Singer Toni Brax­ton ditched her weave and rocked her nat­ur­al curls while din­ing out Tues­day night in Bev­er­ly Hills. So cute! We love the look!




Pho­to Cred­it: Fame­Fly­net

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That is not nat­ur­al — that is permed hair or a wig. And try­ing to pass that off as what a black wom­ans nat­ur­al hair looks like is just real­ly shame­ful.


There are plen­ty of black women with “loos­er” tex­tures, type 2, 3 that have larg­er curls. There is noth­ing “shame­ful” about it. Every “black” woman does not have to have 4z hair for it to be “nat­ur­al.” So CHILL! And this is com­ing from a 4b/c sis­ter.

She looks great! How­ev­er, I’m cer­tain that she is wear­ing a wig. It actu­al­ly looks like the “mom­my wig” (you can check it out on youtube). By the way, I adore that wig on her, and I own it too :)  I agree with the above com­ment and sen­ti­ment that sug­gests that not all celebri­ties that are tout­ed as nat­ur­al real­ly are.  Just like peo­ple can have processed hair, and choose to wear weaves and wigs that are tex­tured — peo­ple who are nat­ur­al can wear straight or tex­tured wigs and weaves :)  It’s a mat­ter of choice, some­thing that has seem­ing­ly been attacked… Read more »

I believe this is some kind of roller or pin curl set on her real hair, but not nat­ur­al curls. I like it on her, though. And I think Toni looks younger with short hair.


Gor­geous as always. Love her!!
I don’t think those are her nat­ur­al curls either, but the look is hott!! Her nat­ur­al curls are also beau­ti­ful.


She is sim­ply gor­geous. Hair, skin — she doesn’t have to work hard because it’s all beau­ti­ful. I hope that she will rock this look often.

Nature Girl

Baby, since you’ve been gone
I’ve been hangin’ around here late­ly
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Didn’t help me, I guess I’m all messed up, now baby

Shanna Small

I agree with some of the com­ments. Those are not her nat­ur­al curls. I have seen her hair on the TV show. She has love­ly nat­ur­al hair but the curls are tighter. It looks like maybe they bumped them with a curl­ing iron or maybe did some pin curls or some­thing. Or as some­body said, It could be one of those new short wigs or a few pieces of weave. It is still super cute though.


She looks so cute. For some rea­son this look reminds me of Bet­ty Boop. But I’m not crazy about how this site calls every celeb with more than a slight wave nat­ur­al. Many curly styles can be the result of tex­tur­iz­ers or weaves. I’d rather they say a nat­ur­al or curly “look” because I don’t believe all the celebs fea­tured on here as rock­ing nat­ur­al hair were actu­al­ly nat­ur­al.


You are so right! It used to be that “nat­ur­al” meant no change from the tex­ture God gave you, no per­ma­nent chem­i­cal relax­er and no heat straight­en­ing. With so many fake heads of hair from India, Chi­na and Brazil on black women, “nat­ur­al” now means hair grow­ing out of your head even if it is permed or straight­ened. What a sad com­men­tary indeed!


Her skin is so dang lush!


I don’t believe that’s all nat­ur­al. Her nat­ur­al hair is very thin due to her ill­ness and and you can see where she’s thin­ning on her TV show. She looks GOOD but I think there are a few pieces in her hair.




Have you ever thought that with time and care her hair grew back in?


Love­ly. In my eyes Toni looks great with short hair.


Good for her! She looks so nat­u­ral­ly beau­ti­ful.


She looks beau­ti­ful. I think the enter­tain­ment indus­try brain­wash­es celebs into think­ing only straight long hair is accept­able. When she first start­ed out with Baby face her hair was short and very cute. I guess the weaves and wigs let her change it up for Vegas and oth­er shows.


nat­ur­al curls?


She looks cute!


Toni and Halle are the short/pixie hair god­dess­es. Both of them look beyond fab with short hair. Long hair/weaves on either of them just doesn’t work as well IMO.


On a fash­ion note, her out­fit, includ­ing the shoes, are cute too! Sim­ple all-black, always seems to work.

Izzy Sez

I’m fair­ly sure that is a wig too. Her hair on the show is very thin from the lupus.


I love it! I’m not hat­ing or attempt­ing to be fun­ny but does is ‘kin­da sor­ta look like it might be’ a short wig in the 3rd pic­ture? Yes? No? Any­who her’s or not…I’m lov­ing it espe­cial­ly the col­or.

Kate medicina

WOW Is very beat­i­ful women


Toni and Halle are two women who ALWAYS need to keep their hair short…long hair does NOTHING for their fea­tures! When their hair is long, they look just aver­age.


Yes,so true.I saw halle in “the call” wear­ing that awful curly wig&I want­ed 2 jump thru the screen & snatch it off her head!!…she looked ter­ri­ble& the wig LOOKED like a wig at that! my the­o­ry is she would’ve looked too sexy& beau­ti­ful wear­ing her own hair­style and the “911 oper­a­tor” role would’ve seemed a stretch.not that there aren’t attrac­tive 911 oper­a­tors… but it would’ve made it a lit­tle hard 2 take her seriously…well that’s MY the­o­ry on the awful wig choice!


She looks fab­u­lous! Toni, Mon­i­ca and Nia have a habit of tempt­ing me to do the big chop all over again.


OMG.…she looks gor­geous!


Toni Brax­ton is very beau­ti­ful. Black women are rock­ing their nat­ur­al hair and we can see that our beau­ty was hid­den behind those hair­styles. Noth­ing wrong with wigs, but as Black Women we have it going on in the brains, beau­ty and body. Tell the truth we are the full pack­age and I am glad that we are see­ing our worth and real­ize that we are a very ver­sa­tile group of women.

She looks amazing.truthfully I don’t care for her long bone straight wigs n weaves she wears on brax­ton fam­i­ly values.I can bare­ly stand them on tamar they way she flips n swings it like its hers *but any­way, when I first saw tonis’ hair on the show I was like “wtf!” The weave makes her look com­mon. As pret­ty as she is regard­less of hair­style, long hair hides her fea­tures while short hair makes her look BAM!! She’s got a face meant for short hair bc she’s got great pro­por­tioned fea­tures. Not many women can pull it off much less… Read more »

I agree Imani! Quite frankly, i find all of their weaves hor­ren­dous and dis­tract­ing when i watch.


Lol! So true every­body sis­ter rocks wigs n weaves on that show.from mom­my down to baby sis! Lol! if they weren’t so enter­tain­ing id prob be more annoyed by the ridicu­lous over the top homage to fake hair! Not one sis rocks her own hair..I think traci has worn her own short hair a few times but most­ly its 24/7 horse hair on all of the sis­ters!


Gorgeous,she should rock those curls out more often


Wow! Gor­geous and the col­or goes great with her skin tone!


I agree she should burn those weaves she’s gor­geous and I love the col­or!


Yes, Toni’s real hair looks great and the weaves and wigs do her no jus­tice at all!!!


I think that Toni is a very beau­ti­ful women and rocks any hair that she wears,
But Halle berry is not the only one who looks good with short hair, Toni looks great with her nat­ur­al hair, beau­ti­ful tex­ture too


Halle, Toni and Angela, three women who look phe­nom­e­nal with short hair :-)


She’s one of those peo­ple who I LOVE to see with a short hair­style. She looks awe­some here!


Cute look!!


Those weaves do Toni absolute­ly NO jus­tice! She looks great w/ short hair!