Brandy Reveals her Fro on Instagram!

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Brandy is considered a black beauty icon for the signature braid extension styles she rocked in the 90s and early 2000s, but ironically, we’ve rarely (if ever) seen her natural hair. Now, with the help of celebrity stylist (and LA Hair star) Kim Kimble, she’s showing the world what she’s working with. And it is quite impressive. She posted this photo on her Instagram account today, with the caption

Thank you @kimblehaircare for my Afro puff!! We finally took the risk!! #bighairdontcare #afropuffpuff #brownskin #glowwwrraayy


Get it Brandy!

Brandy also uploaded the following photo with the caption

Hey hey hey @niecynash1- my photographer! #afropuffpuff #bighairdontcare #bohemianchic #freepeople


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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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145 thoughts on “Brandy Reveals her Fro on Instagram!

  1. Free people is actually a clothing line. So she talking about what she has on not her hair.

    • That comment about free people bohemian chic being a weave type made me cry laughing.. its a clothing line.. I too have very fine hair but I have a lot of it and lots of times I dont feel like taking my plaits down so I wear a big afro wig that looks like mine.. The only time people who know me know that I’m wearing the wig is because it has reddish blonde highlights and my own hair doesnt..

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  3. She looks good! She also looks younger to me with her hair like that! I like it! (I also like the clothing brand Free People. Brandy is a win/win with this photo b/c I love what she’s wearing also. Totally my style).

  4. I’ve always admired Brandies cultural look. My Uncle sat all his nieces down when I was 12 and said, I better not catch anyone of you with perms in your hair! He said we are beautiful just as we are natural. Never put a perm in my hair. To this day I remember how profound and beautiful it was for a black man my Uncle to tell me I am beautiful just as I am, Natural Beauty.
    Brandy looks so beautiful natural, I hope she shows more of her natural beauty!

  5. Before I converted to natural hair, my thick hair went from thick to thin. My edges were also thin. Now my hair is thick and beautiful! Brandy look great and that is totally beautiful! I love the natural look! Keep embracing yourself black women!

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