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You have all been SO sup­port­ive of my healthy changes and I thank you!!!

Some of you have expressed want­i­ng to give Week­day Veg a try and I am SO excit­ed about it! How­ev­er, many of you couldn’t imag­ine giv­ing up meat for 5 days- “What would I eat? Sal­ads every­day?!”

Well, here are 6 exam­ples of dish­es that not only have NO MEAT but were deli­cious enough to fool meat eaters, AND KIDS! (can’t use the ‘fam­i­ly wouldn’t go for it’ excuse either! Haha!). I’ve also list­ed some respons­es to fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions I’ve received about the food I eat.

Pic­tured clock­wise: 1. Veg­gie Fried Quinoa/Rice, 2. Tacos, 3. Flat­bread ‘Sausage’ Piz­za, 4. Dairy Free Broc­coli Mac and Cheese, 5. Shep­herds Pie 6. Spicy ‘Beef’ & Mixed Veg­gies.

Each meal takes about 30 mins or less to prep (not includ­ing oven time) For more details check out my ‘unof­fi­cial’ recipe, foods, and healthy jour­ney blog:

Nap­tural­ly Thin, a site

1. Do you have meal plans, where do you come up with ideas?

I make them up or I Google a favorite meat dish, but put the word ‘veg­e­tar­i­an’ in front of it. I find a veg­e­tar­i­an or meat recipe that’s easy and change it to suit my tastes. Some­times I just take a dish I always make, and remove the meat. And there’s always just chop­ping up any veg­gie, adding salt, pep­per, and olive oil and stir fry­ing it. Throw it over veg­gies or brown rice and you have din­ner. I grew up in an African house­hold where we ate elab­o­rate African dish­es for EVERY meal. So this style of cook­ing is 100% new to me. If I can do it you can too.

2. Are you Veg­an (no milk, ani­mal any­thing)?

I am NOT veg­an (not that I’m anti). I eat milk, carbs, cheese, yogurt, hon­ey, and oth­er ani­mal byprod­ucts dur­ing the week — in mod­er­a­tion. I also eat meat on the week­ends.

3. Are you wor­ried about eat­ing too many soy prod­ucts?

A lit­tle. That’s why most of the dish­es above are made using ‘sei­tan’ which is a wheat based grain meat replace­ment or tex­tured veg­etable pro­tein (Quorn style prod­ucts). I buy them prepack­aged from Whole Foods or my local gro­cery store. Also, this is eas­i­er than real cook­ing! No thaw­ing, no wor­ries of ‘food poi­son­ing or ecoli’ and every­thing is just chop, slice, lay­er and cook/sauté/stir-fry. SOOOO EASY!

4. Do you eat carbs (bread, grains, rice)?

Every sin­gle meal, in mod­er­a­tion.

5. Do you eat gluten?

Yup. I don’t even wor­ry about if some­thing is gluten free or not.

image (1)

6. Do you count calo­ries?

I did in the begin­ning (like two weeks) most­ly because I was wor­ried that I wasn’t eat­ing ENOUGH calo­ries! I could eat a whole mix­ing bowl of let­tuce and veg­gies, feel total­ly stuffed, and it would only be like 100 calo­ries! Lol I tried to get smarter about bal­anc­ing out my foods to make sure I was get­ting the right nutri­ents and vit­a­mins with my calo­ries. Since the first day I nev­er eat more than 1700 calo­ries a day (unless I was par­tic­u­lar­ly active, or it’s a hol­i­day or spe­cial occa­sion) and nev­er less than 1200 calo­ries a day. Each por­tion of each meal I eat is between 400 to 500 calo­ries. I don’t count my snacks (they are always fresh veg­gies or fruit). Ulti­mate­ly the week­day veg lifestyle is noth­ing more than eat­ing healthy food in the right por­tions, and try­ing not to be too lazy with exer­cise — basi­cal­ly what your doc­tor always said. Putting some struc­ture around it, and elim­i­nat­ing excess meat intake just accel­er­ates the results and has addi­tion­al health ben­e­fits for me.

7. Do you exer­cise or go to a gym?

No. I do try to get out on the week­ends and walk around (even if it’s just the mall! Ha!). I also know that I need to exer­cise so I can get my booty nice and high, and carve myself some Michelle Oba­ma arms! Haha­ha! But before I am ready for that, I got­ta take this fat suit off! Haha!

8. Do you fol­low a meal plan?


9. Are there foods you do not eat?

I almost nev­er eat fast food (McDonald’s kids size fries once a month maybe?). I rarely (twice a month) drink soda (includ­ing diet soda), and almost nev­er drink juices. It’s water ALLL the time. My fro thanks me for it! ;) I also don’t real­ly eat can­dy, ice cream, pas­tries, or processed/insta food (Kraft Mac, microwave din­ners, pas­tas in cans etc).

10. Are you wor­ried about not enough pro­tein?

No. I eat more com­plex, healthy, eas­i­ly digestable pro­tein than most meat eaters. Veg­eta­bles have mod­er­ate amounts of pro­tein. Vital Wheat, Quorn, and Soy Meat replace­ment prod­ucts are all pure healthy pro­tein. And of course, I eat meat on the week­end. So with week­day veg­e­tar­i­an, I’m right on track!

11. What’s your weight, how much have you lost? What’s your goal? When are you going back to eat­ing meat every­day?

I haven’t (and won’t) share my spe­cif­ic weight num­ber at this point- a girl’s got­ta keep some stuff to her­self! But I have post­ed a TON of pics from when I start­ed liv­ing week­day veg (March 2013) to now. All togeth­er, as of today (July 2 2013) I have lost 49lbs. I am not shar­ing my goal weight specif­i­cal­ly, but let’s just say I still have some work to do. As for ‘return­ing’ to reg­u­lar meat eat­ing, that will nev­er hap­pen. This is a LIFESTYLE (per­ma­nent) change — not a tem­po­rary diet. I chose this life so I can be healthy for­ev­er and raise healthy chil­dren, not to look good for sum­mer. While some may start to get quick results ulti­mate­ly you’ll gain it all back and then some when you return to bad habits. I equate my new lifestyle with going nat­ur­al. I nev­er plan on putting a relax­er in my hair, it’s not even an option for my life. It’s dam­ag­ing and tox­ic for my body. I feel the same way about eat­ing sat­u­rat­ed fats, fre­quent fast food, and excess quan­ti­ties of low qual­i­ty meat. I espe­cial­ly don’t plan on feed­ing my chil­dren this way — it’s as impor­tant as pro­vid­ing edu­ca­tion and shel­ter. Return­ing to the ‘ignor­ing the fat facts’ lifestyle is not an option any­more.

image (2)

If there are any oth­er ques­tions that I’ve missed- leave them below, and I’ll try to answer them ASAP!

Hope this helps, curlies!!!


Do you have a favorite veg­gie recipe to share? Share them below!

Nicole is the cre­ator of where she tracks her nat­ur­al hair and fit­ness jour­ney.

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- Focus­ing on weight and not fit­ness is very bad advice. (Men­tal­ly or phys­i­cal­ly) Sor­ry to be a par­ty poop­er, but this isn’t healthy. Plen­ty of thin peo­ple aren’t healthy. - Carbs aren’t an ani­mal byprod­uct… Not sure why it’s men­tioned in the are you veg­an ques­tion. - Los­ing dras­tic amounts of weight very quick­ly is also unhealthy. - Mock meats tend to have a large amount of sodi­um. So it isn’t smart to eat them con­stant­ly. Con­grats to you! But I must say I’m dis­ap­point­ed in the con­tent in this arti­cle. Sto­ries like this keep women star­ing at scales… Read more »

Do you ever stir fry your veg­gies in veg­etable oil or canola oil?

Great job on the weight loss too!!! I have a lot of med­ical issues that pre­vent me from doing heavy exer­cise. I do try to get out to walk on the days I feel alright though. 

Thanks for the inspi­ra­tion!!!


Will I be allowed to have cof­fee while on this diet­plan?

Bri Bri


Great job and great info! I just fin­ished my gro­cery shop­ping and racked up on veg­gies!!! I have one ques­tion. Did you exclude seafood as well on week­days? I know some do not include seafood as meat so I am curi­ous of your take. Thanks.


she should not wait until she’s at a cer­tain weight to exer­cise. she should do it now. diet is very impor­tant, but exer­cise is too.


I have to agree. Car­dio PLUS strength train­ing will get rid of the fat faster.

Hey Nicole, Great post and great job on your progress!! You go girl!!! Going meat­less can be a chal­lenge. I have been liv­ing a gluten free and 90For­Life nutri­tion­al life style for over a year and also have lost almost 50 lbs with lit­tle to no exer­cise. I am encour­aged by your post to go more days with­OUT meat. I know from going gluten free that such changes make you feel SO much bet­ter. I am in the best shape of my life and I am lov­ing it. If you are ever inter­est­ed in adding nat­ur­al sup­ple­ments to your reg­i­men… Read more »
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Hi Nicole. great job on your accom­plish­ment. that’s a lot of weight loss in just 3months!
It’s good that you’re keep­ing your diet per­ma­nent because I was wor­ried it might just be a tem­po­rary.
as for me, I always advo­cate eat­ing in small por­tion, as I don’t believe in diet­ing and food restric­tions, unless they are harm­ful to you. 

btw, are you Niger­ian, because you look like me :)If you hap­pen tobe Niger­ian, I under­stand your rad­i­cal diet changes, I start­ed cook­ing less Niger­ian and more west­ern this year, and it’s been work­ing GREAT for me.

first of all, she’s real­ly gor­geous. look at that smile! sec­ond of all, GREAT JOB at the weight loss! it’s hard to lose weight! third of all, i rec­om­mend cut­ting out dairy. i per­son­al­ly suf­fer with PCOS (poly­cys­tic ovar­i­an syn­drome) and cut­ting out dairy has helped me with my acne. so far i have gained weight because i eat a lot more and it’s my fault, but i think i would have gained even more weight had i con­tin­ued to eat cheese, milk, and oth­er prod­ucts with dairy in it.  i don’t eat the same foods any­more pre­cise­ly because of the milk… Read more »

Geri, I too have PCOS and strug­gle with my weight I find that you have to work out twice as hard to lose weight. Keep doing what works for you. I’ve nev­er noticed any issues with eat­ing dairy but I do have to lim­it my sim­ple carb intake.


I pri­mar­i­ly eat chick­en and fish reg­u­lar­ly. Would adopt­ing a meal plan like you have make any grave dif­fer­ence for me since I am not eat­ing a lot of beef or pork any­ways?


Awe­some job.

lola a

Hi D.P. i real­ly enjoyed and was blessed by your posts. I will like to know what kind of meals you eat and what kind of exer­cis­es you do .I am try­ing to eat as healthy as pos­si­ble for myself and lay a good exam­ple for my kids as well.

I actu­al­ly con­tact­ed the site cre­ators about writ­ing a fit­spi­ra­tion arti­cle for the web­site! I par­tic­i­pate in a workout/sport called Cross­fit, but I start­ed out at my local YMCA run­ning on the tread­mill. Then I was intro­duced to the weight room and I nev­er looked back. I main­ly lift weights and do a lot of body type exer­cis­es (pulls ups, push ups, jump­ing etc). I try to main­tain a gluten/grain/dairy/excess sug­ar free diet. I eat a lot of meat and veg­eta­bles. I am not per­fect how­ev­er, and I do still find myself some­times eat­ing fast foods or toast! My work­out… Read more »

Amaz­ing!!!! I am 14 years old, but have been raised a veg­an Veg­e­tar­i­an my entire life. I’ve always been asked if I get pro­tein and if the only thing I eat are veg­eta­bles every sin­gle meal. HECK NO!!! You can be super cre­ative while eat­ing health­ful­ly, and It’s deli­cious!! I cook all the time, and the sky is the lim­it when it comes to health­ful eat­ing. And con­grat­u­la­tions on your weight loss! You look GREAT!!! and I loved your pics too!! Okay, I’m done. :D


WOW this is tremen­dous! Glad to see that a nor­mal per­son has been able to lose weight the healthy way with­out super expen­sive meal plans. Con­grats! I hope to start my own healthy weight loss jour­ney by con­trol­ling my meal por­tions.

Keep it up!!

Tay­lor @


you look amaz­ing! I’m try­ing to lose weight too and I’ve been strug­gling. Your method seems rea­son­able and sus­tain­able which is what a weight loss plan should be. I’m going to start incor­po­rat­ing your ideas into my jour­ney. Thanks for shar­ing

Stop your hair break­age


black women are wak­ing up and mak­ing 180s. the beau­ti­ful thing is we are help­ing and sup­port­ing each oth­er. Yay us!


Can we say Bra­vo!! Great job and thank you for inspir­ing me to get back on track with trans­form­ing my diet to less meat and more Veggies/ Fruits and H20. 

Awe­some job!!!!!


“…before I’m ready for that [exer­cise] I got­ta take this fat suit off!” 

But isn’t exer­cise a sure fire (and faster) way to get rid of your ‘fat suit’? Espe­cial­ly with your diet — the weight will fall right off! But kudos for doing some­thing; I know per­son­al­ly how hard it is!


I love these arti­cles. I’m by no means over­weight and I now this is a NATURAL HAIR blog but I love to read these inspir­ing makeover changes from a fel­low nat­ur­al. :-)


I am com­plete­ly inspired by your sto­ry and achieve­ment. Thank you so much for shar­ing.


When you say no meat mon­day-Fri­day do you mean no seafood as well?


You look great! And I know you are so proud of your accom­plish­ment. Keep up the great work. I’m glad the sys­tem is work­ing for you. Good luck!


That’s great for the effort of cut­ting back your por­tion sizes and watch­ing your caloric intake. But nutri­tion­ist and upcom­ing dietit­ian, not work­ing is and being proud of it, is NOT CUTE!! 

There are more ben­e­fits to work­ing out (walk­ing, run­ning, tak­ing group fit­ness class­es) than just los­ing weight. It improves your cog­ni­tive func­tions, gives you more ener­gy and you per­form bet­ter all round. Every­one should try and at least walk for 30 min­utes a day.


From her web­site:

“(*just to be clear, since there is some feed­back from the arti­cle- I am in NO way advo­cat­ing abstain­ing from exer­cise or min­i­miz­ing the impor­tance of work­ing out in accom­plish­ing healthy weight loss goals. Exer­cise is an essen­tial part of ANY healthy weight loss reg­i­men, and lifestyle. It was a per­son­al choice to approach my weight loss in this man­ner, and I plan on inte­grat­ing car­dio and strength train­ing as I reach per­son­al mile­stones.)”

Con­grat­u­la­tions on your healthy accom­plish­ments!!! I have also gone meat free. But i have become a veg­an and it has total­ly changed my life!!! I am Puer­to Rican and we love our meat, but I found that leav­ing the meat, dairy and eggs has real­ly helped me. I feel men­tal­ly sharp­er in the morn­ings and I have lost alot of weight. If you eat any meat in the US, it is processed ter­ri­bly and the ani­mals are fed a genet­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied diet that ulti­mate­ly affects us all. Watch the movie Food Inc.…you will nev­er look at a chick­en or cow… Read more »

Great Job Diva!!!!!


You look great!
I’ve prob­a­bly done this back­wards and by default work out dai­ly but have found my body doesn’t like meat. I find it fun­ny that peo­ple try to say it’s OK and won­der what you do instead. So I’ve tried doing veg weeks and meat on week­ends only and i feel bet­ter for it. When I do eat meat it’s from the local butch­er or grass fed. My body thanks me for it. Glad to see it works for oth­ers as well.


Good for you for find­ing a method that works for you! You look absolute­ly amaz­ing. I know I feel bet­ter when I eat more veg­gies and fruits (even though I love meat with pas­sion). I think I’ll try incor­po­rat­ing a few more meat free days. 

And many dif­fer­ent lifestyles/diets work. Atkins works, weight watch­ers works, jen­ny craig works, it’s the ones you can stick to that keep the weight off and this seems to be one that would be easy to stick to.

Con­grat­u­la­tions on your weight loss. How­ev­er, I must chime in about the whole “Our bod­ies can only digest so much meat” sci­ence. Humans ate noth­ing but meats, veg­gies, fruits, what­ev­er we could hunt and gath­er for a LONG time. Agri­cul­ture (grains) is still very new to the human diet. Digest­ing meat is not the prob­lem. Digest­ing the crap meat that is sold in stores and is pumped full of hor­mones and antibi­otics is the prob­lem. Again, I am absolute­ly NOT crit­i­ciz­ing your diet/lifestyle. I have noth­ing but respect for peo­ple who want to make healthy lifestyle changes, but this arti­cle… Read more »

There’s not real­ly any choice here in Amer­i­ca. Either you are get­ting GMO poi­soned meat from fac­to­ry farms, or you are not get­ting meat at all… 99% comes from fac­to­ry farm­ing with nasty results that are ter­ri­ble for us.

Poster Girl
Well actu­al­ly DP, that is incor­rect in a few ways. What she said is not an assump­tion, nor a claim by veg­e­tar­i­ans but actu­al­ly proven by sci­ence research and doc­tors admit­ted­ly. Being one who knows the in’s and out’s of the Bible and hav­ing a sci­ence back­ground, if you study the his­to­ry of Gen­e­sis, you will actu­al­ly find that the first peo­ple were not meat eaters. As a mat­ter of fact, God nev­er intend­ed us to be be meat eaters. In the first 2 chap­ters he told us he gives us ani­mals as com­pan­ions, trees and herbs as a source… Read more »
Poster Girl
Sor­ry I meant to say they didn’t eat meat until after the flood.  & the fact that peo­ple have been eat­ing meat for 100s of years doesn’t mean much. If we eat chem­i­cal­ly mod­i­fied food for 100s of years we will still endure, but that doesn’t mean it is healthy and has a pos­i­tive effect. We sim­ply have greater med­i­cine today than we did before. But pre­vi­ous­ly we died of many dis­ease through eat­ing ani­mals. Just as in Papua New Guinea they prac­ticed can­ni­bal­ism, and for gen­er­a­tions did not know it was unhealthy and caused a dis­ease called Kuru (fold­ing of… Read more »

I respect your opin­ion, but I dis­agree with it. I believe in evo­lu­tion and I read the Bible more as a guide for liv­ing an hon­est, God-Cen­tered, empow­ered life and not real­ly as a sci­ence based fac­tu­al piece of lit­er­a­ture.

I agree D.P., I total­ly com­mend her for her weight loss as I’m try­ing to lose weight myself, but I some­times feel too like meat gets a bad wrap. Meat in gen­er­al, isn’t ter­ri­ble, but it’s the type of meat, like beef (red meats), pork, such as sausage, bacon, hot dogs, and oth­er processed meats. Many gro­cery stores have nat­ur­al or organ­ic chick­en and turkey on sale some­times and you can also get the wild-caught, fresh fish, if you like seafood. Meat has lots of b vit­a­mins, omega vit­a­mins, and etc., so if you’re going to cut it out alto­geth­er,… Read more »

the term “nat­ur­al” means absolute­ly noth­ing. it’s just a “green”, gim­mick word as it is not USDA reg­u­lat­ed.


Meat is not bad, but most stud­ies agree at no point in his­to­ry did we eat as much meat as we do today. It is not nat­ur­al part of human evo­lu­tion to have meat with every meal or even every day and in many coun­tries meat is still a spe­cial addi­tion to a meal. We have been spoiled with the abun­dance of the ter­ri­bly unhealthy fac­to­ry farmed meat. It real­ly makes sense to only eat meat once a week or less.


That’s not true. It depends on the cul­ture. Cul­tures who most­ly hunt­ed, were nomadic, and lived in areas with lit­tle veg­e­ta­tion; as apposed to cul­tures who farmed and set­tled in one area; ate meat at every meal. This is true of many Native Amer­i­can and African cul­tures espe­cial­ly those in desert or arc­tic cli­mates.

First and fore­most, Con­grats Nap­tural­Ni­cole! I like your blog! Now, I tell peo­ple all the time that a lot of the bs out there on meat, eggs, and dairy don’t make any sense when you look at the fact that many cul­tures have been eat­ing those foods for cen­turies with no prob­lem. Heck, even in the 40s and 50s, peo­ple were down­ing meat and pota­toes with no prob­lem. It’s when all the processed crap (and decrease in phys­i­cal activ­i­ty) was intro­duced into our diet that you saw an increase in weight and weight relat­ed health prob­lems. Most of the time, I… Read more »

Ummm but she stat­ed that she is eat­ing meat at the week­day and that she cut non-qual­i­ty meat “excess quan­ti­ties of low qual­i­ty meat”. So for me it sounds not bias at all, just her hon­est opin­ion about this top­ic.


“… stud­ies have shown that our bod­ies have trou­ble pro­cess­ing more than 4 oz of meat, eat­en only 5 times a month.”

I was refer­ring to this quote, specif­i­cal­ly.


Con­grats on the weight loss, you look great!!

I agree D.P. that meat isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly the issue, it’s as you say “crap” meat. I would instead go real­ly easy on salt, sug­ar and carbs and incor­po­rate in some type of exer­cise, espe­cial­ly for the long term.


It sound­ed to me like she is focus­ing on chang­ing her diet/lifestyle before incor­po­rat­ing exer­cise. I don’t think it mat­ters what order/how she’s tack­ling weight­loss as long as she is doing it in a healthy way (which she is). 

I, per­son­al­ly, can main­tain weight­loss with the prop­er diet. I know exer­cise is impor­tant, but some­thing is bet­ter than noth­ing!

Any­hoo, good arti­cle. :-)


Yes the best way to lose weight and MAINTAIN the weight loss is the COMBO of healthy eat­ing and exer­cise.

I agree. I work­out… well con­stant­ly, along with eat­ing a diet of qual­i­ty meats, fruits and veg­gies. I stay com­plete­ly away from grains/gluten as much as pos­si­ble. I don’t want to steal her thun­der (and please do not think I am, fit­ness is just a huge part of my life) and with a lit­tle exer­cise you can go from sim­ply los­ing weight to build­ing mus­cle, ton­ing up, and hav­ing a healthy well bal­anced body (I am post­ing this pic­ture sim­ply to prove that I’m not just talk­ing out of my a**). She said it her­self, “Michelle Obama’s arms” that comes… Read more »

Your stom­ach is Hott! I be so glad when I get my Hott bel­ly on:) good job!

Thank you :) I am big into healthy spir­it, mind and body. My nieces and nephew live with me and my 8 year old niece already has body image issues. I try real­ly hard to show her by exam­ple what it means to have a healthy body image and a healthy fit body, not nec­es­sar­i­ly just a skin­ny one (I try to show her good exam­ples of skin­ny and big, as long as it’s healthy!). I am 25 and I have no kids of my own, so my nieces and nephews are like my chil­dren and I want to make… Read more »

Con­grat­u­la­tions! Cut­ting down on meat helped me drop weight too. I made the mis­take at first of replac­ing the meat with carbs. But it’s total­ly worth it for a lot of rea­sons. Most­ly, it forced me to stay away from fast food.

I don’t under­stand the lack of exer­cise here. Maybe some­thing was left out of the arti­cle. Regard­less of what the scale says, shouldn’t every­one be get­ting at least thir­ty min­utes of exer­cise five times a week?


I know a lot of peo­ple who don’t like to exer­cise. They focus on just the diet to man­age their weight. I’m not one of those peo­ple. On aver­age I like to exer­cise 4 days a week for at least 30 min­utes. I eat pret­ty health­ily but, if I miss exer­cise for a week I notice that I am much more dili­gent about eat­ing right.


wow. kudos to u gurl! inspi­ra­tional!