Brandy is considered a black beauty icon for the signature braid extension styles she rocked in the 90s and early 2000s, but ironically, we’ve rarely (if ever) seen her natural hair. Now, with the help of celebrity stylist (and LA Hair star) Kim Kimble, she’s showing the world what she’s working with. And it is quite impressive. She posted this photo on her Instagram account today, with the caption

Thank you @kimblehaircare for my Afro puff!! We finally took the risk!! #bighairdontcare #afropuffpuff #brownskin #glowwwrraayy


Get it Brandy!

Brandy also uploaded the following photo with the caption

Hey hey hey @niecynash1- my photographer! #afropuffpuff #bighairdontcare #bohemianchic #freepeople


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This is why I don’t get the natural hair community. You complain when a black celebrity doesn’t show her real hair and when she shows her natural hair it’s automatically a wig or she added extensions to her hair. I’m proud of Brandy’s hair and when you’re under the pressure of having light skin and long straight hair. She’s been true to herself and culture.

Not all of ya’ll are like this, but some of ya’ll need to fall back.

I agree. Hair is hair. She was just showing how big it is. I do the same thing when I take my hair out of braids I even show my friend’s the shrinkage after I wash it. It doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my hair should I choose to straighten it. Its just showing people my hair. Its my choice just like its her choice. We are the hardest on each other and its just not necessary. We should be happy that its not falling off her head. Brandy is beautiful no matter what texture or style her hair… Read more »
Ms. B
Sigh… Once again one of my favorite natural hair sites had become over run with hateful, negative black women who can’t wait to come into a thread and say something mean and questions whose hair is real and blah blah blah. If you truly don’t care, then why comment? Please stop with the ‘I’m just expressing my opinion’ also. You know you’re being hateful and I believe you get some perverse enjoyment out of it because you’re a very unhappy person. Thank you, also, for continuing to perpetrating the stereotypical angry black women who don’t like those that look like… Read more »

Talk about a stereotype, a woman who happen to be black doesn’t agree with agree she sees and she’s labelled as hater, jealous, negative and very unhappy person etc….

Are Black women not allowed to have different opinions? Have people been on white, non – “black” blogs , some will be surprise by the comments there and who is very hateful lol!

For the record no one said Brandy didn’t look great


@Ms.B where are the hateful, negative women saying mean and hateful things? How are the comments stereotypical of angry black women? I read the comments and I don’t see anything hateful, mean or negative….Oh and I agree with you Brandi does look great as always 🙂


I really don’t get the point of celebrities doing this if they’re still never going to wear their hair out.


That’s not her hair. When she rocked box braids you could tell her hair was thin. How thick your hair is is determined by genetics so unless she underwent gene therapy, that is a wig.

Cloe R

She’ll get her IG numbers up then fall back to hiding that gorgeous hair! #boo


true tea.


For some reason, i kinda doubt this is her hair—i guess just because of all the pics i’ve seen of her with like, no edges under her weaves. But, I mean, if it is, then more power to her—glad she grew some hair. LOL.


Why is it so hard for people to believe black women can have long thick hair…if the braids were ripping her edges out, I would like to think that it has grown back, since she stopped wearing braids for years! Lots of celebrities are natural now and have healthier, longer hair


‘Cause it’s Brandy and her lack of edges are notorious.


LOLOLOLOLOL! heck yeah!

Come on, son!

If we were talking about anybody else, we may believe it’s not a weave but it’s weavemaster Brandy we’re talking about here!

For what it’s worth, I think her wig is cute, but not seeing her hairline makes it look even more wiggy.

Ugonna Wosu

Brandy has edges. There were recent pics of her with new braids, and her edges still looked healthy.


I doubt that this is her hair cause in the pst she usually suffer from edges and seem having thin hair so…


Everyone is commenting on her edges, you can’t even see them in the pic, they’re covered! So that may very well be her hair!


Oh My Gosshhh! She looks soo good!
Like wow, she looks my age! And i’m 19!!!
Men black people, we’re blessed men! Sheett!! XD

Though not gonna lie, the celebrity instagraming natural hair “trend”, is getting out of hand. I know you want your fans (and the world) to accept you but damn, if you wanna rock your natural hair! Rock it! Don’t post a random pic or wait for us to tell you.


You know some people went mad here as soon as somebdoy mentioned in an article that weaves are not really a “protective styling”. And all of the weave-naturalistas went angry because of the statement. So why should Brandy rock her own natural her, when even the naturalistas on this blog refuse to wear their own hair out?


Right! Shit, if it’s #naturalhairdontcare, then don’t care and rock that shit in public without a wig! You gets no props for rockin yo natural hair UNDER a wig. So, have a seat…

mmm yeah

these celebrity always posting pictures of their natural hair but want wear it at least week now I see what previous post were referring to


I know Kim Kimble does a lot of weave so is that Brandy’s real hair or is it simply a “new look” brought to us by some additions? Either way, I like the look.

I can believe it’s her real hair, but being that it’s Kim Kimble, I think it’s in between the weave or braid extensions. To be honest, I even question if Kim Kimble really does know how to do natural hair. Whenever I get a magazine like Seventeen, Marie Claire, Cosmo, etc. and there is an article on natural hair, Kim Kimble is always the one giving advice for women who are transitioning or want to go natural. The weird thing is though, she gives really blanketed “natural hair” advice; her advice could be used for any texture of hair. It’s… Read more »

I feel the same way Mai.


Who cares?




I kinda agree, who cares…

Its not like she’s a natural supporter. She’s unbeweavebale just like most of her celebrity brethren.

Look at me, I’m black! gtfoh…
I’m tired of these, yeah I wear a weave but look at me when I take it out pictures. If they’re gonna go there, then… take off the fake eyelashes, nails, makeup… undo the boob jobs, tummy tucks and botox as well… Post a pic of that ish….

Her only saving grace is that she’s probably happy her edges are growing back.

…and now my soap box is crushed, lol


Oh please

Ms. B

Obviously, YOU do! You were the 1st person to run up here and say something so you care the MOST! Grow up…


You are on a site called black girl long hair. I’m sure alot of people who frequent this site care.