Stop the presses! A day many thought would never come has arrived! Beyonce has cut her HAIR! And of course it’s gorgeous.

She took to Instagram late last night to reveal her new pixie cut. It definitely brings out the beauty of her eyes and the shape of her face in a way that I hadn’t noticed before.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.11 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.06 AM

It is so refreshing to see Beyonce switch up her look! She is so beautiful that she can rock anything! What do you think ladies?

Beyonce showed up to a party in NYC rocking her new look. Love!


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Just some pics of Beyonce’s REAL hair which is very beautiful even though most of it is gone now.[filecomment image[/file]


smdh. Just a couple years ago when I first discovered this site, the comments would overflow with support and positivity. Now, all I ever see is ridiculously ignorant and sometimes even racist statements stemming from a lot of hate or jealousy. The comments go off on negative tangents, people feed the trolls, the cycle perpetuates. I’m going to stop reading the comments altogether. Nothing of substance resides there anymore.

The cut is cute, but I too would like to see a different color. Maybe a chestnut brown or black. Nice to see her switching it up and trying new things.

Mama Sunshine

Beyonce has pretty eyes.

Most entertainers, whether they be singers or actresses, admit to wearing weaves and wigs to protect their hair from all the heat and styling they under go doing their craft. Its not a big deal. They aren’t trying to hide anything or fool anyone. Its all a part of the act just like a costume. I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal out of it. Knowing Beyoncé I will just wait for the interview where I hear from her mouth what the deal is about her hair, not that it matters a bit. She’s a hard… Read more »

Cut? 1. WHY is this news?? 2. She took out her weave and had her REAL hair trimmed. 3. She looks like a little boy or a cross dresser now. She’s a pretty woman but this is not flattering to her.

Ebony Beauty

Not to be funny but I’m surprised she still has any edges. Those lace fronts/wigs she wore looked to be extremely tight. I’ve seen the damage hair pieces can do over time. Ijs.

rock short hair

She looks better with the wigs unless she add some tracks an let another style do it right an color it all black cause the cut is not doing it for me she look like a man( tranz)


So why did she have to hide behind the wigs? She could have just worn her own hair. If her REAL hair was healthy and thick and everything her stylist says it was then WHY hide it, then cut it off? Beyonce is just full of it. Why tell lies. She could have just said she had a hair cut and just left it at that.


looking gr8 B. Mwah!


her hair looks really brittle and damaged. I hope she lets the bleach grow out


I think I would like it more if she kept it black or dark brown. The blonde hair with dark roots looks kind of tacky. The cut is cute though and she of course is gorgeous as usual!


am i really the only one who thinks that she looks like joseline hernandez?
[imgcomment image[/img]


Personally, I think Joseline Hernandez rocks the short look better.

Nappy 4C Rocks

yes you are the only one that thinks that…they look nothing alike…Joseline cut looks better


Hi5 thats wat i thought! #StripperHair


Nobody here thinks its a pixie cut lacefront wig? Come on now people, we all know she’s got the best lacefronts in the world.

Avanti, I agree. Every body on here should have sense enough to know by now, that Beyoncé’s “long hair” was only lace front wigs. Heck! On her HBO documentary she showed her real hair(appeared to be average shoulder length, straightened)and said that she wore lace front wigs. I’ve never worn a wig nor weave in my life(I have thick ,waist-length relaxed hair) and I could tell that her long, fried, over bleached dry, dull looking tresses were not hers. Plus, even with a part– you never see her scalp! This is just a short, pixie-cut wig!

she just removed the weave. Where the problem?? Why all this dialogue?? Anyone who thought that was her hair is an idiot.


You know what? I never thought of that…..maybe it’s just a stunt to see how the public will react to it. If most don’t like it, then just “watch” how “fast” it will grow back lol. But then again I thought she was wearing a weave to begin with?

Big whoop

Who cares? People cut their hair everyday. Why is this even on the 10 o’clock news?

I am confused on the natural black women deal to. Black women have all different types of hair. And I also must add she is not half white. One of her parents is biracial. And science stated anything mixed with black is considered black. So they consider her mother black therefore beyonce is black not biracial. But I don’t think I like the cut on her. It may take some getting use to. To me it gives her a man look. But she is a pretty girl. I maybe just be use to the long hair look on her.
Just Saying

“And science stated anything mixed with black is considered black.”

Are you kidding? lmao….

Now I HAVE heard it all!!

The one-drop rule is a historical colloquial term in the United States for the social classification as Negro of individuals with any African ancestry; meaning any person with “one drop of Negro blood” was considered black. The principle of “invisible blackness” was an example of hypodescent, the automatic assignment of children of a mixed union between different socioeconomic or ethnic groups to the group with the lower status.[1] The one-drop rule was not adopted as law until the 20th century: first in Tennessee in 1910 and in Virginia under the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 (following the passage of similar… Read more »

“When the Supreme Courts struck down Virginia’s law prohibiting inter-racial marriage in Loving v. Virginia (1967), it also declared Plecker’s Virginia Racial Integrity Act and the one-drop rule unconstitutional.”

Read the entire Wikipedia story before you starting preaching to people “dummy”

I love how so many black people have adopted this racist “rule” as truth.


You need to go back in read the entire article and do more searching on the Internet. It’s still in effect.

FYI I’m biracial German and black. My birth certificate states that I am black. However I do not look black. I also have a 1 year old by my husband which is white and her birth certificate also states she is black.


Yes it is a racist rule. But it is very true. I don’t know all the details to the rule but I do know that its still used.

I am mixed and my birth certificate states that I am black. My father is white and my mother is black. I was born in Norfolk VA 25 years ago.


and I’m mixed race(and relatively dark..darker than Beyonce fer sure) but my birth certificate(from US) said I was White. :S I had it amended(a page added because they won’t redo it).

Forget birth certificates and stupid labels. Please.


the one drop rule has never been science. it’s politics. there’s a difference


What color do you get when mixing 10% white paint into black paint? Black.


socially, not scientifically. scientifically speaking there’s no such thing as “Black” or “white”, only human.


Thank you!

OH really?

RMFE Why is it that only black people repeat this spiel? Every other animal in the kingdom are classified by phenotype but when it comes to homo sapiens it’s “social” okay.

Actually, the one-drop rule was a made up tool created by white slavers to designate enslaved Africans who were fathered by the owners, drivers or whoever was allowed to rape enslaved African women as property. This was an economical tool used to allow plantation owners to excuse themselves for claiming their own children as chattel and in some rare cases, prevent some overly sympathetic owner from freeing these children. There was never any science involved or any research. It was an economical plan. This is also how the terms mulatto, octoroon and quadroon were invented. Those were used to determine… Read more »

Its really sad when people start thinking the one drop rule is science….I almost cried….

Race is a social construct. Nothing more nothing less. It does not exist. We live in a fucked up time.


It’s really not that deep. I’m pretty sure it’s more important things you can focus on or cry over. All of you are sad.


Science stated it? I don’t think so.


She looks like a man


no she doesn’t she actually looks cuter than she does with that long dramatic weave


….Why is her hair cut international news this week? It’s a hair cut! Thumbs up and keep it moving. But its cute and its nice to see her look like a normal natural black woman.

Her hair was real thin and damaged so this cut is a healthy move for her…….. Peep the pic.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Brie what do you mean like a normal black woman ? What do normal black woman look like ? short hair? are you forgetting she is also half white ?

I am black and my hair is close to my waist so maybe I also dont match your stereotype .


Beyonce is not half white


No but grandmother was of french and Cherokee Indian descent


that’s her grandmother, on her mother’s side? was her father black? as well as her mother, right? makes her an american of african descent, w/ some european and native american thrown in the mix….


Normal black woman. I have heard it all now Bre. Black women and men differ so much when it come to skin color & hair textures. There is no way to group a black person in such class. If thats what you call it.

Hr I dont think she is half white.


No you took it wrong. I too have long hair myself. I mean she looks like a normal black women meaning “natural” not artificial with the over dramatic weaves.… Just natural beauty,normal hair, no enhancements.


Her mom is NOT white. How did you even come to that conclusion. Beyonce has distant european/native heritage on her mother’s side in ADDITION to black on BOTH of her parents’sides.Have you seen pictures of her cousins on her mom’s side? They are clearly black.


That picture is from years ago, so you don’t know how much healthier her hair has gotten. I don’t think there is “normal” black woman image. she still looks like the same person but with shorter hair.


Pictures can lie: I saw the pics of her from behind when this photo was taken, and her hair was gathered up, she just left some loose at the front. Therefore it looks thinner than it is, but I guess mediatakeout just wanted a story, so…..

Anyway, I like the cut but hate blonde hair on black women. In my opinion it would look better in dark brown.


I love her new hair cut and she looks cute! Emma wonder her honey what he thinks about it.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Finally, I mean this was a long time coming. Finally she got the confidence to just…be. I got tired of seeing all the blonde weaves and lace fronts!

Ietrice porter

I believe this is an expensive wig but its gorgeous on her


What do I think of illuminati puppet, NWO Beyonce Knowles haircut? It’s not bad. But Halle Berry still walks away with the crown (no pun intended).


She would be wonderful with a black power!

Sabrina Antoinnette

I think it’s awesome that she is rocking HER hair, regardless of anyone’s opinion. I have nothing against wigs or weaves, but I think when that is the ONLY thing the public/media knows and expects, that they get super confused.

I’ve seen in other media avenues fans asking her why she cut her “long beautiful hair”.

Maybe cutting the chain to the image that she has with the waist length blonde wigs/weaves is what she needed in perfect timing…. Who knows, but I support her rocking HER hair 100%.

Helen Farriot



Rhianna cant’ make a move without this woman biting. Rhianna, though not my favorite musician, stay setting trends.


She looks comfortable and cute!! But one thing I know for sure is that she’s going to miss her long hair… Specially Dancing… It look sexy when she move the hair…


You mean she took off her extensions.


Horrible! ????


It’s about time she rocks short hair. This will probably be short lived, unfortunately:[


Haircut? I thought that she merely removed her weave…


My immediate thought was, “She looks like Eva from America’s Next Top Model”! It’s a nice cut and color but I like the long hair for her. That being said, EVERY girl should have short hair at least once in their life. You haven’t gotten proven confidence unless you dare to not care!


Cute. I wonder if she cut it to save herself time. Does she have another baby on the way, or was that just a rumor? She said on Tyra’s show that she likes to do her own makeup and have less “crew” traveling with her for tours. Maybe shorter hair means she can do her own hair, too without an extra person following her around. Whatever her reasons, it’s cute.


But why did my eyes go straight to that Jane Carter Solution product towards the bottom right hand corner of her 3rd pic??? #productjunkieproblems


LOL. U got it bad.

Bridget J.

I think the cut is adorable!


A girl’s gotta stay relevant somehow….


Thank you. Someone had to say it. The pixie cut is cute. But come on, the poor girl hasn’t had a hit single since 2011. It screams, “please look at me.” She’ll probably go on interviews soon to talk about the hair cut. But she won’t talk about politics or social issues publicly. And no, her hand written notes and photo ops (at protests and the like) do not count. SMH

I personally think she looks beautiful with brown hair. The blonde washes her out and highlights that….nose job. No shade. Real talk.
comment image


Actually, the last time Beyonce topped the billboard charts was way back in 2008 with Single Ladies. She’s been riding on her past glory for years and years now. She’s played out musically so she’s gotta resort to pulling stunts for attention. That wig will be right back on her head in a matter of weeks.


What are you talking about? She is on tour now and those concerts are packed if not sold out. So many angry black women on this site. Beyonce is beautiful, extremely successful, graceful, and talented, but it still surprises me how much jealousy she conjures from disgruntled people. She’s on tour, she has a child now, she may just want someone new for her 30s. Stop hating.

I totally agree Joyce, I don’t know why so many women hate on her. They even go so far as to make up nasty rumors about her that are not even close to true. She is a highly successful singer, dancer, and performer, so why all the hate? She cut her hair and put the pic on Instagram, not to get attention but to show her new cut just like many celebrities do, but because its Beyonce she has to be up to something. All the negative comments are only calling attention to how popular a celebrity she is….people we… Read more »

She did a great concert in atlanta last month. I believe it was sold out.

What a performer she is. Worth every dime.


So right. Why is this splashed all over the new outlets? Big deal. Where was the attention when Kelly Rowland big chopped?


wow i’d hate to think what people say about black women is true. we are our own worst enemies. a hardworking and successful black woman decides to change her hair style and automatically it’s because she’s not making any more hits? come on ladies this is a hair blog not a platform to judge!

Eli – regardless of race you’ll find people tend to stay stuff like that anyway. Some celebrity somewhere is always being called irrelevant. I do think Beyonce needs another big hit but I don’t think she is anywhere near over as an artist. I like the pixie cut but I feel like she really can’t win. It’s a long blonde weave, people complain, it’s a pixie cut, people don’t like it. On a news website people were going on about how women shouldn’t have short hair, she doesn’t have the features to pull it off, you need small features etc… Read more »
Mama Sunshine

But that’s what an entertainer is supposed to do, right…work to stay relevant? Sometimes an image make-over can do lots for an entertainer’s career. I don’t see it as a bad thing…


I love it. I think after years of blond hair dye and weaves, it probably “cut itself” because of all the damage and thinning. This is DEF more attractive!


I’m not a huge fan of Beyoncé* but I am a huge fan of the pixie cut. That said, I don’t like this pixie cut on her, I agree that it does age her, but it also highlights her beautiful cheekbones.

*and no autocorrect didn’t autocorrect the spelling of “Beyoncé”