We love this gorgeous top knot by Essence beauty editor Nicole Marie Melton. Check out the super *super* easy tutorial below.

So simple and gorgeous! What do you think ladies? Would you rock this?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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[…] Image credit: blackgirllonghair.com […]


[…] Image credit: blackgirllonghair.com […]


[…] Credit: blackgirllonghair.com […]


I’m loving it, tried it this week


Very cute and simple protective style am going to try this now.


[…] blackgirllonghair.com […]

nappy headed black girl

This pic is aaalllll over Facebook lol I’ve seen this video before but never tied the two together.

I think I can rock this with my dreads. It’ll be nappy and fly.


Love! Thank you for sharing.


I like this- I will be trying it in the next few weeks.

The Mane Captain

i prefer to use an old stocking instead of a string. it gets caught in the hair less. I tried to do this style the other day but ended up doing a sans hair donut bun, seen in day 30 of my 31days 31 styles challenge below.


She said in the video it is a strip of stocking

Earthy Natural

This is ingenious! I am a huge fan of buns and I love how she offered a new technique that I can use. I never thought of pinning the twists into an “anchor” twist in the center, LOVE IT!

Relaxed Thairapy

Very classy. Love it!

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Very cool! Did a similar version with a banana clip. Will have to try this too.


Wonderful! I will be trying this out soon!!!!

Alta Angel

I love everything from the bun to the necklace! What a beauty!!


Love the hairstyle, looks simple to do. Would try it out when my hair is long enough. Keep it up girl:).


I loved it,it’s classy and chic yet super easy and not really time consuming.Thanks for posting


and the lady in the video has a beautiful smile




Ahhh yes! The top knot/bun is one of my go to styles–love it! So easy and classy. Also, Nicole Marie Melton is gorgeous!


Lovely hair style! The twisted ends are a nice touch — it protects the ends of the bunned hair. I will try this and maybe even add it to my list of staple protective styles (buns and updos).


Cute will try tomorrow , Thanks! 😉


OMG!!! I have been wearing two strand twists since being natural(1yr) because I let my hair “intimidate” me. But I think I will give this try. It looks so easy and simple!!!


Me too!I’ve been hiding under lace fronts for nearly the whole 2 years I’ve been natural! Then got the courage to 2 strand twist for a few weeks now (in updos).I’m trying this! Doing an updo kind of challenge atm to keep my hair protected and to help it get past the usual shoulder length I always reached when relaxed but never got past!


I love the simplicity of the hair style, it is very classic!


Cute! I’m wearing this style as we speak and it’s a staple protective style!