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Many women use olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and even jojoba oil on their hair in some fashion. However, few use or know about grapeseed oil.


1.  It is inexpensive.  Compared to your more popular hair oils, this one is fairly inexpensive.  Depending on where you purchase your grapeseed oil, it can cost almost 30-40% less than extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil.  It also much cheaper and more accessible than jojoba oil.

2.  It protects against moisture loss.  Grapeseed oil contains a high amount of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Research has demonstrated that when applied to the skin, this fatty acid can help combat dryness by providing protection against moisture loss (Source).  This may be good news for a dry scalp.

3.  It is fairly light.  The consistency of grapeseed oil is somewhere between that of jojoba oil and olive oil (though much closer to jojoba oil).  Thus, if you find olive oil to be too heavy or want an alternative to jojoba oil, grapeseed oil may be worth a try.

4.  It is odorless.  Grapeseed oil is odorless which makes it easier to use alone or in recipes without needing to add a fragrance (e.g., an essential oil).


1. As a sealant.  Depending on your hair, grapeseed oil may work just fine as a sealant after a good wash and conditioning session.  Just apply the oil to damp hair to lock in the moisture.

2. To enhance a moisturizer.  This oil can be used to enhance your current moisturizer.  Mix a little bit with your moisturizer to increase moisture retention.

3. To alleviate a dry scalp.  As discussed earlier, linoleic acid has been demonstrated to provide a protection against moisture loss when applied to the skin.  Since grapeseed oil consists of a very high amount (~70%) of this fatty acid, it can aid in alleviating a dry scalp.

4. Mix into a whipped butter.  Grapeseed oil can mix well into whipped butters and increase the moisturizing/sealant properties of your mixture.

5. As a hot oil treatment.  Use the oil alone or mixed with other oils as a hot oil treatment prior to your wash.


Though the oil has a high smoke point (some sources quote 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), this characteristic does not translate into it being adequate as a heat protectant.  A high smoke point indicates that the oil requires a higher temperature to break down and start smoking.  In other words, grapeseed oil may not degrade before reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit but your hair might.  In contrast, a heat protectant contains a formulation of ingredients that actually helps to reduce the transfer of heat to the cortex of the hair (Source).  That being said, it is much safer to use a commercial heat protectant than to experiment with grapeseed oil as a possibility.

Ladies, have you tried grapeseed oil?  How do you use it?


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I’m still figuring out the perfect regimen for my hair, and I’ve only recently started using grapeseed oil. I have never experienced results such as those that I’ve had with this oil. While I LOVE coconut oil and olive oil, I found that they were a bit heavy for me and would seal a bit too well, sitting on top of my hair after application and making detangling difficult after being added. However, with grapeseed oil, my hair is softer and more moisturized than I ever could have imagined an oil could have done. I used it for a week… Read more »
Using just grapeseed oil may be your winning ticket. If it works for you and your needs it may wind up being all you need. We don’t know if you wear your hair in wash and gos, what hair type you have, or what your hair goals are. I’m learning that in the end we will all have different regimens, much like our hygiene. Some people use everything under the sun. Some use one bar of soap or body wash and literally nothing else. So if it works for your hair goals by all means. If you are trying to… Read more »

Add equal amount of oil, apple cider vinegar to dilute the content.

Hello Ladies, Thank you for all your wonderful tips and helpful hints for the use of grapeseed oil, which I will try very soon. It would be so helpful, if you could please include your age and hair type. I’m 63 and postmenopausal. What worked for me when I was younger, no longer applies, in many cases. My main issue right now is dryness and breakage, so I am always interested in moisturizing. I’ve been totally natural for about 6 years and like to wear my hair straight in the winter and curly in the summer. My problem isn’t getting… Read more »

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Iryna Fernandes

I heard that grape seed oil stimulates the scalp so it is good for hair growth but is it better than castor oil?

Kathryn Alpha

Why don’t you make an oil blend? There are many awesome oils for the scalp and instead of limiting yourself to the benefit(s) make a oil mix by combining portions of all together and using it. You should research tea tree, peppermint , jojoba . That’s just a few. Happy hair 🙂


I also use grapeseed oil to help detangle. On wash day I coat my hair and scalp with the oil then add my conditioner. It Really helps the tangles!


I’ve recently started using grapeseed oil for the winter months. I’m in love with it. My hair had this terrible dry feeling but now its well moisturized. I mix olive, grapeseed, castor oil and my leave in conditioner in a water bottle and use as a spritzer for my finger coils and it brings them back to life. I only have to use it like 2x’s a week.

I have been using grapeseed oil as a heat protectant for a long time. I use low heat and make several passes instead of high heat and only once. Not only that but against what we are taught I out it in before I heat instead if after. I have had way less damage and breakage also WAY less shedding. I have been a “natural” for 6ish years or so and when the weather is right I can flat iron my hair once a week without damage to my natural curl pattern. I will say however that because hair types… Read more »

I completely agree with this. I use grapeseed oil(after spritzing my hair with acv/water) to slightly stretch the hair after braidout(using a blow dryer) and I use the blow dryer often. No breakage so far. In fact my hair seems more healthy. I think if the oil coats the hair, and it’s smoke point is when the coat breaks then it would serve as a good heat protectant on low heat(like blow dryers or low(350F or below) flat irons, because the smoke point(aka coat break) of grapeseed oil is 390F. I’d stay at 350F or below to be safe.

Miss Thang

Smoke point has nothing to do with the oil’s ability to reduce the transfer of heat to your hair.


this is my favorite oil! it’s great on everything; hair, body, face


Thanks for the tips! I love oils my favorite is the argan oil by Pro Naturals and its really amazing because I can leave it after shower and it makes my hair so soft and shiny.


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I LOVE Grape-seed oil and so does my hair. I sometimes use it alone, but I also mix with other oils which has kept my hair moisturized!! You are so very correct in talking stating that many don’t know about or use Grape-seed….same goes for Safflower oil 🙂


I boil a small pan of water, then take it off the heat and place a small bowl with grapeseed oil and lavender essential oil in it to warm. Then I soak my feet in a hot epson salt bath while I massage my scalp, after which I place a plastic shower cap on my head while I massage my feet. I then place a cotton kni cap on my head and warm socks on my feet and wait a couple of hours before showering. I feel incredibly relaxed afterwards, and my skin and hair feel amazing.


I love it. Bought a bottle Jan. of 2013 and it is still half full. I use it to seal and in my daily routine. I love the lightness of the oil. It does not weight down my hair. Love it. I will have to try this for my face; I wondered about that type of use but was not sure. Thanks ladies!!

Natural Beauty
I am a natural beauty. I am loving my natural look. My daughter who is in another state is heavily into natural hair. I love it when she and I communicate and share fantastic ideas. She has embraced me with much knowledge about natural hair. Currently, I am using cold pressed coconut oil and jojoba oil. My results have been fantastic. In addition to the two oils above, most recently, I have added a little moringa oil. It is being praised as the new wonder oil. It’s hardly new. It has been used for health and beauty for centuries. I… Read more »
Hope Hill

Okay well i just bought some of the la tourangle(or whatever lol) grapeseed oil from Safeway for 9 dollars! I can truly say my hair and skin are immediately feeling the benefits. I have fine hair that breaks easy i think i may be a4b mix with 4a. I can’t wait to see how my skin and hair will look and feel a month from now! I highly recommend this stuff, my dark spots are already fading woohoo!


Grapeseed oil isn’t odorless, @ matter a fact I love the grapeseed oils smell it’s pleasant n sticks to your body.


I couldnt agree more! In my studies no oils are oderLESS infact all have a unique scent. The only oils that are not scented are reffined oils,(they take the real oils and go through smoke process,this to make it odorless, this makes it “more” markettable) Please do ur research Chinwe

james c

I love grapeseed,pomegranate oil and basil mix for my daily scalp oil. helps circulate the blood flow and stimulate hair growth. Grapeseed love in the winter time on my face it’s lite. I buy it by the gallon… Love it!!!

Reiza May

Hi, I have tried oil cleansing and used castor and olive oil. I only did it once and I have had a really bad breakouts, much more that my usual zits, and way bigger! I bought grape seed oil in the groceries and will try it later, hoping to have better results with it….


Did any of you who used this oil experience any side effects? I saw an article on some side effects of using this oil.

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one time user
I’ve used it as a sealant, face moisturizer, pre-poo..etc lol, mainly because it’s cheaper than jojoba oil. However, I didn’t think it was all that special so I haven’t repurchased it but now I’m thinking of getting it again… Are there different grades of grapeseed oil? Like extra virgin, virgin, organic? :s Because the first bottle I bought was at an organic store and really only a couple dollars cheaper than jojoba oil which is why I wasn’t impressed..but if that’s the same thing as the Wal-Mart version that offers way more for way less then that’s why I would… Read more »

Currently I’m using this same brand (pictured) as a sealer. I alternate between this and coconut oil. I love both

As far as heat protectant and grape seed oil goes, I used a grape seed oil blend from the dollar store (mega care) as my heat protectant and didn’t have a setback. I prefer to use certain oils over a commercial heat protectant because my hair always seem like its frying, even though my heat setting is around 320.

my hair resembles type 4b. i have fine to medium strands and normal porosity


I have used grapeseed oil as a heat protectant in the past. Now that I know better, I use a silicone heat protectant (Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum).


Yup , I’ve tried it . Currently I am out of stock BUT it lasted me a very long time . I agree about the cost and access of grapeseed oil . There is a scent , although its very dull . I enjoyed using grapeseed oil when I got tired or the heaviness or the oil olive . I used it for my hair and skin . I’ve actually never tried it on my scalp or as a hot oil treatment . I do recommend this use . I will most likely purchase this soon .


I LOVE GRAPESEED OIL! Every since I found out my hair has low Porosity I have been using it in my hair oil mixes. It works really well as a sealant. And if you mix it with Wheat germ oil and use it as a hot oil treatment your hair will be a lot healthier! I have very few split ends and fairy knots! So not clipping! YAY!


I disagree with this article. Maybe grapeseed oil works for looser hair types,but for me a 4a it did nothing.also its not cheaper than olive oil.olive oil cost 6 bucks from wholefoods versus grapeseed from whole foods that costs 18 bucks.maybe it depends on where you shop,but at whole foods evoo is cheaper and the quality of it is this day olive oil above all others has moisturized my hair best and castor oil has been a good sealant.lastly grapeseed does have a has a very light almost undetectable white grape fragrance.


There’s no need to bash grapeseed oil. lol! The bottom line is you have to do what works for YOU! I have thick 4a/b hair and grapeseed oil is my jam! While I deep condition with olive oil and castor oil on occasion, they are too heavy to use in my hair daily without weighing it down. Additionally I don’t like the smell of either (I’m a big scent person). So do you!!


I bought this same brand of grape seed oil. In whole foods for $6

Deborah Drinkard
I just bought a large bottle of grape seed oil from Whole Foods for $6. Never used this oil before and was drawn to it. I came home and googled the benefits of this product and I think I lucked out. I am 65 and have been natural for 4 years. I have very fine 4C hair that has been falling out in curls for some weeks now. I clipped my ends because of excessive tangles but still losing curls. I have tried soooo many products over the years and found coconut to be good but even that is not… Read more »

So true. Grapeseed is NOt cheaper, and it smels like wine to me. If ur grapeseed oil is odorless, chances are that its processed heavily.

I use it all the time. I never heat style but it is the one oil that might be safe to use as a heat protectant and it offers mild sun protection. I don’t spend tons of time outdoors, just a brisk walk thru the neighborhood with the kids, so I am comfortable with the sun protection it provides and I am very uncomfortable with the toxic side effects of sunblock. My kids are Mexican/black/white they have extremely light skin like European children and I find grapeseed oil to be very protective of their skin outside. I also can put… Read more »
nappy headed black girl

I may have to try this one out. I like that it’s odorless and isn’t heavy. And if I can use it on my face also that would seal the deal.

a few years back, an esthetician at a natural spa recommended that i use only grapeseed oil on my face. she said that my cystic acne was caused by constant removal of oil from my face, oil that i desperately needed. so my skin started overproducing – in pockets. i was skeptical initially, as i’d always heard the opposite – remove the oil, remove the acne (still, i had it bad). three years later, cystic acne is a thing of the past. my skin is healthy and clear and hardly ever breaks out. hope it works for you. i don’t… Read more »

I use it all the time, be it alone, mixed with other oils or shea butter and utilize it for my hair, body and food. I think the very best part about it is how light it really is, and it’s such a plus that it’s odorless (unlike the heavy but nourishing avocado oil).


This works better than any face moisturiser I’ve ever used and a new love for my fine natural hair and being a uni student its wallet friendly!


I, too, have been using grapeseed oil as my daily facial moisturizer for years now and it works so well on my combination skin. And it’s great on my fine hair strands…I mix it with castor oil to seal my ends.