Well, Blue Ivy is quite the jet setter! She was seen boarding a yacht in Spain with her famous mom hours after the wrap of Jay-Z’s Made in America festival in Philadelphia. Blue Ivy’s tightly curly fro was on full display, and it’s refreshing to see that Mama Bey is letting the curls just be what they are!

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[…] the comments on an article from a natural hair blog I often visit, in addition to other sites, the net has been set ablaze with everyone asking “Why […]

The issue is not that Blue is wearing her hair out or that she is not a celebrity so Bey shouldnt care how she looks. yes, she is a baby, so she can go out in some cute jammies and it be perfectly fine. The issu is just that her hair lacks decent grooming. If she is going for the dread look then fine but she is doing more damage by not at least finger coming her hair which will create knots that may be hard to detangle and harder on her hair. I am all for let the curls… Read more »
Katren Moss

Well said…exactly…my grandson has a good grain of hair and we just let it be when he is at home…however, if we are going out the house—you can bet your bottom dollar his hair is moisturized and my daughter run her had thru it just to shape it up….so let her wear it natural but come on Bey…moisturize it…you can afford it!


sorry but blue ivy is a young pretty version of jayz now but that will be a weird looking child as she gets older, long arms and lanky funny made legs , big lips and a funny shaped head . jayz was always this ugly but as he got older, his look is awful so will blue look turn to unbearable. sorry beyonce, i just could not lie. blue so big a gauky now that she don’t look like a danity baby. just unnatural, she looks uncomfortable in baby clothes.

Margaret Ryan

I can’t believe the comments on here. She is a beautiful baby but a lot of the women commenting are critical of a BABY and calling her uncared for, ugly with bad hair!
You lot should look at yourselves, you really should.

Wendy Moore

Beyoncé needs to comb the child’s hair.

It is interesting to see ppl argue over both sides. On one hand you have ppl saying baby Blu and her hair is fine in these pics and that braiding would mess her hair up because she is so young. Then on the other hand you have ppl saying that Beyonce should at least brush it or comb it. Judging by the photos, that little girls hair has not been maintained at all. There is nothing wrong with having an afro or any other natural style but look she has going looks like a birds nest. With having natural hair… Read more »

Has not been maintained at all? You have seen a precious few pictures, and yet feel emboldened to make such a statement? This is where the ridiculousness of the internet and women in general’s need to attack anyone who doesn’t follow their way of thinking, collide. That child’s hair is just fine, and will continue to be just fine such she has the best of care. That is one blessed child.


Thats not a fro thats a hot ass mess


The baby looks like no one cares about her B u bogus


That baby looks well fed, and well clothed. OBVIOUSLY someone cares about her.


Her hair has not been brushed or comb an afro is picked or hand styled her hair is stuck to her head like she rolled her out of bed African American hair does grown with small plats or braids if she does he hair why cant she do her babies hair she could pick it or hand tease it in to a shape a least


too bad that baby looks like her father, kinda ugly if you ask me. Blue Ivy has a face ONLY her mother could love.


I’m sorry no one thought you were an attractive child, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it out on this child, simply because she is the child of a celebrity.


My grandbaby has hair just like that ans she is just 15 months,there is no need to Toure a baby to make her hair like ppl want it to look,it’s curly and that fine,we wash n go and it has natural products and when ppl see her they say oh how cute,why do we need to comment on hair..
Blue ivy is cute just the way she is ..leave her hair alone


What a cute kid.


My daughter’s curly hair didn’t see a pony tail holder until she was 2 and had a so much hair that it would get way too tangled if left out all of the time. Before then, or church or formal family pics, I would just put a hair band on her. Just hanging out at park, at store, etc, she would simply rock her curly-qs like Blue. And yes it was moisturized and detangled but curly hair tangles and 3c+ hair lacks glossy shine. It is what it is.

Leave Blue alone and let her be fab


LOL Whatever adorable Blue Ivy’s hair looks like — Jay-Z is definitely her father! She is the spitting image!


Yup, just like beautiful Christy Brinkley’s daughter looks just like her ugly father, Billy Joel.
Tough luck, Bey. There are still some things in this world that money or fame just cannot buy.


[…] Blue Ivy’s Fro Goes On Display In Spain […]

The baby looks like a baby. We don’t know what time of day it was. Black people have to stop giving our kids traction alopecia (braiding, combing, brushing) and chemical relaxers and burns (pressing) our CHILDREN’s hair in order for them to look “presentable”. We have a deep seated pathololgy when a BABY can’t just look like a baby. I mean dang. As long as her hair is clean and moisturized (please remember that afro textured hair doesn’t reflect light like straightened hair does and that is why “black” hair care products are loaded with petroleum and silicon becuase we… Read more »

I could not agree with you more Well said!

as women with natural hair why are so many missing the point about blue ivy’s hair? its not about style, its about the care and health of her hair. I don’t know if they moisturise her hair but it doesn’t look like it. I have a 1 year old and I let her hair out sometimes but I moisturise and seal her hair and use protective styles like plaits (box braids). blue’s hair is long enough to braid and there would be nothing wrong with doing that. I understand its hard to always have baby’s hair neat but I have… Read more »

Now, go back and read what you said. It’s not about moisturization as you claim, but is about giving the child a style that YOU find pleasing. Again, you cannot possibly know from a picture what is or is not added to any child’s hair, and her hair style does not have to please you. It just has to be something her parents find presentable. That works for me, and there no reason why it shouldn’t work for you, other than your own personal arrogance.


I braid my hair all the time for protection and to ensure it stays moisturized. I’m about to go oil my scalp right now actually…I love Bey and Blue but it does look like she could do more with it. At the same time if my baby cried to do her hair, I’d rather leave her alone than put her through torture.

Katren Moss
Really? you would just rather let your child look tacky and unloved because you don’t want to take the time to train her and her hair…but your hair is together, right? That;s a pet peave of mine…parents be dressed to the nine but their offspring be looking like they’re orphans. Wow…you modern/young mothers amazes me…1st everybody’s hair is not good hair where it can just be left alone and sorry Blue Ivy is one of them that cannot be left alone…(B must not have a good grade of hair under all that weave or JZ genes are overpowering it because… Read more »

Go back and look at any of the 4b/4c women featured on this website. Not one of them has hair that “looks” any more moisturized than this child’s hair. This is a non issue, made an issue because far too many naturals feel like they should be able to tell someone else what to do with their child’s hair. That is arrogance.


Good assessment.


her legs are to die for.


Beyonce probably does comb the child hair and an hour later her hair looks like that, I would know because that’s what my hair does. If I comb my hair every hour just to appease ya’ll, I would have no hair. Leave that baby alone.

arleen scott

she did not comb that child’s hair, but she don’t have to, some babies don’t like their hair comb, at least it’s natural, let her be a baby, when does a comb, compare to love for your child?


People need to leave that damn baby alone. She does not need to be primed and prepped just for you nosy ass people to oogle over her, Leave that damn baby alone!!!!!


[…] the comments on an article from a natural hair blog I often visit, in addition to other sites, the net has been set ablaze with everyone asking “Why […]


It just bothers me that Bey always looks super glammed up while Blue looks like she rolled out of the play pin. I’m aware she’s a baby and doesn’t need to be “glammed” BUT she can at least look like her parents give her the same amount of time they put into themselves. I love her fro but why with the jammies when Bey has on dukes and stilettos?! I can’t with Beyonce and her mothering tactics.

Beyonce is a performer and a public figure. She looks the way she does for that reason. Her toddler is not a performer nor is she a public figure, and is therefore not required to or should be expected to look anyway other than a way that her parents believe is exceptable. They are not at an awards show with her, nor are they at a public event. They are out on vacation with intrusive paparazzi choosing to document every moment they can get their hands on or their camaras into. Allow this child to be a child, and don’t… Read more »

Beyonce is a mother first, she should take more pride in her child’s appearance period.


And her child looks beautiful. She is well dressed, well fed, and her hair is natural. Again, here we are in a natual hair group where we celebrate adults with 4c hair, wore loose, but we cannot wrap our heads around a toddler wearing her hair loose? And you don’t see this as an issue? I’m thinking we as black women have not come as far in our collective mindsets as we believe we have.

so interesting your last point. we definitely have not come as far mentally and spiritually as we appear in certain circles. there’s an old saying: one swallow does not make a spring. a natural here or there, a dread head on the bench, etc. is not an announcement that we have arrived as a strong and healthy people. most black women and some black men are still perming or otherwise changing/hiding their hair to accommodate something they think of as well groomed and acceptable. until we start /redifining the notions of acceptable and ask “to whom?” we’re going to deal… Read more »

In other words, we enslave each other more than anyone on the outside could ever dream of doing so.


the baby looks nice and comfortable the mother does not. they are out on vacation..relaxing Beyoncé has to look like that because if she doesn’t then paparazzi will clown her.The baby is cute no one should have any negative comments about her outfit. I*d rather be the baby


Beyonce is a mother first, she should take more pride in her child’s appearance period.


I never said anything about her hair I was talking about her clothes read before you go off into rants. To be exact I said “I love her fro what’s with the jammies.”


You mentioned the jammies then went on in another post to mention her child’s appearance. All you are concerned about is PJs? She’s a baby. They dress her when the need arises I am sure. LOL!


You spent alot of time writing that though…


Nah….a minute, minute and a half tops. I type fast.

Agreed, bsbfranken! Also, Blue Ivy is granddaughter to a hairdresser and Beyonce’s daughter, I’m sure after she’s older she’ll have a long life of hairstyling ahead of her. Children are only babies for a very short time. Besides, Blue Ivy’s hair is too short to snatch into a bunch of tiny plaits and hang a bunch of barrettes all over it. Some Black women think that’s the only acceptable way a black toddler should wear her hair. I see that too often in the Black community and some of those poor toddlers have pustules forming on their edges, hair missing… Read more »
Katren Moss
I agree that Blue Ivy does not need to look glammed up but because her parents are in the public eye and pictures will be snapped up at every chance…comb the hair and put some clothes on the child! I agree when somebody said, her hair is NEVER combed….Nobody is saying put a perm in and she don’t need to be in gucci or prada but she should have some type of clothes on…and this picture is in the day time (so we do know what time of day it is)so she should have some clothes on (at least a… Read more »

I LOVE the fact that Beyonce doesn’t feel the need to have her daughter’s hair perfectly combed and the perfect little outfit on before stepping outside. My question is: How in the HECK does she walk in those shoes…


She prefers heels to flats, and even exercises in them. Personally? My daughter and I would have been in the marina if I had tried to do that!


Especially on a boat! smh!