Yaya DaCosta was look­ing gor­geous at the pre­mier of Lee Daniel’s The But­ler rock­ing a pom­padour and baby bump in a long vio­let gown. Yaya stars in the movie, along with Forest Whitak­er, Oprah Win­frey and Cuba Good­ing Jr. Her new hub­by, direc­tor Joshua Alafia, joined her on the red car­pet.




Beau­ti­ful cou­ple, and I can’t wait to see her lit­tle nat­u­ral cutie! What do you think ladies?

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Love yaya she looks adorable in her pre­gan­cy


She looks adorable! I hope I’m this cute preg­nant!


No she was not — some peo­ple were just inse­cure, that’s all. She spoke about her nat­u­ral hair and said that’s who she was — no prob­lem. Should she have just shut up about her edu­ca­tion­al jour­ney and keep the con­ver­sa­tion on her hair every­day to make peo­ple like you hap­py?

What the hell are you talk­ing about? Who was inse­cure? Who’s talk­ing about her nat­u­ral hair? I’m talk­ing about her behav­ior on ANTM. That wasn’t the behav­ior of a secure young wom­an. That was the behav­ior of a young wom­an who want­ed every­one around her to feel infe­ri­or. And she used her edu­ca­tion to kick oth­ers down a notch. We have seen it before. Every­one was sick of her. How many times did Tyra have to put her in her place. Basi­cal­ly telling her every time you open your mouth we don’t need to hear how you are an edu­cat­ed… Read more »

Yaya was nasty on ANTM!! She thought she was bet­ter than every­one around her. Throw­ing her edu­ca­tion in peo­ples face. Very insult­ing. Hope­ful­ly she has changed.


I’m so hap­py for her! Long way from ANTM! Go girl!


Take a good look, ladies! This is what pure joy looks like! Yaya looks stun­ning and hub­by is siz­zling in that suit!


Such a cute cou­ple

Kenya L.

She is beau­ti­ful and has a hand­some hus­band as well. I’m so glad to see her in a movie and doing well…I guess being mar­ried to a direc­tor does not hurt. I ain’t mad at cha. Even though I like Tyra Banks I was upset when she cut Yaya’s hair and then cut her on ANTM, but it grew back beau­ti­ful­ly.


I don’t remem­ber Tyra cut­ting her hair. I thought she had weave sewn in. And she was run­ner up in the show, so she got pret­ty far.


She is such a cute preg­nant wom­an. I can’t wait to see this movie!



Yaya & Eva are my favourite ANTM con­tes­tants of all the sea­sons! She’s gor­geous and she is car­ry­ing well!


She was always a favorite of mine from Top Mod­el. She was so regal and had a great per­son­al­i­ty! May I add that her skin is absolute­ly flaw­less.


She is what you call “all bel­ly.” She car­ries her preg­nan­cy so well. Absolute­ly beau­ti­ful.


Shes one of the most adorable preg­nant wom­en I’ve ever seen. Absolute­ly gor­geous, and she’s wear­ing the liv­ing day­lights out of that dress!!!


I love YaYa and the fact that years ear­lier when most includ­ing Miss Tyra Banks were not as accept­ing of nat­u­ral hair she was so proud to say this is who I am. On a show like Top Mod­el she was a very sig­nif­i­cant pres­ence. Hap­py for her and her fam­i­ly :)

Christina Waters

I love YaYa!! I am so proud of her and all her accom­plish­ments!! She looks stun­ning and her and her hub­by make a beau­ti­ful coou­ple :-)


She looks amaz­ing and glow­ing. Just beau­ti­ful her and her hub­by they are going, to have a beau­ti­ful baby. God bless her!


She looks amaz­ing!! Love the hair!!


She is just gor­geous!


Theyre going to make a beau­ti­ful baby!


I love it!!!! I’ve always loved Yaya ever since ANTM, and I’m in love with all that gor­geous nat­u­ral hair on her head. She always looks so put togeth­er. She inspires me.…happy for her and her hus­band <3 !


Real­ly Like Her! She oozes so much integri­ty and mobil­i­ty. A good role“model” (hehe sor­ry I had to ;) to be inspired by and look up to =)


I luv Yaya…She has come a long way since Amer­i­ca Next Top Mod­el. I luved her then and I luv her now. Con­grats Doll!!!!!