Real Hair Selfies: Keke Palmer and Wendy Williams

Keke Palmer posted an adorable natural hair selfie on Instagram with the caption

Close ya mouth guh! ???? #rockinmyfro!!!


Click here for our last Keke Palmer natural hair sighting.

And Wendy Williams got in on Throwback Thursday with a photo of her 5th grade hair.


She posted with the caption

#Tbt My 5th grade school photo and real hair! I want to see your #WendyTBT photo! Did you recently lose a lot of weight and want the world to see the new you? Did your mom put you in a ridiculous outfit for your school photo? Upload your before and after photo and use the hashtag #WendyTBT and I just might show it on the air!

This is not the first time that the talk show queen has revealed her childhood real hair.

In an interview with blogger Nicole Bitchie, Williams shared that she began wearing wigs when her hair started thinning from a thyroid disorder. But she rattled nerves when she went on to say that “natural is for personalities, not hair”. Yikes.

Ladies, what do you think of the selfies?

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69 thoughts on “Real Hair Selfies: Keke Palmer and Wendy Williams

  1. Okay my sisters in hair! There is an elephant in the room and I’m going to point that out because that is what I do. I do have an issue with Wendy Williams and no longer watch her show or indulge in ANYTHING Wendy. Sidebar: i am not the captain of team afro. I frankly do not care what other black women do with their hair. We have since time began, if you look at ancient art and read the histories and listen to the elders, straightened and/or arranged our hair by various means. We have wigged, weaved, cut, shaved, colored, twisted, braided, locked and whatever else came to mind,’done’ our hair for reasons of hygiene and beauty and status, etc. for EONS. However, living in a society with open disdain for our natural features has not been easy for any of us, some have had more difficulty than others but we have all been rebuked and scorned for our black looks. Getting past that disdain and rejection continues to be a struggle, but not without its own special rewards, too. (Please visit a “ghetto” school wearing your natural hair. Give our girls a boost! You’ll see it in their eyes, I promise you.) That said, Wendy Williams said on national television before her usual audience: “Viola Davis should not be on the red carpet with that hair…it’s not red carpet hair.” I do have an issue with any black woman or any woman period who insults a woman of such sterling character and talent, and who took tremendous risks to come out of the wig, chop the dead hair off and go with the tiny afro, which in my view was perfectly groomed and glammed up with color to match the occasion. Actually, ladies it is not I with the issues, it is she. dot. com. period. Meanwhile, back at the ranch I’ll be inclined to forgive (but never forget) this level of malice when I see (or hear about) Viola Davis, Solange Knowles, Chrisette Michelle and a host of other super talented black women rocking the fro on the WW show. WW–that’s your girl? Get her some help.

  2. It’s nice to see KeKe posted a picture of her natural self as she is today in the year 2013 as opposed to say 1973 but then again she wasn’t born yet. Seeing celebs post pics of their natural hair is great but it would great if we could see more of them rocking their natural hair on the red carpet or pushing to have their characters have natural hair, hiding in your bathroom posting selfies is one thing but not stepping foot outside your door without weave is another thing entirely.

    • I see your point but for high profile celebrities who have to look exemplary on camera, during interviews, events, etc., keeping their natural hair out may be too much manipulation. I love may natural hair and haven’t straightened my hair in over a year. But if I was on tv, I would be weaved up on day one. Better the stylists destroy someone else’s hair trying to get the perfect look. I’d hide my hair and continue to nurture it under the weave.

      • I guess I don’t agree that the need to “look exemplary on camera, during interviews, events, etc” means you have to wear straight hair. Somehow white women can wear their hair curly and nobody says anything about it but a black woman with curly hair can’t be seen outside the bathroom walls?
        If you’re an actress getting paid to play a character with straight hair that’s one thing but Rihanna can show up at an awards ceremony in ripped jeans and not even bother to take out her hair pins yet a twistout is out of the question?

      • That’s a ridiculous response. What part of that grabbed 27 people to like it? This is why black women feel they can’t wear their hair to work and formal events, because they think it needs to manipulated and mouldy into something straighter and more Caucasian. No – my hair is acceptable in every circumstance, because it’s my hair.

    • I agree, I go out now without wigs with my transitioning locks and am just happy being a transitioner. And yes most celebrities are posting pics of their natural hair but, like you said, they need to come out to the red carpet and represent! lol

  3. I can’t say anything negative about Wendy Williams because I never really paid her any attention; I just don’t find her interesting to be honest. However, I can say that I find it desperate and ignorant to post pictures of your childhood photos to prove a point; whether it be for hair, size or both. One time maybe, but constantly doing so comes off as you being an insecure woman. I have natural curly hair but with me being of mixed race and having silky strands, I can’t truly identify with my kinky haired sisters. But what I can say is that I hate to see a woman posting pics of her natural hair to prove a point. If you truly are proud to be natural or truly glorify your hair then it ought to be seen, not heard! Protective styles are important to maintain healthy hair but it also requires letting your hair breathe for a short period. How many celebrity black women you know..that are proud to be natural and wear protective styles, show up in public with it out?? These celebrity women claim to embrace their natural textures.. yet show pics of their hair in an unnatural state every couple of years. I don’t understand.. Are you doing it to show you embrace your heritage or true beauty? If so, it should be seen more often. Or are you doing it to pretend your almost perfect with no flaws?? If so, your pathetic and sadly sadly insecure.

  4. Wow Wendy looks so different, I would have never guessed that was her. I don’t want to seem mean but she looks kind of masculine.

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  6. Ok, it’s settled! Wendy is a MALE! I’m sorry..that is a boy on that school picture. I’m no longer interested in the hair, I can’t get passed the CLEARLY male features.

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