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Since Beyonce’s pixie cut reveal, some have wondered whether it truly was a big chop, or just a new style of wig. Now Beyonce’s hair stylist and colorist are coming forward to confirm that it was, indeed a chop, and to give their thoughts on her new look.

Beyonce’s long time stylist Kim Kimble, told People StyleWatch that it was difficult to cut the singer’s hair

I got a little teary eyed! I’ve been working for her so long, she has this beautiful long hair and it’s hard to grow hair out. I feel like it’s my hair, I work so much with her. I feel a little emotional but excited for her too. Maybe I’ll cut my hair off now. Short hair, don’t care!

She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement. It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, Hot, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself.

It had to be her decision. This was a big step, and it’s perfect timing…

Beyonce’s colorist, Rita Hazen, told US Weekly that Beyonce was tired of hiding behind her hair

I was shocked. I think she was just feeling empowered, like a strong woman, and she said she’s been feeling it for a long time.

She didn’t want to hide behind her hair in real life. I’m so happy because the extensions give women the wrong expectation of what their hair should look like — it’s great for onstage, but everyday women shouldn’t have or want to have five pounds of hair on their head, This hair is more natural, more realistic.

Kudos to Beyonce for just letting the hair go. It sounds like, emotionally, she needed that release to move forward. I wonder if she was partially inspired by seeing her little sis do the big chop years earlier.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on the stylists’ statements?

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Ebony Chocolat

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She’ll probably go black it’s hard to color and relax. Too many chemicals

I think the hair police and hair nazis should take a nap. Because I’m not Beyonce’s stylist, I’m not sure what the status of her hair is. If I had to guess, I would say she doesn’t relax her hair. Why would she??!? Her hair is generally covered by weaves, wigs…. Lifting to that color has surely affected her hair texture, if her stylist K. Kimble has said Bey “had great, long, thick hair” it suggest to me that her hair was healthy and possibly natural. *** waits for nazis to gather their hateful thoughts together*** Whether ANY woman’s hair… Read more »
Facts out weigh feelings and opinions. Call it hair police and hair nazi or whatever you want. It doesn’t make the truth go away. Something about someone pulling beyonce’s card is making you feel uncomfortable. You’re trying to defend a chick who is indirectly agreeing with a European standard of beauty which makes your hair inferior. People who embrace their hair are calling out the tom foolery are not the ones with the problem. Relaxing your hair and dying your hair blond is not your own individual style if it does not look like you. When a black woman does… Read more »
Golden78 AUGUST 11, 2013 AT 10:27 PM And the TRUTH is, it’s her hair to do with whatever she pleases! Just like that of my own and that which you have. The TRUTH is I get no satisfaction in making hurtful accusations about people I do, or do not know. So no, nothing that some random person on a kinky, coily, curly hair soap box can say can ever make me uncomfortable, but thanks for the thought 😉 I just want women to encourage and support one another, not attempt to rip each other to pieces! Since we are spewing… Read more »
Beyonce gets her hair cut like a white game show host from the 80’s and I’m using Willie Lynch divisive behavior??? lol #youcantbeserious. You should really think before you start typing sista because what you just said made absolutely 0 sense. I’m not using Willie Lynch divisive behavior. The people that this woman works for are using Willie Lynch divisive behavior. Understand the round about way to tell a black woman she’s not good enough or she doesn’t meet someone else’s standard of beauty is to take another black woman make her famous but have her look like someone she’s… Read more »
Past tired actually! I think we will agree to disagree… And that’s fine with me. You will never get my point because you can’t see beyond your own opinion. At the end of the day, no matter if a woman of color adds weave, blond hair, blue contact lenses… She will still be BLACK! The world will recognize her as black, she will see herself as black. Yes I do think the industry imposes its ideas of beauty and I also understand that the machine puts in beautiful talented black women and churns out booty shaking, glamorized ideas of false… Read more »
What else is her stylist going to say-“her hair was damaged from wigs/weave”-she would buck the weave industry and possibly lose her hair color endorsement. And you can’t assume B was natural just because most other women are natural under a wig or weave. She probably colored and permed her edges to blend. My point-dont believe every thing you read! B may have wanted to make a drastic change BUT she could have big chopped because she had damage. It happens/happened to many of us. And just because she has money and can afford the best stylist- at the end… Read more »

#TRUTH! I mean look at Naomi Campbell and her hair. It has been damaged by weaves.

I’m a fan of B-mainly because of her work ethic! And it was a brave move to cut. But on another note- her stylist said she had “long thick hair” or something like that. My question is- why didn’t B just remove the wig/weave and just rock her “long thick hair”? I mean since she’s been wearing a weave so long her hair must be close to waist length- right? I really wonder if B’s hair was long and thick or if there was a lot of damage due to the wig/weaves for so many years? I’ve seen pics throughout… Read more »
Adrianne M.
“She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement. It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, Hot, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself.” Ready to make a statement? Now if Beyonce grew out her natural hair, being as famous as she is, that would truly be a statement worth admiring. Note that her stylist (and everyone in Beyonce’s camp) avoid referring to her as a BLACK woman or a woman of COLOR. Very subtle,… Read more »
Great point about @ “Note that her stylist (and everyone in Beyonce’s camp) avoid referring to her as a BLACK woman or a woman of COLOR. Very subtle, but strategic none the less. Feels like they are using the language of the natural hair movement, but avoiding the kinky haired elephant in the room. I’m not impressed.” My thoughts exactly! The way people are acting over Bey’s haircut, you’d thought she found a cure for cancer or something. What’s the big damn deal, people cut their hair everyday, and like someone said, this IS NOT a big chop. Alert the… Read more »
It makes me really sad to see soooooo many women be so critical of one another. Cutting one’s hair whether relaxed or “natural” is HUGE. I know…I’ve done both. Bey hasn’t had this hair for a GOOD 72hours…let her live, love and play…anyone who’s had their hair cut like this knows that this style has limitless opportunities and potential. I think it’s so awesome that she has finally decided to do something new and out the box after YEARS of weave and lace. I for one am looking forward to what comes of this. Also most people who go this… Read more »

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Stan, listen, no one is calling Beyonce a horrible person or anything. We are criticizing and debating her choice in hairstyle. She is famous, she makes millions. It’s impossible to be famous without people talking about you. We’re actually helping your girl, Bey. You should thank us.

Your welcome.


Call me when she’s sporting a short nappy fro’, this isn’t news.

I like the emphasis on her having long real hair LOL PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!


Blond hair on black women entertainer or not looks unrealistic. Shes a beautiful sista but neither beyonce or the media set the standard of beauty for me. You will always be chasing something that doesn’t look like you. And who said it was worth chasing to begin with. There is nothing like rocking your own hair with your own texture period the end. Her hair is just a shorter version of hair that doesn’t look like her own hair….. Its not beautiful fierce or glamours. It screams “My hair is still not good enough”… Come into the light beyonce…




That fan incident scared the crap out of her.


Oooooooh you know what would be beautiful on Bey? Anybody remember that show love and hip hop? Now the chick with the short hair cut, Mimi’s friend who wanted her and KMichell to make up- if Bey did something like that, a more of a feathered face framing look witha chocolate brown base and blonde highlights- she’s be gorgeous. This color just washes her out IMO.


Long hair, short hair, no hair, whatever! She is still beautiful and talented! As a woman, it is seen as an act to bravery to cut your hair whether it is relaxed or natural. Gender roles and norms dictate that our hair should be long and flowing. Any woman who does the opposite is going against the grain. Either way she slays and I got my LIFE at her concert!


I think it had something to do with that fan. Glad she cut it. All that zit was gettin played out!


I love Bey but I am not a fan of the cut.


I don’t think Beyonce’s immune from the feelings a lot of women get when it comes to weave – hard to part from it, feeling not as attractive without it, wishing your real hair imitated it etc. So I think the reasons behind it are genuine.

She is a huge celebrity, so publicity will involved, but I don’t think that’s deliberate, but a bonus for her. At her status, EVERYTHING she does is a big deal, so it doesn’t make a difference why she did it – the publicity would still be there!


I read an interesting article-can’t remember the title but it should be Google-able-where someone pointed out that when Beyonce’s sister did the very same thing, a big chop, first, she got so many negative reactions, and now folks are saying it’s such a great thing now that Beyonce is doing it. I think after she got her weave, lace front or whatever caught in that fan she decided it was time for a change, that’s all. Personally I like Solange’s big chop better.


I don’t really care for either of the Knowles girls big chop. Short fro hair doesn’t look good on everybody and neither does blond pixie chops either.
Now when Solange extended her Fro- that was hot. I just didnt like it short- on her.


Furthermore, I think it’s really hypocritical for some people to say its ‘just hair’ why is it a big deal. The same feelings of fear we had when we big chopped, is probably the same thing she was feeling (even if it isn’t a natural big chop)….. Except she is a world renowned artist known for her looks, body image, hair company contracts.

Just like we have seen plenty of older ladies finally big chop after decades of having a different mindset maybe she just feels more free now to switch it up.

Briana Hicks

Again, +1. Especially since this whole drama exists on a website dedicated to hair.


Critiquing someone’s intentions does not equate to hypocrisy.


Yes it does sweetheart. Whose life do you know ? Whose edges do you know?Whose intentions do you know ? No ones but yourself.

It’s wrong for you to say her intentions are wrong when she herself has not said anything these are the statements of her hair dresser.


I believe Beyonce has so much more to yet show the world. Her beauty is more than skin (or scalp) deep.
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Why does she have to be seeking attention or a PR stunt ? She is just posting a picture of her haircut like anybody else would do.

When she’s private y’all say she is too private and not real. When she opens up she’s calculated -_-

I’m happy for her and that she’s taking some steps to change up her look. Maybe slowly and surely she’ll switch it up more.


@Julie: “She is just posting a picture of her haircut like anybody else would do.”

Come on, lol. She’s Beyonce. She’s long past doing things “anybody else would do.” She knows exactly what she is doing. She admitted years ago that she wants to be a global icon, like Michael Jackson. She’ll do what it takes to stay relevant. But nothing lasts forever in the industry.

Briana Hicks

I post a picture of my new lipstick shade on Instagram, that’s not attention-seeking, that’s social media.


So they just realized her weave set unrealistic expectations?.. Honestly, does anybody remember that few years ago Queen Bey was the Queen of humble, modest, & private?? Now, she needs to Instagram a hair cut!!! Black women have been rocking this style for years! If she is happy…great, but don’t try to turn it into a deep thing. Attention seeking much??? PR? declining record sales? Oh well, maybe it will result in fewer weave sales & women being individuals again, instead of a bunch of clones. everybody looks the same!!! Time will tell.

I tink everybody goes through drastic changes at times. We all get fed up of the same thing all the time and you just long for a change. Yes she is known for having long hair so is alicia keys. As a woman you take all sorts of chances with your hair. It would be a big deal for the person that the transformation is happening to.But at the end of the day she is human it’s just hair it grows back nothing empowering about it for me cause I rocked a boycut myself and at that time india arie… Read more »

Call me cynical but I think it was more of a calculated PR stunt. *shrugs*


PR stunt? Have you heard what they’re saying about her on Twitter? Lmao If this was a PR Stunt it was a serious misfire.

I don’t get why it’s such a huge deal, though. She’s not the first black woman to cut her hair or remove her weave. She’s still got straight, blonde hair and while cutting it short is some statement about fitting certain beauty norms maybe, it’s definitely not natural so I don’t think it’s the huge natural empowerment thing some people are making it out to be. Not to be just a party pooper because it does take some bravery to buck traditional appearance norms when you’re in the media, but as a natural I don’t feel inspired by this because… Read more »
maybe for Beyonce it was a brave thing to do. She has been known for her hair( lace front wigs, weaves etc.) almost as much as for her singing, and to break from that, i’m sure for her that took real courage. It’s making news because she’s Beyonce. I am never one to tell someone that a situation is not that serious because you never know where a person finds themselves in life, whereas the next thing that happens to them or for them could be the final straw and they need to make a drastic change in their lives.… Read more »
Hi danielle! I’m not saying that I know anything about her intentions and I did say that it takes bravery to be different when you’re in the media. Cutting off long hair always garners a lot of attention and you need to be brave to face the criticism that often comes with it. I just mean that she did nothing but post the photos, and everyone is reading way into it. I also never said “it’s just hair” or that she should be natural in my comment. Hair is a big part of image and how you present yourself to… Read more »

Hey Sophie, I happen to stumble on to this site purley by accident. while getting some other information I came upon this article. Scrolling through the comments and reading yours really struck a chord and I appreciate the conversation. Thanks alot.


Beyonce has gotten to a point in the industry where she can do whatever she wants to do with any part of her body. She will still get paid loads of money in spite of the haircut because she is “Bey”. This would not have been possible if she were just starting out. I do not see her as “brave” for doing this, but it must be a huge relief for her to be able to wear her hair the way she wants.


It’s hard to ignore that every move she’s ever made has been to further her career.

I’d bet a Powerball winning ticket that she’ll start giving interviews on how “empowered” she feels and how she “feels like a new person.” Which translates to: “hey I know my last singles were scrapped, but now, I’m totally different now. Please make me number one again.”

Oh, but she won’t do this until she and her team thoroughly scope the web to see if her haircut has been received well. #NarcissistsStayRelevant


You responded beautifully!!! Yes, it may look small to some people but to her it may a great thing.


This is the best response by far. I am natural and I don’t everyone should be natural. Wear your hair how ever you feel comfortable.

Miss T

A permy, bleached big chop, no thanks. I am natural and I approve this message…

Best thing “she’s ready to make a statement. It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, Hot, bold and I can do it all. She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman. She’s powerful in herself.” LOOOOOOOOOOOOL and thats the reason why we should all “bow down” LOL. I just cant. They are really acting like she is saving lifes now, because of her cut. Thanks god for people like Halle Berry who just cutted her hair and kept it going. People loved it or not, but at least Halle didnt act like she had some… Read more »

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her short, straight hair. I’m personally not a Dan of women with color having blonde hair but remember, she gets paid a crap load to keep that color in her hair.