Well, Blue Ivy is quite the jet set­ter! She was seen board­ing a yacht in Spain with her famous mom hours after the wrap of Jay-Z’s Made in Amer­i­ca fes­ti­val in Philadel­phia. Blue Ivy’s tight­ly curly fro was on full dis­play, and it’s refresh­ing to see that Mama Bey is let­ting the curls just be what they are!

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I think the baby is adorable, as a para­noid and clum­sy mom, I’m scared of the shoes :-(
Since the woman is known to dance and those type of heels, I’m sure she’s good lol


Chery Underwood’s com­ment was a joke peo­ple! To some it just wasn’t fun­ny! And that fact that some­one is say­ing Bey­once could had done some­thing to baby Ivy hair, is fine with me, because you are right! But the fact is she didn’t, so that’s her choice. And when you make choic­es like that to not comb or look like you didn’t do any­thing to your child’s hair expect for com­ments to be made, espe­cial­ly when you are Bey­once & your hair is comb & look­ing fly!


it looks like Blue just woke from a nap — all babies hair (heck, even my fro!) looks a bit ‘unkempt’ after that. I think she is adorable — not too keen on Bey’s weave though. now THAT looks unkempt to me


it looks like Blue just woke from a nap — all babies hair (heck, even my fro!) looks a bit ‘unkempt’ after that. I think she is adorable — not too keen on Bey’s weave though. now THAT looks unkempt to me


You peo­ple are so damn shal­low say­ing that Bey NEGLECTS her child because she wants to let the child’s hair be. Have you ever con­sid­ered that babies don’t like being manip­u­lat­ed, espe­cial­ly their hair? Babies just like to play. I know you all like to manip­u­late your curls to some 3a look­ing tex­ture, but this fam­i­ly obvi­ous­ly sees that the hap­pi­ness and com­fort of the child is more impor­tant than look­ing neat and prop­er for the sharks (paparazzi, you shal­low peo­ple, etc…).

Nappy4C Rocks

“manip­u­late curls to some 3a tex­ture” haha­ha so TRUE! and they ain’t gonna stop either…sad


If Jay Z and Bey­once are going to look fab­u­lous all the time they should do the same with Blue Ivy. She is just a baby, I under­stand that, but don’t dress your­self like gold and then for­get to dress the baby in the morn­ing. Hon­est­ly, I think these pic­tures show that Bey­once would have NO idea how to do her own hair or dress her­self with­out her entourage of styl­ist. Your children/family are a reflec­tion of your­self.


i would have been so impressed if my moth­er could tote me around while at the same time wear­ing like…what are those, 6 inch heels?!? that’s incred­i­ble! and up an incline, too?!?!?!!?!?


I have a 2 year old and her hair is crazy curly. Yes I like it when her hairs all neat but that’s almost impos­si­ble. I won’t bat­tle mak­ing twists or plaits every day (doesn’t last longer then that) and besides she doesn’t even like it. As long as her hairs healthy, and I believe in low manip­u­la­tion so why not


There is noth­ing wrong with this childs hair. My son has hair sim­i­lar to this, i detan­gle in the bath­tub and mois­tur­ize after he gets out and leave it at that. Some­times I twist it but I most­ly just let it fly free and there is noth­ing wrong with that. Plus They are babies they aren’t going to tol­er­ate much hair manip­u­la­tion. Who has time to strug­gle with a baby/toddler every sin­gle day?


I think the baby’s hair is fine all that crap y’all put on your infant’s hair is too much any­way!


I agree all those bar­rettes beads etc looks ridicu­lous. The child looks fine she is in her night clothes. What the hell did some of these peo­ple expect?


I under­stand what peo­ple are say­ing about keep­ing your child pre­sentable while going out (I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly agree), but were they real­ly out? Or were they just cap­tured with the paparazzi? And who’s to say they Ivy didn’t leave the house with her hair down? I destroyed hair­styles when I was tod­dler. Let a baby be a baby and move on.

I don’t like the fact that they don’t do the babies hair. It’s not about it being per­fect or any­thing like that. Most aver­age joes and Josephine’s will not let their babies out the house look­ing like that. The fact that blues dad gets his hair cut on the reg­u­lar and bey gets her hair done on the reg­u­lar, both are always fit­ted up and cam­era ready, but the baby’s hair isn’t done more times than it is. I just think about all the knots and pain she prob­a­bly goes through when they let her hair go like this for… Read more »
Seri­ous­ly. What you’re indi­cat­ing is that she’s being neglect­ed, which is stu­pid. Mum­my and dad­dy are spend­ing all the mon­ey and time on them­selves, whilst poor baby is suf­fer­ing; being left to deal with mat­ted, uncar­ed for hair. Seri­ous­ly? Lol.  Doesn’t the fact that they have the mon­ey and resources yet Blue’s hair looks like this indi­cate that they’ve inten­tion­al­ly decid­ed to go down this route with Blue’s hair? Any par­ent who loves their child would not neglect them — they’ve clear­ly opt­ed for this look for a rea­son. Do peo­ple hon­est­ly believe they’ve just not cared about doing their child’s… Read more »

lol @ blue ivy rock­ing her one­sie while cruis­ing the seas.she is liv­ing THE life!!! She looks so much like her dad­dy and her fro is cute!!!
ps: Bey, I knew you would not rock the super short hair for too long. I could not pic­ture you being at a con­cert or a show and NOT WHIPPING your long hair left and right. lol I’m not mad. I like that short­ish hair too!!


Bey can do bet­ter than that, Blue Ivy’s hair looks a mess.

Seriously guys?
I under­stand every­one has the right to their own opin­ion but real­ly -_- she’s a baby with a cute baby fro. Why should Bey­once do her hair when the only things Blue has on her to-do list are to eat sleep and play? Espe­cial­ly on a boat. I under­stand the prob­lem with moms lookin like dimes while their kids are run­nin around in dirty socks and pam­pers but its bey­once.. She could be wayyyy more done up than she is. They both look like they’re going to have a relax­ing day on a boat in relax­ing out­fits. And I high­ly… Read more »

Thank you!


My baby’s hair isn’t always per­fect­ly defined. She’s a baby and doesn’t real­ly tol­er­ate peo­ple fuss­ing in her hair too much. Chil­dren don’t have to have styled hair in order to get on a damn boat.


babies with afros. Per­fect. what is there not to like? Oh look ^^ found some­thing

Trust me I am all for nat­ur­al hair, and I have no prob­lem any­one wear­ing their hair free. But I don’t care if you have type 1, 2, 3, 4, a, b, c or what­ev­er type hair. I like neat­ness. Even indige­nous peo­ple do their hair. I have nev­er tak­en my child out of the house look­ing unkempt. If you have time to put on make­up and those big behind shoes. Then you should have time to dress your child, and detangle\do their hair. Hate on my com­ment if you like but I can’t stand to see moms walk­ing around fly while… Read more »

Now I’m not a fan of this woman and her brand of “tal­ent” BUT I must sort of- kind of defend her here. 

ICDAM with the com­ments say­ing she neglect­ed the kids appear­ance but not hers, we must be look­ing at dif­fer­ent pic­tures b/c since when does poom-poom shorts, a tee shirt and mat­ted weave = dressed to the nines? Is it b/c of the heels? Is this what pass­es for “killing it” these days? Both moth­er and child’s hair are in the same state.

Crazy Beautiful
Have you judg­men­tal pricks stopped to con­sid­er that at that age some chil­dren hate hav­ing their hair done? I don’t usu­al­ly com­ment on these things but I can­not believe peo­ple would be mak­ing these kinds of com­ments. For those of you who have chil­dren I am sure your kids hair is not always neat­ly done but the dif­fer­ence is you don’t have cam­eras fol­low­ing you around. So the few friends you actu­al­ly have get to see posed pic­tures when the kids look­ing all neat and clean on you pathet­ic face­book pages. Then you feel you have the right to crit­i­cize… Read more »

‘Even indige­nous peo­ple’??

it’s a mat­ter of your own opin­ion, but i didn’t think her hair looks bad. every hair type is dif­fer­ent, and for all you know, maybe they DID spray some­thing on their child’s hair. it looks fine just the way it is, in my mind. my son has the kin­da hair that no mat­ter what you put on it, there is no def­i­n­i­tion of any kind and fur­ther, it’ll just end up dry-look­ing with­in min­utes of you apply­ing it. a large part of that though is because, being a two-year-old, he’s going to rub his hair up against some of… Read more »

How do you know she didn’t do her hair? Per­haps this is how Blue’s hair nat­u­ral­ly fell after being styled. Mum could have spritz it with the usu­al con­coc­tion in the morn­ing and this is the result. 

I think peo­ple are being too crit­i­cal. The baby’s hair is still grow­ing and find­ing itself. They are going on a bloody boat to chill! She doesn’t need to be all curled & defined. I’m sure bey­once knows what she’s doing, come on! Not to men­tion, look at the con­text; Blue’s in her night clothes. Maybe she just woke up.


Anon­Since87 — I thought the same thing also when I noticed she was still in paja­mas!


Very true.…I make sure my kids look bet­ter then me…they get all the compliments…id rather it be that way then the oth­er way round. ..chil­dren are a rep­re­sen­ta­tion if their par­ents. .well said


yeah, if she can afford to spend all that mon­ey on her hair­styles, then she can def­i­nite­ly afford a few dol­lars for her own kid…cute lit­tle twists with bar­rettes on the ends would be nice

OK!! I’ll be the first to say it here.…This child looks like she just rolled out­ta bed and her mom should have/could have packed a tiny spray bot­tle filled with WATER…a few spritz and fin­ger styling made easy and the cute coils would have been ready for what ever was going to go down. That’s what I do with my “bed head”..a few sprays from my trust­ed water bot­tle and I am on my way to my favorite style of the day. I even do this while on vaca­tion!. Just plain water works mir­a­cles and I would not have known… Read more »
Nappy4C Rocks

she’s a baby…geez!


but it’s not nec­es­sary. she’s. a. baby. she doesn’t need to look fan­cy or made up, and who said that pop­pin curls was some­how bet­ter than frizzy­ish curls? c’mon, already!


I don’t think it’s that seri­ous. She’s a baby, there are far more impor­tant things to be con­cerned with. She is let­ting Blue Ivey’s hair do what it does nat­u­ral­ly? What’s wrong with that? I think it looks fine just the way it is but at the end of the day, our approval is not impor­tant. Live and let live. Things don’t have to be that seri­ous, so nor­mal, so prop­er, jut let things be.


She’s a baby! Her hair shouldn’t have to be per­fect, or even neat­ly combed, every sec­ond of every day! I, for one, think that Blue Ivy looks adorable, “unkempt” hair and all!


Yup, let kids be kids.


I think people’s chil­dren should be off lim­its. I can’t stand when Fox­toons talk about the President’s chil­dren, it shouldn’t be any dif­fer­ent with Bey­once. Frankly, I don’t know what the big deal is any­ways. She’s a baby and so what? Do we talk this sh..t when Sarah Jes­si­ca Park­er is out with her chil­dren, does she get the same scruti­ny about her children’s hair? Peo­ple need to stop judg­ing and let oth­ers live their lives in peace. Leave the kids alone.


so much nerve.… smh… just a por­tion of what you said on the Sheryl Under­wood post “guess peo­ple like Under­wood will use any oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a joke..even if it means insult­ing black women/children who chose to remain “nat­ur­al” — youre just as guilty as Sheryl by say­ing any­thing about Baby Blue Ivy.…


gapch. You raised hell because peo­ple didn’t like Solanges hair. Then in your next breath defend­ed Sheryl Under­woods’ com­ments about nasty nat­ur­al hair.
You call peo­ple hyp­ocrites but I find that you just speak out against any­one that doesn’t have an opin­ion that suits your own.
We are not all one mind. Just because its nat­ur­al doesn’t mean every style or lack there of are we are all going to like.

I think you guys are not read­ing what gapch is say­ing. She is say­ing that black peo­ple get up upset when a black per­son makes fun of nat­ur­al hair to a white audi­ence (Sheryl Under­wood). How­ev­er, on this forum, near­ly every day, there is a black per­son say­ing to anoth­er black per­son that their nat­ur­al hair is “ugly”, “unkempt”, “unhealthy” because it is in its nat­ur­al state. Now think back to Sheryl Under­wood. What could have pos­si­bly made her hate her nat­ur­al hair and black fea­tures so much? I bet it was oth­er black peo­ple (fam­i­ly, friends, etc…) who told her… Read more »

thanks. appre­ci­ate it.


i haven’t said sheryl was right. but she doesn’t deserve the cru­ci­fi­ca­tion that she is get­ting. jmo. many peo­ple took com­ments too far. plus i under­stand how views are derived that dif­fer from mine in both cas­es. i have accept­ed dif­fer­ing respect­ful views in both cas­es.…

i dont require any­one to agree with me.… 

we’re all enti­tled to our opin­ions and i respect you although i dis­agree


smh.… every­one is going in on Sheryl Under­wood on the oth­er post for talk­ing about nat­ur­al hair and you have the nerve to talk about Baby Blue Ivy.… this is the type of hypocrisy i am talk­ing about. 

why are you mad? if her par­ents felt like her hair was appro­pri­ate enough for the day then why ques­tion it?


I thought Bey­once cut off her hair…? It’s not her usu­al long weave, but that’s not dra­mat­i­cal­ly short. And Ivy looks SO much like Jay-z lol


bey did­nt chop it it was a lace­front wig… but i like the bob on her as well!


yeah, she looks like dad, unfor­tu­nate­ly. bey’s hair was chopped…but I guess she can afford what­ev­er style she wants


she is just so adorable!! love queen b’s out­fit too!


What a charmed life… Lookin just like her dad­dy!


Every time I see her she looks more like Jay. I almost expect her to start spit­ting some bars. Lil’ Hova in the build­ing.