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Janelle Mon­ae has been switch­ing up her look for the roll out of her new album, The Elec­tric Lady, and so far we are lov­ing what we see!

The video for her new sin­gle, Dance Apoc­a­lyp­tic, fea­tures her danc­ing wild­ly and let­ting her straight­ened back length nat­ur­al hair all hang out! 

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The song, which pokes fun at our culture’s obsses­sion with end of the world sce­nar­ios, is super catchy and sure to be a pop­u­lar dance sin­gle this sum­mer.

Check out the video below.

We also caught some awe­some stills from the video! Check them out below.

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Love her music, Love her mes­sage, Love her style, LOVE her hair!


She is just too cute! I don’t real­ly pay much atten­tion to her or her music, but you can’t deny that is absolute­ly adorable lol


I don’t doubt that all of it is her hair. It’s beau­ti­ful too. You look at her hair in the QUEEN video you can tell that pompadour’s all hers. I’m sure with her cov­er girl endorse­ment she has all the mon­ey to be able to get the best care for her hair too. She has great skin too. She takes good care of her­self I guess.

C in Colorado

Love love love Janelle. So tal­ent­ed. (Maybe a lit­tle Erykah B. style rubbed off on her from the last video, lol!)


Is this real­ly her hair or some weave added?


It’s called a hot comb. Every hear of it? So yes, it’s pos­si­ble that it’s all her hair.


Her nat­ur­al length may be this long but I agree that the 2 styles in the video are not her nat­ur­al hair. Both styles appear to be wigs/ the down style could be a weave but it def­i­nite­ly looks like a wig too. Please note that I say this based on the aes­thet­ics of the style only … I believe her hair could pos­si­bly be the same length but both styles in the video look like wigs and she’s rock­ing them both nice­ly. many peo­ple myself include wear wigs that are of our length or short­er.… j/s


I think her hair was flat ironed and then braid­ed in large plaits, which is most like­ly, but who knows, maybe she want­ed to try a wig just to switch it up. Either way, she looks gor­geous so it doesn’t real­ly mat­ter.


Yeah, I didn’t envi­sion her hair look­ing like that when down. It might be hers or it might be weave.


I’ve nev­er been a fan of Janelle Mon­ae or her music(sorry, I just can’t get into it), but she has beau­ti­ful hair.

Ugonna Wosu

the rea­son I like her is cause I like her music. Very female-James­Brown! But, not every­one can like the same things. I haven’t heard the new song yet though.


I agree, love her hair, but her music isn’t my taste either.


You aren’t the only one. I think she’s an awe­some role mod­el, very pret­ty and a great head of hair. Just not into the music, but I still hope she has major suc­cess.

Lillian Mae

She’s such a pos­i­tive role mod­el! Love her!