Recent­ly I attend­ed an event where I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet celebri­ty hair­styl­ist Feli­cia Leather­wood. I became famil­iar with her when I was mis­er­ably bored with my hair and went on a des­per­ate online image search for inspi­ra­tion. My eyes fell on Felicia’s  ‘Fold and Tuck’ style, and though I was no stranger to the fold­ing and tuck­ing tech­nique, I’d nev­er seen it like this! I was instant­ly a fan. That one image inspired me to be more cre­ative with my hair, to have more fun with styling and gave me the urge to dig some cre­ativ­i­ty from deep with­in myself.

The­se styles allow you to play with tex­ture and col­or safe­ly, give your­self a break from styling and detan­gling and are a great option if you tem­porar­i­ly desire longer lengths.

1. Sene­gale­se Twists 
Small to medi­um twists using silky Kanekalon hair and part­ings less than 1” wide.


Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber Waga­ma­ma
2. Kinky Twists 
Small to medi­um twists using kinky Mar­ley hair and part­ings less than 1” wide.


Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber Sheri­da
3. Havana Twists 
Large to extra large twists that also use kinky Mar­ley hair with part­ings that are gen­er­al­ly 1” or more wide. The fin­ished look blends in well with 4 type nat­u­ral hair.


Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber Ali­cia Marie
4. Dia­mond Casama Braids
Large indi­vid­u­al braids using Kanekalon hair and part­ings that are gen­er­al­ly ¾” to 1” wide. The­se are unique because they are braid­ed very tight­ly down the strand, which cre­ates a curved end. The­se braids tend to be very hard or firm due to the ten­sion required to braid down the strand.

5. Genie Locs and Yarn Braids 
Uti­lizes acrylic knit­ting yarn wrapped around a braid or twist (or braided/twisted in with nat­u­ral hair to extend length) and pro­duces a mat­te or dull fin­ish that resem­bles loced Type 4 hair.


Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber Feel­ing Moody rock­ing Yarn Braids


Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber Saman­tha rock­ing Genie Locs
6. Silky Locs 
Resem­bles locs with a silky fin­ish. Silky locs uti­lize Kanekalon hair that is wrapped around a braid or twist, or braided/twisted in with nat­u­ral hair to extend length.

10.14.11 138

Com­mu­ni­ty Mem­ber Saleemah
Who has inspired you to get cre­ative with your hair? Will you be try­ing any of the­se styles for the Sum­mer?

Note: Always seek out a pro­fes­sion­al to help you achieve the­se styles if you are unfa­mil­iar with choos­ing hair. Nev­er get braids or twists done too tight­ly. Always make sure your hair is well mois­tur­ized, espe­cial­ly pri­or to adding any exten­sions. I per­son­al­ly rec­om­mend that styles are kept no longer than 1 mon­th, but you must use your own dis­cre­tion in decid­ing how to care for your hair and scalp.

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Hey.. I’m con­sid­er­ing get­ting thick and long box braids.. I’ve been told to use kanekalon braids.. How many packs would i need…?please help.. I want them as long as the ones in the image.
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sonia pius

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I did kinky twist myself, hop­ing to keep them for 6 week. I love love LOVE it.
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My friend and I decid­ed on box braids. We are all the way in South Africa :)


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This is the first time I have ever seen Havana twist it looks real­ly great.


I decid­ed to give my hair a break over the sum­mer. I did some two strand, latch-hooked twists!!! They were super easy and I loved it! Will be doing some in a few days.
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I want to try Havana twists, but is there a more avail­able hair in the BSS? When­ev­er I go to order from the site that sells the Havana twists, they’re sold out.
Genie locs are easy and always fun. There’s anoth­er way to do them called yarn wrap, much like the silky locs, both of which I would love to try out. Search­ing for tuts now.


Mar­ley Twists.……i love you.
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I had the big Sene­gale­se twists and while they are nice it does not last as long as reg­u­lar braids my hair tex­ture real­ly did not blend well with the hair. I am going to try the Havana twists and silky locs


I did big and long yarn twists on Sat­ur­day and took them out on Wednes­day. They were too heavy and made my neck hurt so bad. The heat was unbear­able too. :((( Wish I had made them small­er and short­er. I real­lyyyy loved them. oh well, next time I will make sure to make them short­er and small­er.
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I would love to try the silky locs!


Hi, I’m lov­ing all the­se styles for sum­mer. I just wan­na know what one of the­se styles won’t destroy my edges. I’ve heard that some of the­se styles can pull out your edges… But again I don’t know :/ Pls help me some­body


The safest thing for your edges is to do the styles your­self. That way you know what areas are more sen­si­tive than oth­ers, and can do larg­er sec­tions around the edges and not pull too tight.


Think­ing of try­ing Sene­gale­se twists–do they last as long as box braids?

Lillian Mae

They last as long as box braids! I actu­al­ly prefer them over box-braids!


In my opin­ion they don’t due to slip­page and frizzing. You can par­tial­ly com­bat this by braid­ing at the roots, but I’m not a huge fan of that look. An expe­ri­enced, skill­ful styl­ist can make the tran­si­tion from braid to twist less notice­able.


I’m get­ting the Sene­gale­se Twists in a cou­ple of weeks. I had corn­rows while I was in Hawaii. And grow­ing up I had box braids, so I want to give twist a try.

I just put in Havana Twists a week ago an I’m real­ly lov­ing the style. I might try and keep it for the sum­mer (with breaks for my hair to just breath that is). Ques­tion though — Any­one have a good rec­om­men­da­tion for hair to use for this styling? I tried the fin­ger comber and though my hair is still ful­ly mois­tur­ized under­neath with no vis­i­ble dam­age, I am -NOT- a fan of the way the Fin­ger Comber hair feels. It’s so rough that I actu­al­ly almost didn’t put it in my hair when I first felt it. I’d love… Read more »

So how many packs of hair would one need for medi­um sized twists?

@Froregade, I’ve had good expe­ri­ences with Janet Collection’s “Afro Mar­ley Hair” for Havana Twists, it’s pret­ty soft, and is usu­al­ly the same price as most Mar­ley brands at the BSS and online. Anoth­er is the brand Sal­ly Beau­ty sells(on the web­site and in some Sal­ly Beau­ty stores) called Vien­na, and the hair tex­ture is “B. Mar­ley Pony”, and I’ve watched more than one video where vlog­gers have com­ment­ed on how soft the hair is and the tex­ture is spot on(the 2 reviews on the Sal­ly web­site are also pret­ty pos­i­tive). The brand at Sal­ly is a bit more expensive($2 or… Read more »

I apol­o­gize, I should’ve said that the Vien­na brand hair at Sal­ly Beau­ty is about $2-$3 per pack more than aver­age BSS Mar­ley Hair prices, depend­ing on if there’s a loy­al­ty card dis­count involved…oops!


That’s def­i­nite­ly very help­ful! I’ll look into both. Thanks!


Help­ful article.…I would love to try Havana/Marley braids but I can’t a styl­ist to do it…I might have to do it myself after encour­ag­ing myself with you tube tuto­ri­als. Lol


I can not twist my own hair, do fin­ger coils, corn rows, can bare­ly do a flat twist or even a pony­tail. But after stalk­ing Addict­ed2GlamXO who has the most beau­ti­ful Havana twists (the mod­el here as well), for weeks on end I final­ly got up the nerve to do them with Nafy Col­lec­tion 1B hair (the soft­est, great again­st my hair). Her tuto is bril­liant. They came out per­fect­ly, I couldn’t believe it, every­one loved it! I still can’t do any of those oth­er things but Havana twists with exten­sion hair some­how turned out won­der­ful.


I installed mine myself also. Not very hard, only took about 6 hours. Much less than yarn braids which took me about 12 hours.


I actu­al­ly installed mine by myself. It real­ly wasn’t that hard. Took like… 5 hours but it was also my first time and I was not shy about tak­ing breaks as I installed them