Talk about an unconventional beauty secret!

Some women are relaxing their eyelashes to straighten and lengthen them! The practice is very popular in Japan, and seems to be making an impression here in the United States.


Below is a video of the procedure done by African American vlogger Lily Seymour. In an accompanying blog post she explains:

I have really curly eyelashes and it’s no secret that curls and coils are part of my heritage and its something i’m really proud of. But my curly eyelashes really bother me sometimes so straightening them has become a permanent part of my beauty routine. I have been straightening my eyelashes for almost 20yrs now off and on and it makes me very happy!

Wow! Ladies what are your thoughts?

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139 Comments on "Women Relaxing Their Eyelashes to Lengthen and Straighten Them?"

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Disturbing and sad.


I watched the video! Did this stupid hoe just say I have contacts in too??? I’m done! The buffonary needs to stop! Gone mess around and have alopecia of the eyelash and cornea abrasions!!!!


Blindness….that is my thought! No thank you!


I cannnot believe this!! Who does this? Why would anyone be so crazy as to put relaxer on your eye lashes? This is the most insane, unsafe, ignorant thing I have ever seen. Shame and sadness is the only word that comes to mind.


I didn’t even watch the feed. What the heck is she doing?! The stupidity and vanity is just plain nuts. Whoever does this is asking for blindness, straight out. It’s like teaching people to cut themselves! Shame.

I just about fell out laughing when I saw that video. Most women attempt to curl their lashes not straighten them. Now you have to have serious issues if you are willing to put a substance that can eat through metal on your eyelashes all for the sake of beauty. What if it had gotten into her eyes and blinded her? I bet you your mother’s last breath of oxygen that she would of lawyered up and attempted to sue whichever company she purchased the relaxer from talking about these bastards are marketing dangerous chemicals to us. Yet no one… Read more »

What the f*ck?!!??!!
That’s all I’ve got.


The Japanese are nuts!!!!!!


The Japanese aren’t the only ones doing this, fyi.


OMG. She doesn’t even have any eyebrows. Wonder what happened to THEM o_O


They went where her eyelashes are currently going lol!


BIG LOL!!! Lord Jesus you need to come down now and save this woman!!!!!!!!!!


I have “curly” eyelashes too so they don’t always fan out straight but I’d like to not burn my eyeballs out of my head!! Serious chemicals near your EYE. No. And no, contacts will not be enough to protect your eye if this falls in. This might take the cake for craziness people commit for “beauty” #givemestrength


I think having the contact in might be worse. The chemicals will burn through that too, super scary.

Bridget J

This is way too dangerous and I pray that young girls don’t see this video and try to relax their lashes. There are safer ways such as lash extension powder to get longer looking lashes. Glamstripes is one of the companies that sells it.


This ish right here is some pure tomfoolery!! No thank you!


Jesus be a fence…


That is INSANE!!! That stuff would burn like h***, if it fell into your eye!


wth???? and shes still going to put false lashes on?? Be thankful that you even have eyes to see and do not take them for granted!

Okay so I don’t usually post comments. However this one is something that I had to say something about. It’s a miracle these women even still has eyelashes! If we know what lye does to our scalp and how it can damage our scalp follicles and the hair will never grow back from a damage scalp follicle, it makes me wonder why are they not afraid that the hair of their eyelashes won’t go back because of the damage to the follicle with this chemical! Lol! Well to each their own, and if it makes them happy I’m happy for… Read more »

Girl no, the next hot trend will be to get that arm pit hair straight. *sigh* Keep up with the trend hunty. The pub hair was last year!! LOL


Yeah girl! That’s old! On to the arm pit hairs! Lol!!

Bridget J

LOL about relaxing pubic hair. Sadly, I am sure somebody already does it.


Even being a woman, I’m still amazed (though not shocked) at the lengths we go to – for “length”, mixed with the extremes we go to… for “extreme length!” LOL! It’s ironically funny and sad at the same time.

Oh Ladies…


lol. pun intended?


The disclaimer at the beginning of the video says the lye is unsafe to use on your face and can cause blindness and it is not recommended and then she proceeds to relax her curly eyelashes. So risk blindness for some straight lashes….She says she has her contacts in so her eyeball is protected lol. But I saw no difference in her eyelashes which she will then apply false eyelashes to. She says relaxing her eyelashes makes it easier to apply the false ones.


I agree! Plus, having contacts is in no way some sort of protection! With/Without contacts in if I get even just a regular eyelash in them, I’m blinded and my contacts roll off into my eye! Lol dramatic, but I mean you get the point…contacts aren’t goggles..if anything I feel it would react with the chemicals and burn onto your eye but, I’m not a scientist and reserve the right to be wrong! Lol


Right! So if you’re just gonna put false lashes on anyway…why take the risk? ????


If you look close she has like 1/2in of eyebrows as well the rest is penciled in, sometimes leaving well enough alone is best.


Wow. Ummm…so many words escape me. I can see how that’s an appealing process, methinks. But personally, I don’t think I’d do it. I can’t imagine having a relaxer that close to my eyes! It seems a little too risky. But hey, whatever floats your boat…


No thanks I like being able to see…Ill stick to curling them chemical free. Their eyelashes were hardly straight and they could get the same effect by warming an eyelash curler and then applying mascara and they stay curled until u wash it off. Perming them is seriously just overkill and unwise. I no longer want relaxer in my scalp, I can’t imagine your eye is any better