Rihanna Rocks Short (Possibly) Natural Curls!


Rihanna is rocking a new look — short curls — and many are speculating that it might be the singer’s natural texture, or a loosened version of it. She debuted the look on Instagram with this photo and caption:


Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick #RIRIWoo

We love the look! But Riri is known to switch up her hair every few months, so we have to enjoy seeing it on her while we can. What do you think ladies?






Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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132 thoughts on “Rihanna Rocks Short (Possibly) Natural Curls!

  1. I think it looks nice, and cannot for the life of me fathom why everyone cares so much about whether it is natural or not. All these natural hair purists need to sit down. The only reason ya’ll are so gung ho about natural hair, and the way complete STRANGERS choose to wear their hair on THEIR heads is because ya’ll were tardy to the natural hair party. It aint Rihanna’s fault half of you didn’t decide to go natural until Solange did, or even later, so GET OVER YOURSELVES and let the woman live.

  2. Y’all so dam silly natural has nothing to do with relaxed hair (permed hair), if you don’t kno what relaxed is are natural , seem that way some of you don’t kno from which is what..
    Plus if she had a perm honey there would be no curls at all
    When white ppl get perm they want curls , for black ppl perms mean we want straight hair , so get off her an get it right .. No matter how good a person try to do for themselves ppl go hate ……

  3. Why don’t people just chill out and leave my cuz alone!!!! Whether she has natural, weave, jeri curl or bald that is up to her!! People are such haters and jealousy is such a nasty thing. She is a successful black woman who is doing her own thing, if you don’t like her fine but leave your negative comments under the rock which you obviously crawled from, cha!!!

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  5. Its not her hair. It was a wig. This was revealed on her instagram ages ago. So relaxed, natural, watev. It wasn’t her’s to begin with lol.

  6. (I know I am looking at this late.)

    Maybe ya’ll are just jealous of her hair because it’s probably looser than your own hair, that happens once in a while that a natural is jealous of another’s hair because of the texture.

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