Rihanna is rocking a new look — short curls — and many are speculating that it might be the singer’s natural texture, or a loosened version of it. She debuted the look on Instagram with this photo and caption:


Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick #RIRIWoo

We love the look! But Riri is known to switch up her hair every few months, so we have to enjoy seeing it on her while we can. What do you think ladies?






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(I know I am looking at this late.)

Maybe ya’ll are just jealous of her hair because it’s probably looser than your own hair, that happens once in a while that a natural is jealous of another’s hair because of the texture.


It’s not natural but it’s cute!


Its not her hair. It was a wig. This was revealed on her instagram ages ago. So relaxed, natural, watev. It wasn’t her’s to begin with lol.


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Why don’t people just chill out and leave my cuz alone!!!! Whether she has natural, weave, jeri curl or bald that is up to her!! People are such haters and jealousy is such a nasty thing. She is a successful black woman who is doing her own thing, if you don’t like her fine but leave your negative comments under the rock which you obviously crawled from, cha!!!


She has naturally pretty curly hair, completely different from kinky curly. I like her hair and the short style.


Hair is not the issue here. Where’s her Bra! Nice role model…smh.


I love it! She always looked great with short hair, but I am really digging this more natural look. Go Riri!


she got more creamy crack than a beauty supply


Y’all so dam silly natural has nothing to do with relaxed hair (permed hair), if you don’t kno what relaxed is are natural , seem that way some of you don’t kno from which is what..
Plus if she had a perm honey there would be no curls at all
When white ppl get perm they want curls , for black ppl perms mean we want straight hair , so get off her an get it right .. No matter how good a person try to do for themselves ppl go hate ……


Perm= curls Relaxer= straight Natural=… natural


I think it looks nice, and cannot for the life of me fathom why everyone cares so much about whether it is natural or not. All these natural hair purists need to sit down. The only reason ya’ll are so gung ho about natural hair, and the way complete STRANGERS choose to wear their hair on THEIR heads is because ya’ll were tardy to the natural hair party. It aint Rihanna’s fault half of you didn’t decide to go natural until Solange did, or even later, so GET OVER YOURSELVES and let the woman live.


She has gorgeous curls


Um, yeah. She got texturizer. Either a texurizer or a wig. That’s not that girl’s real hair. It’s cute, though. She looks a lot like Joseline from Love and Hip Hop, thougth–the pic with the red lipstick for sure. Looks like she jockin her style in my opinion.


I dont think its a wig or weave, I think its her own RELAXED hair. Rihanna had never a problem to be awfully honest about everything in her life, if it would have been a weave/wig she would admit it, like she does it since years. So there is no need for her to act like its her own hair if its not. Her hair is relaxed and has to much gel on it, thats all.


She looks so cute with her own (but relaxed) hair. But a lil to much gel, I would say.


She has such a stunning face. I’m a fan of most of her looks- and this is no exception. I really like the short, dark hair on her.


I love it! She’s home (Barbados) for Crop Over (carnival). This is the perfect style for all the partying/beach going she will be doing.


Riri has a “type 4” natural hair texture, so this is a weave/wig or relaxer of some sort. She’s giving me Joseline teas lol. but yeah, not natural but i actually think its cute on her.

Lillian Mae

She looks like the Puerto Rican girl from Love and Hip Hop…the one that just married Stevie J!

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I think it’s an adorable wig/weave! I was trying to do something similar this summer but I keep chickening out lol very cute look if you can pull it off…. why are there so many pissy comments tho? relax y’all! have you detangled yet? lol


Funny! People truly get way too offended when it comes to these posts on celebrities.


her hair’s cute. a lil on the shiny side, like others have said. personally i think it’s a wig…but it might not be.


Natural or not, I’m not really feeling the cut. It’s squaring off her head and the product makes it look like a jeri curl circa 1982. Luved the last style she had with the grey though.


When I first saw this, I fell in love, she looks beautifulll!

da truth
live in denial, apparently you’re a slave to a celebrity. and your loss if you can’t understand what i meant by saying she’s joining the ‘bandwagon’. she’s the latest to join the list of those who are NOT SERIOUS about going natural.. but going on the ride because its in style, and may possibly win them more fans! (and more money) seriously, you all don’t understand half the economics behind it, just so desperate to endorse whatever silliness your favourite celebrity does. like i said. its FAKE. its NOT NATURAL. and it is UGLY. last pic is definite proof. grow… Read more »

I like it ..if it is a texturizer i wud love to know the name

Wow some of you all go too far in the comment sections. That looks like her real hair. Natural or not she looks good. Looks like she is trying to take a break from all the weaves n hair dye hence the “still trying to get use to my hair” quote on instagram. I think that once you get into that groove of always having your hair highly styled you feel strange without it being so. That’s all it looks like to me. Her stylist or she herself may have told her to give her hair a break for a… Read more »
da truth

she needs to stop PRETENDING to be natural.. dont need THAT on the bandwagon
that is ugly hair for her face and it does not look good. she can stick to her weaves. i dont care

Lil liz
Wow da truth (yeah right) when did she ever say she was or was trying to be natural. Even if she was it’s just not that serious. And if you are implying that being natural is part of a bandwagon, for most naturals it’s simply a choice to learn how to take care of their own hair. Also since it’s so “ugly for her face” can we see your hair and fashion degrees to back up your statement? And last but not least, if you “didn’t care” you wouldn’t have wrote anything you just did. You’re allowed to have an… Read more »

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the extra designs on the side next to my side parting were my barber’s doing. lols……i just trusted him and let him do it and it turned out to be good. they’ve grown in now.


Now THAT is how a girl should do a big chop!



[img[/img] [img[/img] google images: ‘short hairstyles for black women’. the mohawk is best. however i prefer when the longest part on the head is the top.leaving the back and the sides the shortest. the shortest of all being the sides (for 4c hair – which i have). sort of like a mesh of the two of rihana’s photos uploaded here. My barber called it the fade-out hair cut, the ‘usher’ look. in Rihanna’s pics, I love the pic where the hair on top of the head is pronounced -it’s awesome.and i like the lengths of the hair at the… Read more »

but i can tell she loves her mohawk best.