Keke Palmer post­ed an adorable nat­ur­al hair self­ie on Insta­gram with the cap­tion

Close ya mouth guh! ???? #rock­in­myfro!!!


Click here for our last Keke Palmer nat­ur­al hair sight­ing.

And Wendy Williams got in on Throw­back Thurs­day with a pho­to of her 5th grade hair.


She post­ed with the cap­tion

#Tbt My 5th grade school pho­to and real hair! I want to see your #WendyTBT pho­to! Did you recent­ly lose a lot of weight and want the world to see the new you? Did your mom put you in a ridicu­lous out­fit for your school pho­to? Upload your before and after pho­to and use the hash­tag #WendyTBT and I just might show it on the air! 

This is not the first time that the talk show queen has revealed her child­hood real hair. 

In an inter­view with blog­ger Nicole Bitchie, Williams shared that she began wear­ing wigs when her hair start­ed thin­ning from a thy­roid dis­or­der. But she rat­tled nerves when she went on to say that “nat­ur­al is for per­son­al­i­ties, not hair”. Yikes.

Ladies, what do you think of the self­ies?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Ok, it’s set­tled! Wendy is a MALE! I’m sorry..that is a boy on that school pic­ture. I’m no longer inter­est­ed in the hair, I can’t get passed the CLEARLY male fea­tures.


lmfao.… thats messed up but i cant help it…


[…] Real hair self­ies: keke palmer and wendy williams | black […]


Wow Wendy looks so dif­fer­ent, I would have nev­er guessed that was her. I don’t want to seem mean but she looks kind of mas­cu­line.


I don’t think the point of her show­ing this pic was because of her “nat­ur­al” hair…it was just a throw­back pic­ture

I can’t say any­thing neg­a­tive about Wendy Williams because I nev­er real­ly paid her any atten­tion; I just don’t find her inter­est­ing to be hon­est. How­ev­er, I can say that I find it des­per­ate and igno­rant to post pic­tures of your child­hood pho­tos to prove a point; whether it be for hair, size or both. One time maybe, but con­stant­ly doing so comes off as you being an inse­cure woman. I have nat­ur­al curly hair but with me being of mixed race and hav­ing silky strands, I can’t tru­ly iden­ti­fy with my kinky haired sis­ters. But what I can say… Read more »

wendys just jeal­ous cause she cant grow her own hair


It’s nice to see KeKe post­ed a pic­ture of her nat­ur­al self as she is today in the year 2013 as opposed to say 1973 but then again she wasn’t born yet. See­ing celebs post pics of their nat­ur­al hair is great but it would great if we could see more of them rock­ing their nat­ur­al hair on the red car­pet or push­ing to have their char­ac­ters have nat­ur­al hair, hid­ing in your bath­room post­ing self­ies is one thing but not step­ping foot out­side your door with­out weave is anoth­er thing entire­ly.

Think Like Linda

I agree, I go out now with­out wigs with my tran­si­tion­ing locks and am just hap­py being a tran­si­tion­er. And yes most celebri­ties are post­ing pics of their nat­ur­al hair but, like you said, they need to come out to the red car­pet and rep­re­sent! lol


I see your point but for high pro­file celebri­ties who have to look exem­plary on cam­era, dur­ing inter­views, events, etc., keep­ing their nat­ur­al hair out may be too much manip­u­la­tion. I love may nat­ur­al hair and haven’t straight­ened my hair in over a year. But if I was on tv, I would be weaved up on day one. Bet­ter the styl­ists destroy some­one else’s hair try­ing to get the per­fect look. I’d hide my hair and con­tin­ue to nur­ture it under the weave.


That’s a ridicu­lous response. What part of that grabbed 27 peo­ple to like it? This is why black women feel they can’t wear their hair to work and for­mal events, because they think it needs to manip­u­lat­ed and mouldy into some­thing straighter and more Cau­casian. No — my hair is accept­able in every cir­cum­stance, because it’s my hair.


I can’t believe this non­sense received 27 likes :/ ‘We’s black folks need help’ … Ugh!


I can’t believe this non­sense received 27 likes :/ ‘We’s black folks need help’ … Ugh!


I guess I don’t agree that the need to “look exem­plary on cam­era, dur­ing inter­views, events, etc” means you have to wear straight hair. Some­how white women can wear their hair curly and nobody says any­thing about it but a black woman with curly hair can’t be seen out­side the bath­room walls?
If you’re an actress get­ting paid to play a char­ac­ter with straight hair that’s one thing but Rihan­na can show up at an awards cer­e­mo­ny in ripped jeans and not even both­er to take out her hair pins yet a twistout is out of the ques­tion?

Okay my sis­ters in hair! There is an ele­phant in the room and I’m going to point that out because that is what I do. I do have an issue with Wendy Williams and no longer watch her show or indulge in ANYTHING Wendy. Side­bar: i am not the cap­tain of team afro. I frankly do not care what oth­er black women do with their hair. We have since time began, if you look at ancient art and read the his­to­ries and lis­ten to the elders, straight­ened and/or arranged our hair by var­i­ous means. We have wigged, weaved, cut, shaved,… Read more »



Well said


Keke looks cute and nat­ur­al with her afro and even with­out make up.


Keke palmer looks awe­some in that pic­ture and i LOVE her fro,i would love to see her rock it more often

themanecaptain (natural hair+skin care)

keke’s hair is amaz­ing. but Wendy’s child­hood hair looks straight­ened!
Besides, this site is called “Black girl long hair” not “Black girl, Nat­ur­al hair”
I agree with what Jc has to say.


i hope no one would be shocked that wendy’s phi­los­o­phy on hair is what was quot­ed above. i actu­al­ly chuck­led at that, think­ing of all her extreme hair hats but eh. her hair was pret­ty, though. and keke’s looks great.


Every time Wendy Williams reveals a “throw­back” nat­ur­al hair pho­to, I’m con­vinced the bitch is cur­rent­ly bald.

Starr Forbes

I still think Wendy Williams was Wen­dell Williams and that this pho­to is a fake attempt at shim try­ing to prove he was/is a female. If it were a pho­to of a female Wendy Williams, then why does she insist on wear­ing wigs all the time? PLEASE!! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well idk if we can go on a limb and say that just cuz a woman wears wigs all the time they must needs be a man under­neath, if i’m read­ing you cor­rect­ly. plen­ty of men have long, lus­cious hair that’s all their own, as hair is hair no mat­ter your sex. i think she wigs it up because she doesn’t like nat­ur­al hair plain and sim­ple. hence her com­ment, but also, too, celebri­ties in gen­er­al seem to have an issue with wear­ing their hair out, be it straight or curly (well, black celebs any­way).

Lol “Wen­dell Williams” hah­ha­ha­ha­ha! I near­ly peed my pants! That is sooo wrong! But any­way, I think “Wendy” is try­ing to show the world that she DID have long hair. Many Black peo­ple do this, they show their long hair as a child, but don’t have any thing on top now but a few wisps. I have nev­er heard her say much about nat­ur­al hair, but she sure does love look­ing like a tran­ny. BTW if the pic is real *wink* well that was when YOU were a child Wendy, and it’s prob­a­bly a fake pho­to, con­sid­er­ing what tech­nol­o­gy can do… Read more »

Wow at the trans­pho­bia in both of these com­ments. I couldn’t give less of a hoot about Wendy Williams, but what is this judg­ment on her femnin­i­ty? Are all women sup­posed to have del­i­cate fea­tures? I would sup­pose you’d both answer’yes’, and be that the case, I’d like to ask you both about your opin­ions on men with del­i­cate fea­tures. Are all baby­faced men secret­ly women?

Fur­ther­more, even if Wendy Williams was trans, what of it? Would that some­how make her less human?

Ebony Beauty

A LOT of peo­ple think Wendy Williams is real­ly a man includ­ing me. Some­thing just doesn’t seem right. And just because some­one feels like she’s a man so what? No one said she’s less human. It’s just an obser­va­tion and a mat­ter of opin­ion. And btw call it ‘trans­pho­bia’ or what­ev­er else I still think she was prob­a­bly born a man.


Keke looks adorable!

No words for Wendy.


Since she was so quick­ly post­ed about last time, any­one wan­na talk about how Bey­once ran back to her 24″ blonde yaki faster than Usain Bolt at a track meet????+

Knotty Natural

Did you real­ly think it would last?


i thought i was the only one who noticed?! the pix­ie cut grew every pass­ing week!
Sim­i­lar­ly, after Tia Mowry-Har­dict big chopped she emerged a cou­ple week lat­er with long hair exten­sions.…

nei­ther of these women “big chopped” every­one who gets a hair cut is not “big chop­ping” the blogs claims Bey­once, Tia, Ali­cia Keys and every oth­er black women who has got­ten a hair cut as “big chop­ping” when its just not so. unless the celebri­ty her­self has been quot­ed as say “I big chopped and am rep­ping for the nat­ur­al hair team” then the blogs shouldn’t claim them as such.  Tia changes her hair for work and she has post­ed pho­tos on twit­ter over the months with her hair still short and curly while out with friends and fam­i­ly. ali­cia keys… Read more »

i am in agree­ment. it’s not always a big chop.


Bey­once wrote a song ded­i­cat­ed to haters like you its called “I Can’t Take No More”


Thank you!!! I have noticed com­plete silence from all the blogs about this…what gives?? She couldn’t man­age with her ‘life changing/I was send­ing out the wrong mes­sage’ big chop???

Nappy Queen

Keke Palmer looks so beau­ti­ful! I love her hair and hope she has the chance top rock her nat­ur­al in a video or movie some­time soon.

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@toyabg true life is stranger than fic­tion. Please con­sid­er it a les­son learned…move on smartly…I hope it gets bet­ter for you!


It is true black nat­ur­al hair is NOT ugly, dirty, nasty, unkempt, or hard to work with. Whether you. Are star, a celebri­ty, or a aver­age joe, don’t put me down because I chose to wear it nat­ur­al and you don’t. #stopthep­ut­down­sas­ap


It sad­dens (with some degree of anger and frus­tra­tion too) that many black women or most the black race still see Euro stan­dards as “beau­ty” and put down nat­ur­al black hair. A lot of it is igno­rance and a mind set that straight and wavy is pret­ti­er and bet­ter. We need to STOP, respect the choice, and stop putting each oth­er down along with our nat­ur­al hair. #doubutdon’tputmedown4wearingmynaturalhair WAKE UP!


how are these peo­ple con­sid­ered nat­ur­al celebrities/same cal­iber of yaya, Janelle mon­ae when you only see the occa­sion­al flash of nat­ur­al hair for a self pub­li­cized moment. I just think this isn’t the forum for such.


Um, then by your log­ic, I would then ask how are some non-celebri­ty women con­sid­ered “nat­u­rals” when they fre­quent­ly wear weaves, wigs or exten­sions (even kinky twists or braids). 

It’s a slip­pery slope you’re on there…

Amma Mama

I love Keke Palmer, she is so pret­ty! I’m excit­ed to see her as Chili in the upcom­ing TLC biopic.


I didn’t know that was Wendy Williams. She looks noth­ing like her child­hood pic to me. Per­haps if I saw her with­out make­up I’d be able to see it. *Shrugs*


Look at a pic of her son. You see him all in that pic­ture of her.


I know right, upon look­ing at this pic­ture I thought it was her son Kevin with long hair lol.… He is the split­ting image of her :).


How about they rock their nat­ur­al hair on the red car­pet?!

I com­plete­ly agree with you on that note. If Janelle Mon­ae and Solange can rock their hair, I don’t see why oth­ers can’t. I don’t buy the argu­ment that its about pro­tect­ing your hair from this and that. These celebs have access to top-of-the-line styl­ists and high-end prod­ucts while your aver­age nat­ur­al is scop­ing out forums for tips and brows­ing Trad­er Joe’s aisles. I real­ly think its about pre­sent­ing them­selves as an “accept­able,” uni­ver­sal brand that they think appeals to every­one, espe­cial­ly when cross­ing over to the main­stream (a.k.a., non blacks). Or per­haps they’ve been brain­washed to believe that their… Read more »

Natalia,absolutely well said. When some­one like Vio­la Davis wears her hair nat­ur­al on the red car­pet, as she did, when she was nom­i­nat­ed in, “The Help” she cre­at­ed so much con­ver­sa­tion. What a smart move by her. IT was great to see because it does send the mes­sage that not only do we accept our­selves but that our nat­ur­al hair is accept­able. It is inspir­ing to see so many beau­ti­ful Black women wear­ing their hair ~big, nat­ur­al and beau­ti­ful.


When Vio­la Davis rocked nat­ur­al hair on a red car­pet, Wendy said it was not pro­fes­sion­al or right for the occa­sion. She is mid to late for­ties, so the self-loathing is like­ly to con­tin­ue. Why expand her plat­form?

Cece Danielle

I could care less about Wendy Williams. She con­tin­u­al­ly bash­es nat­ur­al hair and then she shows a pic of her hav­ing nat­ur­al hair when she was younger. What gives?


Keke is gor­geous!!

I swear, every time I want to like Wendy, she always has to say some­thing to ruin it, always got­ta take it too far, sheesh.


This is SOOOOO TRUE!! I’ll just be into her show and then she says some­thing stu­pid, and I’m like “what a B****” (sor­ry for the use of lan­guage). Then I have switch the channel…but what gets to me the most is that one week she’ll be say­ing some real­ly mean things about a “celebri­ty” but then she invites them on the show and it’s all rain­bows and smiles. I know it’s just busi­ness but I feel as though Wendy is the def­i­n­i­tion of backstabbing…maybe I’m being over the top but hey..*shrugs* “how you doing!?” *rolls eyes*.…


love keke. she looks young and fresh. an afro is my favorite style. love wendy as well. she has made so many strides in radio and tv and is a real shero. cur­rent day real hair or not she is still a glass ceil­ing break­er and has opened doors for black peo­ple women…

J. Nicole
As soon as I saw the image of Wendy Williams’ child­hood pic on my Face­book time line, I knew the pho­to would become the cat­a­lyst of a blog post for some nat­ur­al hair site; and also knew this one would do it. I don’t see the point of pro­fil­ing celebs who have spo­ken neg­a­tive­ly about nat­ur­al hair. I get it, I blog, I under­stand page hits but at what point do you let your con­tent speak for itself? I have no prob­lem w/ Keke Palmer since she has embraced nat­ur­al hair & knows vari­ety is a good thing. You don’t… Read more »



I agree that her pic should not be includ­ed that SHE (Wendy) should not be includ­ed. How­ev­er, I don’t recall Wendy mak­ing and neg­a­tive com­ments about nat­ur­al hair. All I have heard her say is that its not for her, and that’s not neg­a­tive or pos­i­tive its just a state­ment. But I agree her pic of her as child should not be includ­ed.


I remem­ber on one episode, she said that nat­ur­al hair doesn’t look good on every­one. Anoth­er, she told a white woman that she ( the white woman) has good hair.


I have to side with @ J.Nicole — I under­stand BGLH want­i­ng to chron­i­cle Black hair hap­pen­ings, but repeat offend­ers like her don’t even deserve to be men­tioned any­where on this site or oth­ers like it. I see enough of peo­ple dog­ging us out every­where else on the web or life in gen­er­al, I don’t care to see that kind of fool­ish­ness here. Still real­ly appre­ci­ate this site though — it’s doing a real­ly good thing in the Black com­mu­ni­ty.

The Natural Haven
I com­plete­ly agree with J Nicole too but I think that rather than BGLH per­form­ing the cen­sor­ship, we as read­ers need to do that. I nev­er ever click on the celebri­ty sight­ing arti­cles here on BGLH, I actu­al­ly end­ed up on this one because Keke’s pic was on the trend­ing sec­tion (I actu­al­ly do not know who Keke is.….…I thought it would be a style icon fea­ture). It would be great if we could elim­i­nate peo­ple like Wendy Williams from the dis­cus­sion but sad­ly they are part of the world we leave in and the cur­rent world we are in… Read more »

I agree with you J. Nicole AND I feel like I was mis­led to click on the link only to see a pic­ture of Wendy Williams when she was a young girl; I don’t think that counts! Plus, Wendy is always talk­ing about her hair under that wig but she nev­er wears it — well I say shut up, then, Wendy, until you decide to take that damn wig off!


You said that you blog, so do you like when oth­ers tell you what to put on your site? Sor­ry to sound argu­men­ta­tive but you don’t have to attack the blog itself (i.e. the page hits com­ment) Why not just talk about your issues with Wendy?

J. Nicole

To answer your ques­tion as sim­ple as pos­si­ble; it would be sil­ly to have a pub­lic plat­form, or write into one & expect every­one to agree with me. So it doesn’t both­er me if some­one makes a sug­ges­tion. How am I attack­ing this blog but point­ing out the obvi­ous? I’m not. I have no “issues” with Wendy Williams, in fact all I had to say about it & her was pret­ty much clear in my com­ment.


Per­haps, it’s to get keep her on her toes. Igno­rance is real and by giv­ing in to the igno­rance, you help per­pet­u­ate it. In this case, by not let­ting soci­ety know Ms. Williams feel about some­thing that is nat­ur­al, is con­firm­ing that it’s okay to judge every­one by west­ern beau­ty stan­dards. If we want peo­ple to embrace what nat­u­ral­ly grows out of their hair, it’s per­fect­ly fine to let oth­ers know who per­pet­u­ates ugly beau­ty myths.