Stop the press­es! A day many thought would nev­er come has arrived! Bey­on­ce has cut her HAIR! And of course it’s gor­geous.

She took to Insta­gram late last night to reveal her new pix­ie cut. It def­i­nite­ly brings out the beau­ty of her eyes and the shape of her face in a way that I hadn’t noticed before.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.11 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.18 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 7.43.06 AM

It is so refresh­ing to see Bey­on­ce switch up her look! She is so beau­ti­ful that she can rock any­thing! What do you think ladies?

Bey­on­ce showed up to a par­ty in NYC rock­ing her new look. Love!


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.…Why is her hair cut inter­na­tion­al news this week? It’s a hair cut! Thumbs up and keep it mov­ing. But its cute and its nice to see her look like a nor­mal nat­u­ral black wom­an.

Her hair was real thin and dam­aged so this cut is a healthy move for her.….… Peep the pic.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Brie what do you mean like a nor­mal black wom­an ? What do nor­mal black wom­an look like ? short hair? are you for­get­ting she is also half white ? 

I am black and my hair is close to my waist so may­be I also dont match your stereo­type .


Bey­on­ce is not half white


No but grand­moth­er was of french and Chero­kee Indi­an descent


that’s her grand­moth­er, on her mother’s side? was her father black? as well as her moth­er, right? makes her an amer­i­can of african descent, w/ some euro­pean and native amer­i­can thrown in the mix.…


Nor­mal black wom­an. I have heard it all now Bre. Black wom­en and men dif­fer so much when it come to skin col­or & hair tex­tures. There is no way to group a black per­son in such class. If thats what you call it.

Hr I dont think she is half white.


No you took it wrong. I too have long hair myself. I mean she looks like a nor­mal black wom­en mean­ing “nat­u­ral” not arti­fi­cial with the over dra­mat­ic weaves.… Just nat­u­ral beauty,normal hair, no enhance­ments.


Her mom is NOT white. How did you even come to that con­clu­sion. Bey­on­ce has dis­tant european/native her­itage on her mother’s side in ADDITION to black on BOTH of her parents’sides.Have you seen pic­tures of her cousins on her mom’s side? They are clear­ly black.


That pic­ture is from years ago, so you don’t know how much health­ier her hair has got­ten. I don’t think there is “nor­mal” black wom­an image. she still looks like the same per­son but with short­er hair.


Pic­tures can lie: I saw the pics of her from behind when this pho­to was tak­en, and her hair was gath­ered up, she just left some loose at the front. There­fore it looks thin­ner than it is, but I guess medi­atake­out just want­ed a sto­ry, so.….

Any­way, I like the cut but hate blonde hair on black wom­en. In my opin­ion it would look bet­ter in dark brown.


She looks like a man


no she doesn’t she actu­al­ly looks cuter than she does with that long dra­mat­ic weave


I am con­fused on the nat­u­ral black wom­en deal to. Black wom­en have all dif­fer­ent types of hair. And I also must add she is not half white. One of her par­ents is bira­cial. And sci­ence stat­ed any­thing mixed with black is con­sid­ered black. So they con­sid­er her moth­er black there­fore bey­on­ce is black not bira­cial.

But I don’t think I like the cut on her. It may take some get­ting use to. To me it gives her a man look. But she is a pret­ty girl. I may­be just be use to the long hair look on her.

Just Saying

And sci­ence stat­ed any­thing mixed with black is con­sid­ered black.”

Are you kid­ding? lmao.…

Now I HAVE heard it all!!

The one-drop rule is a his­tor­i­cal col­lo­qui­al term in the Unit­ed States for the social clas­si­fi­ca­tion as Negro of indi­vid­u­als with any African ances­try; mean­ing any per­son with “one drop of Negro blood” was con­sid­ered black. The prin­ci­ple of “invis­i­ble black­ness” was an exam­ple of hypode­s­cent, the auto­mat­ic assign­ment of chil­dren of a mixed union between dif­fer­ent socioe­co­nom­ic or eth­nic groups to the group with the low­er status.[1] The one-drop rule was not adopt­ed as law until the 20th cen­tu­ry: first in Ten­nessee in 1910 and in Vir­ginia under the Racial Integri­ty Act of 1924 (fol­low­ing the pas­sage of sim­i­lar… Read more »

When the Supre­me Courts struck down Virginia’s law pro­hibit­ing inter-racial mar­riage in Lov­ing v. Vir­ginia (1967), it also declared Plecker’s Vir­ginia Racial Integri­ty Act and the one-drop rule uncon­sti­tu­tion­al.”

Read the entire Wikipedia sto­ry before you start­ing preach­ing to peo­ple “dum­my”

I love how so many black peo­ple have adopt­ed this racist “rule” as truth.


You need to go back in read the entire arti­cle and do more search­ing on the Inter­net. It’s still in effect. 

FYI I’m bira­cial Ger­man and black. My birth cer­tifi­cate states that I am black. How­ev­er I do not look black. I also have a 1 year old by my hus­band which is white and her birth cer­tifi­cate also states she is black.


Yes it is a racist rule. But it is very true. I don’t know all the details to the rule but I do know that its still used.

I am mixed and my birth cer­tifi­cate states that I am black. My father is white and my moth­er is black. I was born in Nor­folk VA 25 years ago.


and I’m mixed race(and rel­a­tive­ly dark..darker than Bey­on­ce fer sure) but my birth certificate(from US) said I was White. :S I had it amended(a page added because they won’t redo it).

For­get birth cer­tifi­cates and stu­pid labels. Please.


the one drop rule has nev­er been sci­ence. it’s pol­i­tics. there’s a dif­fer­ence


What col­or do you get when mix­ing 10% white paint into black paint? Black.


social­ly, not sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly. sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly speak­ing there’s no such thing as “Black” or “white”, only human.


Thank you!

OH really?

RMFE Why is it that only black peo­ple repeat this spiel? Every oth­er ani­mal in the king­dom are clas­si­fied by phe­no­type but when it comes to homo sapi­ens it’s “social” okay.

Actu­al­ly, the one-drop rule was a made up tool cre­at­ed by white slavers to des­ig­nate enslaved Africans who were fathered by the own­ers, dri­vers or who­ev­er was allowed to rape enslaved African wom­en as prop­er­ty. This was an eco­nom­i­cal tool used to allow plan­ta­tion own­ers to excuse them­selves for claim­ing their own chil­dren as chat­tel and in some rare cas­es, pre­vent some over­ly sym­pa­thet­ic own­er from free­ing the­se chil­dren. There was nev­er any sci­ence involved or any research. It was an eco­nom­i­cal plan. This is also how the terms mulat­to, octoroon and quadroon were invent­ed. Those were used to deter­mine… Read more »

Its real­ly sad when peo­ple start think­ing the one drop rule is science.…I almost cried.…

Race is a social con­struct. Noth­ing more noth­ing less. It does not exist. We live in a fucked up time.


It’s real­ly not that deep. I’m pret­ty sure it’s more impor­tant things you can focus on or cry over. All of you are sad.


Sci­ence stat­ed it? I don’t think so.

Big whoop

Who cares? Peo­ple cut their hair every­day. Why is this even on the 10 o’clock news?


Nobody here thinks its a pix­ie cut lace­front wig? Come on now peo­ple, we all know she’s got the best lace­fronts in the world.

Avan­ti, I agree. Every body on here should have sense enough to know by now, that Beyoncé’s “long hair” was only lace front wigs. Heck! On her HBO doc­u­men­tary she showed her real hair(appeared to be aver­age shoul­der length, straightened)and said that she wore lace front wigs. I’ve nev­er worn a wig nor weave in my life(I have thick ‚waist-length relaxed hair) and I could tell that her long, fried, over bleached dry, dull look­ing tress­es were not hers. Plus, even with a part– you nev­er see her scalp! This is just a short, pix­ie-cut wig!

she just removed the weave. Where the prob­lem?? Why all this dia­logue?? Any­one who thought that was her hair is an idiot.


You know what? I nev­er thought of that.….maybe it’s just a stunt to see how the pub­lic will react to it. If most don’t like it, then just “watch” how “fast” it will grow back lol. But then again I thought she was wear­ing a weave to begin with?


am i real­ly the only one who thinks that she looks like jose­line her­nan­dez?
[imgcomment image[/img]


Per­son­al­ly, I think Jose­line Her­nan­dez rocks the short look bet­ter.

Nappy 4C Rocks

yes you are the only one that thinks that…they look noth­ing alike…Joseline cut looks bet­ter


Hi5 thats wat i thought! #Strip­per­Hair


I think I would like it more if she kept it black or dark brown. The blonde hair with dark roots looks kind of tacky. The cut is cute though and she of course is gor­geous as usu­al!


her hair looks real­ly brit­tle and dam­aged. I hope she lets the bleach grow out


look­ing gr8 B. Mwah!


So why did she have to hide behind the wigs? She could have just worn her own hair. If her REAL hair was healthy and thick and every­thing her styl­ist says it was then WHY hide it, then cut it off? Bey­on­ce is just full of it. Why tell lies. She could have just said she had a hair cut and just left it at that.

rock short hair

She looks bet­ter with the wigs unless she add some tracks an let anoth­er style do it right an col­or it all black cause the cut is not doing it for me she look like a man( tranz)

Ebony Beauty

Not to be fun­ny but I’m sur­prised she still has any edges. Those lace fronts/wigs she wore looked to be extreme­ly tight. I’ve seen the dam­age hair pieces can do over time. Ijs.


Cut? 1. WHY is this news?? 2. She took out her weave and had her REAL hair trimmed. 3. She looks like a lit­tle boy or a cross dresser now. She’s a pret­ty wom­an but this is not flat­ter­ing to her.

Most enter­tain­ers, whether they be singers or actress­es, admit to wear­ing weaves and wigs to pro­tect their hair from all the heat and styling they under go doing their craft. Its not a big deal. They aren’t try­ing to hide any­thing or fool any­one. Its all a part of the act just like a cos­tume. I don’t under­stand why peo­ple are mak­ing such a big deal out of it. Know­ing Bey­on­cé I will just wait for the inter­view where I hear from her mouth what the deal is about her hair, not that it mat­ters a bit. She’s a hard… Read more »
Mama Sunshine

Bey­on­ce has pret­ty eyes.


smdh. Just a cou­ple years ago when I first dis­cov­ered this site, the com­ments would over­flow with sup­port and pos­i­tiv­i­ty. Now, all I ever see is ridicu­lous­ly igno­rant and some­times even racist state­ments stem­ming from a lot of hate or jeal­ousy. The com­ments go off on neg­a­tive tan­gents, peo­ple feed the trolls, the cycle per­pet­u­ates. I’m going to stop read­ing the com­ments alto­geth­er. Noth­ing of sub­stance resides there any­more.

The cut is cute, but I too would like to see a dif­fer­ent col­or. May­be a chest­nut brown or black. Nice to see her switch­ing it up and try­ing new things.


Just some pics of Beyonce’s REAL hair which is very beau­ti­ful even though most of it is gone now.[filecomment image[/file]