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By Chin­we of Hair and Health

Hon­ey is a nat­ur­al humec­tant (a sub­stance that pro­motes mois­ture reten­tion).  Add it to a con­di­tion­er or mix it with oils and oth­er sub­stances to enhance your con­di­tion­ing process.  If you do not know where to start, here are some recipes you can try:

1. Bud­get Blend

1/4 to 1/2 cup cheap con­di­tion­er (e.g., V05, Suave, Lus­traSilk, Lekair)
3 tbsp hon­ey
2 tsp olive or coconut oil (option­al)

Thor­ough­ly stir the con­di­tion­er, hon­ey, and oil togeth­er and apply to hair.  Leave on your hair for at least 30 min­utes. Rinse.

2. Coconut oil and Hon­ey

6 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp hon­ey
*Depend­ing on the den­si­ty and length of your hair, you may need less/more coconut oil and hon­ey

Thor­ough­ly stir the hon­ey and coconut oil togeth­er and apply to hair.  Cov­er with a show­er cap and leave on hair for at least 30 min­utes.  (The show­er cap will cre­ate a warm envi­ron­ment for the mix­ture to melt into your strands.)  Rinse.

3. Avo­ca­do Con­di­tion­er

1 ripe avo­ca­do
3 tbsp hon­ey
3 tbsp olive oil

Cut up the avo­ca­do, mash with a mix­ing spoon, and then add the hon­ey and olive oil. Use a hand blender to blend all the ingre­di­ents thor­ough­ly (so that no avo­ca­do bits remain). Apply to hair and cov­er with a show­er cap.  Leave on hair for at least 30 min­utes. Rinse.

3. Egg Con­di­tion­er

1 egg
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp hon­ey

Thor­ough­ly stir the egg, olive oil, and hon­ey togeth­er.  Apply to hair and cov­er with a show­er cap.  Leave on hair for at least 30 min­utes.  Rinse with cool water.  (Do not sit under a hood­ed dry­er and do not rinse with hot water, as these actions might cook the egg into your hair.)

Ladies, have you tried hon­ey for con­di­tion­ing?  If so, share your recipe! 


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Pedro N Lorina Ruiz

I apply to dry unwashed hair. I used mayo with olive oil hon­ey egg and vanil­la extract to get rid of the smell. add some of my dai­ly con­di­tion­er and mixed it all togeth­er left is on my hair for 45 min­utes than fol­low with a con­di­tion­er I like to leave that one for about 20 or 30 min­utes just to get it real­ly in there bam! Soft smooth shin­er absolute­ly beau­ti­ful hair! (My hair is processed with bleach and ton­ers time and time again and I am nat­u­ral­ly a brunette so this does won­ders for my hair!)

Corinne Neveu

I used the adva­ca­do hon­ey and olive oil method and mashed it and blitzed it as muvh as pos­si­ble. Even after use and wash­ing it out there were still a lot of atringy adva­ca­do bits in my hair. What can i do to get it out as i have a wed­ding tomor­row that im prepar­ing for.


Do you apply to damp or dry hair?

Thanks for the great DIY tips.  I have been ‘poo free’ for three years and I use hon­ey to wash my hair. Since I most­ly wear my hair straight it’s super impor­tant that I pro­tect against heat dam­age and get a lot of stretch out of each wash. Hon­ey does the trick for me, and it can work for you too. I mix hon­ey with argan oil and sea buck­thorn pow­der to form a paste, apply to dry hair (focus­ing on my edges) and sit under the dry­er for about 30 min­utes, then rinse it out THOROUGHLY. The hon­ey gives me… Read more »
Aliyyah Ahad

Hi this is so inter­est­ing! I’ve been water only wash­ing for almost a year now but I haven’t used any heat. I want to straight­en my hair next month but don’t want to use store bought heat protectants…but I also don’t want any dam­age! Could you elab­o­rate on your straight hair rou­tine? Looks great from the pho­to!


I’m pro­tein sen­si­tive so I use the hon­ey and extra vir­gin olive oil mix as my dc. It’s the nat­ur­al dc I’ve found so far that does not leave my hair feel­ing or look­ing like straw. All the usu­als: eggs, bananas, avo­ca­does, and coconut oil or even raw aloe leave my hair straw-like.


Thanx Jojo­Raze. I recent­ly dis­cov­ered I’m pro­tein sen­si­tive. Every prod­uct (except kinky curly leave in)I use con­tains pro­tein. I’m going to use dr. broners castile soap & this treat­ment with grape­seed oil.


TOday i seal my DC Aubrey organ­ics gpb with coconut oil and hon­ey . Put my cap, sit under the hood-dry­er for 20min . When i rinse my hair feel SO SOOOOOOOFT !!

Hon­ey and coconut oil(solid form) make a creamy paste. I rub my hand and it liq­ue­fy , no need to warm it


I love to use hon­ey at a leave in con­di­tion­er. Mix hon­ey and warm water. Spray on hair. It is great for my dry curly hair


I used the coconut and hon­ey mix­ture for the first time today. I went out­side 20 degree weath­er, my hair felt like it had a hard gel on it. It was very stiff! Once I got inside in the heat my hair was soft again.
Why did this hap­pen? Is it sup­posed to hap­pen? Do I need to rinse again?

Pedro N Lorina Ruiz

I find after apply­ing so much pro­tein to my hair I HAVE to do a deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment for about 30 min­utes for best results


the coconut oil froze, it turns sol­id at low temps, noth­ing to wor­ry about


My hair is still a lit­tle short until I blow it out. It’ll be 2 years in May that I’ve been nat­ur­al but I came up with my own con­di­tion­er I don’t mea­sure but I mix mine with my As I Am Coconut Con­di­tion­er which is a cleans­ing con­di­tion­er.

vir­gin olive oil
warm the hon­ey and oil togeth­er and stir. Pour it on your hair with your favorite con­di­tion­er put a show­er cap on and let it sit till your ready to rinse it out.


Wow! I have most of those ingre­di­ents at my house! I need to try these!

wanda renee

I love avo­ca­do, olive oil and hon­ey.


do you have an egg and old may­on­naise plus a dash of white vine­gar dash of olive oil dash of apple cider vine­gar shake bot­tle and poor over scalp and skin.. leave for hrs l put a woolie hat on . then warm show­er and see what hap­pens


I have 2 recipes in which I use hon­ey:

Oil Treat­ment:

Olive Oil
Shea But­ter

Hen­na Treat­ment:

Hen­na or Amla Pow­der
Green Tea
Olive Oil


I like hon­ey, mayo and 1 egg. Mix togeth­er in a bowl, plop on, place a cap on it, go do stuff come back and rinse with luke­warm water and final rinse of real­ly, real­ly cold water. My hair shines for days!!!


I use a mix­ture of hon­ey and extra vir­gin olive oil as my con­di­tion­er. I’ve been doing this since March and it works for my hair, though I won­der if it’ll be bad for the long run. Plus, I read that hon­ey light­ens your hair over­time- but I think that’s if you leave it on for more than an hour.


I’ll def have to try some of these!
Thanks (:
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I add hon­ey to all my deep con­di­tion­ers and it does make a big dif­fer­ence! I love mix­ing in dif­fer­ent oils and but­ters just to see which ones work best. 


I’ve used hon­ey and evoo as a con­di­tion­ing treat­ment once before, and it made my hair shiny and soft, and after­wards I styled my hair as usu­al. The next day I walked out­side on a warm sum­mer day I had hon­ey bees fol­low­ing me and they kept try­ing to get to my hair -_- lol. So I had to hur­ry up and get home and I real­ized I didn’t rinse all the hon­ey out and I felt a lit­tle hard­ness on my hair where that hon­ey dried up at -_-. So I had to wash my hair again. Ever since that… Read more »

lol…you were sup­posed to rinse it out with con­di­tion­er or sham­poo. I was told abt it a few times. I laughed hard. That is why I mixed real­ly well to hide it then use con­di­tion­er. But if hon­ey is dry­ing in my hair, I would have seen some brown flak­ing. You know what hon­ey dry­ing look­ing like.


Hon­ey, Mayo & Olive oil. Works great!

oh I for­get to say Avo­ca­do and E vit­a­min, I love them but Avo­ca­do is BEYOND anti frizz bet­ter than Shea but­ter. I do use shea but­ter mix . BUT avo­ca­do from fresh is mil­lion bet­ter than but­ter. Banana- many com­plain it cause mess . It did cause mes if you are not mash well like a baby food or put on too much mix. It doesn’t work for some ppl if using too much diff. mix like mayo and egg. It also cause mess if you do heat, on dif­fer­ent ppl. But with me it works fine. I just… Read more »

I use this fol­low­ing as DC Or Pro­tein :

Greek Yogurt (used hav­ing plain non-greek but some­body told me greek is bet­ter)

Coconut oil

Coconut milk

Olive oil

Grape­seed oil








Essen­tial oils

Aloe gel or liq­uid (hard to find real gel so I use 100% pure aloe liq­uid until I get aloe leaf from wal­mart)




apple cider

I use some of it as dc, pro­tein, or mix. 

Hon­ey is the best and hair saver!!!! lol. I can’t go on with it. I like to use raw hon­ey, it can be bought at any vit­a­min store. DON“T BUY from hon­ey that has bear shaped it is FAKE.


Wow…that’s a lot of ingre­di­ents, I’ve been a mix­tress for many moons and have learned that less is more… When cre­at­ing my del­i­ca­cies I like to keep things sim­ple, yet, effec­tive, too many ingre­di­ents dimin­ish the poten­cy of each oth­er!!!


Any receipts (facts) on that bear-shaped con­tain­er of hon­ey? I use the one from Wal-Mart that’s local­ly from Vir­ginia (or at least that’s what they say).


It’s not fake unless it says “imi­ta­tion hon­ey”. Or if the ingre­di­ents says any­thing else besides “hon­ey”


A large amount of cheap hon­ey shipped from Chi­na has been found to be dilut­ed with corn syrup which is super cheap and obvi­ous­ly pales in com­par­i­son nutri­ent-wise. Chi­na hon­ey is bound to be test­ed (and to fail) when res­cu­ing North Amer­i­ca, so there is a big process shady com­pa­nies will go through involv­ing ship­ping reroutes and remov­ing labels in order to save buck and lie to the con­sumer. Sad but true.


It’s not “fake” per se, but it doesn’t have the same min­er­als and heal­ing pow­er of raw, unre­fined hon­ey. She’s basi­cal­ly say­ing that the hon­ey in the bear bot­tle is the “white bread” of hon­ey, while raw is the organ­ic sprout­ed wheat ver­sion of hon­ey.


I always put hon­ey or molasses in my deep con­di­tion­ers. I love them, they’re great humec­tants and real­ly make a dif­fer­ence. It was help the weak­est con­di­tion­ers. ^^



My deep con­di­tion­er:

1 banana
1 serv­ing Greek yogurt
Hon­ey (I don’t mea­sure)
Throw in blender.
Dump on hair. Put on plas­tic cap.
Let sit until lazi­ness wears off.


I for­got I add a bit of olive oil. I don’t mea­sure that either.

Yep, all this stuff is found right in my kitchen!

Occa­sion­al­ly, I’ll add a Ayurvedic pow­ders such as alma and bha­ran­gi. I keep those in my pantry for con­ve­nience.


After each time I do a Aphogee pro­tein treat­ment or hen­na, I mix Suave nat­u­rals with hon­ey, aloe vera, and olive oil. And my hair is always SO hap­py after­wards.