Janelle Monae Lets Her Back Length Hair Down for New Single ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

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Janelle Monae has been switching up her look for the roll out of her new album, The Electric Lady, and so far we are loving what we see!

The video for her new single, Dance Apocalyptic, features her dancing wildly and letting her straightened back length natural hair all hang out!

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 6.37.45 PM

The song, which pokes fun at our culture’s obssession with end of the world scenarios, is super catchy and sure to be a popular dance single this summer.

Check out the video below.

We also caught some awesome stills from the video! Check them out below.

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143 thoughts on “Janelle Monae Lets Her Back Length Hair Down for New Single ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

      • GOSH! People on the internet are soooo hyper sensitive! Why is she a hater just because she stated whats the obvious is to her? Geez the word Hater is headed out the door right next to twerking. Its so over used in complete unneccesary situations. Lighten up.

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        • Y does it matter if it’s a weave or not? I wonder why with black women, people have to jump and say WEAVE, but with other races, no one utters a sound about their hair being fake..when MOST ALL CELEB women(of all races) have FAKE HAIR. That is why the person is a “hater” because they are trying to find something wrong with the girl, because she looks nice. Jealousy. Besides who cares if it’s weave or not, we all know she isn’t bald, because i dont think women can wear weave anyway unless they have hair.

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          • So true Tammie, as if our hair can NOT be grown to that length. LOL Just because you do not know of black people with hair this long does not mean we do not EXIST. WE DO EXIST and our hair is no different from any other hair in length, most just do not know how to keep length. Well in my town, our black hair is this length and longer. It is time haters stop being so silly and limited in their reasoning, behaviors, and in black society. Your small world (reality) is not the entire world (reality) that all black people come from. In my world our hair is as long as anyone else you have seen in pictures.

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          • I always wondered about that too. Why is it such a big deal? If you think it’s a weave. wig or whatever, YEAH- AND? So what! We as Black women, some of them are so petty about each others personal grooming habit, whether it’s hair, makeup clothes, whatever, it’s so annoying. Ane we’re the only race that does that. Don’t make anyone feel bad about their choice.

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        • Those are once again old images. The first image in question with her hand on her hip was taken from the Idle Wild premier in 2006.

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    • Thank you! If you see her with her real hair it’s in a pompadour, it’s a diff texture and it’s not as long as this hair.

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    • It’s pretty obvious to me too, but I find it interesting that folks on here are so offended by this comment. It’s really not a big deal.

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    • It’s definitely extended hair (i.e. not all hers) but noting that doesn’t make one a hater. The hair is beautiful nonetheless. But you can’t be shocked when Tati responds this way. The site is stating that it is all hers when in fact, it is not. They should have done a little more research and they would have seen other picks of her with her real hair down and noticed the pretty significant difference in length….. Just sayin’

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  1. Why is it obviously a weave because her hair is well past her shoulders? Seriously we need to stop with Black women with natural hair can’t have long or very long hair that isn’t as a result of a weave, wig or perm. Our hair comes in a variety of textures and lengths naturally. Besides as much hair as Janelle Monae has wrapped up into her pompadour its obvious she doesn’t have short hair to begin with. Even if she did…so what! Pompadour or no pompadour, she looks great! Rock on Janelle!

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    • GOSH! People on the internet are soooo hyper sensitive! Why is she a hater just because she stated whats the obvious is to her? She didnt say ANYTHING about black girls not being able to grow their hair past their shoulders. YOU said that, and assumed thats what she meant. Come on, were on a site that visually displays photos of black women with long hair all the time. She’s stating what IS obvious and that is that hair Ms. Monet is wearing is weave. For one the hair shes wearing in the video looks like european straight hair thats been crimped. Weave wearers can spot this. Plus we know that janelle’s hair is natural and kinky, and even when straightened wouldnt look like fine high shine asian hair. None of this means her hair isnt long. As you can see many people wear weaves in the industry and still have beautiful manes naturally. (Angella simmons, nicki minaj, gabby union, taraji p henson, etc etc). Its just commercial costume hair people. Lighten up.

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      • Actually, you need to lighten up. This is a hair website, so obviously hair debates are normal. You can’t say that it isn’t Janelle’s natural hair at all. In fact, there are such things things as Brazilian Keratin treatments that can have a black woman’s hair swinging like a white girls. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Plus, she’s rich. She could afford all kinds of hair products and things we never heard of. Just because you wear a weave doesn’t mean you’re a hair expert. If you don’t believe it’s her hair, fine. Just don’t push your opinions as facts, and then claim that others are “sensitive”.

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    • My hair is relaxed, near by bra strap, and it’s my hair. The same texture and length as if it was natural and I decided to flat iron it. Anywho, I thought I get that out there. I don’t feel that relaxed hair should be in the same category as weave and wigs, or any other hair that didn’t sprout from your head.

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    • Who’se saying that it’s a weave because it’s past her shoulders? It’s a weave because it’s a weave. Not every women who isn’t a part of “team natural” is a hater. You shouldn’t stereotype black women either….BTW I have natural hair. I’m saying this because I notice that black women have to watch what they say about hair if it not pro natural or whatever. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion, even if it unfavorable.

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  2. When I first saw this video, I was like “Get it girl!!!” I thought her hair looked amazing and was a nice change from what we are used to seeing. Her hair looks great in any style though!

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  3. I like Janelle Monae. I think she is super talented. There was a comment about her hair being a weave. If it is, it’s her business WOW

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  4. Here’s some recent pictures of Miss Janelle.I personally thinks she’s Gorgeous with her pompadour, natural hair down, or weave. When your confident& gorgeous your can rock any hairstyle! Bald,Afro,Braids,Weaves or perm. It’s all about personal preference, what makes you feel beautiful. Some of my girlfriends may disagree, but I believe all black women or beautiful in their own way and have a great sense of style whether their hair is, (Natural Kinky curly)Janelle/Lauren Hill/Jill Scott/India Irie or (relaxed or Natural Pressed)Oprah/Sanaa Latham/Alicia Keys/Kenya Moore or ( weaves and wigs) Beyoncé/Angela Simmons/Ciara/Vivica Fox/Wendy Williams/Nicki Minaj or (almost bald) Amber Rose etc.I find beauty in most women, I look up to them and always compliment them on their style if I see them doing it.

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  5. The one thing that is most irritating is that people think they know what they are talking about based on their experience or what they have seen in the past two years on the internet. I am a natural with hair that can look very kinky, when I straighten it looks like straightened natural hair, and when the stylist straightens it looks like Asian hair (and it goes right back to kinky). How do you know her texture and what her does or not from her on TV or seeing her once in person? And those who are trying to say that the lady pointed it out as a weave was making a general observation, then why did she say lmao. It is fine for discussion, but stop being know-it-alls, most of y’all still don’t even know what your own hair does less alone Janelle’s!

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  6. First, yes this is very much Janelle’s real hair. The photos posted in the comments above are VERY VERY old pictures of Janelle. They’re from probably 2005-2006. Janelle has been natural for many years. So again the hair in the above video is her hair. And also, just to clear the record while I’m here. Janelle is NOT a homosexual. She has a boyfriend that is with her in most of her videos and public appearance, it’s just up to her tell or the public to figure out who he is.

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      • I know her sexuality, because I know her personally. I cleared the air on it, because if you follow Janelle as a “fan,” you would know that there is a lot speculation that she is. I figured since I was on the subject, I would answer for things that I know to be fact – one being if her hair was real and two being if she was gay. This is a forum for black women and it’s neutral territory. It’s not a gossip blog and nothing here is said for the purpose of slander. I’m sorry if saying that she wasn’t a homosexual offended you for whatever reason. Have a blessed one!

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  7. i saw janelle in concert yesterday. her hair was up in the pompadour, but it came undone towards the end of the show. her hair is natural, but it is LONGGGGGG. even in the natural state. im pretty sure the hair in this video is her own hair.

    but honestly…who cares? can’t we just celebrate her?

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  8. no hate I dont care about wig or natural hair and I have already seen black women with real long shiny straighten hair BUT this time it is a weave probably mix with her hair on the top. I like weave and I like natural hair too, so no hâte :)

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