10 More Incredible Black-Owned Natural Hair Businesses to Support

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3. Darcy’s Botanicals

Backstory: Eleven years ago, Lysandra Taylor gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Darcy. By the time Darcy was three, Lysandra had began to embrace her own natural hair and lifestyle, and embarked on the challenge of mixing and creating healthy hair care products without harmful chemicals. Her hobby soon became her passion, and with support from her family, the Darcy’s Botanicals line of products was born.

Benefits: All of Darcy’s Botanicals products are natural/naturally derived and free of silicones, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial colors, phthalates, parabens, and DEA. They area also handcrafted, ensuring that only the highest quality and effective ingredients go inside each bottle and jar.

Best Sellers: Darcy’s Botanicals best sellers are the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Butter and Pumpkin Seed Curl Moisturizng Conditioner. I personally love love LOVE the Pumpkin Seed Conditioner and the Natural Coils Curling Jelly. Although it lacks the word “deep” on the bottle, the Pumpkin Seed Conditioner can in my opinion, hang with the best of the best deep conditioners. Seriously. It is super moisturizing, and has just enough slip to make shower detangling a breeze while leaving hair unbelievably buttery soft. After conditioning with the Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, I can’t stop touching my hair (or sniffing the bottle…it smells like delicious pumpkin pie spices). The Curling Jelly, though? Wash n’ go killa. Super defined, shiny, and touchable hair is definitely on the menu with this product – and it lasts for days! I’ll definitely be keeping this one in rotation! As a special shout-out to transitioners (especially 9 months or less in the game with a substantial amount of relaxed/heat damaged ends remaining), I highly recommend the Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme. It is specifically formulated to moisturize new growth, while not weighing down relaxed or straightened ends. Definitely check it out!

Where to Buy: Darcy’s Botanicals goodies are available on Amazon.com and at a number of brick-and-mortar and online retail stores. Click here to see if one is near you. You can also purchase goodies directly at www.darcysbotanicals.com.


4. Hairitage Hydration

Backstory: Inspired by nature, life, music, and love, Hairitage Hydration founder and creator Sheena Crawford set out to solve one major problem with her line: dry hair. Frustrated with the lack of hydration and moisture her own locs received with traditional products, Crawford embarked on the journey of creating Hairitage Hydration – a line of natural product offerings designed to water hair like a plant so that it is nourished, healthy, and growing.

Benefits:The majority of Hairitage Hydration products are vegan, with the exception of the Oh Honey Shampoo Bar (which contains goat milk). Some products do contain gluten (wheat germ oil, oat oil, wheat protein) as well. However, all of Hairitage Hydration’s products are free of petrolatum, mineral oil, silicones, glycols, paraffin, parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors.

Best Sellers: Soft Coconut Marshmallows is the lead seller, followed by Jar of Joe, Castor Infusion, Sprout, and the Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar. I must say, all of the Hairitage Hydration products I received are the TRUTH! Soft Coconut Marshmallows is an amazing detangler and leave-in. I absolutely adore the Pink Lemon Berry Mimosa as a mid-week moisturizer (plus the fragrance is yummy). You already know how I feel about the ACV Shampoo Bar, but can I stop for a minute and talk about this Jar of Joe? I mean seriously, it smells like an amazing cup of coffee. The scent alone is invigorating – but I looooove this stuff for a scalp rub. It’s one of two scalp massage products I’m crushing on (more on #2 later), and absolutely perfect for a stimulating massage with a product that won’t weigh hair down. Plus, it provides tremendous scalp relief. I’m not 100% sure why yet, but I experience some relief from my scalp psoriasis when I massage with Jar of Joe and let it sit for about 20 minutes while I detangle and pre-poo my hair. Definitely going in the scalp health arsenal.

Where to Buy: Hairitage Hydration products are available in Loc Mamas salon in Decatur, Georgia. If you’re far away (like me), order online at www.hairitagehydration.com.

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