Well, Blue Ivy is quite the jet setter! She was seen boarding a yacht in Spain with her famous mom hours after the wrap of Jay-Z’s Made in America festival in Philadelphia. Blue Ivy’s tightly curly fro was on full display, and it’s refreshing to see that Mama Bey is letting the curls just be what they are!

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I think the baby is adorable, as a paranoid and clumsy mom, I’m scared of the shoes 🙁
Since the woman is known to dance and those type of heels, I’m sure she’s good lol


Chery Underwood’s comment was a joke people! To some it just wasn’t funny! And that fact that someone is saying Beyonce could had done something to baby Ivy hair, is fine with me, because you are right! But the fact is she didn’t, so that’s her choice. And when you make choices like that to not comb or look like you didn’t do anything to your child’s hair expect for comments to be made, especially when you are Beyonce & your hair is comb & looking fly!


it looks like Blue just woke from a nap – all babies hair (heck, even my fro!) looks a bit ‘unkempt’ after that. I think she is adorable – not too keen on Bey’s weave though. now THAT looks unkempt to me


it looks like Blue just woke from a nap – all babies hair (heck, even my fro!) looks a bit ‘unkempt’ after that. I think she is adorable – not too keen on Bey’s weave though. now THAT looks unkempt to me


You people are so damn shallow saying that Bey NEGLECTS her child because she wants to let the child’s hair be. Have you ever considered that babies don’t like being manipulated, especially their hair? Babies just like to play. I know you all like to manipulate your curls to some 3a looking texture, but this family obviously sees that the happiness and comfort of the child is more important than looking neat and proper for the sharks (paparazzi, you shallow people, etc…).

Nappy4C Rocks

“manipulate curls to some 3a texture” hahaha so TRUE! and they ain’t gonna stop either…sad


If Jay Z and Beyonce are going to look fabulous all the time they should do the same with Blue Ivy. She is just a baby, I understand that, but don’t dress yourself like gold and then forget to dress the baby in the morning. Honestly, I think these pictures show that Beyonce would have NO idea how to do her own hair or dress herself without her entourage of stylist. Your children/family are a reflection of yourself.


i would have been so impressed if my mother could tote me around while at the same time wearing like…what are those, 6 inch heels?!? that’s incredible! and up an incline, too?!?!?!!?!?


I have a 2 year old and her hair is crazy curly. Yes I like it when her hairs all neat but that’s almost impossible. I won’t battle making twists or plaits every day (doesn’t last longer then that) and besides she doesn’t even like it. As long as her hairs healthy, and I believe in low manipulation so why not


There is nothing wrong with this childs hair. My son has hair similar to this, i detangle in the bathtub and moisturize after he gets out and leave it at that. Sometimes I twist it but I mostly just let it fly free and there is nothing wrong with that. Plus They are babies they aren’t going to tolerate much hair manipulation. Who has time to struggle with a baby/toddler every single day?


I think the baby’s hair is fine all that crap y’all put on your infant’s hair is too much anyway!


I agree all those barrettes beads etc looks ridiculous. The child looks fine she is in her night clothes. What the hell did some of these people expect?


I understand what people are saying about keeping your child presentable while going out (I don’t necessarily agree), but were they really out? Or were they just captured with the paparazzi? And who’s to say they Ivy didn’t leave the house with her hair down? I destroyed hairstyles when I was toddler. Let a baby be a baby and move on.

I don’t like the fact that they don’t do the babies hair. It’s not about it being perfect or anything like that. Most average joes and Josephine’s will not let their babies out the house looking like that. The fact that blues dad gets his hair cut on the regular and bey gets her hair done on the regular, both are always fitted up and camera ready, but the baby’s hair isn’t done more times than it is. I just think about all the knots and pain she probably goes through when they let her hair go like this for… Read more »
Seriously. What you’re indicating is that she’s being neglected, which is stupid. Mummy and daddy are spending all the money and time on themselves, whilst poor baby is suffering; being left to deal with matted, uncared for hair. Seriously? Lol. Doesn’t the fact that they have the money and resources yet Blue’s hair looks like this indicate that they’ve intentionally decided to go down this route with Blue’s hair? Any parent who loves their child would not neglect them – they’ve clearly opted for this look for a reason. Do people honestly believe they’ve just not cared about doing their… Read more »

lol @ blue ivy rocking her onesie while cruising the seas.she is living THE life!!! She looks so much like her daddy and her fro is cute!!!
ps: Bey, I knew you would not rock the super short hair for too long. I could not picture you being at a concert or a show and NOT WHIPPING your long hair left and right. lol I’m not mad. I like that shortish hair too!!


Bey can do better than that, Blue Ivy’s hair looks a mess.

Seriously guys?
I understand everyone has the right to their own opinion but really -_- she’s a baby with a cute baby fro. Why should Beyonce do her hair when the only things Blue has on her to-do list are to eat sleep and play? Especially on a boat. I understand the problem with moms lookin like dimes while their kids are runnin around in dirty socks and pampers but its beyonce.. She could be wayyyy more done up than she is. They both look like they’re going to have a relaxing day on a boat in relaxing outfits. And I highly… Read more »

Thank you!


My baby’s hair isn’t always perfectly defined. She’s a baby and doesn’t really tolerate people fussing in her hair too much. Children don’t have to have styled hair in order to get on a damn boat.


babies with afros. Perfect. what is there not to like? Oh look ^^ found something

Trust me I am all for natural hair, and I have no problem anyone wearing their hair free. But I don’t care if you have type 1, 2, 3, 4, a, b, c or whatever type hair. I like neatness. Even indigenous people do their hair. I have never taken my child out of the house looking unkempt. If you have time to put on makeup and those big behind shoes. Then you should have time to dress your child, and detangle\do their hair. Hate on my comment if you like but I can’t stand to see moms walking around… Read more »

Now I’m not a fan of this woman and her brand of “talent” BUT I must sort of- kind of defend her here.

ICDAM with the comments saying she neglected the kids appearance but not hers, we must be looking at different pictures b/c since when does poom-poom shorts, a tee shirt and matted weave = dressed to the nines? Is it b/c of the heels? Is this what passes for “killing it” these days? Both mother and child’s hair are in the same state.

Crazy Beautiful
Have you judgmental pricks stopped to consider that at that age some children hate having their hair done? I don’t usually comment on these things but I cannot believe people would be making these kinds of comments. For those of you who have children I am sure your kids hair is not always neatly done but the difference is you don’t have cameras following you around. So the few friends you actually have get to see posed pictures when the kids looking all neat and clean on you pathetic facebook pages. Then you feel you have the right to criticize… Read more »

‘Even indigenous people’??

it’s a matter of your own opinion, but i didn’t think her hair looks bad. every hair type is different, and for all you know, maybe they DID spray something on their child’s hair. it looks fine just the way it is, in my mind. my son has the kinda hair that no matter what you put on it, there is no definition of any kind and further, it’ll just end up dry-looking within minutes of you applying it. a large part of that though is because, being a two-year-old, he’s going to rub his hair up against some of… Read more »

How do you know she didn’t do her hair? Perhaps this is how Blue’s hair naturally fell after being styled. Mum could have spritz it with the usual concoction in the morning and this is the result.

I think people are being too critical. The baby’s hair is still growing and finding itself. They are going on a bloody boat to chill! She doesn’t need to be all curled & defined. I’m sure beyonce knows what she’s doing, come on! Not to mention, look at the context; Blue’s in her night clothes. Maybe she just woke up.


AnonSince87 – I thought the same thing also when I noticed she was still in pajamas!


Very true….I make sure my kids look better then me…they get all the compliments…id rather it be that way then the other way round. ..children are a representation if their parents. .well said


yeah, if she can afford to spend all that money on her hairstyles, then she can definitely afford a few dollars for her own kid…cute little twists with barrettes on the ends would be nice

OK!! I’ll be the first to say it here….This child looks like she just rolled outta bed and her mom should have/could have packed a tiny spray bottle filled with WATER…a few spritz and finger styling made easy and the cute coils would have been ready for what ever was going to go down. That’s what I do with my “bed head”..a few sprays from my trusted water bottle and I am on my way to my favorite style of the day. I even do this while on vacation!. Just plain water works miracles and I would not have known… Read more »
Nappy4C Rocks

she’s a baby…geez!


but it’s not necessary. she’s. a. baby. she doesn’t need to look fancy or made up, and who said that poppin curls was somehow better than frizzyish curls? c’mon, already!


I don’t think it’s that serious. She’s a baby, there are far more important things to be concerned with. She is letting Blue Ivey’s hair do what it does naturally? What’s wrong with that? I think it looks fine just the way it is but at the end of the day, our approval is not important. Live and let live. Things don’t have to be that serious, so normal, so proper, jut let things be.


She’s a baby! Her hair shouldn’t have to be perfect, or even neatly combed, every second of every day! I, for one, think that Blue Ivy looks adorable, “unkempt” hair and all!


Yup, let kids be kids.


I think people’s children should be off limits. I can’t stand when Foxtoons talk about the President’s children, it shouldn’t be any different with Beyonce. Frankly, I don’t know what the big deal is anyways. She’s a baby and so what? Do we talk this sh..t when Sarah Jessica Parker is out with her children, does she get the same scrutiny about her children’s hair? People need to stop judging and let others live their lives in peace. Leave the kids alone.


so much nerve…. smh… just a portion of what you said on the Sheryl Underwood post “guess people like Underwood will use any opportunity to make a joke..even if it means insulting black women/children who chose to remain “natural” – youre just as guilty as Sheryl by saying anything about Baby Blue Ivy….


gapch. You raised hell because people didn’t like Solanges hair. Then in your next breath defended Sheryl Underwoods’ comments about nasty natural hair.
You call people hypocrites but I find that you just speak out against anyone that doesn’t have an opinion that suits your own.
We are not all one mind. Just because its natural doesn’t mean every style or lack there of are we are all going to like.

I think you guys are not reading what gapch is saying. She is saying that black people get up upset when a black person makes fun of natural hair to a white audience (Sheryl Underwood). However, on this forum, nearly every day, there is a black person saying to another black person that their natural hair is “ugly”, “unkempt”, “unhealthy” because it is in its natural state. Now think back to Sheryl Underwood. What could have possibly made her hate her natural hair and black features so much? I bet it was other black people (family, friends, etc…) who told… Read more »

thanks. appreciate it.


i haven’t said sheryl was right. but she doesn’t deserve the crucification that she is getting. jmo. many people took comments too far. plus i understand how views are derived that differ from mine in both cases. i have accepted differing respectful views in both cases….

i dont require anyone to agree with me….

we’re all entitled to our opinions and i respect you although i disagree


smh…. everyone is going in on Sheryl Underwood on the other post for talking about natural hair and you have the nerve to talk about Baby Blue Ivy…. this is the type of hypocrisy i am talking about.

why are you mad? if her parents felt like her hair was appropriate enough for the day then why question it?


I thought Beyonce cut off her hair…? It’s not her usual long weave, but that’s not dramatically short. And Ivy looks SO much like Jay-z lol


bey didnt chop it it was a lacefront wig… but i like the bob on her as well!


yeah, she looks like dad, unfortunately. bey’s hair was chopped…but I guess she can afford whatever style she wants


she is just so adorable!! love queen b’s outfit too!


What a charmed life… Lookin just like her daddy!


Every time I see her she looks more like Jay. I almost expect her to start spitting some bars. Lil’ Hova in the building.