Intro­duce your­self!
Hi. My name is Kristi­na, and I’m a col­lege sopho­more from Geor­gia.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­u­ral?
I’ve been nat­u­ral since Decem­ber 23rd 2012, so a lit­tle over 7 months. While I’ve nev­er had a relax­er before, I suf­fered from extreme heat dam­age due to con­stant straight­en­ing. When I went off to col­lege, I decid­ed to get braids for two months. Once I took my braids out, I saw all of my new growth, and was amazed. I had nev­er seen my nat­u­ral hair tex­ture since I was about 5. When I came home for Christ­mas break, I decid­ed I want­ed to get my hair straight­ened. But as I looked in the mir­ror, I saw how dead my hair looked. Then in the spur of the moment, I took my mom’s scis­sors and start­ed chop­ping off my hair. At that point, I didn’t even care. I had no attach­ment to it any­more. So I decid­ed after 20 min­utes of chop­ping to go to a bar­ber shop that day, and get the rest cut off. It was such a great expe­ri­ence.

How would you describe your tex­ture?
I know my hair would def­i­nite­ly be in the type 4 cat­e­go­ry, but I don’t focus on hair typ­ing too much. My hair is thick over­all, but each indi­vid­u­al strand is pret­ty thin. In the front of my hair, my curls are a lit­tle looser. My hair also gets dry pret­ty eas­i­ly.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the mon­th.
After I wash my hair, I twist it using Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie. It smells amaz­ing, and it’s real­ly mois­tur­iz­ing. After wear­ing my twists for a day or two, I take the twists out. I use a pick, and steam from the show­er to make my hair big­ger through­out the week because I don’t real­ly like a defined look. To mois­tur­ize through­out the week, I just use water, olive oil, and Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea But­ter Deep Treat­ment Masque.


What does wash day look like for you?
I wash my hair usu­al­ly every Sun­day. I start of by pre-poo­ing and fin­ger detan­gling using Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil. After that, I sep­a­rate my hair into 4 sec­tions. I have to sham­poo, or clar­i­fy my hair every week, or else my scalp starts itch­ing, and I get dan­druff. For sham­poo I use As I Am Coconut Co Wash, but I’ve just start­ed try­ing Shea Moisture’s Mois­ture Reten­tion Sham­poo. If I have a lot of buildup, I’ll clar­i­fy with Bragg Apple Cider Vine­gar and water. My con­di­tion­er changes very often, but I rotate between Herbal Essences Hel­lo Hydra­tion, Gar­nier Fruc­tis Triple Nutri­tion, Aussie Moist, Suave, and Vo5. I keep my con­di­tion­ers pret­ty cheap because I use a lot. Once I get out of the show­er, I apply Gar­nier Fruc­tis Sleek and Shine Leave-In Con­di­tion­ing Cream, and I seal with Olive Oil.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
Since my hair isn’t that long yet, I’m pret­ty lim­it­ed with the ways I can style it. How­ev­er, my favorite go-to style is usu­al­ly a fro-hawk, or I like to pin my hair back on both sides and add a flow­er, or bow.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I don’t. I embrace it. I think shrink­age is one of the things that is so great about our hair. It makes it even more ver­sa­tile!

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?
The edges of my hair always get the dri­est, so it’s always a con­stant strug­gle to keep them mois­tur­ized. Also, a lot of nat­u­rals don’t trim their hair, but I do. I don’t do it that often, but I’ve noticed a dif­fer­ence in the health of my hair.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Find­ing a good leave-in/moisturizer. 2. Not wash­ing your hair too much.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
Using a lot of gel prod­ucts. 2. Wor­ry­ing about shrink­age. My hair is way too kinky for me to be con­cerned about that!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Yeah. You can fol­low me on Insta­gram at Kristi­na_agb. I also have a YouTube chan­nel where I go more in depth about my hair:


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Very cute face and hair! Love it! Your hair looks a lot like my own when it’s not loc’d.


Beau­ti­ful girl with beau­ti­ful hair


Beau­ti­ful girl and beau­ti­ful hair! You bet­ter work those head­bands and flow­ers, lol. I seri­ous­ly need to get some myself :)


u have a nice fresh inno­cent soft look. i like ur afro, espe­cial­ly with the big flow­er. some of the­se girls on here r so made up and fake look­ing even with nat­u­ral hair, its hard for me to make it through all of their pho­tos, but i went through yours twice and felt a sense of pride in ur afro and smile after­wards each time. stay true.


yay! I went nat­u­ral in Nov 2012. glad to see a fel­low new­bie. it gets a lit­tle depress­ing always see­ing nat­u­rals on here that have been grow­ing their hair for years :/
best of luck on your jour­ney!

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Intel­li­gence and sim­plic­i­ty — easy to under­stand how you think.


Cute styles but the hair looks too dry but then again some people’s hair just looks very dry even after lots of mois­ture


like mine. mine looks dry ALWAYS unless it’s drip­ping wet. dry­ness is not a bad thing. not say­ing hers is, but in gen­er­al, it’s only bad if it’s the source behind break­age. her hair looks awe­some.


I’m sor­ry that you feel that way. But no, my hair is not dry.


this is very very rude. if you have noth­ing nice (or con­struc­tive i might add) to say, say noth­ing at all.


yay!! fel­low col­lege curlie~ :D


Aww, she’s so cute!




Your hair is so much like mine. Beau­ti­ful­ly thick, very dense, pret­ty tight coils but mine is just longer. You seem to man­age yours much bet­ter. I agree about embrac­ing shrink­age. I feel so much pres­sure to stretch my hair and show length, instead of being hap­py with the curly thick­ness. Kudos to you. Love your style and hair! And you’re so adorable!


I felt like you were kind of telling my sto­ry lol…ive been nat­u­ral all my life as well and had to start over due to heat dam­age i have to wash my hair every week to com­bat my dry hair and scalp i get very bad dan­druff i cant use any oils though, i haven’t found any­thing that doesn’t keep my hair from get­ting those unbear­able itchy flakes every 2–3 days so i have to use grease thats the only thing that seems to stay in my hair for a cou­ple more days


loveee it <3


Haha­ha when I straight­ened I was not good at get­ting retouch­es. I would go out and didn’t care if some curls were show­ing at all. I guess I nev­er “tran­si­tioned” either. I nev­er cared about the kitchen. But any­way I came back, because her face is so unbe­liev­ably cute! :-) can’t get enough! Love the hair!


Thank you so much for the nice and sup­port­ive com­ments every­one! :)


Hair twin­sie! Her hair, as she described it is so sim­i­lar to mine! Nice to see a short­er hair twin!


She has an inno­cent smile. What a pret­ty girl.


Love your com­ment on shink­age.
I don’t. I embrace it. I think shrink­age is one of the things that is so great about our hair. It makes it even more ver­sa­tile!

Now jour­ney begins! Have fun. I sure do.


You have the most adorable lit­tle face ever…like, I just wan­na pinch your cheeks or something…lol. So cute! And the hair suits you ;-)


Show more peo­ple like this! Lov­ing it!

Nappy 4C Rocks

com­plete­ly agree…absolutely love­ly!


Very pret­ty!! And I like all of dif­fer­ent styles!


Cor­rec­tion bullshit,relaxed sis­ters can’t speak for naturalists…typos lol


but it’s buck­shot by your stan­dards but you can’t speak for relaxed sis­ters just like they can’t speak to you,personally both require effort and patience plus many don’t get retouched for as many as 6 months if you know how to main­tain your regrowth.


Just the cutest face ever! Love the hair and the easy-breezy rou­tine.

Good job!

Maria V.

I love the fact that this young lady was bold enough to chop the hair with­out tran­si­tion­ing. If I could do it over again I would have got­ten a cool fade. That would’ve been so awe­some!!! Instead, I’m stuck in my 18th mon­th of tran­si­tion­ing. WOMP WOMP BORRRING! lol.


That is a lot of hair for 8 months! Beau­ti­ful hair!


Wow so cute! :-)


You have such beau­ti­ful hair. I love it. I feel like I get a sense of your per­son­al­i­ty with­out even know­ing you because of it. Beau­ti­ful beau­ti­ful hair.


Very beau­ti­ful! Those state­ment neck­laces are nice.




So first, you are the cutest-cutie to ever cute. What an adorable face! Sec­ond, greet­ings from the future as you went nat­u­ral “Decem­ber 23rd 2013”! ;) 

Great hair though!


HaHa! Thanks, good eye Iva! I’ve made the edit on behalf of Kristi­na.

The world seems unfair for both relaxed and nat­u­ral sister’s while many relaxed sis­ter are faced with false alle­ga­tions that they are relax­ing to look more Euro­pean when it could not be fur­ther from the truth.many do so because it’s less main­tainance and just more eas­ier to man­age This site has def­i­nite­ly opened my eyes to how many beau­ti­ful sis­ters love their nat­u­ral hair and the many dif­fer­ent styles you can do..however I feel that being in this Euro­pean run world ‚I feel that nat­u­ral wom­en get a lack of sup­port from many black men who don’t see the nat­u­ral… Read more »
I hear you LOUD cause even here in Africa(of all places) our Men prefer Weaves and relaxed hair, they will stereo­type you as a rebel in Nat­u­ral hair and I believe we will get there but we have a long way to go, I decid­ed even if the men see me as ugly duckling…I know I’m a Swan in my Nat­u­ral hair.…Sometimes I get dis­cour­aged when I step out in my nat­u­ral hair and the broth­ers ask me don’t you have mon­ey to relax your hair…What?????…My hair is now on Ear length when stretched and I’m lov­ing it…Thanks and love… Read more »

That “many do relax their hair because it’s less main­te­nance and just more eas­ier to man­age” is a bunch of bull***t and excus­es. What they real­ly mean is “Oh im too lazy to do my hair and wash it in sec­tions so im just gonna slap a perm in it” It’s either that or they do dis­like their nat­u­ral hair. Anoth­er thing is, I real­ly do think relaxed hair is more high main­te­nance than nat­u­ral hair. I mean you have to get touch ups every 6–8 weeks.

And it’s ok to be lazy and just slap a perm in it. Some peo­ple aren’t into doing their nat­u­ral hair. And you are right, some black girls just don’t like their hair. Some black girls despise it when oth­er black girls don’t straight­en their hair.  I prefer nat­u­ral for the beau­ty of nat­u­ral, but that’s just my own taste. I was just nev­er impressed with straight hair. I mean, I like straight hair, but not impressed with it…I nev­er got the obses­sion and para­noia that some have with get­ting out every kink, run­ning from rain, not work­ing out all to… Read more »

You are absolute­ly right Max­ine! Ignore the ima­ture com­ments, I know I do. B-)




Have a seat in the back, please.


Your wash day rou­tine is exact­ly the same as mine only I use dif­fer­ent prod­ucts. The fro suits you so well. FYI for edges I have recent­ly dis­cov­ered aloe vera gel( I use trader Joe’s brand) and some oil works well to keep my edges mois­tur­ized. I mix just a tab of both in my hand and smooth them onto my edges. Works real­ly well. I do it every oth­er day to keep the dry­ness at bay.


Pret­ty, thick hair! Just grab those scis­sors huh?! Very brave and an inspi­ra­tion to all of us ladies embrac­ing our nat­u­ral tex­ture. :-)

Knotty Natural

What a cutie pie!


A real cutie pie