Keri Hilson Rocks Butt Length Box Braids


How gorgeous! Singer Keri Hilson posted a picture on Instagram of her new butt length box braids and we absolutely love the look! The darker hair color is super flattering! What do you think ladies?

*Update* Here are some additional gorgeous photos from an event Keri attended in Atlanta. Beautiful!


Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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22 thoughts on “Keri Hilson Rocks Butt Length Box Braids

  1. Love it! She looks so pretty, makes me want to get some. I wonder what the price range is for these. Not necessarily to my butt, but at least lower back length.

  2. She is a beautiful woman either way- I am obviously in the minority here, but I think the blonde looks really pretty on her… It made her “pop” more
    Either way… She is undeniably gorgeous

  3. I just put in box braids this week. Mine are only mid back and that took 7 hours to do myself. Ain’t nobody got time to braid down to my butt. I’d still be working on them. LOL! But she does look lovely.

  4. Love the look but don’t love the pain or the stressed placed on my scalp. I just took my own out last week. I kept them in only for a week after spending 7hrs in the braid spot.

  5. Looks so great on her! She is looking good!
    I wouldnt ever want to get those wet my head would fall backwards lol

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