Meagan Good Shows Off Her Curls on Instagram

On the set of a recent photoshoot actress Meagan Good took some time to make a quick video of what she described (in the video caption) as her “natural” curls.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.48.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.48.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.49.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.49.29 PM

Click here for the original video.

When not wearing a wig, Meagan often straightens her hair for a slick look, like she did at the 2013 BET Awards.



We say some texture is welcome anytime!

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68 thoughts on “Meagan Good Shows Off Her Curls on Instagram

  1. Meagan Good is gorgeous, there’s no question about that. Her hair is really pretty too. I personally am not a fan of revealing that much over the top side boob/cleavage. It’s not classy. However, I’m going to do me, and let Meagan is going to do what she does. Live your life and let others do the same!

  2. Meagans curls, well it’s her hair and she does what she feels most comfortable with. Natural or not, I like how she styles it up when she does wear it out.
    I don’t like that much cleaveage on display though.
    Again, to each their own

  3. Here we go with textlax police again. No offense, but I don’t think it’s texturized. People say that but I’m never surprised, since black people have so many varying textures of hair. I never once look at someone with curly hair and analyze whether or not it’s texlaxed. Lol

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    • I agree…her breasts look droopy. She´s very beautiful, nonetheless, but if she keeps something to herself would have been better…and I´m a cleavage fan!

  5. I could care less about the curl pattern but the hair itself doesn’t really look very healthy to me. It looks really thin and damaged! Am I being mean? I hope not. She’s a beautiful girl but that hair is not the business.

    • No I don’t think you’re being mean. It’s your observation… The only thing I would say is that because it’s thin it’s easy to assume it’s damaged…

      But, I personally don’t think it is necessarily damaged.

      • True.Plus, I think she’s going for that retro look as well it seems? I think she would look better with chin length hair, but she is just as beautiful with short hair. Her hair looks very fine, cottony soft with silky fine strands. But it looks sort of punk, retro 80’s. I like the look. It gives her a more youthful,modern, updated appearance and it is simple too. She can make any style appear elegant.

        • they’d like to see more than just job stories here. To your point, wheehtr or not it’s OK to have tattoos in tech depends on a couple of things, company culture first and foremost. Many companies don’t care. In others, you’d better be able to cover them up. But I have to disagree when you say tattoos aren’t for IT professionals. I’ve met many a game developer, mobile developer and even some cybersecurity folks who’re very proud of theirs. As for the pain issue, well, I can’t really speak to that. I have trouble getting through a blood test.

  6. If you got it flaunt it.. they are just breasts. If it was her vagina it would be different. I’m kind of indifferent to her hair, i’m use to it being short and cute so it’s nothing new.

    • I like to think this site is about, healthy hair, mind, body, etc…I think some of us are more interested in how to get her healthy body and tone. No one seems too interested in her hair, that’s for sure. Her hair just may not be the most amazing part about her to some naturals, so people’s eyes automatically shoot to her amazing figure.

  7. I’m not a fan, but I’d believe Megan’s real hair before Nikki Minaj’s. Megan has ALWAYS had gorgeous hair and has always had the ability to grow and maintain long length, so I have no doubts that her hair is curly like that, and I bet she would fall in the 3’s somewhere when it comes to type.

  8. She & her hair both look great; her natural hair is nice to see. I think some of you are a little rude talking about her cleavage & ashamed of yourselves though. Did we forget she’s in her THIRTIES grown?!

  9. Megan is beautiful no matter what she is in, but especially with her natural curls and little to no makeup on. She’s a natural beauty. And I love that dress. Wear it while you can girl!

  10. I find it funny how everyone has to comment on her cleavage when this is a post about hair. Gtfoh with that. Its not you, why are y’all worried about it. I cant with this site, every time i turn around someone on here is destroying a fellow black women/talking about something other than her hair on this “hair site”.

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