Brandy is con­sid­ered a black beau­ty icon for the sig­na­ture braid exten­sion styles she rocked in the 90s and ear­ly 2000s, but iron­i­cal­ly, we’ve rarely (if ever) seen her nat­ur­al hair. Now, with the help of celebri­ty styl­ist (and LA Hair star) Kim Kim­ble, she’s show­ing the world what she’s work­ing with. And it is quite impres­sive. She post­ed this pho­to on her Insta­gram account today, with the cap­tion

Thank you @kimblehaircare for my Afro puff!! We final­ly took the risk!! #bighair­dont­care #afrop­uff­puff #brown­skin #glowwwr­raayy


Get it Brandy! 

Brandy also uploaded the fol­low­ing pho­to with the cap­tion

Hey hey hey @niecynash1- my pho­tog­ra­ph­er! #afrop­uff­puff #bighair­dont­care #bohemi­anchic #freep­eo­ple


Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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This is why I don’t get the nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty. You com­plain when a black celebri­ty doesn’t show her real hair and when she shows her nat­ur­al hair it’s auto­mat­i­cal­ly a wig or she added exten­sions to her hair. I’m proud of Brandy’s hair and when you’re under the pres­sure of hav­ing light skin and long straight hair. She’s been true to her­self and cul­ture.

Not all of ya’ll are like this, but some of ya’ll need to fall back.

I agree. Hair is hair. She was just show­ing how big it is. I do the same thing when I take my hair out of braids I even show my friend’s the shrink­age after I wash it. It doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my hair should I choose to straight­en it. Its just show­ing peo­ple my hair. Its my choice just like its her choice. We are the hard­est on each oth­er and its just not nec­es­sary. We should be hap­py that its not falling off her head. Brandy is beau­ti­ful no mat­ter what tex­ture or style her hair… Read more »
Ms. B
Sigh… Once again one of my favorite nat­ur­al hair sites had become over run with hate­ful, neg­a­tive black women who can’t wait to come into a thread and say some­thing mean and ques­tions whose hair is real and blah blah blah. If you tru­ly don’t care, then why com­ment? Please stop with the ‘I’m just express­ing my opin­ion’ also. You know you’re being hate­ful and I believe you get some per­verse enjoy­ment out of it because you’re a very unhap­py per­son. Thank you, also, for con­tin­u­ing to per­pe­trat­ing the stereo­typ­i­cal angry black women who don’t like those that look like them. … Read more »

Talk about a stereo­type, a woman who hap­pen to be black doesn’t agree with agree she sees and she’s labelled as hater, jeal­ous, neg­a­tive and very unhap­py per­son etc.…

Are Black women not allowed to have dif­fer­ent opin­ions? Have peo­ple been on white, non — “black” blogs , some will be sur­prise by the com­ments there and who is very hate­ful lol!

For the record no one said Brandy didn’t look great


@Ms.B where are the hate­ful, neg­a­tive women say­ing mean and hate­ful things? How are the com­ments stereo­typ­i­cal of angry black women? I read the com­ments and I don’t see any­thing hate­ful, mean or negative.…Oh and I agree with you Bran­di does look great as always :)


I real­ly don’t get the point of celebri­ties doing this if they’re still nev­er going to wear their hair out.


That’s not her hair. When she rocked box braids you could tell her hair was thin. How thick your hair is is deter­mined by genet­ics so unless she under­went gene ther­a­py, that is a wig.

Cloe R

She’ll get her IG num­bers up then fall back to hid­ing that gor­geous hair! #boo


true tea.


For some rea­son, i kin­da doubt this is her hair—i guess just because of all the pics i’ve seen of her with like, no edges under her weaves. But, I mean, if it is, then more pow­er to her—glad she grew some hair. LOL.


Why is it so hard for peo­ple to believe black women can have long thick hair…if the braids were rip­ping her edges out, I would like to think that it has grown back, since she stopped wear­ing braids for years! Lots of celebri­ties are nat­ur­al now and have health­i­er, longer hair


‘Cause it’s Brandy and her lack of edges are noto­ri­ous.


LOLOLOLOLOL! heck yeah!

Come on, son!

If we were talk­ing about any­body else, we may believe it’s not a weave but it’s weave­mas­ter Brandy we’re talk­ing about here!

For what it’s worth, I think her wig is cute, but not see­ing her hair­line makes it look even more wig­gy.

Ugonna Wosu

Brandy has edges. There were recent pics of her with new braids, and her edges still looked healthy.


I doubt that this is her hair cause in the pst she usu­al­ly suf­fer from edges and seem hav­ing thin hair so…


Every­one is com­ment­ing on her edges, you can’t even see them in the pic, they’re cov­ered! So that may very well be her hair!


Oh My Gossh­hh! She looks soo good!
Like wow, she looks my age! And i’m 19!!!
Men black peo­ple, we’re blessed men! Sheett!! XD

Though not gonna lie, the celebri­ty insta­gram­ing nat­ur­al hair “trend”, is get­ting out of hand. I know you want your fans (and the world) to accept you but damn, if you wan­na rock your nat­ur­al hair! Rock it! Don’t post a ran­dom pic or wait for us to tell you.


You know some peo­ple went mad here as soon as someb­doy men­tioned in an arti­cle that weaves are not real­ly a “pro­tec­tive styling”. And all of the weave-nat­u­ral­is­tas went angry because of the state­ment. So why should Brandy rock her own nat­ur­al her, when even the nat­u­ral­is­tas on this blog refuse to wear their own hair out?


Right! Shit, if it’s #nat­u­ral­hair­dont­care, then don’t care and rock that shit in pub­lic with­out a wig! You gets no props for rockin yo nat­ur­al hair UNDER a wig. So, have a seat…

mmm yeah

these celebri­ty always post­ing pic­tures of their nat­ur­al hair but want wear it at least week now I see what pre­vi­ous post were refer­ring to


I know Kim Kim­ble does a lot of weave so is that Brandy’s real hair or is it sim­ply a “new look” brought to us by some addi­tions? Either way, I like the look.

I can believe it’s her real hair, but being that it’s Kim Kim­ble, I think it’s in between the weave or braid exten­sions. To be hon­est, I even ques­tion if Kim Kim­ble real­ly does know how to do nat­ur­al hair. When­ev­er I get a mag­a­zine like Sev­en­teen, Marie Claire, Cos­mo, etc. and there is an arti­cle on nat­ur­al hair, Kim Kim­ble is always the one giv­ing advice for women who are tran­si­tion­ing or want to go nat­ur­al. The weird thing is though, she gives real­ly blan­ket­ed “nat­ur­al hair” advice; her advice could be used for any tex­ture of hair. It’s… Read more »

I feel the same way Mai.


Who cares?




I kin­da agree, who cares… 

Its not like she’s a nat­ur­al sup­port­er. She’s unbe­weave­bale just like most of her celebri­ty brethren. 

Look at me, I’m black! gtfoh…
I’m tired of these, yeah I wear a weave but look at me when I take it out pic­tures. If they’re gonna go there, then… take off the fake eye­lash­es, nails, make­up… undo the boob jobs, tum­my tucks and botox as well… Post a pic of that ish.… 

Her only sav­ing grace is that she’s prob­a­bly hap­py her edges are grow­ing back.

…and now my soap box is crushed, lol


Oh please

Ms. B

Obvi­ous­ly, YOU do! You were the 1st per­son to run up here and say some­thing so you care the MOST! Grow up…


You are on a site called black girl long hair. I’m sure alot of peo­ple who fre­quent this site care.