espe­cial­ly since Solange has worn and praised their designs before.


ohh­h­h­h­h­h­h­h­hh that out­fit!!! luv it!!!


i love susy african­crea­ture!!! her hair and her brows always on point!!! Solange looks great as always!!! i want Susy to hook me some huge twists up!!!

Kelly Augustine



Def­i­nite­ly not spam. Susy (african­crea­ture on Insta­gram) does her hair.


I don’t even know the per­son who post­ed the link but its NOT spam I swear to god, she does her hair. She does mine too and her she is know for her braids.


Yup, Solange is fea­tured in the client gallery on her web­site. So the com­ment and link seem legit.


She looks like she’s feel­in good


Not sure I like it on her but then again, it’s not exact­ly the best angle. Still, I applaud any woman in the pub­lic eye who embraces a more nat­ur­al hair­style.