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Are you searching for an effective moisturizing conditioner for your parched natural hair?  Here are some products that might be worth trying:

1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner (pictured above)

WHY AUSSIE: It is inexpensive, a little goes a long way, and it leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth.  Some reviewers even say the conditioner “really is a miracle” in a bottle.

WHAT’S IN IT: The first several ingredients consist of water, fatty alcohols (stearyl and cetyl), and a few silicone-based ingredients that smooth down the hair shaft.  It also contains sea kelp, aloe vera juice, and jojoba oil.

2. GVP Conditioning Balm


WHY GVP: This Sally’s conditioning balm is a decent knock-off of the more expensive Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm.  Many naturals who use it rave about the penetrating moisture, resulting softness, and its ability to help reduce tangles.  Some also comment on it transforming damaged hair.  Another benefit is that you only have to leave in on for 1-3 minutes.

WHAT’S IN IT: The topmost ingredients consist of water, a humectant (propylene glycol), fatty alcohols (myristyl and cetearyl), and a quat (cetrimonium chloride), which helps to smoothen the hair shaft.  It also contains a few parabens for those who want to be aware.

3. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration


WHY HERBAL ESSENCES: This is another popular moisturizing conditioner that gets a lot of buzz in the natural hair community.  It rightfully earns its name “hydration” and gets the job done at a low price.  It is also one of the more accessible products on this list. You can find it in most grocery stores.

WHAT’S IN IT: The main ingredients are water, fatty alcohols (stearyl and cetyl), a quat (behentrimonium chloride) for smoother hair, and a cone for additional smoothness.  The conditioner also contains silk extract and coconut extract amongst other ingredients.

4. Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner


WHY SHEA MOISTURE: Naturals who love this conditioner rave about the intense moisture it provides despite the lack of slip.  Many of those who love it also praise its mostly natural ingredients and use it as a leave-in as well.

WHAT’S IN IT:  The main ingredients are water, shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, a quat (behentrimonium chloride), and an essential oil blend.  A few other ingredients include vegetable glycerin, panthenol, and avocado oil.

5. Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner


WHY ELUCENCE: Elucence is a conditioner that you either love or you hate.  Those who love it use it as a moisturizing co-wash or rinse-out conditioner.  It can also be used as a moisturizing leave-in, which essentially makes it a 2-in-1 product.  A little also goes a long way, and users also like that it has a faint smell unlike many other conditioners.

WHAT’S IN IT: This conditioner contains several extracts (ginseng root, irish moss, and more), water, and a quat (stearalkonium chloride) among its top ingredients.  It also contains panthenol, biotin, and squalane (olive oil lipid) amongst other ingredients.

Ladies, have you tried any of these conditioners? 


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Dalila M. Lujan

I prefer the conditioner from Pro Naturals ?


I have very dry hair – its about medium length…and boy does it get dry during the winter! I used argan oil too – but the best product i found that works for me is the Shielo Hydrate Conditioner. There is something is this conditioner that makes my hair soft like butter ! The biggest selling point is the bottle lasts a lot longer than other products I have tried. This is perfect if you have long hair like mine and quickly get through hair products!


I have not used any of these conditioners. I like Yes to Carrots, Trader Joe’s Tea Tree tingle, Aubrey Organics GPB/Blue Green Algae Mask. I have protein sensitive low porosity, 4C hair, dense hair with fine strands. I do not like the Shea Moisture Shea shampoo, but it makes a great dog shampoo.

Elisha Richardson

Herbal essences hello hydration does wonders for me!! Love love it


Herbal Essences’ The Sleeker The Butter is also very moisturizing!


Try to use natural conditioners instead of chemically filled ones. In my experience, argan oil is best, it’s non-greasy and full of vitamins to make your hair smooth, soft and healthy again. Use one called Pro Naturals moroccan argan oil conditioner, that’s the one I use and it’s the best at getting damaged hair back together.


Tell me did you have natural dry course hair?


I use the Aussie and Shea Moisture and my hair loves both.


In my younger days I used Herbal Essence conditioner for everything! For the past 6 years I’ve been using Elucence & it does wonders. I’m always experimenting with new products but nothing compares to elucence. I have 3b or c hair


i’ve used elucence for 15 years now on my hair natural and relaxed, i swear by it as a leave in and it mixes well with everything–oils, other conditioners, protein. it does not fair well as a deep conditioner, but as a daily leave in all purpose leave in, it’s platinum plus. 4c

Cat C.

Another great one is the Garnier Fructise Triple Nutrition Conditioner! I’ve tried 3 of the above 5. The Aussie and Hello Hydration are 2 of my faves. For some reason the Shea Moisture and my hair didn’t get along at all! I am a big fan of the Shea Moisture orange label products but everything in the yellow Raw Shea line left my hair feeling matted and tangled. I have low porosity hair and a lot of products made for natural black hair seem to disagree with my hair.


[…] These are definitely not leave-in conditioners! After using any of the above mentioned natural dry hair cures you want to make sure to shampooShampoo is a 1975 satirical film written by Robert Towne and […]


I think the ORS Olive Oil Conditioning Pak should be added to this list. It’s perfect for restoring moisture balance back to hair after a protein or henna treatment.


Shea Moisture and Aussie are the absolute products I’ve ever tried on my hair. I’ll stick to my beloved hand mades.


I forgot WORST!


I love Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle! Not a fan of Shea moisture.


that’s interesting. we use Shea Moisture products and love them. Maybe I’m missing something here. We do use them more on our daughter with 4B than our daughter with 3B/C hair. for 3B it seems like overkill so we only use and then rinse out. For 4B (dry) it seems to work really well and soaks in fast without too much buildup.

I’d be interested to know what you use in your homemade since I’m already making soap, shea lotions/balms, and some other products.

shy scarlett

I LOVE Shea moisture ! It leaves my hair soft and shiny. I also love the smell 🙂


I stan for the Shea Moisture Restorative conditioner. Absolutely love that stuff. I do wish it came in different packaging though. I always have to cut the bottle open at the end because the pump stops working.


Surprised Treseme did not make the list. i have used HelloHydration. Its ok. I have Type 4 mix hair. it worked well as a de-tangler but no so much for moisture. I think my hair don’t like silicones so much. What does work for moisture on my hair is aloe-vera juice final rinse. The seal, seal, seal it in.


I use the Shea Moisture to cleanse my hair and sometimes add a little after I’ve rinsed my hair. It is my go-to cleanser. It leaves my hair smooth and soft and not sticky.


I swear by Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter!! Its cheap, thick and very moisturizing. I tried the Hello Hydration and wasn’t impressed. I have thick 3C/4A hair and it just didn’t work for me.


My hair and my wallet loves Hello Hydration. I use it as a detangler. For a deep conditiner, I use L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. It has been great so far.

Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

I love Sally’s GVP Conditioning Balm on my relaxed hair. It’s a staple. Great list!
Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy


My hair LOVEEEES the Suave condish in the green bottles, and they have quite a few essential oils in them too. Plenty of slip for my 4B/4C hair (perfect for detangling), and it’s light enough to be used as a leave-in when mixed with 2-3 parts water. Try it!!

the mane captain
i’ve use HEHH, it worked well as a detangler, but my hair stopped “taking” it.So I stoppes using it. Also, i like my hair products to be colorless, at least have a creamed color and a calm scent. the blue color, coupled with the strong scent of HEHH scares me from a repurchase, thought its affordable. As for shea moisture, that product is too expensive to use as a rinse out so I use it as a leave-in. Plus I didn’t notice any difference in the “feel” of my hair when i used it as a DC. I’ve never heard… Read more »

I consider myself mostly-4b and I have been an HE HH “stan” for well over a decade. I was using this stuff back when black folks would look at me cross-eyed in the checkout line for buying a “white” conditioner. 🙂 I tried Aussie Moist once but it just wasn’t the same. Next time I’m in a store I’ll see if there’s a difference in formulation between the regular conditioner and the 3-minute miracle. Or I’ll just buy another large bottle of HE HH…


I like the tresemme naturals for cowash and the Sally’s “biolage” to rinse henna. I bought some HEHH today (impulse buy), but now I remember it was only ok (for me) when I used it before.


I’m hair type 4 I use Hello hyrdration for months and it works great I tried the Shea Moisture restorative but it wasn’t thick enough for my hair and it didn’t seem moisturized


I use As I Am Coconut Cowash. I have really kinky curly hair. I didn’t BC I transitioned and using it while I transitioned really saved my hair. Now I discovered Co washing half way through my first year of going natural, but I’m glad I did. I only shampoo once a month and that’s when I go to the salon for a little R and R.


Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner (As a leave-in), Tresemme Naturals (for co-washing), Trader Joe’s Nourish and Shine (for co-washing) have worked well for me.


You are the second person I know Zenith. My mom’s name is Zeneith, its pronounced the same way, but my grandma wanted to add an extra I to make it different. Tresemme used to work in my hair when I was younger, but it doesn’t anymore. However when I go to the Salon its a Paul Mitchell Salon, so I always get great care there. I haven’t tried Trader Joes, but I hear good things about it.


Any commenter recommendations for the most moisturising DC you’ve tried??

I’m 4c and DCs don’t ever do much for my hair. I’m using Qhemet Moringa and I like it a lot but it’s not super duper. As I Am Coconut CoWash is a great detangler on kinky hair but their Hydration Elation was ineffective on my hair. I always find that what I leave on has the greatest effect on parched hair. In that case Oyin Hair Dew, their sprays and Qhemet’s Burdock Root sealed with Hairveda Cocasta are my dry hair’s dream.

Maybe you should try making your own deep conditioner. Uhm I like to use Mayo, egg, and coconut oil and I blend it all up and I put all through my hair and over it up with a plastic cap and then I put a towel around that. However fair warning it will drip a bit, so don’t wear anything nice and have another towel handy to wipe the drippings off. I let it sit in my hair for 45 minutes. I got the recipe from Natural85 on YouTube. She has great do it yourself recipes. Give it a shot.

Similar situation for me. I’ve found that I get more slip from my moisturising shampoo (creme of nature) than I do for any DC. So far I’ve tried shea moisture deep treatment mask, ORS replenishing DC and creme of nature. Although no diasters, neither leave my hair feeling silky/slippy. Not sure if that even matters though lol.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried Aubrey Organics? I use the Honeysuckle Rose and White Camellia Conditioners as Deep Conditioners and they are pretty good as reg conditioners. I used to use Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner as a DC treatment by using heat with it and that worked really well for me. In the 4 years that I have been natural I haven’t found a deep conditioner that I only use for that purpose. Lately I’ve been using Clays like Bentonite to Clean And Rhassoul to Moisturize. I then followup with a Oil Rinse(This seems to really do… Read more »

I’ve always been sceptical of using reg conditioners as a DC, but I’m gonna give it a try! Thanks! And gorgeous hair!!


Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner is awesome as a deep conditioner. I use it alone or mixed with coconut oil and sit under my hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes. My kinky coily hair soaks it right up.


Thanks! Beautiful hair. I’m a dense head too.

Thanks to everyone who replied!


your fro is majestic! love it!


Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment suits me just fine.


I believe some people should make sure they don’t have a latex allergy. Those people shouldn’t use Shea butter or Shea based product because of the naturally occurring latex in Shea.


qhemet cocoa tree detangling ghee. my hair haaated Aussie and HEHH in particular.


My hair hated Aussie moist too! HEHH started out okay, but after a few weeks, my hair dried out way faster than it normally does, and the buildup was unbelievable, even with biweekly shampooing. My hair really doesn’t like regular usage of ‘cones….every once in a while is cool (as long as I wash within a week), but every week? Nah, I’m good.


I currently use the shea moisture conditioner on this list. In the summer, however, I tried to use the Aussie line. I said, “who cares about silicones?!?!” The first few weeks, my hair responded really well to it, but after that, my hair looked really dull. My scalp became itchy. Also, every time I used the Aussie conditioner, it would make my skin ITCH as it washed down my hair and body. I had to switch back to all natural products ASAP lol.

you are right because i don’t wanna say this . When writer stated hh and Aussie . I was shocked because she was supposed to fully list of their ingredients, one lady on facebook told them that she lost a lot hair from using one of them. Because they are banish in Cananda border for having birth defect, you can look up in “Long natural hair” at facebook. She is gotta explain in prior post and have woman talking abt her losing hair. I am not sure if it real. But I rememeber clearly that Aussie Moist or HH was… Read more »

They’re not “banished” in Canada… *____*


I love Hello Hydration and all of Herbal Essences conditioners. My favorite of theirs for moisture is Color Me Happy. I recently colored my hair and grabbed this one because it said it gave extra moisture for colored hair and it’s AMAZING. Even better than HH.


@ Flyfab,
Do you use the Hello Hydratation as a leave innn or as a rinse?
Im searching for a effective and cheap natural leave inn conditioner (water based)


I use HH to detangle my hair because it has super slip, then rinse out. I use Color Me Happy as a leave-in.


@Laur, I was using Herbal Essences’ Totally Twisited as a leave-in and I loved it until I switched to Color Me Happy, which I like more. I think any of them would work. 🙂


Thank you for responding


I haven’t tried any but I’m hoping to get hello hydration in a couple of weeks.

stop your hair breakage

Laura Truesdale

Look forward to trying like 2 outta of the 5 on the list 🙂