Singer Toni Braxton ditched her weave and rocked her natural curls while dining out Tuesday night in Beverly Hills. So cute! We love the look!




Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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That is not natural – that is permed hair or a wig. And trying to pass that off as what a black womans natural hair looks like is just really shameful.


There are plenty of black women with “looser” textures, type 2, 3 that have larger curls. There is nothing “shameful” about it. Every “black” woman does not have to have 4z hair for it to be “natural.” So CHILL! And this is coming from a 4b/c sister.

She looks great! However, I’m certain that she is wearing a wig. It actually looks like the “mommy wig” (you can check it out on youtube). By the way, I adore that wig on her, and I own it too 🙂 I agree with the above comment and sentiment that suggests that not all celebrities that are touted as natural really are. Just like people can have processed hair, and choose to wear weaves and wigs that are textured – people who are natural can wear straight or textured wigs and weaves 🙂 It’s a matter of choice, something that… Read more »

I believe this is some kind of roller or pin curl set on her real hair, but not natural curls. I like it on her, though. And I think Toni looks younger with short hair.


Gorgeous as always. Love her!!
I don’t think those are her natural curls either, but the look is hott!! Her natural curls are also beautiful.


She is simply gorgeous. Hair, skin – she doesn’t have to work hard because it’s all beautiful. I hope that she will rock this look often.

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I agree with some of the comments. Those are not her natural curls. I have seen her hair on the TV show. She has lovely natural hair but the curls are tighter. It looks like maybe they bumped them with a curling iron or maybe did some pin curls or something. Or as somebody said, It could be one of those new short wigs or a few pieces of weave. It is still super cute though.


She looks so cute. For some reason this look reminds me of Betty Boop. But I’m not crazy about how this site calls every celeb with more than a slight wave natural. Many curly styles can be the result of texturizers or weaves. I’d rather they say a natural or curly “look” because I don’t believe all the celebs featured on here as rocking natural hair were actually natural.


You are so right! It used to be that “natural” meant no change from the texture God gave you, no permanent chemical relaxer and no heat straightening. With so many fake heads of hair from India, China and Brazil on black women, “natural” now means hair growing out of your head even if it is permed or straightened. What a sad commentary indeed!


Her skin is so dang lush!


I don’t believe that’s all natural. Her natural hair is very thin due to her illness and and you can see where she’s thinning on her TV show. She looks GOOD but I think there are a few pieces in her hair.




Have you ever thought that with time and care her hair grew back in?


Lovely. In my eyes Toni looks great with short hair.


Good for her! She looks so naturally beautiful.


She looks beautiful. I think the entertainment industry brainwashes celebs into thinking only straight long hair is acceptable. When she first started out with Baby face her hair was short and very cute. I guess the weaves and wigs let her change it up for Vegas and other shows.


natural curls?


She looks cute!


Toni and Halle are the short/pixie hair goddesses. Both of them look beyond fab with short hair. Long hair/weaves on either of them just doesn’t work as well IMO.


On a fashion note, her outfit, including the shoes, are cute too! Simple all-black, always seems to work.

Izzy Sez

I’m fairly sure that is a wig too. Her hair on the show is very thin from the lupus.


I love it! I’m not hating or attempting to be funny but does is ‘kinda sorta look like it might be’ a short wig in the 3rd picture? Yes? No? Anywho her’s or not…I’m loving it especially the color.

Kate medicina

WOW Is very beatiful women


Toni and Halle are two women who ALWAYS need to keep their hair short…long hair does NOTHING for their features! When their hair is long, they look just average.


Yes,so true.I saw halle in “the call” wearing that awful curly wig&I wanted 2 jump thru the screen & snatch it off her head!!…she looked terrible& the wig LOOKED like a wig at that! my theory is she would’ve looked too sexy& beautiful wearing her own hairstyle and the “911 operator” role would’ve seemed a stretch.not that there aren’t attractive 911 operators… but it would’ve made it a little hard 2 take her seriously…well that’s MY theory on the awful wig choice!


She looks fabulous! Toni, Monica and Nia have a habit of tempting me to do the big chop all over again.


OMG….she looks gorgeous!


Toni Braxton is very beautiful. Black women are rocking their natural hair and we can see that our beauty was hidden behind those hairstyles. Nothing wrong with wigs, but as Black Women we have it going on in the brains, beauty and body. Tell the truth we are the full package and I am glad that we are seeing our worth and realize that we are a very versatile group of women.

She looks amazing.truthfully I don’t care for her long bone straight wigs n weaves she wears on braxton family values.I can barely stand them on tamar they way she flips n swings it like its hers *but anyway, when I first saw tonis’ hair on the show I was like “wtf!” The weave makes her look common. As pretty as she is regardless of hairstyle, long hair hides her features while short hair makes her look BAM!! She’s got a face meant for short hair bc she’s got great proportioned features. Not many women can pull it off much less… Read more »

I agree Imani! Quite frankly, i find all of their weaves horrendous and distracting when i watch.


Lol! So true everybody sister rocks wigs n weaves on that show.from mommy down to baby sis! Lol! if they weren’t so entertaining id prob be more annoyed by the ridiculous over the top homage to fake hair! Not one sis rocks her own hair..I think traci has worn her own short hair a few times but mostly its 24/7 horse hair on all of the sisters!


Gorgeous,she should rock those curls out more often


Wow! Gorgeous and the color goes great with her skin tone!


I agree she should burn those weaves she’s gorgeous and I love the color!


Yes, Toni’s real hair looks great and the weaves and wigs do her no justice at all!!!


I think that Toni is a very beautiful women and rocks any hair that she wears,
But Halle berry is not the only one who looks good with short hair, Toni looks great with her natural hair, beautiful texture too


Halle, Toni and Angela, three women who look phenomenal with short hair 🙂


She’s one of those people who I LOVE to see with a short hairstyle. She looks awesome here!


Cute look!!


Those weaves do Toni absolutely NO justice! She looks great w/ short hair!