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By Tamara of Natural Hair Rules

As someone who has been natural since 2006, I think I’ve heard them all. But yet I’m still dumbfounded with some of these annoying natural hair questions. Here are the top most annoying hair questions. Many in which you should never ask a woman with natural hair.

1. Can I touch it?

2. Is all that your hair?

3. Is it hard to comb?

4. What made you do that?

5. Are you really natural?

6. What is it supposed to be doing?

7. Are you going to do/comb your hair?

8. How do you wash it/that?

9. How do you get your hair to do that?

10. Did you cut your hair?

Your Turn! What’s your most hated and annoying natural hair question? How do you respond to some of these annoying hair questions?

Leave your answer in the comment section below.

Tamara is the author of Natural Hair Rules.

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How about, “do you have a curl?” Or “what are you mixed with?” To the latter I reply, “crown and Coke!”


I’m Peanut Butter and Chocolate, myself.




What’s your hair type?


I swear this is the first question naturals ask me when they see my hair. Why?


Did you have to train your hair to do that? Referring to a twist out.


How do you get it to be curly?
When are you going to flat-iron it?

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