Rihanna is rocking a new look — short curls — and many are speculating that it might be the singer’s natural texture, or a loosened version of it. She debuted the look on Instagram with this photo and caption:


Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick #RIRIWoo

We love the look! But Riri is known to switch up her hair every few months, so we have to enjoy seeing it on her while we can. What do you think ladies?






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Man she’s so lucky that she doesn’t have to wear a bra hahahahahaha!!!

Knotty Natural

I thank god for my bee stings everyday!



Her hair clearly has some kind of chemical treatment in it. No one needs to be hating to state something that’s obvious. When you look at her as a young girl, her hair is way kinkier. Her hair is not 4C or even 4B it looks more like a 4A with 3’s somewhere there as well. If that was all natural it would have some kink unless she Gelled it down like CRAZY-which I don’t think is the case. Anyway, BGLH did ask “what do you think ladies?” Well, that is what I think. No haters please. And by the… Read more »
Ms Brown

Natural meaning her own hair; NOT WEAVE. When women wear their own hair out, it is considered as wearing their own natural hair by many; whether it’s relaxed, permed, straightened or color treated.

Only the Natural Hair community expect the term ‘wearing your own hair’ to mean: (1-4c hair type) No color, No relaxer, No perm or straightening. *TO EACH ITS OWN* No one has to wear their hair the way the natural community wants them to or the European way. THERE IS SO MUCH IGNORANCE on both sides.

you are on a NATURAL HAIR site which means on this site natural hair is considered to be the hair that grows out your scalp UNALTERED. if you don’t like that definition why are you posting on a natural hair site? if relaxed or permed hair was considered natural BGLH wouldn’t have any reason to exist. check yourself before talking about the others’ ignorance. ps: if you are wearing your hair straight (which is absolutely your right don’t get me wrong) maybe you’re not wearing it “the european way” but straight hair is not found naturally in the black community… Read more »

Na this was her hair when she was a kid.comment image

Her hair is definitely kinkier. That hair on her head now is chemically treated.


It sucks that Black women always find something to hate on another Black woman for. Unfortunately, the ones that are always hating on the next usually suffers from low self esteem or they even are envious.

Knotty Natural

Not all of us have low self esteem, so no “black women in general don’t always find something to hate on another black woman”. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a black thang!

Just because a woman expresses that something isn’t her taste or style, doesn’t mean she’s hating.

Man, when I read these comments, it really saddens me. Even if this woman is a celebrity, she is a black woman first. Why is it ever ok to tear another woman down, why because you think her “class level” makes her unworthy? Things like this don’t matter, and God did not fall off and make you judge! I believe she is a beautiful young woman, with beautiful hair. However she wants to wear it is her preference. No one around her probably knows what to do with anything but a weave, I’m proud that she even embraced it for… Read more »

Are we suppose to believe that’s her real natural hair just because it’s short? or because she light skin with light eyes, so she must have that hair texture? I believe that’s a wig!!! hair with all that gel, grease whatever and yet still I can’t even see scalp? Yeah, okay!!


Why you hating based on her skin tone?,she’s still black!!correct yourself!!

Knotty Natural

You might be asking too much of the poster!


why do you care?

Why do you sound hurt that she might have a certain hair texture? her father is clearly genetically mixed with a large amount of caucasian, and her mother is guyanese, very likely mixed with indian. Rihanna is a very mixed person, as many people are in the caribbean. I know a girl who is half sierra leonian and half colombian, with black genes on the colombian side also, with far straighter, looser hair than rihanna in these pictures ^. Then I am mixed with african on one side only and native amazonian and indian on the other, yet my hair… Read more »

Girl please shut up!!! Where are you getting the feeling of “hurt” from my comment. So because she has a mixed lineage you automatically assume that must be her hair and natural texture? If that is her natural hair well… but i still think that’s a wig. Even her half shaven head didn’t even seem to be this texture.

Also Named Nicole

I can tell you that I thought my hair was of a coarser, nappier texture based on the way my hair has always looked and felt when I was younger before relaxing my hair and every time I had new growth. It wasn’t until I decided to go natural that it wasn’t the case. The same could very well be for Rihanna.

Also Named Nicole

Should have said, “It wasn’t until I decided to go natural that I saw it wasn’t the case.”


I see there’s a lot of Rihanna haters here liking anything negative and disliking everything that’s positive. If the topic was Beyonce they would get on their knees in prayer. SMH. Anyhow, I love her hair and I think she’s a beautiful woman.


Lol, Cherry! Yes, I am a huge Beyonce fan and no, I’m not big on Rhianna… But I’ll tell you in a second that Bey looks ridiculous in many, if not most of her weaves and wigs too

Lilly Valley

Her hair doesn’t look natural to me!

Akua Pokua-Nuako

She looks great-but tell me why she looks like Joslene from Love & Hip Hop ATL Season One?


I said the same thing. But I always said Joseline is Rihanna on steroids.


That’s exactly what I was thinking, all she needs is Stevie J(or Stebbie)with his rat face on in the background.

Cece Danielle

I like it better this way but Hollywood has a different perception of beauty of course.


I know her cousin and that’s the kind of hair type she naturally has. She may have put in products for hold and shine but that’s it.


It looks really greasy… I’m not a fan


I think it’s just hair gel…maybe too much, but it look fine to me.


I feel like its reminiscent of Michael Jackson in his “Bad” days….


she looks gr8:)


Lol @ “possibly”! Much better! ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m not feeling how the hair is styled, looks uneven and very greasy. Rhianna’s still on that ‘just smoother with Blue Magic’ tease. She’s new to this ish, someone direct her to BGLH! Lol


She’s lovely with short hair but not hating or whatever people like to say but THAT’S NOT her natural or possibly hair, she’s been called out for having kinks (nothing wrong with that) with her red straight long weave and suddenly her hair is not kinky anymore.
it looks very much like a wig, her hairstylist creates some of the most amazing realistic wigs (remember that short pixie cut).
I command her for rocking different kind of hairstyles and not the usual long straight weave/wig some celebrities feel like it’s the only way to look beautiful.


I don’t think Rihanna has much talent and her behavior is pretty disgraceful, but she is beautiful and can pull off a lot of different looks. Her response to this cut, however, lends to what I thought all along: she isn’t choosing all of her “bold fashion moves”… she’s wearing and doing what she’s told, for the sake of staying in the limelight. Pretty girl, but I won’t idolize her for anything.


I get what you’re saying, but I’d point out that lots of women (women with natural hair and others) cut their hair *by choice* and then struggled for a while to learn to like it and be happy with it. It’s happened to me and I have plenty of friends who’ve been through the same. I mean, I’m sure that she’s subject to some sort of external image control, but her response to this cut isn’t *that* unusual.


Looks like a wig to me.

Ali. G

What’s to argue about!!! Beyonce and Rihanna are both trashy thirsty ass chicks. The only slight difference is, is that Beyonce still tries to appear classy while selling the skankyness, and her thirst is subtle, all covered up by her talent. Rihanna on the other hand has no talent just catchy tunes. She’s plain out classless and skanky. No way of going around this. End of discussion. Oh and that crisco greased down shit on her head ain’t doing her any favors. NEXT!!!!!!

Knotty Natural

I respect that what you see is what you get with Rihanna, she’s authentic…Bey on the other hand, doesn’t have the appeal that Rihanna does (IMO) because she lacks authenticity!

I’m not a fan of either one ๐Ÿ™‚ but if they ever had a fashion face off, Rihanna would come out on top every time!

darichi modess

I don’t give a rat’s butt if she is a good artist. I don’t care how much people are defending her because I still believe that most fans are in denial. Wearing a tank top with no bra is a very slutty to me. What a freaking disgrace. Of course I don’t know her like that but the way she is portraying herself is slutty and b!#chy. Pardon my french


insulting her and calling her names doesnt make you classy. and i cant stand bras also. if i would have born earlier, i would also have burned bras like the hippie-girls who did so ๐Ÿ™‚

Knotty Natural


Get over it!


you sound so butt hurt about someone who doesn’t even know you exist.


Are you a female? A woman’s studies class would really benefit your contributions to life.


Do you know what slut shaming is?


Damn, do I hate my generation SMH, shaming is bad, judgements are evil, if it feels good do it…it’s no wonder the community is a mess and a half.

I am SO THRILLED my parents were old school so that I can pass on some common sense values that worked for every generation prior to my kids. It’s funny how a few liberal courses in community college can make so many throw common sense out of the window.


Does anyone else get the vibes that Rihanna doesn’t like her new hairdo or is it just me?


It appears that way. It’s a cute cut though.


I really like it! Now, if we can only get her to wear underwear…


Nudity is not a sin. The wrongful sexualization of nudity is the problem. Believe it or not going commando as in not wearing a bra is not a crime. It became an issue when body conscious individuals (religious and non religious) saw it as a shameful sight. Not wearing a bra is also seen in different cultures. (i.e. Hawaiian island women used to perform braless until missionaries visited and saw this as a sinful act). Women’s breasts are not a shameful sight. There is nothing wrong with being braless. It is natural.


going commando is not wearing underwear, not a bra


The very definition of the word “Underwear” is any clothing that is worn under other “regular” clothing, so going commando would mean different things for different sexes. Women no bra or panties, men, no boxers or briefs, also no muscle shirts either.

darichi modess

But since there is a crime and a law for “indecent exposure” you gonna have to cover it up. No excuses. Follow the law! Only exception is if you are in a nudist community. Have respect not only for the law, have some respect for others. I don’t wanna see her breast! EWWW


American people are so ridiculous when it comes to breasts, same way people freak out when a woman is breast feeding. Come to Europe (France, Italy, Spain, etc.)… It’s really NOT that big of a deal and it is SHAMEFUL that women are the ones who refuse to take control of their bodies and be proud of them. GET OVER IT!! naked bodies woooooo BIG DEAL


In response to A.R., what I said, I said in jest, but was apparently viewed as some sort of political platform. With that said, as a high school educator, I see young ladies emulate stars such as Rihanna. Where as RiRi looks to be an A cup, try getting a group of 16 year old boys to concentrate on Shakespeare, when you are competing with a braless D cup 16 year old girl. Natural or not, cover up the girls.

Knotty Natural

Sounds like you should speak to the parents of the 16 year old braless woman with the double Ds.

I’m a grown woman and rarely wear a bra; if I’m working I usually wear a camisole…time and place for everything I suppose.


Breast size doesn’t matter? I have an aunt who never wears a bra. Her breasts hang to her stomach. Just because she is my aunt I’m not going to say I’m okay with that, especially when she wants to give me a hug. Smaller sizes can get away with it. I’m a D and still will not go braless. I do believe the human body is beautiful, and it’s just as beautiful with a bra lifting up those puppies, accentuating those lovely curves!


I wholeheartedly agree A.R… the human body is not over-sexual. it is indeed natural. @Terri those boys who cannot concentrate, that’s their problem that they need to deal with. Breast size does not matter.


I teach high school and community college classes in North Carolina. Where do you ladies teach, and what is your secret to maintaining the attention of those teenaged boys?


Not to be rude but doesn’t she have a perm that is not her natural curls


I like short hair on Rihanna. I just think she should have been a little light on the grease/gel…just my opinion. I’m sure this article is about her hair not her behavior or attitude so I will just focus on her hair. The article does not talk about how she acts. It only mentions her hair.


That hairstyle makes her look like Joseline


I usually like short hairstyles on her but this one is just so-so. It has potential but the “wet-look” is reminiscent of soul-glo.With a better shape and a little more effort on the styling department, this could look great!!!
On a side note, her body looks amaaazing!!


The 2nd pic with the red lipstick, she looks just like Josleen on Love & Hip Hop ATL. I thought they grabbed the wrong pic at first …LOL!


Looks like her hair isn’t the only thing she’s letting go all natural… I use to love Rhianna but then I slowly started to realize that she seriously has no class. It kind of turned me off from her. She’s cute and all, but lacking class of any kind. I want another Beyonce to emerge, now THAT is class.


I’d like another janelle monae to emerge because whether you like her music or not you can’t Deny she is classy. the kind of class that all the beyonces and the rihannas lack


Please, one sells trashy and the other one is trashy for real.

[imgcomment image[/img]

Both add to the trashy quotient. Anyway, Rihanna’s hair has cute potential if it wasn’t full of gel.


What the hell is this? Where did this photo come from? I have never seen this one. LOL. OMG. Hahahahah!

Wouldn't You Like to Know
Wouldn't You Like to Know

I really don’t see why people are so obsessed with her..she’s not that attractive


LMAO. Put up your photo and let’s compare. She may not be a great singer, she may be classless as hell but one thing is for sure, that is a gorgeous woman.


what does another person’s appearance have to do with whether or not rihanna is pretty?
if someone doesn’t think she’s pretty that’s their opinion, and trying to disrespect or insult them isn’t going to change their mind.

Ashley A

I do agree she is attractive but I often wonder if its because of the color of her eyes my opinion I think the color of her eyes greatly adds to her appearance but everyone is entitled to their opinion she maybe gorgeous to most & not attractive to others
It is what it is


I agree with you, but I think it’s the shape of her eyes coupled with the color. On the other hand, although I do think she is pretty, when she adds the red lipstick it softens her face and gives her face a softer sweeter look. Her face is kinda hard looking without the red lips or any kind of lip color in my opinion. She doesn’t need much makeup but she needs a pop of color on those lips to look good.
Again, my opinion.


she is


Natural? Side on that one. It’s kinda cute, yet something is off…?


the greasy look and the bump in the back while the ’90s are not THAT in




You cared enough to click on the link.

Knotty Natural

I’m starting to believe Tina Smith is a troll, LOL!


She looks good and it may be the hair that grows from her scalp but It looks at least texturized. Love her anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ I think her natural hair looks more like that:
[imgcomment image[/img]


Gosh, i looked closely to that picture and it actually seems to be a braid on a wig, sorruuuuu. I was so happy to think she’s a 4something hair!!!


Yea, that’s a braid on a weave.


sorry for the text on the picture :-p

Bebe H.

suits her very well like all short hairstyles she wore in the past.
I dont care that much whether it’s her real hair or not. I like it anyways.

Knotty Natural

She should ALWAYS wear it short! It’s her best look!


LOL. “Possibly” the site admins have learned how to avoid all the wig/ weave comments…. Regardless Rihanna can do no wrong. Love her!