Oprah Rocks a Humongous Afro Wig on the Cover of O Magazine *Update*


Alright then Oprah, do the damn thing!

The queen of media appeared on the September cover of O Magazine looking regal while rocking a blown out fro.

Since launching her new network, OWN, Oprah’s content has been trending towards an African American female audience, and I wonder if this cover is continuing in that vein. She posted the photo on her Facebook page this morning with the caption:

Just revealed this new cover of O, The Oprah Magazine – one of my faves ever – Let’s talk about HAIR! Love this cover so much, I’m making it my new profile pic!

Oprah has some truly impressive hair (remember this, and this?), but the exaggerated size of this fro leads me to believe some pieces were added. Either way she looks fabulous.

What do you think ladies?


The folks over at NecoleBitchie.com have the full details on Oprah’s cover. Check it out:

Oprah’s letting her wild side out, Diana Ross style, on the cover of the upcoming September issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, which is dedicated to all things hair. Looking lovely in a cleavage-popping orange dress, Lady O was all smiles rocking her 3.5lb afro wig that she calls “Wild Thang!” Word is that she showed up on set with the luscious hair protected in bubble wrap in a pink carrying case. That wig is traveling in more style than most people!

Inside the magazine, Oprah did give us a look at her real, natural hair and made sure to note that true beauty comes from the heart, not what’s on your head.

“No wig, weave, perm, braids, twists, extensions, curling iron, straightening comb, or blow-dryer. Au naturel!”

“As much as I enjoyed hanging out with Wild Thang. I know for sure that your true crowning glory comes not from what’s on your head but from what’s in your heart.”

Catch a peek at the spread, and Oprah in her natural hair glory below:




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41 thoughts on “Oprah Rocks a Humongous Afro Wig on the Cover of O Magazine *Update*

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! This is such a gorgeous picture of her!!! Rock on Oprah!!!!! She always gives more reasons to love her sophisticated, grown-up style!!!!

  2. Luv it! But I heard that Andre telax or texturises Oprah’s real hair, don’t know how true that is now, but I do remember Andre doing an interview about her hair, so maybe? Either way its awesome for her to choose afro textured hair to feature o the cover!

    • I heard that too a few years ago. She might have phased out of texturizing completely now. If she declares she’s all natural, I’m prone to believe her. I used a texturizer for years before I went completely natural.

  3. not a fan of Oprah but the cover is giving me serious RuPaul vibes.I’m not trying to insult her or anything tho

  4. I like that natural hair is less taboo, I like the wig itself but the picture they picked for the cover don’t do Oprah nor the hair justice lol…you know something is wrong when the behind the scenes pictures look better than the actual cover!!

  5. I guess one would have to read the article to get it…., Oprah lets see somebody else on your cover for a change!

  6. Anyway I think that the cover is cute and trendy! However Afro textured hair for black women is not some trend and it should not be looked at as such.
    Believe me when we go to bed at night and rise the next morning our natural beautiful textures has not gone away into some trend abyss.
    Lets keep it real and let the world know that we are uniquely different from and we and our hair types as beautiful and vast as they are are here to be recognized and here to be proud of and stay.
    I appreciate the Oprah humor about our hair in order to gently bring mainstream into our “kitchen” with a smile.
    Sorry Oprah but I don’t need you to make me feel comfortable about rocking my natural locks, straight or fro’d out.
    I’m just saying.

  7. i wish she’d chosen to show her own natural hair, or at the very least a natural looking afro wig. this onejust looks too big and unnatural, somehow.

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