Introduce yourself!
I’m Janae Rogers from Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
My hair is a reflection of my personality, and as I got older I appreciated my hair texture, so I stopped getting relaxers. I wanted to step on the dark and fluffy side. You’re probably wondering WHY I got them in the first place? My hair used to be allergic to humidity, and that seemed to be the ONLY way it could be straight. I’ve been natural now since 2007. I basically played hookie from a hair appointment and never looked back.

How would you describe your texture?
My hair is 3b “Curly Spirally”. She’s filled with volume and has no limit as to how loud she can get. She’s thick and has a personality of her own. Now that I have trained the center of my head there are no longer any random conversations up there. They are all getting along.

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
I’m usually pretty flexible with my hair. I wear my straight to the point style (bone straight hair) or my not easily tamed look (fro). I love second and third day curls. I’m not a wash n go gal (but that’s the look I have). I wash and allow my hair to air dry for the look. I never leave the house with wet hair. As far as products, I don’t pile them up on my hair, but I do pile them up in my closet, because I like products that make my hair light and fluffy. My top 4 favorites are Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, Crème De La Curl Cleansing Crème, Curly Meringue, and Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque.


What does wash day look like for you?
My wash day is 1,2,3 consisting of rinsing with cool temperature water (I don’t typically shampoo unless I have a style going on and I rarely style my hair), finger combing, distributing product (one of 987,453,485 that I own) and the air from the heavens because I don’t use my blow dryer. My product of choice will typically be Crème de la Curl Cleansing Crème. It allows me to run my fingers through my hair without pumping the breaks and having to use a comb (my enemy).

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
High bun, or nest depending on the damage, slick the frizzies, and head out the door.

How do you combat shrinkage?
I have no issues with shrinkage. That’s not really my department.

Tell us about your hair color?
My hair is professionally colored. I’m only good at lightening acrylic on canvas, not on hair. My hair texture hasn’t changed as a result, and I get a color treatment every time I go get my roots touched up. When color is done correctly, it shouldn’t change the texture of your hair. I have no idea what the name of it is, but I have had it done before so it’s a simple point and adopt situation.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
I used to have a sour patch in the middle of my hair. It would be full of frizz and a tad bit coarse. I solved that problem by leaving conditioner on that section longer than the rest of my hair, basically training it.

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
Cool water when rinsing, more conditioner, and less shampoo.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
Blow drying wet to dry, and using leave in conditioner when doing a wash n go look because it weighs down my curls.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Instagram: janae_raquel
My iammyhair campaign: // iammyhair_jp on Instagram


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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Glad I found you, I had no idea my hair type and no idea how to do it


Now that’s impressive.


Allergic to humidity? What!!!


Ohhh my God! Hair porn, for real. I stopped dead in my tracks to get a look at her hair. Just all around gorgeous. Love the color too!

janae raquel

Thank you! I have the same problem some days with other hairspirations!

Purpleicious Babe

Great personality…awww that is so cool.
Ilike. Keep it up.. U stand out already. May I add very witty too.
Back to the hair journey.


She should stay with that reddish hair color I see few people able to rock it with it looking very natural and not over processed. It looks gooood!!!


Janae, are you on YouTube? I would like to subscribe and follow your hair journey. Your hair is so gorgeous.

Janae Raquel

Heres my link to my channel : “Hair Conversations with Janae Raquel”


Thanks, you’re awesome!

Janae Raquel

you’re welcome!and thank you!!!


Very cool hair and personality :-). Rock on, Chica. Following on Tumblr!

Ugh! This is really why I hate this whole “hair typing” business. If her hair was dry and not full of gel and water she would be as kinky as everyone else. Maybe she doesn’t have a problem with shrinkage and isn’t an expert because she doesn’t have this “I HATE SHRINKAGe” attitude that all of these blogs make it seem naturals have. Really? You have 12 inches of curly hair (when stretched) and you want it to appear bigger/longer but without flat ironing it? That is alot of work to do regularly. That’s alot of nights dedicated to blow… Read more »
Janae Raquel
Maybe I can help you. Coming from a person who’s hair does soak up everything, but doesnt appear* to be dry, I totally disagree with you. Without product, my hair is a light, defined and frizzy. But like anyone, youre entitled to your opinion, yet its being stated as a fact. I dont have gel in my hair either. When I hear the word “shrinkage” I think drastic. When transitions from wet to dry its is definitely shorter than its straightened state, however its not my department= “I dont have issues with it”. As far as “kinky,” thats false as… Read more »

Disagree… How do you know her hair is wet/full of gel? Not everyone’s natural hair is kinky, some people have curly hair.

I spoke incorrectly. I don’t know her hair is wet and full of gel. But she did offer several pictures of her hair which I would say offer different hair types. So i would assume that WHATEVER she does to her hair, it does involve some sort of product. But that’s not to say she is “hiding” nor am I throwing shade. I admit to variation—- BUT people pick people’s comment apart based on “hair typing” when back in grade school her hair was “just as kinky” (expression) as anyone else’s BEFORE there were products, natural hair knowledge, and this… Read more »
I’m sorry but I feel like clarification is in order. Hair type classification at its best should be used as a stepping stone for those unsure of the direction they should go in when seeking products and regimens for their hair, much like “for oily/dry/combination skin” tags are. This isn’t a place to bash women for having a curl that’s more loose than urs nor list all the manipulative reasons why u think it’s that way. Everyone uses product. Not everyone experiences extreme shrinkage tho, and for those that do? It’s sometimes during different periods of washing/drying. Is that NOT… Read more »

I have to disagree.
My duaghter is 3c 3b and her hair shrinks from waist length to neck length. This is even with products in her hair. I tried to use gel to weight her hair down but it made her hair feel hard.

I have 4a 4b hair though and my bra strap length hair shrinkes to my shoulders.


Loveee it. Beautiful hair and woman.


In love of her big curly hair !


Lovely, lovely hair! Makes me miss my red hair days. I used to have a very similar shade of red. Since I use henna now my dye days are over… Good for you for finding a great colorist. Back in the day I used to use color out of a box, which of course can be risky!

Janae Raquel

Box color is fun and definitely convenient. Its something I do myself in the fall. I love mixing colors! BUT* when I want to go lighter, I take that trip to the salon. Lightening “is not my department” lol




Weird response. Have you never heard of a flat iron or a blow dryer? I know her personally and she has always had a big head of curls. Blowdry it and it becomes sleek. What is with the antipathy? Good grief.


What does using a flat iron have to do with being natural?

Janae Raquel

Just because my hair is natural, doesnt mean my hair cant be straightened. It IS a task, but it gets done.

Cece Danielle

Why you mad, tho?


The shrinkage comment was a little funny but she has nice hair and a nice colour.


Love Love love! Looks so nice and healthy. wish i knew what hair colour you used xx


Janae, I just love, love your hair! It is absolutely gorgeous!


So pretty!!! @Nappy 4C Rocks, I love that shirt too…lol!!


Just followed you on Tumblr… The new cut looks incredible!

Janae Raquel

Thats where you can get the uncut Janae. Thanks, whats your tumblr? I will follow you back!


and, might i add, they def should have had you as a Style Icon as well!!!


Aw, thanks! Springeveryday 🙂

Nappy 4C Rocks

the first pic, I like that t-shirt…’I never liked you anyway’ where can I purchase?

Janae Raquel

It was at H&M in June. Good luck finding it! lol when I see things there I HAVE to grab them, they have a alot of fab finds!


Love it


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Love red hair and it looks great on you! The picture with the comb was funny/cute. Love the outfit with the green pants. Pretty hair.


I am having massive hair envy right now. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I also really enjoyed your interview. From your answers you seem to have a good level of assurance and confidence about yourself. Keep doing you hun, its looking good :-)!

Janae Raquel

Thank you! I appreciate it!


I don’t understand the answer to the shrinkage question. .. “not really my department”….
The first part of the answer was fine…..

Good interview besides that.No malice or hate jus a thought……

Janae Raquel

I dont have any shrinkage. Most women have alot of shrinkage when they wear it natural.




what??? having curly hair is not the same as having shrinkage. any hair is longer when its completly straightend.

Janae Raquel

Correct, Like I stated before, when I hear shrinkage, I think drastic. Everyone has a little shrinkage, but not like the lovely ladies of Type 4 hair family. So, I have some* to a minimum. But again its “not my department”

Crazy how people can “read” into an answer differently. I didn’t take her comment as mean and neither did I take it as “well I have this texture of hair so it’s not a problem” (as others are implying). The question itself is bias. It asks how someone “COMBATS” shrinkage. Not every natural, even the coarser haired ones, have a problem with shrinkage which the question implies. My daily routine does not try to prevent shrinkage. Can’t think of a curly hairstyle I wear that tries to make my hair appear longer…. “shrinkage battles” are a bit overhyped me thinks… Read more »
same here. i think it is quite a bit overhyped. and yeah i agree that question is loaded and a little more on the negative side than i think bglh intends. ‘shrinkage’ is merely a testament to our perception of ours hair’s innate characteristics. i feel that if someone hates their ‘shrinkage’ then they’re in essence hating one of the defining characteristics of their hair, and thus, can be rightfully seen as, at the very least, not accepting it for what it is. that would be the equivalent of a naturally straight haired girl hating her hair for hanging to… Read more »
i understood what she meant. her hair texture and mine are identical, and i didn’t know what shrinkage meant either until surfing this site two years ago. i didn’t know that when a lot of black women wet their hair in full, they experience shrinkage as a result; because my hair does the opposite in that it hangs to its full length when completely wet, and draws up as it dries. this site educated me about the hair of my sistren as much as it has educated me about my own. i definitely can relate to what she said about… Read more »

Geez… give the girl a break! lol I have 3B-ish hair as well and had no idea what the term “shrinkage” meant either until I came to this site. Dealing with that is not my expertise either. Sometimes this site is too hard to deal with.


she probably means that since she has a looser curl pattern, shrinkage isn’t an issue for her as opposed to someone with a 4B curl pattern whose hair may be more prone to shrinkage.


This color is amazing! I had a jerk of wanting to dye my hair.


I want your hair lol


Love the volume of your hair!! How do you get it to be so big? Also, how often do you have to explain that it’s not a wig or extensions when it’s in it’s full fro-glory!! 🙂

Janae Raquel

I let it air dry and it just blows up. But I think it has to do with little product and the cooler temp water when rinsing the conditioner out.


Beautiful hair! Love that color 😀

Janae Raquel

Thank you ! Im thinking of doing a new shade for the fall. Nothing too dark, becuase, come next spring I wont be as vibrant as I would like.