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Janelle Monae has been switching up her look for the roll out of her new album, The Electric Lady, and so far we are loving what we see!

The video for her new single, Dance Apocalyptic, features her dancing wildly and letting her straightened back length natural hair all hang out!

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The song, which pokes fun at our culture’s obssession with end of the world scenarios, is super catchy and sure to be a popular dance single this summer.

Check out the video below.

We also caught some awesome stills from the video! Check them out below.

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Love her music, Love her message, Love her style, LOVE her hair!


She is just too cute! I don’t really pay much attention to her or her music, but you can’t deny that is absolutely adorable lol


I don’t doubt that all of it is her hair. It’s beautiful too. You look at her hair in the QUEEN video you can tell that pompadour’s all hers. I’m sure with her cover girl endorsement she has all the money to be able to get the best care for her hair too. She has great skin too. She takes good care of herself I guess.

C in Colorado

Love love love Janelle. So talented. (Maybe a little Erykah B. style rubbed off on her from the last video, lol!)


Is this really her hair or some weave added?


It’s called a hot comb. Every hear of it? So yes, it’s possible that it’s all her hair.


Her natural length may be this long but I agree that the 2 styles in the video are not her natural hair. Both styles appear to be wigs/ the down style could be a weave but it definitely looks like a wig too. Please note that I say this based on the aesthetics of the style only … I believe her hair could possibly be the same length but both styles in the video look like wigs and she’s rocking them both nicely. many people myself include wear wigs that are of our length or shorter…. j/s


I think her hair was flat ironed and then braided in large plaits, which is most likely, but who knows, maybe she wanted to try a wig just to switch it up. Either way, she looks gorgeous so it doesn’t really matter.


Yeah, I didn’t envision her hair looking like that when down. It might be hers or it might be weave.


I’ve never been a fan of Janelle Monae or her music(sorry, I just can’t get into it), but she has beautiful hair.

Ugonna Wosu

the reason I like her is cause I like her music. Very female-JamesBrown! But, not everyone can like the same things. I haven’t heard the new song yet though.


I agree, love her hair, but her music isn’t my taste either.


You aren’t the only one. I think she’s an awesome role model, very pretty and a great head of hair. Just not into the music, but I still hope she has major success.

Lillian Mae

She’s such a positive role model! Love her!