Talk about an unconventional beauty secret!

Some women are relaxing their eyelashes to straighten and lengthen them! The practice is very popular in Japan, and seems to be making an impression here in the United States.


Below is a video of the procedure done by African American vlogger Lily Seymour. In an accompanying blog post she explains:

I have really curly eyelashes and it’s no secret that curls and coils are part of my heritage and its something i’m really proud of. But my curly eyelashes really bother me sometimes so straightening them has become a permanent part of my beauty routine. I have been straightening my eyelashes for almost 20yrs now off and on and it makes me very happy!

Wow! Ladies what are your thoughts?

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139 Comments on "Women Relaxing Their Eyelashes to Lengthen and Straighten Them?"

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They do the opposite in japan. They perm their eyelashes because usually they are straight. What everyone with straight eyelashes wants is curled eyelashes like we naturally have

Vegan Yogini

My goodness. All of the emotions are intense. Can we stop using terms like “crazy” and “out of her mind” as an insult? It’s really ableist, and I don’t think it helps anyone’s argument. I encourage those of you using the phase to research it.

Vegan . Yogini

My goodness. All of the emotions


LADIES. CAN WE JUST BE HAPPY WITH WHAT WE HAVE?!! Other women would MASSACRE an ENTIRE VILLAGE to have curly lashes. Have you ever heard of EYELASH CURLERS!? This is just downright disgusting. The same relaxers that burn the very skin off of your scalp if left on too long, the same relaxers that can melt through METAL. The same relaxers that you cant give to little kids at a certain age you are putting on your EYES?! This is just plain ridiculous.

Idol Lashes

They really do have the best prices and quality of lashes online in my opinion!


So you telling me, that she is risking the health of her eyes just to put some falsies on?? She crazy


all i can say is… WHAT THE HELL?! people have gone cray cray!

Miles of Lashes

While I admit this is a very dangerous practice, I will also admit that I do my own lashes every 6 weeks and have for the last 15 or so years. I have not blinded myself or lost any lashes. I am regularly asked “What kind of mascara do you use?” and “What brand of false lashes do you recommend” as people assume that mine are false because they are so long and thick. To each his own I say.


@ miles of lashes….a person could use castor oil to grow their own lashes vice applying creamy crack to eyelashes….you have to keep applying it to get the same results. This price for longer lashes and beauty is too high of a risk to pay…a better fix is grow your own lashes long not a temporary fix.

what the hell? is she for real? is this s joke? OK, when she burns her retinas or cornea and becomes one-eyed jane, she’ll learn whats important. Of all the studpid, dangerous beauty tricks ive heard, this is just plain dumb! I hope she doesnt have any kids or small children around her bc this shows a lack of common sense. My momma said you can have all the book sense in the world, but if you aint got no common sense…you lost! And clearly shes lost! using latisse or other eyelash growth products is risky enough but lye chemicals?… Read more »

I have eyelashes so curly that they curl all the way back to my lid. I even had a white makeup artist who was applying false lashes refer to them as “coarse”. I just deal with them, because I am not about to put chemicals anywhere near organs that I need to function in everyday life.

100% #notonmyeyelashes


This reminds me of that super gorgeous Asian model that injected vegetable oil into her face and permanently jacked it up. certifiable.


yes.. i saw that article about the woman injecting herself with cooking oil. She has to be mentally unstable. just like this woman relaxing her eyelashes. Now she has made her video private because of all the attention.. SMH! I hope she has no daughters or nieces that look up to her!


hhhHHell to the naw.


This is a joke y’all… truly a joke. Because we know no one would put a product containing lye on their eyelash. She just wanted to be the recipient of the most comments for the week/month/year??? Perhaps she just wanted attention – like some of the stars who have their dresses fall down while they are singing on stage so onlookers can think they are naked because they wore nude colored under garments. Besides, if she had really been applying lye for 20 years, she certainly would have been blind, probably dead or out of her mind, by now.

Erica Ardali

I have truly seen it all. Nothing about relaxing your eyelashes sounds safe.

Jenelle B.

she is out of her mind. That’s a sensitive area she is playing with and once its gone, its gone. As my Jamaican mother would say “eye nuh sell ah shop”…


No! No! No!


I agree this is extremely dangerous, but there is no difference between what she’s doing and eyelash perming (chemical process to curl eyelashes). I personally do not think she’s any less vain than other women who use latisse, eyelash perming or professional individual eyelash extensions because they all have the same risks. Using any chemical or glue is risky because the eye area is just sensitive overall. As long as she’s super cautious and is content with HER eyelashes, who’s to put her down? We all have vain characteristics so let’s not point our fingers.

I hate when people go on like that. Just because people are warning her it’s dangerous doesn’t mean we’re putting her down. Yes, it is crazy. Why? Because the dangers and risk exceed the benefits. We’re not calling her any more vain than even those who use mascara. But her vanity has taken over her priorities. The chance of beauty over the risk of sight. Not saying she’s more vain but that is really crazy. And sad. You would want me to tell you if you’re heading towards a crashing car. I’m not putting you down. I’m telling you because… Read more »

That is soooo sad to watch and see women like that. that do not like what they are blessed with!!!!!


So she risks burning her eyes out and going blind, for eye lashes that no one pays attention to, JUST TO PUT FAKE EYE LASHES ON TOP ON THEM!!???!!!

sexy eyes

This is crazy! What about the chemicals that were not washed out with neutralizing shampoo to stop the chemical process? omg! You’re asking for problems!