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By Tama­ra of Nat­u­ral Hair Rules

As some­one who has been nat­u­ral since 2006, I think I’ve heard them all. But yet I’m still dumb­found­ed with some of the­se annoy­ing nat­u­ral hair ques­tions. Here are the top most annoy­ing hair ques­tions. Many in which you should nev­er ask a wom­an with nat­u­ral hair.

1. Can I touch it?

2. Is all that your hair?

3. Is it hard to comb?

4. What made you do that?

5. Are you real­ly nat­u­ral?

6. What is it sup­posed to be doing?

7. Are you going to do/comb your hair?

8. How do you wash it/that?

9. How do you get your hair to do that?

10. Did you cut your hair?

Your Turn! What’s your most hat­ed and annoy­ing nat­u­ral hair ques­tion? How do you respond to some of the­se annoy­ing hair ques­tions?

Leave your answer in the com­ment sec­tion below.

Tama­ra is the author of Nat­u­ral Hair Rules.

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How about, “do you have a curl?” Or “what are you mixed with?” To the lat­ter I reply, “crown and Coke!”


I’m Peanut But­ter and Choco­late, myself.




What’s your hair type?


I swear this is the first ques­tion nat­u­rals ask me when they see my hair. Why?


Did you have to train your hair to do that? Refer­ring to a twist out.


How do you get it to be curly?
When are you going to flat-iron it?

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