Talk about an uncon­ven­tion­al beau­ty secret! 

Some women are relax­ing their eye­lash­es to straight­en and length­en them! The prac­tice is very pop­u­lar in Japan, and seems to be mak­ing an impres­sion here in the Unit­ed States.


Below is a video of the pro­ce­dure done by African Amer­i­can vlog­ger Lily Sey­mour. In an accom­pa­ny­ing blog post she explains:

I have real­ly curly eye­lash­es and it’s no secret that curls and coils are part of my her­itage and its some­thing i’m real­ly proud of. But my curly eye­lash­es real­ly both­er me some­times so straight­en­ing them has become a per­ma­nent part of my beau­ty rou­tine. I have been straight­en­ing my eye­lash­es for almost 20yrs now off and on and it makes me very hap­py!

Wow! Ladies what are your thoughts?

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Dis­turb­ing and sad.


I watched the video! Did this stu­pid hoe just say I have con­tacts in too??? I’m done! The buf­fonary needs to stop! Gone mess around and have alope­cia of the eye­lash and cornea abra­sions!!!!


Blindness.…that is my thought! No thank you!


I cannnot believe this!! Who does this? Why would any­one be so crazy as to put relax­er on your eye lash­es? This is the most insane, unsafe, igno­rant thing I have ever seen. Shame and sad­ness is the only word that comes to mind.


I didn’t even watch the feed. What the heck is she doing?! The stu­pid­i­ty and van­i­ty is just plain nuts. Who­ev­er does this is ask­ing for blind­ness, straight out. It’s like teach­ing peo­ple to cut them­selves! Shame.

I just about fell out laugh­ing when I saw that video. Most women attempt to curl their lash­es not straight­en them. Now you have to have seri­ous issues if you are will­ing to put a sub­stance that can eat through met­al on your eye­lash­es all for the sake of beau­ty. What if it had got­ten into her eyes and blind­ed her? I bet you your mother’s last breath of oxy­gen that she would of lawyered up and attempt­ed to sue whichev­er com­pa­ny she pur­chased the relax­er from talk­ing about these bas­tards are mar­ket­ing dan­ger­ous chem­i­cals to us. Yet no one… Read more »

What the f*ck?!!??!!
That’s all I’ve got.


The Japan­ese are nuts!!!!!!


The Japan­ese aren’t the only ones doing this, fyi.


OMG. She doesn’t even have any eye­brows. Won­der what hap­pened to THEM o_O


They went where her eye­lash­es are cur­rent­ly going lol!


BIG LOL!!! Lord Jesus you need to come down now and save this woman!!!!!!!!!!


I have “curly” eye­lash­es too so they don’t always fan out straight but I’d like to not burn my eye­balls out of my head!! Seri­ous chem­i­cals near your EYE. No. And no, con­tacts will not be enough to pro­tect your eye if this falls in. This might take the cake for crazi­ness peo­ple com­mit for “beau­ty” #givemestrength


I think hav­ing the con­tact in might be worse. The chem­i­cals will burn through that too, super scary.

Bridget J

This is way too dan­ger­ous and I pray that young girls don’t see this video and try to relax their lash­es. There are safer ways such as lash exten­sion pow­der to get longer look­ing lash­es. Glam­stripes is one of the com­pa­nies that sells it.


This ish right here is some pure tom­fool­ery!! No thank you!


Jesus be a fence…


That is INSANE!!! That stuff would burn like h***, if it fell into your eye!


wth???? and shes still going to put false lash­es on?? Be thank­ful that you even have eyes to see and do not take them for grant­ed!

Okay so I don’t usu­al­ly post com­ments. How­ev­er this one is some­thing that I had to say some­thing about. It’s a mir­a­cle these women even still has eye­lash­es! If we know what lye does to our scalp and how it can dam­age our scalp fol­li­cles and the hair will nev­er grow back from a dam­age scalp fol­li­cle, it makes me won­der why are they not afraid that the hair of their eye­lash­es won’t go back because of the dam­age to the fol­li­cle with this chem­i­cal! Lol! Well to each their own, and if it makes them hap­py I’m hap­py for… Read more »

Girl no, the next hot trend will be to get that arm pit hair straight. *sigh* Keep up with the trend hunty. The pub hair was last year!! LOL


Yeah girl! That’s old! On to the arm pit hairs! Lol!!

Bridget J

LOL about relax­ing pubic hair. Sad­ly, I am sure some­body already does it.


Even being a woman, I’m still amazed (though not shocked) at the lengths we go to — for “length”, mixed with the extremes we go to… for “extreme length!” LOL! It’s iron­i­cal­ly fun­ny and sad at the same time. 

Oh Ladies…


lol. pun intend­ed?


The dis­claimer at the begin­ning of the video says the lye is unsafe to use on your face and can cause blind­ness and it is not rec­om­mend­ed and then she pro­ceeds to relax her curly eye­lash­es. So risk blind­ness for some straight lashes.…She says she has her con­tacts in so her eye­ball is pro­tect­ed lol. But I saw no dif­fer­ence in her eye­lash­es which she will then apply false eye­lash­es to. She says relax­ing her eye­lash­es makes it eas­i­er to apply the false ones.


I agree! Plus, hav­ing con­tacts is in no way some sort of pro­tec­tion! With/Without con­tacts in if I get even just a reg­u­lar eye­lash in them, I’m blind­ed and my con­tacts roll off into my eye! Lol dra­mat­ic, but I mean you get the point…contacts aren’t goggles..if any­thing I feel it would react with the chem­i­cals and burn onto your eye but, I’m not a sci­en­tist and reserve the right to be wrong! Lol


Right! So if you’re just gonna put false lash­es on anyway…why take the risk? ????


If you look close she has like 1/2in of eye­brows as well the rest is pen­ciled in, some­times leav­ing well enough alone is best.


Wow. Ummm…so many words escape me. I can see how that’s an appeal­ing process, methinks. But per­son­al­ly, I don’t think I’d do it. I can’t imag­ine hav­ing a relax­er that close to my eyes! It seems a lit­tle too risky. But hey, what­ev­er floats your boat…


No thanks I like being able to see…Ill stick to curl­ing them chem­i­cal free. Their eye­lash­es were hard­ly straight and they could get the same effect by warm­ing an eye­lash curler and then apply­ing mas­cara and they stay curled until u wash it off. Perming them is seri­ous­ly just overkill and unwise. I no longer want relax­er in my scalp, I can’t imag­ine your eye is any bet­ter