Back in late May or Ear­ly June, I con­nect­ed with the folks over at at Hair­flair (mak­ers of Curl­form­ers) about col­lab­o­rat­ing to bring togeth­er a tuto­r­i­al and in-depth review of Curl­form­ers specif­i­cal­ly for ladies tran­si­tion­ing to nat­ur­al hair. Why? Because pret­ty much every review I saw for Curl­form­ers was done with ladies who have gor­geous com­plete­ly nat­ur­al hair. No shade, because I’ll be there soon enough. Truth be told, I could be there now, but I like my length where it is (and I want more…I’m greedy :::mua­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha:::)… but I digress. I want­ed to do this review and tuto­r­i­al because we tran­si­tion­ers don’t have the lux­u­ry of hav­ing a uni­form curl pat­tern or thick­ness from root to end. Heck, if I had half a curl in some places I’d be hap­py.

I’m always on the prowl for new ways to blend my tex­tures, espe­cial­ly for my week­end styles. And I am hap­py to report that Curl­form­ers work WONDERS for tran­si­tion­ing hair. When I took those springy thin­gies out, I couldn’t tell where my nat­ur­al hair end­ed and my heat dam­age began. Check out my video tuto­r­i­al from start to fin­ish, using Curl­form­ers:

Here are all the steps and prod­ucts used:
1. Pri­or to the video, I detan­gled my hair with Trad­er Joe’s Nour­ish Spa Con­di­tion­er and cleansed with Miss Jessie’s Creme De La Curl cleanser.
2. I deep con­di­tioned in the show­er with Miss Jessie’s Super Sweet­back Treat­ment, left on my hair for about 15 min­utes.
3. As a leave-in, I added Paul Mitchell The Con­di­tion­er, and sealed light­ly with a lit­tle bit of Jamaican Man­go & Lime Laven­der scent­ed Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil.
4. I band­ed my hair in 8 sec­tions, using 4 — 5 scrunchies on each sec­tion. After band­ing, I clipped about 3/4 of an inch from each sec­tion, because I didn’t like how my ends looked. I sealed again with the JBCO. My hair air dried while I was at the den­tist (under a scarf), for about 3 hours.

In the video, the prod­ucts and tools I used to achieve this style were:


Curl­form­ers Review

Over­all, I LOVED using the Curl­form­ers. For some rea­son, I found apply­ing them to be fun and less of a chore than flexi rods. Maybe its the cute col­ors. I was able to lounge around in them with­out any dis­com­fort, and even layed down for a spell in them. Once I got the hang of the install, it was smooth sail­ing from there. Here’s my tran­si­tion­er take on the pros and cons of Curl­form­ers:


  • 1. Easy to install; not as com­pli­cat­ed as it seems
  • 2. Great for stretch­ing hair
  • 3. Loved the clock­wise and counter-clock­wise pre-set Curl­form­ers. Makes instal­la­tion and decid­ing which way to curl the hair a LOT eas­i­er
  • 4. Com­fort­able enough to lay around/sleep in
  • 5. Curls can be formed with­out use of direct heat
  • 6. Does a GREAT job at blend­ing tex­tures, a bonus for tran­si­tion­ers
  • 7. Easy to remove
  • 8. Curls last 3+ days



  • Expen­sive. A Curl­form­ers Styling Kit retails for around $70 online and in Sally’s. I spent $15 on 6 Curl­form­ers, which works out to be about $2.50 per Curl­former. That’s a huge invest­ment for a bud­get-con­scious tran­si­tion­er (like myself).

Bot­tom Line: Besides the price point, I real­ly don’t have much to say. The mate­r­i­al is high qual­i­ty (in my opin­ion), and the Curl­form­ers do EXACTLY what they said they’d do. If you’re will­ing to make that invest­ment, then go for it. I’d do Curl­form­ers over flexi rods any day. But then again, Ban­tu Knots are free…lol.

Deluxe Soft­hood Dry­er Review

Can we say…Godsend? I love every sin­gle lit­tle thought and detail that was put into the Soft­hood Dry­er. It comes in a cute lit­tle trav­el pack­age made of the same mate­r­i­al, has a draw­string for secur­ing hair, and a chin strap. Folks laugh at the last one, but you’ll nev­er appre­ci­ate a chin strap on a bon­net dry­er until you have the expe­ri­ence of not hav­ing one and need­ing some­thing to hun­ker that thing down. I love this dry­er, peri­od. It’s awe­some at cut­ting down dry­ing times and set­ting styles…of course I use it for oth­er stuff besides Curl­form­ers. And it’s only about $16 online, which is real­ly afford­able. I’ll nev­er sit under a hood­ed dry­er again!

Have you tried Curl­form­ers as a tran­si­tion­ing style? What was your expe­ri­ence?

For more from Christi­na check out her blog, The Mane Objec­tive. You can also find her on Insta­gram and Face­book.

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and prod­uct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­ur­al hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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The con­tin­u­ous­ly loop­ing commercial/bad music loop­ing in the back­ground is beyond annoy­ing. It even drowns out your vlog. It would be nice if there was a way to per­ma­nent­ly turn it off.

bonton tootsie roll

I think Blue Ivys hair is/looks absolute­ly amaz­ing!


There’s gener­ic curl­form­ers on Ama­zon that work just as good. Nap­tural85 did a review on gener­ic vs name brand curl­form­ers.


Yep! I have the knock­off vakind rollers and they are every­thing with a slice of pie! I have very thick hair so I have to use 64–70 of them each time I set my hair. But two packs at $16 each sis much bet­ter that $70 a pack. See pics below for before and afters
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]


[…] still a strug­gle. Again, how­ev­er, I will say that when they do work they do deliv­er! Here is an arti­cle that explains the use of a Curl­former and even con­tains a YouTube video that shows how she applied […]


Thanks for the video. Nice Smile. Now I got to get up and go to the store and pur­chase the curl­form­ers and the dry­ing bon­net.

Toi S

I Love curl­form­ers! I brought some off brand ones from ebay. $25 for 50 and thats just enough for my whole head. They shipped from chi­na which was prob­a­bly why they were so cheap but they work just the same.


I’m a tran­si­tion­er and have used these sense I was relaxed. They always give me a nice curl but you need to have patience when apply­ing them

Beth Kredel

Do they only work for African-Amer­i­can hair? I’m white and always look­ing for non-chem­i­cal ways to get curls that are like those pro­duced by this prod­uct. Thank you for any feed­back!


Luck­i­ly the toron­to ver­sion pos­si­bly the all Cana­di­an loca­tions of tasty­go is hav­ing sale on them now at:

Sale ends in 6 days, $9.00 CAD per box


I just bought a com­peti­tors prod­uct that is sim­i­lar to curl­form­ers called Mag­ic Lev­rage which bought group buy­ing site usu­al­ly shows up on either buy­topia, tasty­go, and I think Wag Jag. But I think it may show up on Groupon, One Spout (a cen­tral group buy­ing site that con­nect to oth­er sites) milanoo, and Ali Express. Usu­al­ly it doesn’t shoe up by name but by curlers. 

Hope this help some who find curl­form­ers to pricey, as for qual­i­ty seems sim­i­lar except accord­ing to youtu­bers that use both curl­form­ers come out slick­er.


I brought these for my tran­si­tion and they were amaz­ing. My roots always seemed to puff up tho after day 2. gonna try again now that I’m ful­ly nat­ur­al and see how it works.


The ends of hair hair start to puff after a few days.
Can any­one explain or share what this is about?


Celeste Pegues

I bought curl­form­ers a few months ago and i like the results. BUT the style only last­ed me a day! by the next day my hair was just a tan­gled curly mess. I don’t know if it’s because I did not sit under a dyer that the style did not last.


Beau­ti­ful results. I need to hear from some­one who has thick­er & more dif­fi­cult hair. I have attempt­ed curl­form­ers but the results were NOT pret­ty!! I could not get the roots smooth.


I’ll also add that I have a lot of curl­form­ers. Per­haps you need to try small­er sec­tions and make sure that your hair dries com­plete­ly. Since you have thick hair, you prob­a­bly just need more curl­form­ers. This makes for less hair per curl­former, more defined curls, faster dry­ing time, and smoother results. My hair can dry in about 3 hrs if I do small sec­tions, but again, I have a lot of curl­form­ers.


Hmmm. Did you you try curl­form­ers on clean hair with min­i­mal prod­uct? By “dif­fi­cult hair” do you mean 4c hair? I have 4c hair too and my results are always smooth and silky curls. How­ev­er, that is when I do my curl­form­ers on clean hair. I find that oils and prod­uct pre­vent the hair from tak­ing to that curl­former shape. I’m going to do curl­form­ers tomor­row night. I may just post before and after pics on here if I remem­ber. I have thick 4c Niger­ian hair.

The Mane Captain

curl­form­ers are indeed easy to install and remove! I even tried doing it on dry hair with only a leave-in, and my curls still came out great!

the draw­back with the price is the rea­son why it’s not as pop­u­lar as mag­net­ic rods and oth­er forms of curl­ing tools. I wish they could reduce the price a lit­tle


They are cur­rent­ly hav­ing a 15% Off sale on site til 8/31/13. I plan on buy­ing some as well.


I love curl­form­ers but they are NOT com­fort­able to sleep in (maybe if I’m tak­ing a nap but I toss & turn any­ways when I sleep so I can’t just stay in one posi­tion) so the review on that dry­er is use­ful. I only use a set­ting lotion, curl creme & gel on my hair when using them. When I take them out & apart I use my shea but­ter mix­ture or an oil. Sim­ple.

Jodeci R.

I LOVE Curl­form­ers. They’re one of my favorite prod­ucts! Though, fair warn­ing, the appli­ca­tion wasn’t as quick and easy; it takes prac­tice. And, like oth­ers who’ve com­ment­ed, I agree that they’re not that easy to sleep in unless they’ve changed their mate­r­i­al from such a rigid mesh, which I high­ly doubt they have. Cost-wise, I was able to buy a full set for fair­ly cheap on eBay, so make sure you’ve exhaust­ed all of your pur­chas­ing options. You nev­er know what deals you’ll find!


That’s a lot of prod­uct to be putting in a clean head of hair!


Is it just me or is that A LOT of prod­uct on each sec­tion? Sure­ly all that is not need­ed to set the style.

Christina Patrice

Hi Toni,

Those three (Paul Mitchell The Con­di­tion­er, Lot­ta­body & EcoStyler) were just my pref­er­ence for a stronger hold. Any­one using Curl­form­ers (or anyother curl­ing tools) is free to style their hair using what­ev­er prod­ucts they choose :) My hair came out light and very soft, but every­one must do what works for them. Thanks!


Thank you! I’m tran­si­tion­ing, and after I take my box braids out I’ll use these to style my hair!


I would love to try some Curl­form­ers, a steam­er, and softdry­er soon! I heard bub­blewrap is nice too! Thank you for shar­ing!


Christina Patrice

That soft­hood dry­er is the TRUTH! Lol.


cor­rec­tion. NOT easy to sleep on. and i’ve been using them for the last 3 years. maybe for some heads but not for a good half of peo­ple who use them.

Christina Patrice

Cacey, I think it may be a on a case-by-case basis. I can­not stand sleep­ing in flexi-rods or ban­tu knots, but I was laid out in Curl­form­ers, lol.


This is what I was rush­ing to the com­ment sec­tion to say: They are NOT easy to sleep in! Oth­er­wise love them.


Yeah I agree with you. I’ve had mine for 3 years and it gets eas­i­er to sleep on because you get used to them and know how to lay on them, but I know when I wear them I shouldn’t expect to have a good night’s rest.


What a coin­ci­dence that this was post­ed now. I bought curl­form­ers last Christ­mas and have been in love with them ever since. Late­ly, I’ve real­ly noticed how they make styling my 4c hair a BREEZE. The inven­tor of those things should get a damn Nobel Peace Prize.

Buhle M

I was about to ask how they work on 4c hair :-) They’re so expen­sive tho! (/_\)

You should def­i­nite­ly buy them!. I have nat­u­ral­ly dry and coarse 4c hair. Yet, when I use curl­form­ers, my hair is stretched and soft. I can’t vouch that the cheap ones will last as long nor if they are of equal qual­i­ty. I say just buy the real ones. Think about how much you spend on hair prod­ucts in two months time. Well, curl­form­ers can be used mul­ti­ple times a week. I’ve had them since Christ­mas, and I haven’t seen any wear­ing of the prod­uct. Plus, I use them about three times a week. For the best results, use them… Read more »

The gener­ic brand works just as good. You can find them on ama­zon.


Thanks for the video Sis! I may have to get that dry­er!