Janelle Monae Lets Her Back Length Hair Down for New Single ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

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Janelle Monae has been switching up her look for the roll out of her new album, The Electric Lady, and so far we are loving what we see!

The video for her new single, Dance Apocalyptic, features her dancing wildly and letting her straightened back length natural hair all hang out!

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 6.37.45 PM

The song, which pokes fun at our culture’s obssession with end of the world scenarios, is super catchy and sure to be a popular dance single this summer.

Check out the video below.

We also caught some awesome stills from the video! Check them out below.

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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  • glabrilliance

    This is clearly her real hair. I’ve personally achieved this look and my hair is longer. Her hair is mad long even with it’s shrinkage and you can tell this is a well executed braid-out on blow dried and straightened hair. If you watch the music video in some clips you can see that the hair is coming from her scalp. Also as someone mentioned earlier, this girl has money to make it look this good.

    • Azul Aurora

      I believe this is Janelle’s hair. I think those who insist it’s not without proof or reason are jealous.

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  • Jaye Harding

    Janelle Monae has one of the most symmetrical faces I’ve ever seen: her face looks like that of a porcelain theater mask with eyes, nose, and mouth perfectly positioned. If ever there was the perfect female model’s face she has it: stunningly beautiful!

    You go Stuff!!!

    • Azul Aurora

      Janelle Monae is so stunningly beautiful. Her face manages to be perfect at every angle. I love her uniqueness and original sense of style.

  • That was that worst video I have ever seen this is my opinion and don’t nobody have to like it I’m just keep it real

  • Stephanie

    Real hair??? Bulls—!

  • True

    Her hair looks real to me. My hair looks extremely similar to hers when I flat iron it. All you have to do, like gabrilliance said, is do a braid-out on flat-ironed hair. Flat ironed natural hair done the correct way looks very lovely, smooth, and has body. Best looking straight hair to me.