Kelly Osbourne Rocks Bantu Knots on The Talk

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Talk about a style crossing over! Kelly Osbourne showed up to The Talk today (where her mother serves as a co-presenter) rocking bantu knots! I have to admit that up until today I had only seen black women rock this look. But it’s quite cute on Kelly! What do you think ladies?


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60 thoughts on “Kelly Osbourne Rocks Bantu Knots on The Talk

  1. I can honestly say, I never liked her hair color. I feel it ages her twenty years, it looks old school granny blurple …that being said, this color with those knots actually makes her look punk, which is more in line with her rock roots… survey saaaaays… “not bad” :)

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  2. Bjork used to to rock this look in the 90′s, it looks cool. I definitely agree with the punk statement…its alot more interesting that everything she has been doing of late… shes been abit boring apart from the purple. I preferred her when she liked to look more unique. yes i like it.

    I love most every African originated hairstyle/technique.
    In Jamaica and therefore the UK they call them ‘Chini Bumps’… just thought I’d let you know.

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    • urgh i’m tired of hearing black this, white that… Kelly has bantu knots and some might think it looks good on her and others might not but why do we have to have arguments about race? who cares?? does it look good on her or not?? that should be the only question.

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    • Is Mina kidding? Cultural appropriation is done every single day, by every single culture. Mina, can you honestly tell me that you don’t do, or say, something that has been culturally appropriated by another culture? Africans had temples in their ancient kingdoms and so did the South Americans, we know both cultures travelled and LEARNED from one another. I’m pretty sure, once in your lifetime you straightened your hair, did you want to lay claim to STRAIGHT HAIR? Or how about this, cornrows, bantu knots, locks of such which is worn by many black woman and men in America, came from Africa. How’s that for cultural appropriation? Do you see how silly this is? Do you get it?

      WOW! The world has so much to offer and yet you would rather say, “its mine, mine” rather than teach a culture to share. It’s answers like yours that make me so sad, the reason, why we HATE, so much. Thank goodness, my family and friends have taught me to appreciate so much every culture has to offer. (Coming from an African Canadian girl, with two culturally distinct parents, married to another culturally distinct individual, with friends and family from around the world.) SMH!

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    • YES!! I’m sitting here like, ya’ll just gon’ ignore Sheryl? Lmao. But cool ‘do to Miss Osbourne. Cultural appropriation happens in more ways than one.

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    • I don’t consider this a celebration of our hair or even noteworthy. Nor do I understand why it should matter to us if were.

      Oh Allah please don’t turn this into when Sarah Jessica Parker wore bamboo earrings and make it “okay” and “acceptable.”

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  3. WE can’t have nuthin’ (yes, i used a double negative for emphasis)…cornrows, then dreadlocks, now bantu knots…i think to myself every now and again SO MANY “PEOPLE” DON’T LIKE ME, BUT THEY WEAR AF/AMER. HAIRSTYLES–LIKE ME…THEY LAY OUT IN THE SUN ALL DAY–TRYING TO LOOK LIKE ME…

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    • I understand the point you are trying to make but what about the hundreds of millions of black women worldwide who exclusively wear “European hairstyles”? Looks worn by white women (ponytails, bobs, blunt bangs, pixie cuts, list goes on…) that they could never achieve without a relaxer, a wig, a weave or extreme heat manipulation? The number of white and other non-black people desiring to wear cornrows or dreadlocks is minuscule in comparison. Pot/kettle.

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      • You make a good point but historically we haven’t denigrated european culture & aesthetics and then in the next breath, co-opted them. That’s what is done to us ALL DAY, errday. Full lips–ugly on us but ooh on Angelina Jolie…cornrows became chic b/c of Bo Derek…so yes, all cultures borrow. But there seems to be a certain group that seems to love to appropriate and co-opt from others; pass it off as their own– all the while denigrating the culture it came from originally. That’s my issue.

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  4. I’ve always liked Kelly Osbourne’s style. She is never afraid to step out and be different and I admire that about her.

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  5. Somebody missed the 90′s – this is really nothing new and it’s limited thinking to believe a hairstyle is race or culturally exclusive. Anyone complaining should address weaves and relaxers and what could be considered an obsession among some of us who are wanting long flowing hair we can swish like Becky. It’s just a hair style, chill

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  6. I’m not a fan of wearing Bantu Knots out the house, so I really don’t care who created them, who wears them and/or how they look with them. I just like when you take them down and the styles you can wear! IJS….

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  7. I think she looks cute!! Cultural shmultural. We can have bone straight, relaxed/weaves so why can’t she do the Bantu knots?

    None of that history crap either. This is now.

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  8. This comment has nothing to do with Kelly’s hair (though I do think it’s cute). I am more excited over the fact that I can view the gallery again lol!!!! For a minute I could not view it on my computer but it’s back!!!

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  9. the 90′s? try the 70′s when punk rock began. i’m old enough to remember way back when. styles always get recycled every 20 years. most of the stuff being worn now, I wore in middle school or high school when big chopping and going natural was avant-garde. its’ the circle of life (cue music)!

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  10. People make this into such a big thing. It’s a hairstyle, it’s nowhere near that serious. I love Kelly, and here hair looks adorable; that’s it.

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