4 Benefits of Grapeseed Oil + How to Use it on Natural Hair


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Many women use olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and even jojoba oil on their hair in some fashion. However, few use or know about grapeseed oil.


1.  It is inexpensive.  Compared to your more popular hair oils, this one is fairly inexpensive.  Depending on where you purchase your grapeseed oil, it can cost almost 30-40% less than extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil.  It also much cheaper and more accessible than jojoba oil.

2.  It protects against moisture loss.  Grapeseed oil contains a high amount of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid. Research has demonstrated that when applied to the skin, this fatty acid can help combat dryness by providing protection against moisture loss (Source).  This may be good news for a dry scalp.

3.  It is fairly light.  The consistency of grapeseed oil is somewhere between that of jojoba oil and olive oil (though much closer to jojoba oil).  Thus, if you find olive oil to be too heavy or want an alternative to jojoba oil, grapeseed oil may be worth a try.

4.  It is odorless.  Grapeseed oil is odorless which makes it easier to use alone or in recipes without needing to add a fragrance (e.g., an essential oil).


1. As a sealant.  Depending on your hair, grapeseed oil may work just fine as a sealant after a good wash and conditioning session.  Just apply the oil to damp hair to lock in the moisture.

2. To enhance a moisturizer.  This oil can be used to enhance your current moisturizer.  Mix a little bit with your moisturizer to increase moisture retention.

3. To alleviate a dry scalp.  As discussed earlier, linoleic acid has been demonstrated to provide a protection against moisture loss when applied to the skin.  Since grapeseed oil consists of a very high amount (~70%) of this fatty acid, it can aid in alleviating a dry scalp.

4. Mix into a whipped butter.  Grapeseed oil can mix well into whipped butters and increase the moisturizing/sealant properties of your mixture.

5. As a hot oil treatment.  Use the oil alone or mixed with other oils as a hot oil treatment prior to your wash.


Though the oil has a high smoke point (some sources quote 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), this characteristic does not translate into it being adequate as a heat protectant.  A high smoke point indicates that the oil requires a higher temperature to break down and start smoking.  In other words, grapeseed oil may not degrade before reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit but your hair might.  In contrast, a heat protectant contains a formulation of ingredients that actually helps to reduce the transfer of heat to the cortex of the hair (Source).  That being said, it is much safer to use a commercial heat protectant than to experiment with grapeseed oil as a possibility.

Ladies, have you tried grapeseed oil?  How do you use it?

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  • Beth

    I boil a small pan of water, then take it off the heat and place a small bowl with grapeseed oil and lavender essential oil in it to warm. Then I soak my feet in a hot epson salt bath while I massage my scalp, after which I place a plastic shower cap on my head while I massage my feet. I then place a cotton kni cap on my head and warm socks on my feet and wait a couple of hours before showering. I feel incredibly relaxed afterwards, and my skin and hair feel amazing.

  • WJ

    I LOVE Grape-seed oil and so does my hair. I sometimes use it alone, but I also mix with other oils which has kept my hair moisturized!! You are so very correct in talking stating that many don’t know about or use Grape-seed….same goes for Safflower oil :-)

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  • May

    Thanks for the tips! I love oils my favorite is the argan oil by Pro Naturals and its really amazing because I can leave it after shower and it makes my hair so soft and shiny.

  • Jordan

    this is my favorite oil! it’s great on everything; hair, body, face

  • Weberly

    I have been using grapeseed oil as a heat protectant for a long time. I use low heat and make several passes instead of high heat and only once. Not only that but against what we are taught I out it in before I heat instead if after. I have had way less damage and breakage also WAY less shedding. I have been a “natural” for 6ish years or so and when the weather is right I can flat iron my hair once a week without damage to my natural curl pattern. I will say however that because hair types vary being right for me may not mean it’s right for everyone. But I also use no chemicals of any kind on my body or hair and this is my solution. Love your article!

    • Tammy

      I completely agree with this. I use grapeseed oil(after spritzing my hair with acv/water) to slightly stretch the hair after braidout(using a blow dryer) and I use the blow dryer often. No breakage so far. In fact my hair seems more healthy. I think if the oil coats the hair, and it’s smoke point is when the coat breaks then it would serve as a good heat protectant on low heat(like blow dryers or low(350F or below) flat irons, because the smoke point(aka coat break) of grapeseed oil is 390F. I’d stay at 350F or below to be safe.

      • Miss Thang

        Smoke point has nothing to do with the oil’s ability to reduce the transfer of heat to your hair.

  • Livi

    I’ve recently started using grapeseed oil for the winter months. I’m in love with it. My hair had this terrible dry feeling but now its well moisturized. I mix olive, grapeseed, castor oil and my leave in conditioner in a water bottle and use as a spritzer for my finger coils and it brings them back to life. I only have to use it like 2x’s a week.

  • A

    I also use grapeseed oil to help detangle. On wash day I coat my hair and scalp with the oil then add my conditioner. It Really helps the tangles!

  • I heard that grape seed oil stimulates the scalp so it is good for hair growth but is it better than castor oil?

    • Kathryn Alpha

      Why don’t you make an oil blend? There are many awesome oils for the scalp and instead of limiting yourself to the benefit(s) make a oil mix by combining portions of all together and using it. You should research tea tree, peppermint , jojoba . That’s just a few. Happy hair :)