When I first set out to launch the Small Busi­ness Spot­light on The Mane Objec­tive, I was real­ly focused on show­cas­ing alter­na­tives to those not-that-much-improved-real­ly relax­er turned nat­u­ral brands. But as the fea­ture space has evolved, I have grown to real­ize that the­se small busi­ness brands are more than mere alter­na­tives; they have prod­ucts and potions that stand unique­ly with­in their own right.

Behind the but­ters, poo bars, con­di­tion­ers, pomades, and jel­lies are teams of wom­en (and some men!) who are more than kitchen mix­tress­es. Some are chemists by for­mal train­ing, and oth­ers have prac­ticed aro­mather­a­py for years. What they all have in com­mon is the abil­i­ty to for­mu­late high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts with integri­ty, love, and a deep root­ed inter­est in doing the best for wom­en with nat­u­ral hair (and men too!). Check out this list of some of the best nat­u­ral hair small busi­ness­es to sup­port!

Note: This list is by NO means con­clu­sive. There are tons more, and I would love to hear from you all exact­ly who they are :-) And this list is in no par­tic­u­lar order!


1. Obia Nat­u­ral Hair­care

The Back­sto­ry: Obia Nat­u­ral Hair­care was found­ed by Obia Ewah, who holds degrees in both Chem­istry and Biol­o­gy. Dur­ing her 3rd year of med­ical school, an ill­ness prompt­ed her to pur­sue an all-nat­u­ral lifestyle. After hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time find­ing prod­ucts with health-con­scious that worked for her hair tex­ture post big chop, she began using her back­ground as a trained chemist to cre­ate her own. Pret­ty soon after­wards, friends were ask­ing to pur­chase her prod­ucts.

The Ben­e­fits: Every­thing in the Obia Nat­u­ral Hair­care line is for­mu­lat­ed by Obia her­self, uti­liz­ing her spe­cial skills as a chemist. All of the prod­ucts are pH bal­anced, veg­an, cru­el­ty and gluten free. Addi­tion­al­ly, they are non-tox­ic, herbal-based, and free from parabens, formalde­hy­de, phtha­lates, min­er­al oil, sul­fates, arti­fi­cial col­ors, dry­ing alco­hols, sil­i­cones and petro­le­um.

Best Sell­ers: Cur­rent­ly, the Curl Enhanc­ing Cus­tard ($15), Coconut Shea Sham­poo Bar ($10), and Tri­al Pack ($10) are on the hot list. I must say that I absolute­ly ADORE the Curl Enhanc­ing Cus­tard. It is per­fect for a wash n’ go, slick­ing edges, and oth­er styles. It pro­vides a great hold and def­i­n­i­tion with­out hard­ness and crunch. Of all the wash n’ go prod­ucts I’ve used, this one is eas­i­ly my favorite!

Where to Buy:,


2. Pur­gasm Shop

The Back­sto­ry: Pur­gasm Shop was found­ed by Nicole Jen­nings, who has been mix­ing and mak­ing prod­ucts for years. After her child was born, she became an even greater advo­cate for safe and effec­tive prod­ucts for her to use on her and her child’s body. After real­iz­ing that major­i­ty of the prod­ucts that she had been using con­tained unsafe chem­i­cals and oth­er harm­ful ingre­di­ents, she began to com­plete­ly dis­con­tin­ue use of con­ven­tion­al hair, bath and body care prod­ucts and began research­ing and exper­i­ment­ing with ingre­di­ents and cre­at­ing her own recipes.

The Ben­e­fits: The Pur­gasm Shop line brings for­ward the “full beau­ty expe­ri­ence” for nat­u­rals, with deli­cious­ly scent­ed prod­ucts that can be used from head to toe. Many of the ingre­di­ents are organ­ic, and fea­ture non­con­ven­tion­al herbs and botan­i­cals that are proven to work. Pur­gasm Shop also stands by their state­ment of “no phtha­lates, no petro­le­um, no sul­fates, no parabens, no junk”.

Best Sell­ers: Pur­gasm Shop’s best sell­ers are Sham­poo Bars ($6–7), Pedi Bars ($16), Ultra Whipped But­ters ($7), and Wild Cher­ry Curl Pop­pin’ Gel ($12). I can hon­est­ly see why the Curl Pop­pin’ Gel is a fan favorite. It did my hair nice­ly! I am also a fan of their Wild Cher­ry Treat­ment Hair Truf­fles ($12). Talk about a unique pro­duct. I’ve nev­er put some­thing in my hair that looked and smelled like choco­late, until now. It was a def­i­nite deep con­di­tion­ing treat that left my hair slick, soft, shiny, and frizz-free!

Where to Buy:


3. Alikay Nat­u­rals

The Back­sto­ry: Back in 2008, Alikay Nat­u­rals founder Rochelle Gra­ham began doc­u­ment­ing her nat­u­ral hair jour­ney and style tuto­ri­als on YouTube. Seek­ing nat­u­ral ways to aid in her hair growth, she began devel­op­ing a for­mu­la­tion now known as the Essen­tial 17 Hair Growth Oil. Once her sub­scribers began to notice how much her hair was grow­ing, the demand to pur­chase her for­mu­la was born. Since then, the Alikay Nat­u­rals brand has expand­ed to include mois­tur­iz­ers, con­di­tion­ers, sham­poos, and more.

The Ben­e­fits: Qual­i­ty sits at the core of val­ues for the Alikay Nat­u­rals line. All ingre­di­ents are nat­u­ral and organ­ic. None of the prod­ucts con­tain parabens, sil­i­cones, min­er­al oil, or “any of the oth­er bad stuff”. Unique to the Alikay Nat­u­rals line is that they offer online hair con­sul­ta­tions via Skype, to help guide nat­u­rals, tran­si­tion­ers, and new­bies through the process of select­ing the best prod­ucts for their hair.

Best Sell­ers: The Alikay Nat­u­rals line boasts four best-sell­ing prod­ucts: the Essen­tial 17 Hair Growth Oil ($15), Lemon­grass Leave-In Con­di­tion­er ($19), Shea Yogurt Hair Mois­tur­iz­er ($14), and Hon­ey & Sage Deep Con­di­tion­er ($14). I absolute­ly adore the Shea Yogurt Hair Mois­tur­iz­er. It is a great whipped but­tery tex­ture that smells like the pur­ple and green Now and Lat­er (for those of ya’ll that KNOW… naal’ater) can­dies I used to buy walk­ing home from school with my Grand­ma. And the Hon­ey & Sage Deep Con­di­tion­er is sim­ply divine.

Where to Buy: Also, Alikay Nat­u­rals is avail­able in some beau­ty sup­ply stores nation­wide and inter­na­tion­al­ly. Click here to see if there is a store near you!


4. Won­der Curl

The Back­sto­ry: Won­der Curl founder Scar­lett Rocourt cre­at­ed her line of prod­ucts out of sheer frus­tra­tion with what was avail­able to help give her hair the look she want­ed. After grow­ing tired of pil­ing pro­duct upon pro­duct upon pro­duct to achieve a decent wash n’ go, she began explor­ing and cre­at­ing her own prod­ucts that were easy to use, and would stream­line the styling process. After months of research, tri­al, and error, Won­der Curl was born.

The Ben­e­fits: Won­der Curl’s prod­ucts are held to the high­est stan­dards of integri­ty, and ingre­di­ents are sourced only from ven­dors with the same val­ues. All prod­ucts are free of sil­i­cones, parabens, petro­le­um, min­er­al oil, and phtha­lates. They are also cru­el­ty free, and eco-friend­ly.

Best Sell­ers: Won­der Curl’s Get Set Jel­ly is the flag­ship pro­duct, and the best sell­ing along with But­ter Than Love Pud­ding. I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to try both. To date, Get Set Jel­ly is one of the strongest curl defin­ing and frizz-fight­ing prod­ucts I’ve seen. If you have dif­fi­cul­ty achiev­ing wash n’ go def­i­n­i­tion, be sure to give this one a try!

Where to Buy:, You can also find Won­der Curl prod­ucts in select stores nation­wide and inter­na­tion­al­ly. Click here to see if there is a store near you!


5. mainelement:love

The Back­sto­ry: The mainelement:love line of prod­ucts was inspired by founder Tyrika Williams’ own jour­ney to nat­u­ral hair. After going nat­u­ral back in ’99, she real­ized that there wasn’t much sup­port for curly hair out­side of jheri. So she relaxed again, only to return to nat­u­ral in 2008. Armed with more knowl­edge and a for­mal under­stand­ing of the ben­e­fits of nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents and aro­mather­a­py, mainelement:love was cre­at­ed.

The Bene­fis: All mainelement:love prod­ucts are craft­ed by hand in small batch­es with nat­u­ral botan­i­cal, herbal, and plant-based ingre­di­ents. The prod­ucts con­tain no syn­thet­ic fra­grances or col­ors, and are sil­i­cone, paraben, min­er­al oil, petro­le­um, cru­el­ty, and phtha­late free.

Best Sell­ers: For the mainelement:love brand, the Herbal Styling Balm ($9) and Aloe Con­di­tion­er ($13) are the best sell­ers — and for good rea­son. My hair absolute­ly adored the Aloe Con­di­tion­er (and I found the cit­rus fusion scent to be divine), and I love to use the Herbal Styling Balm on my edges…and to shape my eye­brows (don’t judge me).

Where to Buy:


6. Oyin Hand­made

The Back­sto­ry: Oyin Hand­made was found­ed in 2001 when Jamy­la Ben­nu dis­cov­ered that some of her favorite “nat­u­ral” body and hair­care items tend­ed to use petro­le­um, min­er­al oil, corn oil, and oth­er non-nour­ish­ing ingre­di­ents. Focused on hav­ing fun and remain­ing in con­trol of what she put on her body, Jamy­la began to focus on mix­ing her own prod­ucts through research, tri­al, and error. By 2003, with sup­port from her hus­band Pier­re, the Oyin Hand­made brand of nat­u­ral­ly nour­ish­ing prod­ucts was ful­ly launched online.

The Ben­e­fits: Oyin Hand­made is a fam­i­ly-owned com­pa­ny, with many prod­ucts based in hon­ey (oyin is Yoruba for hon­ey). Every­thing is cre­at­ed by hand in small batch­es to ensure fresh­ness. All prod­ucts are sul­fate, petro­le­um, sil­i­cone, paraben, and cru­el­ty free. They also do not use non-nour­ish­ing fillers and bases in their prod­ucts.

Best Sell­ers: Oyin Hand­made best-sell­ers include their Juices ($14), Hair Dew ($14), Hon­ey Hemp Con­di­tion­er ($14), Pomade ($10), and Whipped Pud­ding ($4).

Where to Buy:, For the East Coast nat­u­rals, Oyin Hand­made has a Sat­ur­day Bou­tique Shop in Bal­ti­more. There are also select retail­ers nation­wide and inter­na­tion­al­ly that car­ry Oyin Hand­made prod­ucts. For info on the Sat­ur­day Shop and oth­er retail­ers, click here.



7. Amaz­ing Botan­i­cals

The Back­sto­ry: Amaz­ing Botan­i­cals founders Asha and Shelly are NYC chefs by trade, but grew weary of whip­ping up meals. Exhaust­ed from pur­chas­ing over­priced prod­ucts that didn’t actu­al­ly get to the source of their nat­u­ral hair con­cerns, they embarked on a jour­ney to cre­ate for­mu­las that met their hair’s needs.

The Ben­e­fits: All Amaz­ing Botan­i­cal prod­ucts are hand­made in small batch­es with only the high­est qual­i­ty herbal, botan­i­cal, and import­ed ingre­di­ents. In fact, they fly direct­ly to Jamaica to over­see the hand press­ing and cre­ation of the Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil used for their Elixir. How cool is that? And of course, their prod­ucts are sul­fate, petro­la­tum, paraben, sil­i­cone, min­er­al oil, and cru­el­ty free.

Best Sell­ers: Amaz­ing Botan­i­cals best sell­ers include the Black Soap Poo ($8), AloeM­int Spritz ($12), Pump­kin Pomade ($7), and Hibis­cus Gel ($9).

Where to Buy: Amaz­ing Botan­i­cals is also avail­able at select retail­ers. Click here to see if they’re avail­able near you!


8. Koils By Nature

The Back­sto­ry: After return­ing to nat­u­ral in 2007, Koils By Nature founder Pame­la Jenkis became incred­i­bly pas­sion­ate about nat­u­ral hair care. She eager­ly stud­ied, researched, and learned more infor­ma­tion about prod­ucts and ingre­di­ents that were all-nat­u­ral and would work best for her hair. Dri­ven and focused by how expen­sive some nat­u­ral hair prod­ucts were, she decid­ed to begin mix­ing her own. After some tri­al and error, she soon found her mix­ing stride in 2009. Koils By Nature offi­cial­ly launched in 2010 online, and has expand­ed to include nation­al and inter­na­tion­al retail­ers.

The Ben­e­fits: All Koils By Nature prod­ucts are made by hand in a safe, ster­ile envi­ron­ment. All ingre­di­ents are nat­u­ral, and the essen­tial oils used are cer­ti­fied organ­ic. Koils By Nature prod­ucts do not con­tain parabens, sodi­um lau­ryl sul­fate, sodi­um lau­reth sul­fate, phtha­lates, propy­lene gly­col, min­er­al oil, PABA, petro­le­um, par­rifin, DEA, syn­thet­ic col­or, or ani­mal prod­ucts.

Best Sell­ers: Koils By Nature best sell­ers include Mois­tur­iz­ing Shealoe Leave-In Con­di­tion­er, Ultra Mois­tur­iz­ing Coco-Aloe Deep Con­di­tion­er, and Nour­ish­ing Hair & Body But­ter.

Where to Buy: Cur­rent­ly, Koils By Nature is relo­cat­ing from Wash­ing­ton, DC to Atlanta, Geor­gia. No prod­ucts are avail­able online for pur­chas­ing, but you can still check them out at There are some select retail­ers that car­ry Koils By Nature Prod­ucts, click here to see if you’re lucky enough to live near­by.


All in all, I’ve learned so much from each small busi­ness fea­tured here, and the qual­i­ty and ded­i­ca­tion to the craft of cre­at­ing hair prod­ucts is tru­ly evi­dent. Start­ing today, I am mak­ing a pledge to sup­port at least one nat­u­ral hair small busi­ness a mon­th. I know we love our super-cheap­ie 99-cent con­di­tion­ers and leave-ins, but the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty is unde­ni­ably as much about empow­er­ing eachother as it is about hair. We all know about the pur­chas­ing pow­er we weild when it comes to spend­ing mon­ey on hair and beau­ty prod­ucts. Why not use our dol­lars to sup­port black-owned busi­ness wom­en and men? Join me in the pledge. Unless you dive off the pro­duct junkie deep end, this amounts to rough­ly $20 a mon­th. All that means for most of us is tak­ing left­overs for lunch 2 days a mon­th, cook­ing din­ner one night a mon­th, or or tak­ing one less trip to Sally’s. Even if you can’t do it every mon­th, pledge to sup­port a nat­u­ral hair small busi­ness as often as you can…even if that means only once.


Are you down? Click here to take the pledge!

What are some of your favorite #Nat­u­ral­Hair small busi­ness­es to sup­port? Leave them in the com­ments below!

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and pro­duct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­u­ral hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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Oyin… Oh oyin.… I do love you, that hon­ey hemp con­di­tion­er is… Lawd I love ya (my hairs west Indi­an accent). My hub­by loves the Greg juice. Ive also start­ed using Georgia’s lux­u­ry skin cream by jodi pat­ter­son. leaves my skin so soft. love it espe­cial­ly after giv­ing birth…
[imgcomment image[/img]


Kurly Klips is a black owned clip-in hair exten­sion com­pa­ny ded­i­cat­ed to nat­u­ral hair. Check us out!
[imgcomment image[/img]


@BGLH please make this a fea­ture or a reg­u­lar thing. I’d love to see more of this pos­i­tiv­i­ty :)


Hydrather­ma Nat­u­rals — best for moisture/protein bal­ance. My hair has come a long way!


Hydrather­mal Nat­u­rals — best for moisture/protein bal­ance. My hair has come a long way!

Dawn Kimble

Love some of the­se prod­ucts. Hope you do an arti­cle on oth­er types of nat­u­ral hair busi­ness­es! This is a good one


Komaza and Tex­ture me nat­u­ral are great for “type 4” or coarse hair curly girls. I love Komaza Cal­i­fa set, gives my hair need­ed mois­ture. Tex­ture me nat­u­ral aunt cook­ie is anoth­er great mois­tur­iz­er. both com­pa­nies use nat­u­ral prod­ucts. Thanks for the list.


Thank you for the arti­cle. I just pur­chased Ynobe Shop prod­ucts and LOVE my twist out! The mois­ture is insane and the flu­id move­ment! Ebony is the owner/creator and her prod­ucts are all nat­u­ral. I’ve been hear­ing a lot about Eden Body Works, Karen’s Body Beau­ti­ful (I’m yet to see it at Tar­get) and Oyin, so I will def­i­nite­ly com­mit to sup­port­ing black owned busi­ness’, but do try Ynobe Shop she’s on and Face­book.


thanks for this.


I love Whipfin­i­ty from She also has a face­book page called LOVINGLY AND NATURALLY DESIGNED. I also love this alma but­ter pro­duct from she also has tea rins­es for your hair. She also has a face­book page called NATURAL HAIR COMMUNITY.




Is this you, Tina? How’d you embed the video?


“Dar­cy Botan­i­cals” and “Pura Body Nat­u­rals” are black owned busi­ness­es as well that are great.


Eden Body Works is AH-maz­ing!

Their Shea­Co­conut line is a 4B’s dream come true.

I am also com­mit­ted to their Monoi DC. I have it in right now as I type this.

I’m so sad that they didn’t make the list :(


Inter­na­tion­als? I vote Ani­ta Grant in and She­abut­ter­cot­tage in the UK

This arti­cle came right on time! I just stocked up on my Obia Nat­u­rals prod­ucts yes­ter­day dur­ing the sale. My favorite pro­duct is the Neem and Tea Tree sham­poo bar. I won one dur­ing a give­away and have been in love ever since I first used it. I have eczema and dan­druff in my scalp and it relieved both, which is rare for the hair prod­ucts I’ve found. It’s also amaz­ing­ly mois­tur­iz­ing. Case in point, I installed mini twists in my hair that I decid­ed that I was going to let lock up. I planned to just sham­poo with the… Read more »
Nature Girl

Love me some Oyin…that funk but­ter coco man­go is the busi­ness although it’s not for hair it’s the best nat­u­ral deodor­ant that I have ever tried. And their hon­ey hemp con­di­tion­er I swear by it. I will def­i­nite­ly check on the oth­er brands you named.


I’ve been want­i­ng to try Oyin since I went nat­u­ral. What are y’all’s favorite must-have items by them?


burnt sug­ar pomade! my hair doesn’t care for hair dew but a lot of nat­u­rals seem to like it. def­i­nite­ly try both. They also have sam­ples you can order!


Their Juices line — esp. Frank Juice. It gave my hair added mois­ture with­out weigh­ing down my hair.


I live only a few blocks from the bou­tique and stop in often. Some favorites are the hair dew, burnt sug­ar pomade, whipped pud­ding (for seal­ing and as a body cream) and Greg juice. Their deodor­ants and lip balms are win­ners too.


Start with the Juice N Berries spray. It smells amaz­ing, it lasts a decent amount of time for a small bot­tle, and it leaves mois­ture and sheen on your hair.


Burnt Sug­ar Pomade!


Hair dew is the truth! My fave leave in ever! I want to try the juices but my hair doesn’t real­ly care for glyc­er­in high prod­ucts :-/


Great arti­cle, I hope this encour­ages every­one to sup­port the­se lines as well as oth­er Black Owned Com­pa­nies. I use prod­ucts from five out of eight list­ed and will be try­ing the oth­er three ASAP! I’ve always loved Karen’s Body Beau­ti­ful prod­ucts, I was sad when her store closed but, I buy it in Tar­get now. I love to watch the­se brands pro­gress. I wish all of the­se lines the utmost suc­cess and longevi­ty. Cheers


Kurlee Belle is a great pro­duct line for nat­u­ral hair that is black owned. The owner’s name is Ter­rinique Pen­ner­man. The line is inspired by hair recipes for the islands of the Bahamas.


Tree Nat­u­rals. Her prod­ucts are amaz­ing. Her hair, named Natasha, is the only mar­ket­ing tool that she needs! I am a huge fan of the Whipped Curl Cream.