As Blue Ivy’s hair grows it seems mom Beyonce is experimenting with different styles. Most recently the tot was seen rocking a headful of twists. Cute!



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i thought that was a boy but her hair is combed its better than the way its done now the bed comb her hair


People get so mad about this child’s hair. Half the time these chicks don’t work so they got time to play in their daughters hair all day…yanking it out n guaranteeing there will be no edges left for future generations. She’s a baby. Why does she need her hair pulled into tight ass ponytails to please strangers? She doesn’t. People need to focus on what their own kids look like and learn.


From the looks of everything, the only people that are getting mad are people that feels as you do.

Jo Bear

I love to see this kid with her hair out and about. No need for twists, let her rock her lil fab fro lol. We need to stop worrying about her hair… She has all the expert hair care money can buy… and should her hair fail to flourish for some reason, mama has all the lacefronts under expert care lol. Stay fabulous Blue!

Pauline Green
I just do not like Beyoncé or Jay Z. Both of them want to be WHITE. I remember when Whitney Houston, was younger then Beyoncé is now, about 22-25 and drug free she was touring Whitney visited, my school she was so beautiful I seen both Whitney and Beyoncé, Whitney is far more beautiful then Beyoncé and she loved being Black unlike Beyoncé. but the camera didn’t really pick up her true beauty I was about 8 years old Whitney spent the whole day at our school. She was so positive and up lifting. I don’t know how she end… Read more »

Do you know beyonce and jayz offstage when they are not entertaining? Where do you get your information about this family that justifies your to judgements and hate? Is it the media or do you actually know them personally?

You even hate their innocent child? You hate a baby? You must be miserable. No respectful, positive, compassionate, descent human being will ever say such a thing. This comment says a lot about you. I am sending all positive energy, prayers, love and light your way. You really need it. SMDH


Blah blah blah blah…you might not like it, but it’s her opinion. From the tone of your comment, I’d suggest you focus on yourself as opposed to putting someone else down because you do not like what they are saying.


Lol, she can trash Jay, Bey AND their innocent child, but if someone calls that petty (which it is) than THEY are focused on the wrong thing.

What you are saying is inane.


They can at least put cute hair bands around her hair that would be cute with a fro


Maybe Blue Ivy cries a lot when her hair is being combed and that is the reason they don’t comb it much. If so, I can understand it because some children are very tender-headed. I know I was as a child and Mother had a very heavy hand with the comb because the louder I cried the harder she pulled the comb through it.

Candy Kane

I’m sorry but Blue Ivy’s Hair is a mess and who ever says it cute or nice is a liar straight from Hell. It’s such ashame that, her rich parents hair her looking like a rag a muffin all the time. Beyonce doesn’t walk around with her hair looking a hot mess, neither does Jay Z but they daughter looks a mess. What are they tryna make her into a boy!!! Get it together Jay Z and Beyonce because yah daughter hair is not right, and yah should be ashamed !!!

leandra crummer

My hair is really thin when i get a blow out by the 5th day its greasy and sticking to my head. There is no volume and it really upsets me and i turn to sewin:( im not sure what to do to makr it fuller and last longer im 18 n haven’t had a perm since i was 13 i don’t wanna damage my hair anymore #helpme!!!!


I don’t see why Blu Ivy needs to be “presentable” as it is her parent who are doing shows and who are the celebrities. I love how free they seem to be with her… I honestly thought Bey and Jay was gonna have her deck up and out like the popular kids pics that you see on Instagram. Those did up kids looks so uncomfortable (yet cute) dressed like grown ups and Ivy looks so free and simple.


I understand that B n J are very busy people and in their down time they are tired. I just don’t care it takes only a few minutes to put a little grease on that baby head n with a quick comb or brush through she’ll look presentable. she can still rock the fro. that’s probably why the baby always look mad.


Baby Blu not smiling cause she wants some hairbows, headbands or braids w/beads….lol


Ahhh, that’s probably not it but funny! I pray she doesn’t EVER see a damn bead! I wish I knew who told us black folks that braiding up our hair & then adding 6-12 loud, bright beads to EACH braid was cute or hair healthy! It was probably a Caucasian tho, lol!


Lol I agree and always thought that was tacky.


I suddenly want some really long cornrows, with wood beads with Chinese characters written on them.
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Pretty child but lets be real…Her hair looks a mess! You don’t have to use any chemicals, olive oil and coconut oil works fine with a good moisturizer! Look at Beyonce’s baby pics, her mama combed her hair. Instead of buying $40,000 Barbie dolls, she should hire little Blu a hair dresser.


Okaaaaaaay! I totally Agree Ikisha. Black mothers usually have their daughter’s hair LAID, but Beyonce needs to learn how to pick up a good hair brush and oil, that baby is already beautiful though.


The less you yank, pull on a child’s hair this young the better and stronger her hair will be later (which I am sure Bey’s mama knows since she has done hair like forever!
Pulling a child that is so you hair in to ponytails can damage the edges. ponytail bands can also take out hair.
Bottom line is maybe she is tender-headed or they are just letting her be a a child. She looks perfect!!


I agree people are so judgemental beyonce has CAKE! She can buy the hair off her haters heads if she wants….CHILL HATERS SHE GOT THIS????

Black mothers who have their child”s hair “laid” usually don’t have kids with much hair or the sense to do anything else to it. Most of US dont know a “good hairbrush& oil” for our own heads. I am not a fan of Beyonce at all but this is the first thing she’s done that I can respect in a while! (not that she needs my respect, lol) Unfortunately, if she stays in that blonded weaved up status she has been ordained to sell to the masses of young girls who adore her, when Blue Ivy gets older that’s probably… Read more »

Bey little girl looks healthy, I know she is proud of that. So many of these black stars seems to have children with autism. Both look good and natural, Bey has on no makeup on and knees are ashy. This makes her look so real.


Autism doesn’t discriminate? Are you sure you don’t have Autism?

Kenya FC

Ok it’s official. I have HEARD IT ALL. Right on Colalover. LMBO!!!


Blue Ivy is adorable. I don’t I’ve ever seen her smile though.


It looks like Beyonce keeps her so busy playing and having a good time.. I know my son looks straight faced when he is tired from a full day of play. When a child is busy playing all day, they a re cranky at the end of the day. lol


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