As Blue Ivy’s hair grows it seems mom Beyonce is experimenting with different styles. Most recently the tot was seen rocking a headful of twists. Cute!



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Can I get Beyonce’s thighs, though? Kthanks.

Nappy 4C Rocks

are you serious!?!? NO


All bad smh


Beyonce looking great as always. Little blue looks adorable! That baby can’t go wrong! 🙂


Kid looks more and more like Jay every passing day if Blue ends up looking like Jay’s supposed secret love child (and it looks like it)

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there will be no denying the paternity!


They’re both just as “cute” as Jay Z.


Jay Z is cute? lol


Who knew those pics would turn out to be a reality. She looks just like Jay-Z, except she has Beyonce’s nice arched eyebrows.


Her hair is great, but I’m feeling the shoes more.


Good lord cute baby,the twists are a bit scary and could be more neat,why wear a hair style on your child that you’d never wear yourself.


lol you must not have kids…it would be nice if a childs hair would stay as neat as when you first style it, especially in a protective style. but just like with us adults, that is just not the case.


should she wear her a weave then? what’s your point????


No,I just said her twists are not neat-for some reason Beyonce doesn’t seem fussed how messy her childs hair is.


well if we take your comment literally then that’d mean blue ivy oughta be wearing a weave since so far as we know mom would never step out the house without one lol



Youngin girl

Very cute twists. Blue does look kinda like her dad. I will say the nose hits it. I like those shorts and shoes she has on in the second oicture. Very street look.


She looks just like her daddy lol, cute


The picture with the bubble shooter really shows that outside of the celebrity lifestyle… Beyonce is just a happy mom and Blue is just a typical toddler.


Beyonce haters of BGLH, rise! RISE!


And the boot lickers or should I say leotard riders rise up.


the wizard of oz’s wicked witch comes to mind tee hee

Nappy 4C Rocks

ok I will begin…Little Miss Blue Ivy looks just like her daddy…and Queen Bey needs some she butter on her knees…next


I didn’t even notice and you forgot to mention she’s pulling down on her panty-shorts. Can’t wait for this tacky trend to go away.


Her shorts are MUCH too short, but mostly for her age and the fact that she is a mom (I wouldn’t want my nieces/nephews to see me in booty shorts with my boobies hanging out everywhere). Her outfits in both pictures are meant for teenagers. Not grown women with careers and a family. Nothing to do with the fact that she is Beyoncé. She just needs to dress her age.

Bridget J.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way Beyonce is dressed. There is no magic number for which all women should dress in a particular manner. There are some women, like Tina Turner, for example who look fierce beyond their years. When deciding how to dress each woman must taken into account a number of factors including body type/appearance, occasion for which one is dressing (work, home, vacation, outing, etc), station in life, image she seeks to reflect, etc. Age is only one factor to be considered. Also, how you… Read more »
Nappy 4C Rocks

thank you


I’ve never heard anyone say this about a man. People should dress however they like.


Different bodies. Different Standards. If men often walked around wearing tiny little shorts that were made to purposely show off their sexual organs, I’m sure more people would say something. It’s why when men wear speedos to the beach people tend to react lol


Until Beyonce shows signs of aging and morbidity, she has every right to show off her beautiful body and health. If dressing your age means dressing like you’ve been in menopause for the last 20 years, then I’m glad Beyonce doesn’t dress her age. She is has hardly lived half of her life. She is young and looks damn good on in those shorts. I’m sure the women complaining about shorts look horrible in shorts themselves. You probably haven’t attracted a man in years.

I wouldn’t say I look bad in a pair of shorts 🙂 I’m very big into working out actually. I would post a photo of myself but I’ve already done so in the “How I lost 50 pounds without going to the gym” article and I don’t want to be that person who constantly posts pictures of themselves. I’m just very much into modesty and growth. When I was a child, I thought as a child, acted as a child, dressed as a child (my variation on the Bible quote, yes). She is 32 years old. Why does she need… Read more »

Let me guess,

You’re too overweight to wear shorts? Your legs are have cellulite? Don’t be mad. Just exercise.


Try again fangurl, project much? I really really really hope you are not older than 16 going on the attack like a rabid dog over a stranger who does not give two shits about you. Lol


There’s nothing slim or cellulite free about Beyonce, so stop with the whole “jealous” thing.


She’s no bigger than a size 6. I’ve seen her live more than once. A size 6 isn’t slim?

Nappy 4C Rocks

sorry but Queen Bey needs to…um…NOT wear those pantyshorts…esp the 2nd pic…high and tight, ugh!


Blue Ivy is too cute. While I am no Beyonce fan, it must really be hard to have people constantly critique your family and your life as if they know you and follow you around instead of just Googling you on the internet.

Comments about Blue Ivy always remind me that black people still have a long ways to go in terms of self love and removing the shackles of oppression.


I agree with you, Mai. We are not a monolithic community. No one in my social circle criticized Beyonce’s child (and I wouldn’t associate myself with someone who would be so petty), and probability tells me that there are people in other circles who didn’t either.


Oops, I mean, I agree with b.


The world does not begin and end with your social circle, my dear.




obviously “b” dont get out much,lol. Waaay more than a select few.


And comments like yours remind me there’ll always be someone quick to fix their lips to say something negative about black people based on the behavior of a very select few, talk about shackles.

Negative comments about natural hair from the black community are not “a very select few.” There are still too many stories about negative comments from strangers, friends, and family that begin with “when are you going to comb your hair,” “it would look better straightened,” “you’re brave for going natural.” Even from other naturals you can get flack for having hair that “looks dry” or “looks like it needs to be combed” (every post on Solange Knowles is like that). You can’t go to a hair salon without being worried the stylist is going to mix relaxer in the deep… Read more »

You are so right, its not a select few, probably “B” has relaxed hair. I live in the Caribbean and even people here always have something to say. I bc in January 2013 and my friends and even some family members were upset.

Amma Mama

I agree! Black people were the ones saying negative comments about Gabby’s hair when she was making Olympic history. Black people say negative comments about baby Blue Ivy’s hair. Facts are facts. I know not all black people because am black and I have never said anything negative about their hair. However, I agree with Mai, it’s more than a select a few. And that’s just what it is.


Exactly, this issue with Gabby was so sad. How you go at such a young woman, who made history and instead of people being happy for her achievments, she gets critized for her hair?! Our hair is not supposed to be/look like caucasian people. Not Gabby should have dealt with it, the judgemental people should have dealt with it.


agreed with you mai.


Beyonce looks gorgeous and Blue Ivy looks so much like Jay Z! Look at those cheeks!

Nappy 4C Rocks

get ready, let the comments begin!