When did you and your hus­band meet?
It all start­ed in Starkville, Mis­sis­sip­pi. I was work­ing at a nacho stand at a Mis­sis­sip­pi State Bas­ket­ball game and this ran­dom guy would walk back and forth and stare at me (with the biggest smile ever). Fast for­ward a cou­ple of months lat­er, I was walk­ing to my apart­ment when I noticed that same big smile out of the cor­ner of my eye. Look what we have here; this gen­tle­man also lived in the same com­plex as me. We con­versed out­side and that’s when I learned his name.

We start­ed and con­tin­ued to build our friend­ship. He had every qual­i­ty that I could ever imag­ine for in a boyfriend. He was beyond my wildest dreams and I just couldn’t process how some­thing from a dream could be right in front of me. The rest is history………he’s now my won­der­ful hub­by! To check out the full sto­ry on how we met, his ver­sion and my ver­sion, check out our web­site: www.amekaanddan.wedsite.com.

When and where did you get mar­ried?
We got mar­ried in Jack­son, Mis­sis­sip­pi on July 6, 2013 at Greater Beth­le­hem Tem­ple and held our recep­tion at the Jack­son Con­ven­tion Com­plex.

How was your big day?
Our big day was exact­ly what we imag­ined and more. I’ve always envi­sioned a semi-big wed­ding and the look and feel of a princess. I can tru­ly say that I felt like a princess that day. It was absolute­ly amaz­ing. I went into it with the mind­set to let things fall into place accord­ing­ly and in my eyes every­thing was mar­velous. It was one of the hap­pi­est days of my life!


How did you wear your hair?
I wore my hair in an updo. I can’t real­ly explain the style but the pic­tures below do it some jus­tice, lol.

What was your process of decid­ing how to style your hair?
I always knew that I want­ed to be a nat­u­ral hair bride, espe­cial­ly since you rarely see African Amer­i­can wom­en rock their nat­u­ral hair on their wed­ding day. My hair­styl­ist, Ali­cia Tol­liv­er, was amaz­ing. We found a style on the inter­net that I absolute­ly loved and we decid­ed to give it a try. The look was an epic suc­cess. To prep my hair I washed it and stretched it about 4 days before the wed­ding. The day of the wed­ding my hair was good and ready to go. My hair­style was the icing on the cake to give me all the extra dos­es of con­fi­dence I need­ed. I can’t sum up into words how awe­some it was to wear my hair nat­u­ral on a day that I’ve wait­ed for and dreamed of!

How did your fam­i­ly, hus­band and guests receive your hair at the wed­ding?
My fam­i­ly and guests received my hair extreme­ly well. My hub­by said that he thought it was beau­ti­ful, cre­ative, and dif­fer­ent. I was given com­pli­ments left and right and it felt real­ly real­ly good. I tru­ly think that my mom want­ed me to straight­en my hair for my wed­ding day but of course I was adamant­ly again­st it, lol. When she saw the actu­al style on the day of the wed­ding she loved it as well and said that it fit me per­fect­ly. But over­all, I think most if not all real­ly received my hair­style very well.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me on Face­book and Youtube.
If you would like to check out the hub­by and I love sto­ry here’s our web­site: www.amekaanddan.wedsite.com.

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Absolute­ly gor­geous … You made me want a big dress … You wore it so well … Real­ly princess like … Bless­ings to you and the hub­by! Keep rock­ing that nat­u­ral hair … The hair­dresser did a great job ;)


Beau­ti­ful bride. Great hair!


Que lin­do que foi seu casamento,as fotos estão ótimas,seu vesti­do foi incrível! Parabéns que você seja muito feliz : )


Bless­ings on your union. You made a beau­ti­ful bride!


Very cre­ative and beau­ti­ful. The­se pic­tures are awe­some!


Wow, you got mar­ried in my home church. Your hair and dress are breath-tak­ing!!!


Stun­ning. Beau­ti­ful. Gor­geous. Best Wish­es to the love­ly Bride and Con­grat­u­la­tions to the Groom! :-)


Beau­ti­ful pics. Con­grats to you two!


Your online wed­ding album was so charm­ing and fun­ny! You made a beau­ti­ful bride, the dress, the hair, your hus­band looked amaz­ing! Con­grat­u­la­tions and 100 years to the both of you xox


You are stun­ning (I’m hav­ing major hair envy, I con­fess) and your hus­band is so hand­some! God Bless You both!


Gor­geous! Such a beau­ti­ful bride!


Absolute­ly beau­ti­ful bride and hair­style!! You looked radi­ant on your big day. I’m curi­ous if you saw that hair­style on Mz_­Tam­my? Her hair­styles are always amaz­ing.


Beau­ti­ful dress and hair! Con­grat­u­la­tions!


God bless your union. The pic­tures are breath­tak­ing!


Please have this fea­ture more often I love it

Nature Girl

Ameka looked dreamy and I love the hair.

Those had to be some good nachos, because hub­by is smil­ing from ear to ear!

Beautiful Bride!

There are no words, you are sim­ply stun­ning. I will show this to my daugh­ters and my nieces. We need more role mod­els like this. Best wish­es to you and your lucky hus­band.

Another Random Trini Chick
Another Random Trini Chick



Dear BGLH,
Real talk, stop hav­ing posts on the­se gor­geous brides and their gor­geous hair. All the­se pic­tures of lov­ing hus­bands, sup­port­ive fam­i­ly and friends, and breath­tak­ing scenery makes me ain­sy to get mar­ried now…but I have to pay my stu­dent loans off first.


wow that dress is absolute­ly heav­en­ly!


You looked absolute­ly stun­ning on your wed­ding day!! You are also one of the best peo­ple I know! It was an hon­or to be your brides­maid and it is an hon­or to be your friend!! Keep grow­ing that hair!! You are a trend set­ter!


Tru­ly a fairy­tale wed­ding! Beau­ti­ful bride!


What a beau­ti­ful cou­ple! Her dress was absolute­ly beau­ti­ful as well! Many bless­ings to the new cou­ple!


Con­grat­u­la­tions! Your hair looks amaz­ing and you are so beau­ti­ful! :)

Shekia Renea

my sis­ter is so beau­ti­ful!!! Con­grats on your fea­ture. You were a beau­ti­ful bride. :-)




Awe­some!!! This looks good. Con­grats and best wish­es on your new life togeth­er.