Well, Blue Ivy is quite the jet set­ter! She was seen board­ing a yacht in Spain with her famous mom hours after the wrap of Jay-Z’s Made in Amer­i­ca fes­ti­val in Philadel­phia. Blue Ivy’s tight­ly curly fro was on full dis­play, and it’s refresh­ing to see that Mama Bey is let­ting the curls just be what they are!

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The issue is not that Blue is wear­ing her hair out or that she is not a celebri­ty so Bey should­nt care how she looks. yes, she is a baby, so she can go out in some cute jam­mies and it be per­fect­ly fine. The issu is just that her hair lacks decent groom­ing. If she is going for the dread look then fine but she is doing more dam­age by not at least fin­ger com­ing her hair which will cre­ate knots that may be hard to detan­gle and hard­er on her hair. I am all for let the curls… Read more »
Katren Moss

Well said…exactly…my grand­son has a good grain of hair and we just let it be when he is at home…however, if we are going out the house—you can bet your bot­tom dol­lar his hair is mois­tur­ized and my daugh­ter run her had thru it just to shape it up.…so let her wear it nat­u­ral but come on Bey…moisturize it…you can afford it!


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