Singer Toni Brax­ton ditched her weave and rocked her nat­u­ral curls while din­ing out Tues­day night in Bev­er­ly Hills. So cute! We love the look!




Pho­to Cred­it: Fame­Fly­net

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She looks beau­ti­ful. I think the enter­tain­ment indus­try brain­wash­es celebs into think­ing only straight long hair is accept­able. When she first start­ed out with Baby face her hair was short and very cute. I guess the weaves and wigs let her change it up for Veg­as and oth­er shows.


Good for her! She looks so nat­u­ral­ly beau­ti­ful.


Love­ly. In my eyes Toni looks great with short hair.


I don’t believe that’s all nat­u­ral. Her nat­u­ral hair is very thin due to her ill­ness and and you can see where she’s thin­ning on her TV show. She looks GOOD but I think there are a few pieces in her hair.




Have you ever thought that with time and care her hair grew back in?


Her skin is so dang lush!


She looks so cute. For some rea­son this look reminds me of Bet­ty Boop. But I’m not crazy about how this site calls every celeb with more than a slight wave nat­u­ral. Many curly styles can be the result of tex­tur­iz­ers or weaves. I’d rather they say a nat­u­ral or curly “look” because I don’t believe all the celebs fea­tured on here as rock­ing nat­u­ral hair were actu­al­ly nat­u­ral.


You are so right! It used to be that “nat­u­ral” meant no change from the tex­ture God gave you, no per­ma­nent chem­i­cal relax­er and no heat straight­en­ing. With so many fake heads of hair from India, Chi­na and Brazil on black wom­en, “nat­u­ral” now means hair grow­ing out of your head even if it is per­med or straight­ened. What a sad com­men­tary indeed!

Shanna Small

I agree with some of the com­ments. Those are not her nat­u­ral curls. I have seen her hair on the TV show. She has love­ly nat­u­ral hair but the curls are tighter. It looks like may­be they bumped them with a curling iron or may­be did some pin curls or some­thing. Or as some­body said, It could be one of those new short wigs or a few pieces of weave. It is still super cute though.

Nature Girl

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She is sim­ply gor­geous. Hair, skin — she doesn’t have to work hard because it’s all beau­ti­ful. I hope that she will rock this look often.


Gor­geous as always. Love her!!
I don’t think those are her nat­u­ral curls either, but the look is hott!! Her nat­u­ral curls are also beau­ti­ful.


I believe this is some kind of roller or pin curl set on her real hair, but not nat­u­ral curls. I like it on her, though. And I think Toni looks younger with short hair.

She looks great! How­ev­er, I’m cer­tain that she is wear­ing a wig. It actu­al­ly looks like the “mom­my wig” (you can check it out on youtube). By the way, I adore that wig on her, and I own it too :)  I agree with the above com­ment and sen­ti­ment that sug­gests that not all celebri­ties that are tout­ed as nat­u­ral real­ly are.  Just like peo­ple can have processed hair, and choose to wear weaves and wigs that are tex­tured — peo­ple who are nat­u­ral can wear straight or tex­tured wigs and weaves :)  It’s a mat­ter of choice, some­thing that has seem­ing­ly been attacked… Read more »

That is not nat­u­ral — that is per­med hair or a wig. And try­ing to pass that off as what a black wom­ans nat­u­ral hair looks like is just real­ly shame­ful.


There are plen­ty of black wom­en with “looser” tex­tures, type 2, 3 that have larg­er curls. There is noth­ing “shame­ful” about it. Every “black” wom­an does not have to have 4z hair for it to be “nat­u­ral.” So CHILL! And this is com­ing from a 4b/c sis­ter.