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The “in-between” stage is infa­mous for being that peri­od at which your nat­ur­al hair is not exact­ly super short but also not long enough to achieve cer­tain styles … hence, the name “in-between”.  The fol­low­ing tuto­ri­als are for nat­u­rals who are in that stage and have hit a styling rut:

1. Defined Straw Set

This style can be achieved with straws and your favorite set­ting prod­uct.  Start on fresh­ly washed wet hair. 

Prod­ucts used in this tuto­r­i­al
Entwine Cou­ture Lath­er­ing Hair Bath
Entwine Cou­ture Creme Hair Rinse
Entwine Cou­ture Exo­tique But­ter­creme Hydra­tor
Entwine Cou­ture Creme Jelle Styler
Bob­by Pins
Silk Scarf
Entwine Total Per­fec­tion Argan Oil

2. Fro Hawk with Flat-Twist­ed Sides

For this edgy look, the hair is flat twist­ed on the sides and twist­ed in the cen­ter.  On the next day, the twists in the cen­ter are released to cre­ate this “fro” hawk.

Prod­ucts used in this tuto­r­i­al
Rat Tail Comb
Wide Tooth Comb
Met­al Hair Clips
Shea But­ter
Darcy’s Botan­i­cals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smooth­ing Cream
Bob­by Pins

3. High Twist­ed Bun start­ing from a Puff

Your hair does not need to fit into a pony­tail to cre­ate this bun.  Start­ing from a high puff, the loose hair is twist­ed and then mor­phed into a bun.

Prod­ucts used in this tuto­r­i­al
Pro-Line Bar­ber Select Light Pomade
Goody Elas­tic Head­band
Satin Scarf
Bob­by Pins

4. Tex­tured High Bun with Bangs Pinned Back

For this sophis­ti­cat­ed look, start with your nat­ur­al curls or coils in a pony­tail leav­ing out the front sec­tion.  Then use a few bob­by pins to pin down a few curls and the front sec­tion.

Prod­ucts used in this tuto­r­i­al
Bob­by Pins
Hair Bungee
Laven­der Oil
Eco Styler Gel

5. Bub­ble Curl Bun

This style is done on flat-ironed nat­ur­al hair but can work on hair that has been stretched via rollers, band­ing, or blow dry­ing.

Prod­ucts used in this tuto­r­i­al
Goody Elas­tic Head­band
Bob­by Pins

Ladies, will you try any of these styles?


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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chin­we is it half suku and base that you’re call­ing fro-hawk? it’s alright. i don’t 3 to 5 though. they look way longer than the rest. ive been doing 2 since i was a young child. tried the mid­dle sec­tion as ban­tu knot outs, loved it. not so much as twists though. They wouldn’t and just looked straight and pointy. did 1 too but i guess i used too many prod­ucts. it was stiff. but i guess it wasn’t so bad because i got lots of com­pli­ments. any­ways.…


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nappy headed black girl

I love buns and all their vari­a­tions. All you need is enough for a pony­tail and from there you can make it look like you have as much or as lit­tle hair as you like.

I wore straight twists all the way through, like, every stage lol I wasn’t very adven­tur­ous.


I am con­sid­er­ing the first two styles espe­cial­ly the fro­hawk. I think I will do the straw set with bub­ble tea draws instead and the fro hawk with larg twist to give a nice tex­tured look. No to all to all the rest my hair dis­likes the use of elas­tics longer than a day. Plus buns lose there appeal for me after a day.


I just wish I had the skills to do all these styles that are post­ed here on BGLH, oth­er blogs, and Youtube. No mat­ter what style I try, it almost always comes out look­ing so unpol­ished or often times it looks ugly. and oth­er days I sim­ply don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to get my hair done at the salon every 2 weeks, but I’m start­ing to think that is the only way to have nice look­ing hair. Too many bad hair days make me hate my skills.

Cute styles, but hon­est­ly, I feel like they could even­tu­al­ly lead to over manip­u­la­tion. I tried keep­ing my own hair cute dur­ing this stage, but it was act­ing like a rebel­lious teen and I had split ends galore. So now I just twist my hair up, tuck away my ends and wear my Kurly Klips. No more splits. Also, I took a tip from Curly Nik­ki and mois­tur­ize with cocoa tree detan­gling ghee and seal with raw shea but­ter… My hair has nev­er been so mois­tur­ized. I final­ly feel like I’ve found my hair’s holy grail. It only took like… Read more »

Awe­some! You use Qhemet Bio­log­ics too? Coco Tree Detan­gling ghee is a natural’s best kept “secret” lol. Heck the entire QB line is. Not enough nat­u­rals know how amaz­ing their prod­ucts are. My hair’s length is more at the post awk­ward length stage (about 8–9 inch­es all over). I love wear­ing out styles, and my hair has retained a lot of length thanks to it being well mois­tur­ized, stretched, and (gen­tly) detan­gled. I wear braid-outs and also curl for­m­ers sets that I comb through for a very huge fluffy fro. :)

The Mane Captain

what is the “awk­ward” in between stage? and why must it be labelled so neg­a­tive­ly?


It’s called the awk­ward stage because the hair is too “Short” to braid or twist but not that short to do any­thing else. I per­son­al­ly didn’t think it was a neg­a­tive place to be in. I would just get the Eco styler gel, a cute flower nd slick my hair down like Josephine Bak­er. You have to be cre­ative dur­ing this time!


I love all three! Espe­cial­ly the fro hawk! But I am so into flat twist­ing and the twist and tuck! It has got­ten me through the in between phase the fastest and the neat­est!
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this is so cool and chic! wow!


I love this style! Your hair looks amaz­ing! How did you do it?


This is very cute. Did you just tuck the ends of the twists? TIA!


Thanks! It’s very sim­ple!
1. Part your hair in squares or rec­tan­gles
2. Twist your hair like a two strand twist
3. At the bas of the twist, tuck in under
4. that’s it!
It’s good because it’s low manip­u­la­tion, if you suf­fer from hands in head syn­drome your hair is out of sight. it’s super pro­tec­tive because your ends are out of sight as well. It stretch­es your hair,and when you take it down you have a curly fluffy fro!(see the after pic­ture attached)
[imgcomment image[/img]

lisa d

Of course none of the curlies have 4c hair.

Nappy 4C Rocks

maybe 4A/B?

Steph Steph

Look Up Jouelzy on YouTube, she has 4c hair and spe­cial­izes her vids on styles for the 4c Girls!

c d

when will women get over hair type?! just because they have a dif­fer­ent tex­ture than you doesn’t mean it won’t work on your hair!


I’m 4b/c and rocked three of these styles in the in-between stage. Plus, a cou­ple of these ladies are in the type 4 realm.


Ladies just becau­sevy­our hair is 4c doesn’t mean you cant rock styles like these and oth­ers. Just stretch your hair and play around. 4c doesn’t mean lim­i­ta­tions. I gonna try that twist bun. That looks easy and low mati­nence.


That bub­ble curl bun is so cute!


Any tips on when it grows like an inch after being shaved? I look like my dad at the moment haha maybe the only thing to do is wear a pret­ty head­scarf for now until it gets to a length long enough for the styles on this post?
cheers for any replies


@ Ellie, acces­sories hun, best way to make it through that phase is to acces­sorize your­self and wear con­fi­dence with pride. :) You can also use make­up to enhance the fea­tures of your face and draw atten­tion to your face or your over­all appear­ance instead of just your hair. You are a com­plete pack­age remem­ber its not just about the hair. Stay sweet xoxo


so true! thanks :)


Try gelled comb curls. They look like the straws some­what, but small­er and more defined. They are great on 1–3 inch­es. Google for instruc­tions, I’ve just seen pic­tures.


will look it up! thanks :)

Dur­ing this stage I wore and still have tons of “skin­ny elas­tic head­bands” (google that) in all dif­fer­ent styles. Bows, with­out bows, lit­tle bar­rettes, any­thing spark­ly. I would wash, con­di­tion, leave in con­di­tion and then slap on a cute head­band and go. Head­bands can be so ver­sa­tile. Then can be cute or dra­mat­ic, think feath­er or very sim­ple or for­mal, think tiara. I still rock head­bands but with a bun. There are so many styles to choose from. You can spend a small for­tune. Just make sure you wear them and buy ones that don’t leave you with a headache… Read more »

Mar­velous, glad I can still look girly! :D


actu­al­ly google, “TWA and head­band” and you’ll see so many styles!

mariah b

Omg i LOVE the fro­hawk! every­time i rock it in school i recie­vea crap load of com­pli­ments :-)