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Chrisette Michele is keeping her signature honey brown hair color but mixing it up by shaving one side, cutting in an adorable heart graphic, and installing Havana twists on the other! The look is fun and fresh and we love to see her mixing it up!

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And here’s a view of the style from the front.


Ladies, what do you think?

Photos from Chrisette Michele’s Instagram account.

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13 Comments on "Chrisette Michele Rocks Havana Twists with Shaved Side and Graphics"

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i like it. especially the graphic, the shaved in heart looks like it’s apart of her tattoo. it’s nice to switch it up.


Love the look!!!


I love her! Was just listening to her perform “better” live check it out if you want

P.s. This style is just ok to me but um…Why does she get a post for rocking fake hair but her fade she’s had all year gets no love?


Whoa she’s all “tatted” up now, how trendy. Anyhoo, I LOVE this woman’s talent and HATE how she isn’t a mainstream success. Short cropped is her absolute best look for me.
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Simple is so much better


Very unique and cool. People that are going for this look, are not looking to make it on someone’s “hot or not” list (no disrespect BGLH) and I can respect letting her own style shine thru.

Also, is that dude her real-life BF? I know he played it on her “Couple of Forevers” vid..

Amma Mama

I remember she said she had a crush on him during her Breakfast Club Interview. But she said they were just friends.


does not look good at all. looks immature.


Would Americas next Model cut it or keep it? Exactly!


Very cute!


She didnt do the invisible method, but thats cool… (braids at top)


What’s the invisible method?


Google is your best friends. Just google invisible root havana twists and you will come across many webpages, videos, and pictures.