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My fresh­ly washed, tow­el-blot­ted hair.

By Chin­we of Hair and Health

Does 4C nat­u­ral hair mean lim­it­ed styling?  Or are nat­u­rals who think that way lim­it­ed by their mind­set?

In my opin­ion, nat­u­ral hair – regard­less of type – is ver­sa­tile.  The real­i­ty that we can rock one look one day and a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent look anoth­er day is one thing I love about being nat­u­ral.  For exam­ple, one week I can wear beau­ti­ful twists that mor­ph into what appear to be locs and anoth­er week I can wear a cute braid-out on stretched hair that morphs into a shrunk­en puff. I love that nat­u­ral hair can trans­form almost mag­i­cal­ly.  I love the abil­i­ty to switch up styles dras­ti­cal­ly!


So, what exact­ly is “lim­it­ing” about styling 4C nat­u­ral hair? I real­ly am ask­ing.  Is it “lim­it­ing” that 4C (or even, 4B) nat­u­rals can­not rock a wash-n-go that has curls?  Is it “lim­it­ing” that our shrink­age makes mid­back-length tress­es trans­form into a small afro?  Or are curls (as opposed to kinks) and long tress­es (as opposed to small afros) reflec­tions of what is with­in our mind as the epit­o­me of beau­ty?

When I look at 4C nat­u­ral hair, I see the almost end­less styles that our hair can do.  From aged braid-outs to fluffy roller sets to intri­cate updos.  From twists to defined twist-outs to regal puffs.  From afros to fro-hawks to stretched buns.   The list goes on.

So if you are 4C and you feel that your hair type lim­its your styling (or even your beau­ty), I urge you to look with­in your­self.  Is it your hair that needs to change or is it your mind­set?  In the mean­time, check out this beau­ti­ful 4C nat­u­ral, Jouelzy, elo­quent­ly dis­cussing the ver­sa­til­i­ty of our hair:

Is your styling lim­it­ed by your hair type?


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This arti­cle is very inter­est­ing! I am in the 3 fam­i­ly and have always felt 4’s have more styling optio­nand they all look so cute!


We would all have lim­it­ed styling if our hair was left in its nat­u­ral state with no products,stretching,chemical treat­ment and no water etc 4c hair would just be the most lim­it­ed.

Lily Madu

Hmm…if we lived in a bizarre world with­out any water, tools and prod­ucts to do our hair, what would make 4C hair more lim­it­ed than oth­er hair types? Wouldn’t every­one just look unkempt? Or are you say­ing that the default state of 4C hair is more dif­fi­cult to deal with than oth­er hair?


Well 4c is already the dri­est hair type,but more than like­ly nat­u­ral hair on the whole would break off and stay short.

Nappy 4C Rocks

omg Lay­la, real­ly?

Lily Madu
I think those 4C ladies who com­plain about lim­it­ed styling options usu­al­ly attempt ONE cov­et­ed look: the loose curly look. If they can’t achieve THAT look then ‘styling options are lim­it­ed’ and the world ends. What may be true about 4C hair is that it is more dif­fi­cult to take care of than looser tex­tures. If that’s the case then take it in stride, edu­cate your­self and become an expert on your hair. The melan­choly that hangs over 4C hair is so depress­ing! It’s such a beau­ti­ful hair type, please rock it and cel­e­brate it!  Thanks for this arti­cle Chin­we. Thanks also to… Read more »
I couldn’t agree more and frankly I’m tired of hear­ing about what a tragedy hav­ing 4c hair is. Trag­ic com­pared to WHAT? That’s the real ques­tion folks need to be ask­ing. Check your assump­tions! Except for the fact that I have a very small coil pat­tern that I only just learned how to define two years ago after being nat­u­ral for 16 years, I treat and have treat­ed my hair like 4c hair: Right now I tend to do as lit­tle to it as I can get away with. And some­how with my so-called “bad” hair I’ve man­aged to get… Read more »

If you are feel­ing pain when you comb your hair, then you are doing some­thing wrong!


I’m pret­ty sure she meant with one pass (not grad­u­al­ly) and with­out the use of any detan­gling aid e.g. Con­di­tion­er, oil.… :)


“The melan­choly that hangs over 4C hair is so depress­ing! It’s such a beau­ti­ful hair type, please rock it and cel­e­brate it!”

Yes! It’s ridicu­lous!
I’m real­ly, real­ly hap­py to see 4C hair being dis­cussed more because it means more sup­port and encour­age­ment for it. I real­ly do think it’s been a lit­tle too con­ve­nient­ly left out of nat­u­ral hair dis­course for the past cou­ple of years.


I adore this com­ment. 4c hair can do the best sets because there is less com­pe­ti­tion from the hair’s nat­u­ral curl pat­tern but some folks get stuck on the lack of a nat­u­ral curl pat­tern. 4c hair is the per­fect type with which to “cre­ate” a pat­tern through twists, braids, rollers, etc.


So well said! Thank you.

Nappy4C Rocks

Chin­we thank you for this post, so pos­i­tive, 4C nat­u­rals DO NEED to real­ize their hair tex­ture is dif­fer­ent and beau­ti­ful..


I know I can do a lot with my 4C hair. I keep my hair­styles and reg­i­men sim­ple. I would love to be more cre­ative with oth­er styling options but it takes me a long time to achieve. So for now, pro­tec­tive styles work best for me.


Girl, me too. I try dif­fer­ent styles, but by the end of the day, it’s a afro puff. I put so much time and effort in it and still get the same result. Pro­tec­tive styles works best for me too!


I admit being guilty about think­ing my 4C hair lim­it­ed my styling options. But this piece and the accom­pa­ny­ing pics and video have inspired me. Thank you!