Alright then Oprah, do the damn thing!

The queen of media appeared on the Sep­tem­ber cov­er of O Mag­a­zine look­ing regal while rock­ing a blown out fro.

Since launch­ing her new net­work, OWN, Oprah’s con­tent has been trend­ing towards an African Amer­i­can female audi­ence, and I won­der if this cov­er is con­tin­u­ing in that vein. She post­ed the pho­to on her Face­book page this morn­ing with the cap­tion:

Just revealed this new cov­er of O, The Oprah Mag­a­zine — one of my faves ever — Let’s talk about HAIR! Love this cov­er so much, I’m mak­ing it my new pro­file pic!

Oprah has some tru­ly impres­sive hair (remem­ber this, and this?), but the exag­ger­at­ed size of this fro leads me to believe some pieces were added. Either way she looks fab­u­lous.

What do you think ladies?


The folks over at NecoleBitchie.com have the full details on Oprah’s cov­er. Check it out:

Oprah’s let­ting her wild side out, Diana Ross style, on the cov­er of the upcom­ing Sep­tem­ber issue of O, the Oprah Mag­a­zine, which is ded­i­cat­ed to all things hair. Look­ing love­ly in a cleav­age-pop­ping orange dress, Lady O was all smiles rock­ing her 3.5lb afro wig that she calls “Wild Thang!” Word is that she showed up on set with the lus­cious hair pro­tect­ed in bub­ble wrap in a pink car­ry­ing case. That wig is trav­el­ing in more style than most peo­ple!

Inside the mag­a­zine, Oprah did give us a look at her real, nat­u­ral hair and made sure to note that true beau­ty comes from the heart, not what’s on your head.

“No wig, weave, perm, braids, twists, exten­sions, curling iron, straight­en­ing comb, or blow-dry­er. Au naturel!”

“As much as I enjoyed hang­ing out with Wild Thang. I know for sure that your true crown­ing glo­ry comes not from what’s on your head but from what’s in your heart.”

Catch a peek at the spread, and Oprah in her nat­u­ral hair glo­ry below:




Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Sandie Smiley



i wish she’d cho­sen to show her own nat­u­ral hair, or at the very least a nat­u­ral look­ing afro wig. this one­just looks too big and unnat­u­ral, some­how.


Great air brush although a lit­tle over the top.

Nicole Y.
Any­way I think that the cov­er is cute and trendy! How­ev­er Afro tex­tured hair for black wom­en is not some trend and it should not be looked at as such. Believe me when we go to bed at night and rise the next morn­ing our nat­u­ral beau­ti­ful tex­tures has not gone away into some trend abyss. Lets keep it real and let the world know that we are unique­ly dif­fer­ent from and we and our hair types as beau­ti­ful and vast as they are are here to be rec­og­nized and here to be proud of and stay. I appre­ci­ate the Oprah humor about… Read more »

I guess one would have to read the arti­cle to get it.…, Oprah lets see some­body else on your cov­er for a change!


I like that nat­u­ral hair is less taboo, I like the wig itself but the pic­ture they picked for the cov­er don’t do Oprah nor the hair jus­tice lol…you know some­thing is wrong when the behind the sce­nes pic­tures look bet­ter than the actu­al cov­er!!


not a fan of Oprah but the cov­er is giv­ing me seri­ous RuPaul vibes.I’m not try­ing to insult her or any­thing tho




That’s great she should wear her nat­u­ral hair out more!



Luv it! But I heard that Andre telax or tex­turis­es Oprah’s real hair, don’t know how true that is now, but I do remem­ber Andre doing an inter­view about her hair, so may­be? Either way its awe­some for her to choose afro tex­tured hair to fea­ture o the cov­er!


I heard that too a few years ago. She might have phased out of tex­tur­iz­ing com­plete­ly now. If she declar­es she’s all nat­u­ral, I’m prone to believe her. I used a tex­tur­iz­er for years before I went com­plete­ly nat­u­ral.


Umm … lol

Common Sense

I LOVE IT!!!! This is such a gor­geous pic­ture of her!!! Rock on Oprah!!!!! She always gives more rea­sons to love her sophis­ti­cat­ed, grown-up style!!!!

Also Named Nicole

Can I have his wig? lol. Not an Oprah fan, bu she does look pret­ty cool here.

Also Named Nicole

*this. OMG, it’s like I can’t post with­out cor­rect­ing some­thing, lol. Stu­pid ‘t’ key is not work­ing prop­er­ly.


Cash­ing in on a trend — yay for Oprah.

Random Trini Chick

I am so grab­bing that issue! Nat­u­ral goes main­stream! Col­lec­tors edi­tion :)


Even though it may be a wig/ weave I love the mes­sage behind the cov­er. See­ing a black wom­an rock nat­u­ral hair on a pop­u­lar mag­a­zine cov­er is pow­er­ful. And the issue also cen­ters around black hair I pre­sume which is also great for a pop­u­lar mag­a­zine. I applaud her for it.


Me likey!!!!


I find it iron­ic that BGLH can iden­ti­fy Mrs O addi­tion of pieces yet can’t tell Tony Brax­ton, Rihan­na, Kel­ly Row­land, Brandy etc.. obvi­ous wig/weave what­ev­er you want to call it and try to pass it off as their real hair.

Any­way I love the cov­er and although some like to say hair is just hair ( which is not when comes to curly, kinky , coily etc.. Hair), the cov­er is a very pow­er­ful state­ment.


I need this wig in my life.


LOL LOVE IT BUT THEY TOTALLY PHOTOSHOPPED HER!!!!!!!!! all over!!! I know this because I’m a graph­ic design­er!!!!!


I’m sor­ry but there is some­thing scary about this pic­ture. It’s got noth­ing to do with the fact that there’s an afro; it’s the whole shot — the body lan­guage, the face, the pose. I dun­no guys, I’m not feel­ing this at all :-/


Although the afro is a wig, at least the wig looks sim­i­lar to her own nat­u­ral hair. I observed that more and more Black celebri­ties are rock­ing their real or nat­u­ral hair.

The lovely one

Oprah has already given cred­it to Kim Kim­ble for the wig if any­one want­ed con­fir­ma­tion. No it is not her hair but damn it’s a fab­u­lous wig.


This is a Kim Kim­ble wig Oprah stat­ed it in the video for this cov­er. But, I can recall dur­ing her last sea­son she showed her nat­u­ral non relaxed hair…

But this one is a wig for sure…It’s hot, btw.

The Mane Captain

the hair has to be big to draw atten­tion to the top­ic. she’s obvi­ous­ly wear­ing a weave. regard­less, she looks good as always!


Love!!! She has beau­ti­ful long hair! =)


Are we REAAAALLLLYYYY gonna enter­tain the idea that this could be her hair???? #Sto­pIt5


A lot have been and got mad when I said it was a wig

Nappy4C Rocks

a wig

Briana Hicks

LOL “awe­some­ly ‘fro it”

I’m going to need that on my bath­room mir­ror one day.


…I know Andre is still her styl­ist…


It looks so super cool even if some parts are “not real”! #WOW­fac­tor

Nature Girl

Ow! She has the Midas touch.


She TRIED it with pho­to­shop. Whose body is this?


So wrong! lol Mama O looks fab.



Bridget J

Absolute­ly love it!