Stop the presses! A day many thought would never come has arrived! Beyonce has cut her HAIR! And of course it’s gorgeous.

She took to Instagram late last night to reveal her new pixie cut. It definitely brings out the beauty of her eyes and the shape of her face in a way that I hadn’t noticed before.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.11 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.06 AM

It is so refreshing to see Beyonce switch up her look! She is so beautiful that she can rock anything! What do you think ladies?

Beyonce showed up to a party in NYC rocking her new look. Love!


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My coworker who is a huge fan said, “She looks beautiful, but she is in so much trouble when I talk to her!” Lol #ObsessedBeeHive
I swear this seems atypical of new mommys. No time for all that hair when running down behind the little ones.


It’s a half or 3/4 wig.


This woman is so “shook” IJS. The short cut does absolutely nothing for her then again not every woman can be fierce with a little bit of hair.


Call me crazy but I think a nice burgandy red or blue black would set this cut off. I don’t really like blonde so I’m biased, I’m glad she let the weave go for a minute though rubbing your scalp and not feeling tracks is one of the best feelings ever lol


I agree. I don’t like the color. Dye it a chocolate brown or even black and this cut would be better.


Beyonce can do no wrong.


Dang why is there so much shade thrown at Beyonce on this blog? Lol, but wait until Single Ladies is on the radio, and all of y’all will have your hands up. Smh. Beyonce is amazing, and you know it.

Nappy 4C Rocks



I must say it is a change for her, seems like her hair has always been a part of her persona. Would be interesting to see her actual “perform” on stage w/this new cut. But I’m quite sure her wigs are safely in her climate controlled closet and she can snap one back on in a second if she chooses to. I just like the fact that she’s letting people see her as “regular” a lot of celebs these days are ditching the weaves and letting you see their true selves.


I don’t see her actually performing a full show/concert with this haircut. One slow song here and there, yes, but for the more dramatic songs, involving a lot of dancing? I don’t see it happening. The hair is part of the performance, with the fan/wind machine blowing through her long weave. #noshade I’m just being honest–it’s part of the “Beyonce” experience.


I think it’s a nice cut, but I find it makes her look masculine and she is looking more and more caucasian. Beyonce has less of a nose and it’s interesting because I’ve never noticed her nose before these pics…her haircut brought that out. I’m tired of the usual blond hair color. I think she is an attractive woman, but she can be attractive without losing her ethnicity.


Sigh unfortunately it seems to be a trend in Black Hollywood……Kerry Washington, Beyonce, half the members of Destiny’s Child….and I’m not hating….I’ve Googled old pics of these celebs and Ray Charles can see the difference

Nappy 4C Rocks

WAIT, how is Kerry Washington losing her ethnicity?


If that is a wig that is the BEST looking wig I have ever seen in my life! Hands down!


I love it! It looks so good on her. I’m glad she finally decided to switch it up too!

chris kelly

She looks amazing…. Nuff said


it looks ok…it’s cool she did something different though…


A permed and bleached Halle Berry cut. My hair is natural and I’m not inspired or impressed by this. But it looks cute on her.


That’s basically what is. Halle Berry’s already done this. Been doin it for years.


If that’s a wig (although i dont think it is)…its the best one I’ve EVA seen! If that’s a wig, B must be bald because I don’t think even the thinnest braids underneath can look that flat-and a wig look THAT natural-but I could be wrong. What if next she rocks a natural TWA…awww Lawd! We’re gonna go crazy! LOL…I ain’t mad at her…It’s cute, fresh and unexpected for B.


I like that short hair cut. I’ll admit though I am kinda tired of the blond. I’d like to see her in a darker color to contrast her face more. She looks great though.


I like the short style. Beyoncé is beautiful and so if her sister Solange. We see Beyoncé face and she has great complexion and beautiful eyes. When wealthy powerful Black women make bold moves lie this, this speak high volumes and oh yeah, people notice the money trail.


Oh how I love love love a pixie cut!!!! She looks fab. I used to have one but now I’m afraid to cut because for me it takes too long to grow back. This looks awesome on her.


I like the cut, I like the blonde…and no, that is not a wig. But even if it was – it’s hot!


I think that the fight for economical power has begun, and Beyouce is on board with her sisters. This message is the beginning and the ending of allowing the weave to be a power over us. So, sisters are we ready…. because when we go to war you got to get ready to take some hits.


So you really think this woman is part of some black power beauty revolution and not just biting now that she’s been replaced by someone young and trendy?


I don’t think it suites her, i don’t like it.


You ladies always assume it’s a wig. SHE LOOKS GREAT!!!!! Don’t hate.


Beyonce has a GORGEOUS face, she could really rock any hairstyle! I personally don’t think that this hairstyle suites her. I think hair this short looks good on women her are more petite. However, she looks happy with it so that’s the main thing!




No wonder so many women are obsessed with hair seeing how it plays a
big role in ones looks. As much as I hate to say it, this cropped do does absolutely nothing for her whatsoever, plain, average, boring.

Halle, Angela Bassett, Rihanna, Nia Long, now those women can rock a short cut and kill it.


Lol i concur!

Briana Hicks

I didnt realize that TINA SMITH was still commenting….

I did not miss the drama


Wig or not that hair cut suits her! It’s ssooo cute


It’s a wig


Its a wig but its cute


I kinda knew this was coming. Since becoming a mom, her hair just hasn’t been as up to par as it used to. And I know she mainly rocks wigs, especially when on stage, but those haven’t looked great either. She probably wanted something more manageable with her exceptionally busy life. She’s gorgeous either way! But I would like to see the new cut in her natural color or a dark brown.


I think the blonde makes her hair look dry. I think a darker color would look better.


Hmm…i like it…but somehow, i think this might be a wig…idk…either way, she rocks it well 🙂


She looks gorgeous! I cant even say enough of how beautiful she looks with the short hair….and HER hair
I hope it lasts (but i doubt it)


Beyonce is beautiful… however, I think this cut draws attention to her broad neck.


It’s okay. I think she only did it because Lysa Cooper called her and Rihanna out in Italian Vouge for the boring long weaves.


Dont understand how somebody can call Rihanna out. She is also a short cut Icon. I mean some people go to their barber and tell them they want the Rihanna pixie cut.

Knotty Natural

Rihianna ‘werks’ that cut! It fits her face and over all style! I think this hair style ages Beyonce, but I’m glad she’s giving her wigs a break!


What’s up the blond all of the time?


I agree stephanie, now if she had it in her natural hair color, now we’re talkin’!! And I don’t think that it’s a wig because from the front it doesn’t look like it, but then again, who knows. I’m just surprised she isn’t rockin’ the long blond weave. Let’s see how long this short haircut lasts before she has the long hair flowing again.


I think its absolutely lovely. When I saw these pictures pop up on my Instagram timeline I was like NO FRIGGIN WAY…NO SHE DIDN’T…but she DID…AND I LOVE IT!!! She has a very beautiful face and she’s really letting us have it now…


Looks fabulous! It does really highlight her beauty. I reckon she’s going natural.


No, she ain’t lol It’s just a short haircut. I would love it if she did though.


WOW! Love it!



Briana Hicks

I LOVE short hair, and her’s is defiantly not an exception! She has joined the ranks of Halle Berry, Jill Scott, Viola Davis, Solange, Angela Basset, and the other fierce women who totally and completely OWN cropped locks.

She looks beautiful and her features are stunning when on full display like this.


I find it funny with which TAM TAM Beyonce is showing that she has short hair now. Like it would be such a BIG DEAL. She put it out like she is saving lifes. I mean Halle Berry is a short cut Icon and she just did it without all this dramatic scenario.

As someone who’s old enough to remember Halle Berry in her younger, longer-hair days (late 1980s) I can tell you that when she first showed up on screen with her shorter ‘do A LOT of black women wanted it, including me. Unfortunately I’d gotten the (shorter) Anita Baker cut (which, ironically, looks a little more like Halle’s hair now) so I had to grow it out to the Halle Berry cut. That was one of the few relaxed hairstyles that always looked good on me, if I do say so myself… To the subject: Honestly, I’m just happy to see… Read more »
Briana Hicks

How is she making a “big deal” out of it? She posted some pictures on Instagram. I post pictures of my Starbucks order on Instagram, that doesn’t mean I think that it’s a huge deal, I’m just sharing bits and pieces of my life.

And anyways, if someone is the sort of person who follows celeb and fashion news, it is sort of a big deal. Beyonce, the queen of long blond fake hair (no judgement, she rocks it well) suddenly chops it off, then this IS news. And considering this is a hair site…