Keke Palmer posted an adorable natural hair selfie on Instagram with the caption

Close ya mouth guh! ???? #rockinmyfro!!!


Click here for our last Keke Palmer natural hair sighting.

And Wendy Williams got in on Throwback Thursday with a photo of her 5th grade hair.


She posted with the caption

#Tbt My 5th grade school photo and real hair! I want to see your #WendyTBT photo! Did you recently lose a lot of weight and want the world to see the new you? Did your mom put you in a ridiculous outfit for your school photo? Upload your before and after photo and use the hashtag #WendyTBT and I just might show it on the air!

This is not the first time that the talk show queen has revealed her childhood real hair.

In an interview with blogger Nicole Bitchie, Williams shared that she began wearing wigs when her hair started thinning from a thyroid disorder. But she rattled nerves when she went on to say that “natural is for personalities, not hair”. Yikes.

Ladies, what do you think of the selfies?

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Ok, it’s settled! Wendy is a MALE! I’m sorry..that is a boy on that school picture. I’m no longer interested in the hair, I can’t get passed the CLEARLY male features.


lmfao…. thats messed up but i cant help it…


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Wow Wendy looks so different, I would have never guessed that was her. I don’t want to seem mean but she looks kind of masculine.


I don’t think the point of her showing this pic was because of her “natural” hair…it was just a throwback picture

I can’t say anything negative about Wendy Williams because I never really paid her any attention; I just don’t find her interesting to be honest. However, I can say that I find it desperate and ignorant to post pictures of your childhood photos to prove a point; whether it be for hair, size or both. One time maybe, but constantly doing so comes off as you being an insecure woman. I have natural curly hair but with me being of mixed race and having silky strands, I can’t truly identify with my kinky haired sisters. But what I can say… Read more »

wendys just jealous cause she cant grow her own hair


It’s nice to see KeKe posted a picture of her natural self as she is today in the year 2013 as opposed to say 1973 but then again she wasn’t born yet. Seeing celebs post pics of their natural hair is great but it would great if we could see more of them rocking their natural hair on the red carpet or pushing to have their characters have natural hair, hiding in your bathroom posting selfies is one thing but not stepping foot outside your door without weave is another thing entirely.

Think Like Linda

I agree, I go out now without wigs with my transitioning locks and am just happy being a transitioner. And yes most celebrities are posting pics of their natural hair but, like you said, they need to come out to the red carpet and represent! lol


I see your point but for high profile celebrities who have to look exemplary on camera, during interviews, events, etc., keeping their natural hair out may be too much manipulation. I love may natural hair and haven’t straightened my hair in over a year. But if I was on tv, I would be weaved up on day one. Better the stylists destroy someone else’s hair trying to get the perfect look. I’d hide my hair and continue to nurture it under the weave.


That’s a ridiculous response. What part of that grabbed 27 people to like it? This is why black women feel they can’t wear their hair to work and formal events, because they think it needs to manipulated and mouldy into something straighter and more Caucasian. No – my hair is acceptable in every circumstance, because it’s my hair.


I can’t believe this nonsense received 27 likes :/ ‘We’s black folks need help’ … Ugh!


I can’t believe this nonsense received 27 likes :/ ‘We’s black folks need help’ … Ugh!


I guess I don’t agree that the need to “look exemplary on camera, during interviews, events, etc” means you have to wear straight hair. Somehow white women can wear their hair curly and nobody says anything about it but a black woman with curly hair can’t be seen outside the bathroom walls?
If you’re an actress getting paid to play a character with straight hair that’s one thing but Rihanna can show up at an awards ceremony in ripped jeans and not even bother to take out her hair pins yet a twistout is out of the question?

Okay my sisters in hair! There is an elephant in the room and I’m going to point that out because that is what I do. I do have an issue with Wendy Williams and no longer watch her show or indulge in ANYTHING Wendy. Sidebar: i am not the captain of team afro. I frankly do not care what other black women do with their hair. We have since time began, if you look at ancient art and read the histories and listen to the elders, straightened and/or arranged our hair by various means. We have wigged, weaved, cut, shaved,… Read more »



Well said


Keke looks cute and natural with her afro and even without make up.


Keke palmer looks awesome in that picture and i LOVE her fro,i would love to see her rock it more often

themanecaptain (natural hair+skin care)

keke’s hair is amazing. but Wendy’s childhood hair looks straightened!
Besides, this site is called “Black girl long hair” not “Black girl, Natural hair”
I agree with what Jc has to say.


i hope no one would be shocked that wendy’s philosophy on hair is what was quoted above. i actually chuckled at that, thinking of all her extreme hair hats but eh. her hair was pretty, though. and keke’s looks great.


Every time Wendy Williams reveals a “throwback” natural hair photo, I’m convinced the bitch is currently bald.

Starr Forbes

I still think Wendy Williams was Wendell Williams and that this photo is a fake attempt at shim trying to prove he was/is a female. If it were a photo of a female Wendy Williams, then why does she insist on wearing wigs all the time? PLEASE!! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well idk if we can go on a limb and say that just cuz a woman wears wigs all the time they must needs be a man underneath, if i’m reading you correctly. plenty of men have long, luscious hair that’s all their own, as hair is hair no matter your sex. i think she wigs it up because she doesn’t like natural hair plain and simple. hence her comment, but also, too, celebrities in general seem to have an issue with wearing their hair out, be it straight or curly (well, black celebs anyway).

Lol “Wendell Williams” hahhahahaha! I nearly peed my pants! That is sooo wrong! But anyway, I think “Wendy” is trying to show the world that she DID have long hair. Many Black people do this, they show their long hair as a child, but don’t have any thing on top now but a few wisps. I have never heard her say much about natural hair, but she sure does love looking like a tranny. BTW if the pic is real *wink* well that was when YOU were a child Wendy, and it’s probably a fake photo, considering what technology can… Read more »

Wow at the transphobia in both of these comments. I couldn’t give less of a hoot about Wendy Williams, but what is this judgment on her femninity? Are all women supposed to have delicate features? I would suppose you’d both answer’yes’, and be that the case, I’d like to ask you both about your opinions on men with delicate features. Are all babyfaced men secretly women?

Furthermore, even if Wendy Williams was trans, what of it? Would that somehow make her less human?

Ebony Beauty

A LOT of people think Wendy Williams is really a man including me. Something just doesn’t seem right. And just because someone feels like she’s a man so what? No one said she’s less human. It’s just an observation and a matter of opinion. And btw call it ‘transphobia’ or whatever else I still think she was probably born a man.


Keke looks adorable!

No words for Wendy.


Since she was so quickly posted about last time, anyone wanna talk about how Beyonce ran back to her 24” blonde yaki faster than Usain Bolt at a track meet????+

Knotty Natural

Did you really think it would last?


i thought i was the only one who noticed?! the pixie cut grew every passing week!
Similarly, after Tia Mowry-Hardict big chopped she emerged a couple week later with long hair extensions….

neither of these women “big chopped” everyone who gets a hair cut is not “big chopping” the blogs claims Beyonce, Tia, Alicia Keys and every other black women who has gotten a hair cut as “big chopping” when its just not so. unless the celebrity herself has been quoted as say “I big chopped and am repping for the natural hair team” then the blogs shouldn’t claim them as such. Tia changes her hair for work and she has posted photos on twitter over the months with her hair still short and curly while out with friends and family. alicia… Read more »

i am in agreement. it’s not always a big chop.


Beyonce wrote a song dedicated to haters like you its called “I Can’t Take No More”


Thank you!!! I have noticed complete silence from all the blogs about this…what gives?? She couldn’t manage with her ‘life changing/I was sending out the wrong message’ big chop???

Nappy Queen

Keke Palmer looks so beautiful! I love her hair and hope she has the chance top rock her natural in a video or movie sometime soon.

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@toyabg true life is stranger than fiction. Please consider it a lesson learned…move on smartly…I hope it gets better for you!


It is true black natural hair is NOT ugly, dirty, nasty, unkempt, or hard to work with. Whether you. Are star, a celebrity, or a average joe, don’t put me down because I chose to wear it natural and you don’t. #stoptheputdownsasap


It saddens (with some degree of anger and frustration too) that many black women or most the black race still see Euro standards as “beauty” and put down natural black hair. A lot of it is ignorance and a mind set that straight and wavy is prettier and better. We need to STOP, respect the choice, and stop putting each other down along with our natural hair. #doubutdon’tputmedown4wearingmynaturalhair WAKE UP!


how are these people considered natural celebrities/same caliber of yaya, Janelle monae when you only see the occasional flash of natural hair for a self publicized moment. I just think this isn’t the forum for such.


Um, then by your logic, I would then ask how are some non-celebrity women considered “naturals” when they frequently wear weaves, wigs or extensions (even kinky twists or braids).

It’s a slippery slope you’re on there…

Amma Mama

I love Keke Palmer, she is so pretty! I’m excited to see her as Chili in the upcoming TLC biopic.


I didn’t know that was Wendy Williams. She looks nothing like her childhood pic to me. Perhaps if I saw her without makeup I’d be able to see it. *Shrugs*


Look at a pic of her son. You see him all in that picture of her.


I know right, upon looking at this picture I thought it was her son Kevin with long hair lol…. He is the splitting image of her :).


How about they rock their natural hair on the red carpet?!

I completely agree with you on that note. If Janelle Monae and Solange can rock their hair, I don’t see why others can’t. I don’t buy the argument that its about protecting your hair from this and that. These celebs have access to top-of-the-line stylists and high-end products while your average natural is scoping out forums for tips and browsing Trader Joe’s aisles. I really think its about presenting themselves as an “acceptable,” universal brand that they think appeals to everyone, especially when crossing over to the mainstream (a.k.a., non blacks). Or perhaps they’ve been brainwashed to believe that their… Read more »

Natalia,absolutely well said. When someone like Viola Davis wears her hair natural on the red carpet, as she did, when she was nominated in, “The Help” she created so much conversation. What a smart move by her. IT was great to see because it does send the message that not only do we accept ourselves but that our natural hair is acceptable. It is inspiring to see so many beautiful Black women wearing their hair ~big, natural and beautiful.


When Viola Davis rocked natural hair on a red carpet, Wendy said it was not professional or right for the occasion. She is mid to late forties, so the self-loathing is likely to continue. Why expand her platform?

Cece Danielle

I could care less about Wendy Williams. She continually bashes natural hair and then she shows a pic of her having natural hair when she was younger. What gives?


Keke is gorgeous!!

I swear, every time I want to like Wendy, she always has to say something to ruin it, always gotta take it too far, sheesh.


This is SOOOOO TRUE!! I’ll just be into her show and then she says something stupid, and I’m like “what a B****” (sorry for the use of language). Then I have switch the channel…but what gets to me the most is that one week she’ll be saying some really mean things about a “celebrity” but then she invites them on the show and it’s all rainbows and smiles. I know it’s just business but I feel as though Wendy is the definition of backstabbing…maybe I’m being over the top but hey..*shrugs* “how you doing!?” *rolls eyes*….


love keke. she looks young and fresh. an afro is my favorite style. love wendy as well. she has made so many strides in radio and tv and is a real shero. current day real hair or not she is still a glass ceiling breaker and has opened doors for black people women…

J. Nicole
As soon as I saw the image of Wendy Williams’ childhood pic on my Facebook time line, I knew the photo would become the catalyst of a blog post for some natural hair site; and also knew this one would do it. I don’t see the point of profiling celebs who have spoken negatively about natural hair. I get it, I blog, I understand page hits but at what point do you let your content speak for itself? I have no problem w/ Keke Palmer since she has embraced natural hair & knows variety is a good thing. You don’t… Read more »



I agree that her pic should not be included that SHE (Wendy) should not be included. However, I don’t recall Wendy making and negative comments about natural hair. All I have heard her say is that its not for her, and that’s not negative or positive its just a statement. But I agree her pic of her as child should not be included.


I remember on one episode, she said that natural hair doesn’t look good on everyone. Another, she told a white woman that she ( the white woman) has good hair.


I have to side with @ J.Nicole – I understand BGLH wanting to chronicle Black hair happenings, but repeat offenders like her don’t even deserve to be mentioned anywhere on this site or others like it. I see enough of people dogging us out everywhere else on the web or life in general, I don’t care to see that kind of foolishness here. Still really appreciate this site though – it’s doing a really good thing in the Black community.

The Natural Haven
I completely agree with J Nicole too but I think that rather than BGLH performing the censorship, we as readers need to do that. I never ever click on the celebrity sighting articles here on BGLH, I actually ended up on this one because Keke’s pic was on the trending section (I actually do not know who Keke is……..I thought it would be a style icon feature). It would be great if we could eliminate people like Wendy Williams from the discussion but sadly they are part of the world we leave in and the current world we are in… Read more »

I agree with you J. Nicole AND I feel like I was misled to click on the link only to see a picture of Wendy Williams when she was a young girl; I don’t think that counts! Plus, Wendy is always talking about her hair under that wig but she never wears it – well I say shut up, then, Wendy, until you decide to take that damn wig off!


You said that you blog, so do you like when others tell you what to put on your site? Sorry to sound argumentative but you don’t have to attack the blog itself (i.e. the page hits comment) Why not just talk about your issues with Wendy?

J. Nicole

To answer your question as simple as possible; it would be silly to have a public platform, or write into one & expect everyone to agree with me. So it doesn’t bother me if someone makes a suggestion. How am I attacking this blog but pointing out the obvious? I’m not. I have no “issues” with Wendy Williams, in fact all I had to say about it & her was pretty much clear in my comment.


Perhaps, it’s to get keep her on her toes. Ignorance is real and by giving in to the ignorance, you help perpetuate it. In this case, by not letting society know Ms. Williams feel about something that is natural, is confirming that it’s okay to judge everyone by western beauty standards. If we want people to embrace what naturally grows out of their hair, it’s perfectly fine to let others know who perpetuates ugly beauty myths.