Recently I attended an event where I had the opportunity to meet celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood. I became familiar with her when I was miserably bored with my hair and went on a desperate online image search for inspiration. My eyes fell on Felicia’s  ‘Fold and Tuck’ style, and though I was no stranger to the folding and tucking technique, I’d never seen it like this! I was instantly a fan. That one image inspired me to be more creative with my hair, to have more fun with styling and gave me the urge to dig some creativity from deep within myself.

These styles allow you to play with texture and color safely, give yourself a break from styling and detangling and are a great option if you temporarily desire longer lengths.

1. Senegalese Twists
Small to medium twists using silky Kanekalon hair and partings less than 1” wide.


Community Member Wagamama
2. Kinky Twists
Small to medium twists using kinky Marley hair and partings less than 1” wide.


Community Member Sherida
3. Havana Twists
Large to extra large twists that also use kinky Marley hair with partings that are generally 1” or more wide. The finished look blends in well with 4 type natural hair.


Community Member Alicia Marie
4. Diamond Casama Braids
Large individual braids using Kanekalon hair and partings that are generally ¾” to 1” wide. These are unique because they are braided very tightly down the strand, which creates a curved end. These braids tend to be very hard or firm due to the tension required to braid down the strand.

5. Genie Locs and Yarn Braids
Utilizes acrylic knitting yarn wrapped around a braid or twist (or braided/twisted in with natural hair to extend length) and produces a matte or dull finish that resembles loced Type 4 hair.


Community Member Feeling Moody rocking Yarn Braids


Community Member Samantha rocking Genie Locs
6. Silky Locs
Resembles locs with a silky finish. Silky locs utilize Kanekalon hair that is wrapped around a braid or twist, or braided/twisted in with natural hair to extend length.

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Community Member Saleemah
Who has inspired you to get creative with your hair? Will you be trying any of these styles for the Summer?

Note: Always seek out a professional to help you achieve these styles if you are unfamiliar with choosing hair. Never get braids or twists done too tightly. Always make sure your hair is well moisturized, especially prior to adding any extensions. I personally recommend that styles are kept no longer than 1 month, but you must use your own discretion in deciding how to care for your hair and scalp.

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Hey.. I’m considering getting thick and long box braids.. I’ve been told to use kanekalon braids.. How many packs would i need…?please help.. I want them as long as the ones in the image.
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sonia pius

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I did kinky twist myself, hoping to keep them for 6 week. I love love LOVE it.
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[imgcomment image[/img]


My friend and I decided on box braids. We are all the way in South Africa 🙂


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This is the first time I have ever seen Havana twist it looks really great.


I decided to give my hair a break over the summer. I did some two strand, latch-hooked twists!!! They were super easy and I loved it! Will be doing some in a few days.
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I want to try Havana twists, but is there a more available hair in the BSS? Whenever I go to order from the site that sells the Havana twists, they’re sold out.
Genie locs are easy and always fun. There’s another way to do them called yarn wrap, much like the silky locs, both of which I would love to try out. Searching for tuts now.


Marley Twists…….i love you.
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I had the big Senegalese twists and while they are nice it does not last as long as regular braids my hair texture really did not blend well with the hair. I am going to try the Havana twists and silky locs


I did big and long yarn twists on Saturday and took them out on Wednesday. They were too heavy and made my neck hurt so bad. The heat was unbearable too. :((( Wish I had made them smaller and shorter. I reallyyyy loved them. oh well, next time I will make sure to make them shorter and smaller.
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I would love to try the silky locs!


Hi, I’m loving all these styles for summer. I just wanna know what one of these styles won’t destroy my edges. I’ve heard that some of these styles can pull out your edges… But again I don’t know :/ Pls help me somebody


The safest thing for your edges is to do the styles yourself. That way you know what areas are more sensitive than others, and can do larger sections around the edges and not pull too tight.


Thinking of trying Senegalese twists–do they last as long as box braids?

Lillian Mae

They last as long as box braids! I actually prefer them over box-braids!


In my opinion they don’t due to slippage and frizzing. You can partially combat this by braiding at the roots, but I’m not a huge fan of that look. An experienced, skillful stylist can make the transition from braid to twist less noticeable.


I’m getting the Senegalese Twists in a couple of weeks. I had cornrows while I was in Hawaii. And growing up I had box braids, so I want to give twist a try.

I just put in Havana Twists a week ago an I’m really loving the style. I might try and keep it for the summer (with breaks for my hair to just breath that is). Question though – Anyone have a good recommendation for hair to use for this styling? I tried the finger comber and though my hair is still fully moisturized underneath with no visible damage, I am -NOT- a fan of the way the Finger Comber hair feels. It’s so rough that I actually almost didn’t put it in my hair when I first felt it. I’d love… Read more »

So how many packs of hair would one need for medium sized twists?

@Froregade, I’ve had good experiences with Janet Collection’s “Afro Marley Hair” for Havana Twists, it’s pretty soft, and is usually the same price as most Marley brands at the BSS and online. Another is the brand Sally Beauty sells(on the website and in some Sally Beauty stores) called Vienna, and the hair texture is “B. Marley Pony”, and I’ve watched more than one video where vloggers have commented on how soft the hair is and the texture is spot on(the 2 reviews on the Sally website are also pretty positive). The brand at Sally is a bit more expensive($2 or… Read more »

I apologize, I should’ve said that the Vienna brand hair at Sally Beauty is about $2-$3 per pack more than average BSS Marley Hair prices, depending on if there’s a loyalty card discount involved…oops!


That’s definitely very helpful! I’ll look into both. Thanks!


Helpful article….I would love to try Havana/Marley braids but I can’t a stylist to do it…I might have to do it myself after encouraging myself with you tube tutorials. Lol


I can not twist my own hair, do finger coils, corn rows, can barely do a flat twist or even a ponytail. But after stalking Addicted2GlamXO who has the most beautiful Havana twists (the model here as well), for weeks on end I finally got up the nerve to do them with Nafy Collection 1B hair (the softest, great against my hair). Her tuto is brilliant. They came out perfectly, I couldn’t believe it, everyone loved it! I still can’t do any of those other things but Havana twists with extension hair somehow turned out wonderful.


I installed mine myself also. Not very hard, only took about 6 hours. Much less than yarn braids which took me about 12 hours.


I actually installed mine by myself. It really wasn’t that hard. Took like… 5 hours but it was also my first time and I was not shy about taking breaks as I installed them