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The sce­nar­io.  You can fit your nat­u­ral hair into a small pony­tail but you do not have enough hair to cre­ate a big bun.  What can you do but wait years to grow enough hair to achieve that style?  Well, don’t get frus­trat­ed just yet.  Check out the­se three tuto­ri­als on how to use to braid hair to achieve big­ger styles in just min­utes:

1. Chunky Twist­ed Bun with Braid Hair

Kim demon­strates how to cre­ate a big twist­ed bun in lit­tle time with exten­sion hair.  This easy style is not only for those who desire a big twist­ed bun but for those who sim­ply want the look of twist exten­sions with­out going through the long process or com­mit­ment of installing them.  Kim starts from a set of chunky twists done on her real hair.

2. Mini Twists Side Bun with Braid Hair 

In the above video tuto­ri­al, Tan­ish shows us how to achieve a fuller side bun on mini twists using Mar­ley hair.  The styling process is very cre­ative, doable, and hard­ly takes much time.  She starts from a set of mini twists done on her real hair.

3. Big Top Knot Bun with Braid Hair 

Brit­tany demon­strates how to achieve a sim­ple, big top knot bun using Mar­ley hair.  This style is the eas­i­est to cre­ate of the three styles but still very cute.  She starts from a small bun done on her real hair.

Ladies, will you try any of the­se faux styles?


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Kathy drake

Lov­ing my Mar­ley bun to the max!!!
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Tahara Campbell

I did a sim­i­lar style like this on my chan­nel but with mar­ley hair. You guys should check it out :)


how many packs of hair must i use for the mar­ley bun? please help me?

Linda De La Cruz

I love the “Mini Twists Side Bun with Braid Hair”. Just put it on my list of To-Do styles :)




[…] a longer pony­tail, a big­ger bun, or fuller updo … all tem­po­rary, of course.  Check out this post for style ideas involv­ing Mar­ley braid […]


[…] have a longer pony­tail, a big­ger bun, or fuller updo … all tem­po­rary, of course.  Check out this post for style ideas involv­ing Mar­ley braid […]


I love wear­ing my mar­ley bun as an option when I need a change.

I am all for using false hair when nec­es­sary. Ive been nat­u­ral just over a year and still fig­ur­ing things out. (I did­nt big chop). One of my best friends announced her wed­ding and i was the only black brides­maid. Peo­ple asked if I was going to relax (have done it 3 times ever and it was­nt for me) and some even sug­gest­ed straight­en­ing but I did­nt want to look back on pics and not recog­nise myself. Afro was out of the ques­tion (april show­ers in Eng­land) so I played around with a donut and £3.99 pack of hair and… Read more »

The bun is a great look for spe­cial events.


Can you post the tuto­ri­al for the bun in the first pic­ture?


Peeer­fect tim­ing. Going to be putting my hair in Havana Twists this week­end and need a few good default hair styles for work!