Stop the press­es! A day many thought would nev­er come has arrived! Bey­on­ce has cut her HAIR! And of course it’s gor­geous.

She took to Insta­gram late last night to reveal her new pix­ie cut. It def­i­nite­ly brings out the beau­ty of her eyes and the shape of her face in a way that I hadn’t noticed before.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.11 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.06 AM

It is so refresh­ing to see Bey­on­ce switch up her look! She is so beau­ti­ful that she can rock any­thing! What do you think ladies?

Bey­on­ce showed up to a par­ty in NYC rock­ing her new look. Love!


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My cowork­er who is a huge fan said, “She looks beau­ti­ful, but she is in so much trou­ble when I talk to her!” Lol #Obsessed­Bee­Hive
I swear this seems atyp­i­cal of new mom­mys. No time for all that hair when run­ning down behind the lit­tle ones.


It’s a half or 3/4 wig.


This wom­an is so “shook” IJS. The short cut does absolute­ly noth­ing for her then again not every wom­an can be fierce with a lit­tle bit of hair.


Call me crazy but I think a nice bur­gandy red or blue black would set this cut off. I don’t real­ly like blonde so I’m biased, I’m glad she let the weave go for a min­ute though rub­bing your scalp and not feel­ing tracks is one of the best feel­ings ever lol


I agree. I don’t like the col­or. Dye it a choco­late brown or even black and this cut would be bet­ter.


Bey­on­ce can do no wrong.


Dang why is there so much shade thrown at Bey­on­ce on this blog? Lol, but wait until Sin­gle Ladies is on the radio, and all of y’all will have your hands up. Smh. Bey­on­ce is amaz­ing, and you know it.

Nappy 4C Rocks



I must say it is a change for her, seems like her hair has always been a part of her per­sona. Would be inter­est­ing to see her actu­al “per­form” on stage w/this new cut. But I’m quite sure her wigs are safe­ly in her cli­mate con­trolled clos­et and she can snap one back on in a sec­ond if she choos­es to. I just like the fact that she’s let­ting peo­ple see her as “reg­u­lar” a lot of celebs the­se days are ditch­ing the weaves and let­ting you see their true selves.


I don’t see her actu­al­ly per­form­ing a full show/concert with this hair­cut. One slow song here and there, yes, but for the more dra­mat­ic songs, involv­ing a lot of danc­ing? I don’t see it hap­pen­ing. The hair is part of the per­for­mance, with the fan/wind machine blow­ing through her long weave. #noshade I’m just being honest–it’s part of the “Bey­on­ce” expe­ri­ence.


I think it’s a nice cut, but I find it makes her look mas­cu­line and she is look­ing more and more cau­casian. Bey­on­ce has less of a nose and it’s inter­est­ing because I’ve nev­er noticed her nose before the­se pics…her hair­cut brought that out. I’m tired of the usu­al blond hair col­or. I think she is an attrac­tive wom­an, but she can be attrac­tive with­out los­ing her eth­nic­i­ty.


Sigh unfor­tu­nate­ly it seems to be a trend in Black Hollywood.…..Kerry Wash­ing­ton, Bey­on­ce, half the mem­bers of Destiny’s Child.…and I’m not hating.…I’ve Googled old pics of the­se celebs and Ray Charles can see the dif­fer­ence

Nappy 4C Rocks

WAIT, how is Ker­ry Wash­ing­ton los­ing her eth­nic­i­ty?


If that is a wig that is the BEST look­ing wig I have ever seen in my life! Hands down!


I love it! It looks so good on her. I’m glad she final­ly decid­ed to switch it up too!

chris kelly

She looks amaz­ing.… Nuff said


it looks ok…it’s cool she did some­thing dif­fer­ent though…


A per­med and bleached Halle Berry cut. My hair is nat­u­ral and I’m not inspired or impressed by this. But it looks cute on her.


That’s basi­cal­ly what is. Halle Berry’s already done this. Been doin it for years.


If that’s a wig (although i dont think it is)…its the best one I’ve EVA seen! If that’s a wig, B must be bald because I don’t think even the thinnest braids under­neath can look that flat-and a wig look THAT nat­u­ral-but I could be wrong. What if next she rocks a nat­u­ral TWA…awww Lawd! We’re gonna go crazy! LOL…I ain’t mad at her…It’s cute, fresh and unex­pect­ed for B.


I like that short hair cut. I’ll admit though I am kin­da tired of the blond. I’d like to see her in a dark­er col­or to con­trast her face more. She looks great though.


I like the short style. Bey­on­cé is beau­ti­ful and so if her sis­ter Solange. We see Bey­on­cé face and she has great com­plex­ion and beau­ti­ful eyes. When wealthy pow­er­ful Black wom­en make bold moves lie this, this speak high vol­umes and oh yeah, peo­ple notice the mon­ey trail.


Oh how I love love love a pix­ie cut!!!! She looks fab. I used to have one but now I’m afraid to cut because for me it takes too long to grow back. This looks awe­some on her.


I like the cut, I like the blonde…and no, that is not a wig. But even if it was — it’s hot!


I think that the fight for eco­nom­i­cal pow­er has begun, and Bey­ouce is on board with her sis­ters. This mes­sage is the begin­ning and the end­ing of allow­ing the weave to be a pow­er over us. So, sis­ters are we ready.… because when we go to war you got to get ready to take some hits.


So you real­ly think this wom­an is part of some black pow­er beau­ty rev­o­lu­tion and not just bit­ing now that she’s been replaced by some­one young and trendy?


I don’t think it suites her, i don’t like it.


You ladies always assume it’s a wig. SHE LOOKS GREAT!!!!! Don’t hate.


Bey­on­ce has a GORGEOUS face, she could real­ly rock any hair­style! I per­son­al­ly don’t think that this hair­style suites her. I think hair this short looks good on wom­en her are more petite. How­ev­er, she looks hap­py with it so that’s the main thing!




No won­der so many wom­en are obsessed with hair see­ing how it plays a
big role in ones looks. As much as I hate to say it, this cropped do does absolute­ly noth­ing for her what­so­ev­er, plain, aver­age, bor­ing.

Halle, Ange­la Bas­sett, Rihan­na, Nia Long, now those wom­en can rock a short cut and kill it.


Lol i con­cur!

Briana Hicks

I did­nt real­ize that TINA SMITH was still com­ment­ing.…

I did not miss the dra­ma


Wig or not that hair cut suits her! It’s ssooo cute


It’s a wig


Its a wig but its cute


I kin­da knew this was com­ing. Since becom­ing a mom, her hair just hasn’t been as up to par as it used to. And I know she main­ly rocks wigs, espe­cial­ly when on stage, but those haven’t looked great either. She prob­a­bly want­ed some­thing more man­age­able with her excep­tion­al­ly busy life. She’s gor­geous either way! But I would like to see the new cut in her nat­u­ral col­or or a dark brown.


I think the blonde makes her hair look dry. I think a dark­er col­or would look bet­ter.


Hmm…i like it…but some­how, i think this might be a wig…idk…either way, she rocks it well :)


She looks gor­geous! I cant even say enough of how beau­ti­ful she looks with the short hair.…and HER hair
I hope it lasts (but i doubt it)


Bey­on­ce is beau­ti­ful… how­ev­er, I think this cut draws atten­tion to her broad neck.


It’s okay. I think she only did it because Lysa Coop­er called her and Rihan­na out in Ital­ian Vouge for the bor­ing long weaves.


Dont under­stand how some­body can call Rihan­na out. She is also a short cut Icon. I mean some peo­ple go to their bar­ber and tell them they want the Rihan­na pix­ie cut.

Knotty Natural

Rihi­an­na ‘werks’ that cut! It fits her face and over all style! I think this hair style ages Bey­on­ce, but I’m glad she’s giv­ing her wigs a break!


What’s up the blond all of the time?


I agree stephanie, now if she had it in her nat­u­ral hair col­or, now we’re talk­in’!! And I don’t think that it’s a wig because from the front it doesn’t look like it, but then again, who knows. I’m just sur­prised she isn’t rock­in’ the long blond weave. Let’s see how long this short hair­cut lasts before she has the long hair flow­ing again.


I think its absolute­ly love­ly. When I saw the­se pic­tures pop up on my Insta­gram time­line I was like NO FRIGGIN WAY…NO SHE DIDN’T…but she DID…AND I LOVE IT!!! She has a very beau­ti­ful face and she’s real­ly let­ting us have it now…


Looks fab­u­lous! It does real­ly high­light her beau­ty. I reck­on she’s going nat­u­ral.


No, she ain’t lol It’s just a short hair­cut. I would love it if she did though.


WOW! Love it!



Briana Hicks

I LOVE short hair, and her’s is defi­ant­ly not an excep­tion! She has joined the ranks of Halle Berry, Jill Scott, Vio­la Davis, Solange, Ange­la Bas­set, and the oth­er fierce wom­en who total­ly and com­plete­ly OWN cropped locks.

She looks beau­ti­ful and her fea­tures are stun­ning when on full dis­play like this.


I find it fun­ny with which TAM TAM Bey­on­ce is show­ing that she has short hair now. Like it would be such a BIG DEAL. She put it out like she is sav­ing lifes. I mean Halle Berry is a short cut Icon and she just did it with­out all this dra­mat­ic sce­nar­io.

As some­one who’s old enough to remem­ber Halle Berry in her younger, longer-hair days (late 1980s) I can tell you that when she first showed up on screen with her short­er ‘do A LOT of black wom­en want­ed it, includ­ing me. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I’d got­ten the (short­er) Ani­ta Bak­er cut (which, iron­i­cal­ly, looks a lit­tle more like Halle’s hair now) so I had to grow it out to the Halle Berry cut. That was one of the few relaxed hair­styles that always looked good on me, if I do say so myself… To the sub­ject: Hon­est­ly, I’m just hap­py to see… Read more »
Briana Hicks

How is she mak­ing a “big deal” out of it? She post­ed some pic­tures on Insta­gram. I post pic­tures of my Star­bucks order on Insta­gram, that doesn’t mean I think that it’s a huge deal, I’m just shar­ing bits and pieces of my life. 

And any­ways, if some­one is the sort of per­son who fol­lows celeb and fash­ion news, it is sort of a big deal. Bey­on­ce, the queen of long blond fake hair (no judge­ment, she rocks it well) sud­den­ly chops it off, then this IS news. And con­sid­er­ing this is a hair site…