Yaya DaCosta was looking gorgeous at the premier of Lee Daniel’s The Butler rocking a pompadour and baby bump in a long violet gown. Yaya stars in the movie, along with Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey and Cuba Gooding Jr. Her new hubby, director Joshua Alafia, joined her on the red carpet.




Beautiful couple, and I can’t wait to see her little natural cutie! What do you think ladies?

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Love yaya she looks adorable in her pregancy


She looks adorable! I hope I’m this cute pregnant!


No she was not – some people were just insecure, that’s all. She spoke about her natural hair and said that’s who she was – no problem. Should she have just shut up about her educational journey and keep the conversation on her hair everyday to make people like you happy?

What the hell are you talking about? Who was insecure? Who’s talking about her natural hair? I’m talking about her behavior on ANTM. That wasn’t the behavior of a secure young woman. That was the behavior of a young woman who wanted everyone around her to feel inferior. And she used her education to kick others down a notch. We have seen it before. Everyone was sick of her. How many times did Tyra have to put her in her place. Basically telling her every time you open your mouth we don’t need to hear how you are an educated… Read more »

Yaya was nasty on ANTM!! She thought she was better than everyone around her. Throwing her education in peoples face. Very insulting. Hopefully she has changed.


I’m so happy for her! Long way from ANTM! Go girl!


Take a good look, ladies! This is what pure joy looks like! Yaya looks stunning and hubby is sizzling in that suit!


Such a cute couple

Kenya L.

She is beautiful and has a handsome husband as well. I’m so glad to see her in a movie and doing well…I guess being married to a director does not hurt. I ain’t mad at cha. Even though I like Tyra Banks I was upset when she cut Yaya’s hair and then cut her on ANTM, but it grew back beautifully.


I don’t remember Tyra cutting her hair. I thought she had weave sewn in. And she was runner up in the show, so she got pretty far.


She is such a cute pregnant woman. I can’t wait to see this movie!



Yaya & Eva are my favourite ANTM contestants of all the seasons! She’s gorgeous and she is carrying well!


She was always a favorite of mine from Top Model. She was so regal and had a great personality! May I add that her skin is absolutely flawless.


She is what you call “all belly.” She carries her pregnancy so well. Absolutely beautiful.


Shes one of the most adorable pregnant women I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous, and she’s wearing the living daylights out of that dress!!!


I love YaYa and the fact that years earlier when most including Miss Tyra Banks were not as accepting of natural hair she was so proud to say this is who I am. On a show like Top Model she was a very significant presence. Happy for her and her family 🙂

Christina Waters

I love YaYa!! I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments!! She looks stunning and her and her hubby make a beautiful coouple 🙂


She looks amazing and glowing. Just beautiful her and her hubby they are going, to have a beautiful baby. God bless her!


She looks amazing!! Love the hair!!


She is just gorgeous!


Theyre going to make a beautiful baby!


I love it!!!! I’ve always loved Yaya ever since ANTM, and I’m in love with all that gorgeous natural hair on her head. She always looks so put together. She inspires me….happy for her and her husband <3 !


Really Like Her! She oozes so much integrity and mobility. A good role”model” (hehe sorry I had to 😉 to be inspired by and look up to =)


I luv Yaya…She has come a long way since America Next Top Model. I luved her then and I luv her now. Congrats Doll!!!!!