When did you and your husband meet?
It all started in Starkville, Mississippi. I was working at a nacho stand at a Mississippi State Basketball game and this random guy would walk back and forth and stare at me (with the biggest smile ever). Fast forward a couple of months later, I was walking to my apartment when I noticed that same big smile out of the corner of my eye. Look what we have here; this gentleman also lived in the same complex as me. We conversed outside and that’s when I learned his name.

We started and continued to build our friendship. He had every quality that I could ever imagine for in a boyfriend. He was beyond my wildest dreams and I just couldn’t process how something from a dream could be right in front of me. The rest is history………he’s now my wonderful hubby! To check out the full story on how we met, his version and my version, check out our website: www.amekaanddan.wedsite.com.

When and where did you get married?
We got married in Jackson, Mississippi on July 6, 2013 at Greater Bethlehem Temple and held our reception at the Jackson Convention Complex.

How was your big day?
Our big day was exactly what we imagined and more. I’ve always envisioned a semi-big wedding and the look and feel of a princess. I can truly say that I felt like a princess that day. It was absolutely amazing. I went into it with the mindset to let things fall into place accordingly and in my eyes everything was marvelous. It was one of the happiest days of my life!


How did you wear your hair?
I wore my hair in an updo. I can’t really explain the style but the pictures below do it some justice, lol.

What was your process of deciding how to style your hair?
I always knew that I wanted to be a natural hair bride, especially since you rarely see African American women rock their natural hair on their wedding day. My hairstylist, Alicia Tolliver, was amazing. We found a style on the internet that I absolutely loved and we decided to give it a try. The look was an epic success. To prep my hair I washed it and stretched it about 4 days before the wedding. The day of the wedding my hair was good and ready to go. My hairstyle was the icing on the cake to give me all the extra doses of confidence I needed. I can’t sum up into words how awesome it was to wear my hair natural on a day that I’ve waited for and dreamed of!

How did your family, husband and guests receive your hair at the wedding?
My family and guests received my hair extremely well. My hubby said that he thought it was beautiful, creative, and different. I was given compliments left and right and it felt really really good. I truly think that my mom wanted me to straighten my hair for my wedding day but of course I was adamantly against it, lol. When she saw the actual style on the day of the wedding she loved it as well and said that it fit me perfectly. But overall, I think most if not all really received my hairstyle very well.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me on Facebook and Youtube.
If you would like to check out the hubby and I love story here’s our website: www.amekaanddan.wedsite.com.

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Absolutely gorgeous … You made me want a big dress … You wore it so well … Really princess like … Blessings to you and the hubby! Keep rocking that natural hair … The hairdresser did a great job 😉


Beautiful bride. Great hair!


Que lindo que foi seu casamento,as fotos estão ótimas,seu vestido foi incrível! Parabéns que você seja muito feliz : )


Blessings on your union. You made a beautiful bride!


Very creative and beautiful. These pictures are awesome!


Wow, you got married in my home church. Your hair and dress are breath-taking!!!


Stunning. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Best Wishes to the lovely Bride and Congratulations to the Groom! 🙂


Beautiful pics. Congrats to you two!


Your online wedding album was so charming and funny! You made a beautiful bride, the dress, the hair, your husband looked amazing! Congratulations and 100 years to the both of you xox


You are stunning (I’m having major hair envy, I confess) and your husband is so handsome! God Bless You both!


Gorgeous! Such a beautiful bride!


Absolutely beautiful bride and hairstyle!! You looked radiant on your big day. I’m curious if you saw that hairstyle on Mz_Tammy? Her hairstyles are always amazing.


Beautiful dress and hair! Congratulations!


God bless your union. The pictures are breathtaking!


Please have this feature more often I love it

Nature Girl

Ameka looked dreamy and I love the hair.

Those had to be some good nachos, because hubby is smiling from ear to ear!

Beautiful Bride!

There are no words, you are simply stunning. I will show this to my daughters and my nieces. We need more role models like this. Best wishes to you and your lucky husband.

Another Random Trini Chick
Another Random Trini Chick



Dear BGLH,
Real talk, stop having posts on these gorgeous brides and their gorgeous hair. All these pictures of loving husbands, supportive family and friends, and breathtaking scenery makes me ainsy to get married now…but I have to pay my student loans off first.


wow that dress is absolutely heavenly!


You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day!! You are also one of the best people I know! It was an honor to be your bridesmaid and it is an honor to be your friend!! Keep growing that hair!! You are a trend setter!


Truly a fairytale wedding! Beautiful bride!


What a beautiful couple! Her dress was absolutely beautiful as well! Many blessings to the new couple!


Congratulations! Your hair looks amazing and you are so beautiful! 🙂

Shekia Renea

my sister is so beautiful!!! Congrats on your feature. You were a beautiful bride. 🙂




Awesome!!! This looks good. Congrats and best wishes on your new life together.