Blue Ivy’s Fro on Display in Spain


Well, Blue Ivy is quite the jet setter! She was seen boarding a yacht in Spain with her famous mom hours after the wrap of Jay-Z’s Made in America festival in Philadelphia. Blue Ivy’s tightly curly fro was on full display, and it’s refreshing to see that Mama Bey is letting the curls just be what they are!

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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212 thoughts on “Blue Ivy’s Fro on Display in Spain

  1. The issue is not that Blue is wearing her hair out or that she is not a celebrity so Bey shouldnt care how she looks. yes, she is a baby, so she can go out in some cute jammies and it be perfectly fine. The issu is just that her hair lacks decent grooming. If she is going for the dread look then fine but she is doing more damage by not at least finger coming her hair which will create knots that may be hard to detangle and harder on her hair. I am all for let the curls be what they will but the type of hair that her child has at least needs some detangling and then let the curls rest. She doesnt necessarily have to take a comb to it. It doesnt look healthy and looks unmoisturized. Blue is a cutie but if Bey is going for the let her hair do whatever look at least make sure it is well cared for then let it out wild and free. She literally looks like she does nothing, not even washes her hair.I am sure she does though.

    • Well said…exactly…my grandson has a good grain of hair and we just let it be when he is at home…however, if we are going out the house—you can bet your bottom dollar his hair is moisturized and my daughter run her had thru it just to shape it up….so let her wear it natural but come on Bey…moisturize it…you can afford it!

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