Are you the girl that goes in to the gym works on every machine, knows her mus­cle groups and strength trains them? Or, are you the girl who prefers to glow rather than sweat it out? Are you recov­er­ing from injury and require only low strain work outs? No mat­ter what your per­son­al­i­ty, there is a nat­ur­al hair style that will work for you. Here are some exam­ples:

1. The girl who MUST wash her hair after a work out

I have pre­vi­ous­ly sug­gest­ed that it is not nec­es­sary to wash your hair after every work out. How­ev­er, I do know that there are some of you who would con­sid­er that sac­ri­lege. I also know that there are some who real­ly do not like wear­ing twists or braids to work out and also do not feel that the hair and scalp get clean if hair is in twists or braids.

If you are this girl, then you have to work out with your open hair, prob­a­bly in a bun if you wish to keep it off your neck, shoul­ders and back. One func­tion you may require is quick heat­less dry­ing for which I rec­om­mend an old 100% cot­ton t-shirt (soaks up water like a charm!). The sec­ond func­tion you may find use­ful is a style which can be done eas­i­ly on damp hair. For this, I rec­om­mend a quick jum­bo twist pin up which requires lit­tle time and effort espe­cial­ly if you need to go straight to work after.

2. The girl who glows — reg­u­lar exer­cis­er but not stren­u­ous, work­outs last 30–40 min­utes or less .

If you are the girl who likes to do some exer­cise but are not keen to sweat, you may find that your hair may not require reg­u­lar wash­ing and a rinse every now and then is suf­fi­cient.

There are many styles that can work for low rins­ing because issues with mois­ture relat­ed shrink­age are min­i­mal. One style that can work is loose twists which can be styled in mul­ti­ple ways includ­ing buns and updos for work­outs. The ver­sa­til­i­ty of styling of loose twists may appeal to peo­ple who like to reg­u­lar­ly change their hair­style.

3. The gym bun­ny — high sweat, heavy hard-core exer­cise, 4 times or more per week

The gym bun­ny is a ded­i­cat­ed exer­cis­er who will sweat fair­ly heav­i­ly with every work out. Func­tion­al­ly, a gym bun­ny with nat­ur­al hair will require a style that will with­stand reg­u­lar wash­ing and resist frizz for­ma­tion after­wards.

The per­fect style for this per­son­al­i­ty is small twists or braids. If your hair has a ten­den­cy to shrink in twists then braids are prefer­able unless of course you pre­fer the look of twists. A style that can eas­i­ly be mend­ed for exam­ple medi­um-sized corn­rows or flat­twists in the front can also help refresh the style and extend its wear.

Ladies, what styles are most suit­able for sweat ses­sions at the gym!

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Im a gym bun­ny. In the m 6–7 times a week some­times twice a day. I sweat heav­i­ly in my head. I have my hair twist­ed in updo i feel it dries a lot faster since i go to work after my work­out. I wash my hair once week. My hair does bet­ter when left alone any­way.

I am a stren­u­ous exer­cis­es, and sweat heav­i­ly. I’ve tried twists before, but they end up smelling ran­cid by the end of the week, and cer­tain­ly by the end of two weeks. Not only that but the detan­gling in and of itself was hor­rif­ic. Per­haps my fine 4a hair would do bet­ter if I could get it to retain mois­ture. Any sug­ges­tions? I don’t have time to do my hair that often, so I guess braids are my recourse. How­ev­er, I have fine 4a hair, and when I braid it, my actu­al braids are tiny. I’m not sure it’d look… Read more »

i think you should water rinse often


I do yoga 5 days a week. I sweat like crazy dur­ing prac­tice. I usu­al­ly wear my hear with a flat twist on each half of my head and pin both twists into buns on the side of my head. This style keeps my hair stretched. It’s very easy do. I usu­al­ly wash my hair twice a week. I use a very clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo when I wash my hair. I MUST get my scalp clean.

Hey ladies, Do you oil our scalp or do a hot oil treat­ment? I am ask­ing because I noticed that my scalp gets real­ly dry after a work­out. I tried a hot oil treat­ment by Carol’s Daugh­ter. My scalp gets sweaty even if I am walk­ing for 10–15 min­utes. Love how CD’s oil smells but it made my scalp smell fun­ny the next day. What do you ladies do or rec­om­mend for the scalp? I would like to try a light oil with a light fra­grance. I use witch hazel to clean my scalp in between wash­es. I wash my… Read more »

I’m a dancer. I just bun it up :-). Very quick and easy.


A new loca­tion of my gym just opened by my job, so I am def­i­nite­ly about to get back into gym mode. I’ve been keep­ing it sim­ple with two strand twists and then updo. I will like­ly keep con­tin­ue doing that.


I work out 4–5 times a week and sweat pret­ty heav­i­ly. I pri­mar­i­ly have my hair in twists dur­ing the week so that’s how it is dur­ing my work­outs in the morn­ing. After work­ing out I either rock a twist out for the day or just leave my hair twist­ed. I wash my hair once a week and don’t find that my sweat­ing makes my hair smelly in between wash days. I do make sure to real­ly cleans my scalp with sham­poo every week to get rid of any buildup.


I’m a gym bun­ny (high sweat, heavy hard-core exer­cise, 4 times or more per week).

When I work out: I wear my kinky, Afro-tex­tured hair in 10 braids (w/ satin scarf & a ban­dana), a high bun (w/ a cot­ton stretchy, head­band), an updo (w/ a cot­ton stretchy, head­band) or a puff (w/ a cot­ton stretchy, head­band).

After I work out: I show­er with a show­er cap. Then, I style my hair: unrav­el braids for a braid-out or light­ly re-gel and re-smooth my bun/updo/puff.

I cleanse my scalp and hair with sham­poo once a week.

The lengths some peo­ple go through just not to wash or rinse their hair, is amaz­ing. I’ve been nat­ur­al all my life and I could nev­er wash my hair only once a month or twice a month, despite exer­cis­ing 4 days a week. I live in a trop­i­cal cli­mate, if I did that my hair will smell funky. I wash my hair with dilut­ed con­di­tion­er every time I work­out, I tow­el dry my hair, put some coconut oil or pomade on it and put it in a low pony­tail and I am ready to start my day. Peo­ple fuss over… Read more »

I live in Texas and its sum­mer for most of the year. I sweat every­day I got out­side, but I’m don’t sweat that much in my head to war­rant a wash every­day. The major­i­ty of my sweat­ing is in and around my armpits. I show­er at least once a day and have great hygiene. My hair doesn’t stink after a work­out, my hair and scalp aren’t even wet

Sor­ry, but I just feel your com­ment is real­ly con­de­scend­ing and ignores the fact that no two women have the same head of hair. It may be easy for you to wash your hair dai­ly, but for oth­ers, it may do more harm than good. When hair is wet, it is more sus­cep­ti­ble to break­age and tan­gles, so if you can avoid that on your wash days, great. But that isn’t true for so many oth­er women. Also, not everyone’s hair smells bad after a work­out and oth­er women live in sig­nif­i­cant­ly cool­er cli­mates. I live in the north­east and… Read more »
I agree. I work out sev­er­al times a week but I’m one of those folks that don’t sweat much . I can be in a high inten­si­ty step aer­o­bics class & sweat will be pour­ing off every­one but me. I also wear cool­ing bands to cool off. & sweat very lit­tle in my head, so my hair gets washed once a week or maybe twice. If twice or more , one will be a co wash or an ACV rinse . I have fine 4 ab hair that I’m try­ing to grow out & the less manip­u­la­tion I do the… Read more »

Thank you.


I am with you on that one, for me it is real­ly per­son­al hygiene; Peo­ple do show­er their their body after work­ing out why is the hair exempt from it?


I sweat rivers, but my stink comes from my armpits, not my head. I do not rinse every work­out. Grant­ed, right now I only get to the gym once a week, and I wash my hair month­ly (I want try every two weeks, though).


I work out and sweat a lot. I usu­al­ly have my hair in sin­gle twists. Does any­one know of an effec­tive way I can wash my hair with­out it being tan­gle or frizzy and still be NEAT?



How to Wash Twists with­out Get­ting them Fuzzy

3 Tech­niques for Wash­ing Nat­ur­al Hair in Sec­tions


I am 1 year into my nat­ur­al hair jour­ney and pre­fer doing twist outs because it stretch­es my hair. After my work­outs my hair always revert back to its nat­ur­al curl. I think I will have to stick with wash and goes because they seem to be the most con­ve­nient for my active lifestyle and I must learn to embrace my shrink­age. Thanks for shar­ing this arti­cle!


I am def­i­nite­ly a gym bun­ny and a heavy sweater. 15 min­utes into my work­outs, I’m already drip­ping. I wear twists pri­mar­i­ly and work out at least 4 days/week. I do not rinse or wash every­day. I tried that before. All I got was mat­ted twists, which were a detan­gling night­mare. So, now, I just wash once a week. I do, how­ev­er, clean my scalp + condition/seal in between work­outs. And, my hair does not smell funky.

La Tina

WnG on short, tapered hair. I work out 4x a week doing boot­camp, and run 3x a week. At my length, I co-wash 3days a week. Leave-in condish and rake some gel thru, and I am good. Dries in 2 hours.


I sweat heav­i­ly. So I must rinse or wash my hair dai­ly when I go on my exer­cise crazes. Dur­ing these times I wear wash n’ go’s or a puff on top of my head. I know for some peo­ple that means tan­gle city, but the pres­sure from the water helps detan­gle my hair, and instead of sham­poo I use a lit­tle ACV to clar­i­fy my scalp then fol­low up with some tea tree con­di­tion­er. In-fact I actu­al­ly get less break­age and shed­ding when I am doing this. (Its most like­ly because of the exer­cise though lol)

My hair takes between 2–3 days to dry if left to its own device and I’m not try­ing to walk around with wet hair like that, lol. I wash and con­di­tion once a week, and I work out at home or go for a run. When I work out at home, it’s just a high pony­tail or bun just to keep it off my neck and also a cot­ton stretch head­band to keep the sweat from my head get­ting to my scalp. For runs, I put a satin bon­net on and put a hat over it. That way may hair… Read more »

Do you dry it at all with any­thing else after you wash? I squeeze with a tow­el, by the time over wok­en up the next morn­ing my hair is ready dry. It’s starts dry­ing pret­ty quick­ly as I have to rewet my hair some while detan­gling.


Love this arti­cle. I am at the gym 6days a week!!!love car­dio so it’s all about sweat­ing! I don’t need to wash my hair everyday…I wear my hair twist outs every­day and so far so good before and after my hour long ses­sions!

nappy headed black girl

Yep, I was just about to say twists worked for me. I fit the bill per­fect­ly: worked out at least 4 days a week and a heavy sweater. Total wash-n-go style for me.