On the set of a recent photoshoot actress Meagan Good took some time to make a quick video of what she described (in the video caption) as her “natural” curls.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.48.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.48.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.49.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.49.29 PM

Click here for the original video.

When not wearing a wig, Meagan often straightens her hair for a slick look, like she did at the 2013 BET Awards.



We say some texture is welcome anytime!

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Mercy Percy

Her hair texture looks like Toni Braxton’s.


I find it funny how everyone has to comment on her cleavage when this is a post about hair. Gtfoh with that. Its not you, why are y’all worried about it. I cant with this site, every time i turn around someone on here is destroying a fellow black women/talking about something other than her hair on this “hair site”.


whats funny is I had to scroll down and bam her boobs were in my face,anyways she has nice hair


Isn’t she married to a pastor?


My same ? …..pastor’s wife…dress holy on Sunday but other days dress like a ???


Megan is beautiful no matter what she is in, but especially with her natural curls and little to no makeup on. She’s a natural beauty. And I love that dress. Wear it while you can girl!


She & her hair both look great; her natural hair is nice to see. I think some of you are a little rude talking about her cleavage & ashamed of yourselves though. Did we forget she’s in her THIRTIES grown?!


I’m not a fan, but I’d believe Megan’s real hair before Nikki Minaj’s. Megan has ALWAYS had gorgeous hair and has always had the ability to grow and maintain long length, so I have no doubts that her hair is curly like that, and I bet she would fall in the 3’s somewhere when it comes to type.


I guess I am the only one who always hated the short sleek hairstyle on her. I prefer it curly.


This is supposed to be about her hair not her body or how “classy”she is…


I like to think this site is about, healthy hair, mind, body, etc…I think some of us are more interested in how to get her healthy body and tone. No one seems too interested in her hair, that’s for sure. Her hair just may not be the most amazing part about her to some naturals, so people’s eyes automatically shoot to her amazing figure.


If you got it flaunt it.. they are just breasts. If it was her vagina it would be different. I’m kind of indifferent to her hair, i’m use to it being short and cute so it’s nothing new.


She’s too pretty to have such horrible fashion sense.


looks lovely and love the earrings.



I wouldn’t wear that dress but, she looks great.

Maria V.

I could care less about the curl pattern but the hair itself doesn’t really look very healthy to me. It looks really thin and damaged! Am I being mean? I hope not. She’s a beautiful girl but that hair is not the business.


Maria, lets not forget that some people have naturally thin hair. It could be the way it grows out of her scalp.


True.Plus, I think she’s going for that retro look as well it seems? I think she would look better with chin length hair, but she is just as beautiful with short hair. Her hair looks very fine, cottony soft with silky fine strands. But it looks sort of punk, retro 80’s. I like the look. It gives her a more youthful,modern, updated appearance and it is simple too. She can make any style appear elegant.


they’d like to see more than just job stories here. To your point, wheehtr or not it’s OK to have tattoos in tech depends on a couple of things, company culture first and foremost. Many companies don’t care. In others, you’d better be able to cover them up. But I have to disagree when you say tattoos aren’t for IT professionals. I’ve met many a game developer, mobile developer and even some cybersecurity folks who’re very proud of theirs. As for the pain issue, well, I can’t really speak to that. I have trouble getting through a blood test.


No I don’t think you’re being mean. It’s your observation… The only thing I would say is that because it’s thin it’s easy to assume it’s damaged…

But, I personally don’t think it is necessarily damaged.


I like her hair! Do not like the Cleavage. Something about it doesn’t look right. Nothing left to the imagination.


I agree…her breasts look droopy. She´s very beautiful, nonetheless, but if she keeps something to herself would have been better…and I´m a cleavage fan!


All things aside… I LOVE her old skool cassette player phone case! Goes on ebay to find it..


Here we go with textlax police again. No offense, but I don’t think it’s texturized. People say that but I’m never surprised, since black people have so many varying textures of hair. I never once look at someone with curly hair and analyze whether or not it’s texlaxed. Lol

Sibongile Amy

Meagans curls, well it’s her hair and she does what she feels most comfortable with. Natural or not, I like how she styles it up when she does wear it out.
I don’t like that much cleaveage on display though.
Again, to each their own


Meagan Good is gorgeous, there’s no question about that. Her hair is really pretty too. I personally am not a fan of revealing that much over the top side boob/cleavage. It’s not classy. However, I’m going to do me, and let Meagan is going to do what she does. Live your life and let others do the same!

Jenna Marie Christian
Jenna Marie Christian

I love meagan. she is gorgeous and always seems so sweet. She can do no wrong in my eyes..lol

nappy headed black girl

I think she’s been natural for a while now. I wish the pics were clearer and more detailed.




Because people have a boob obsession, whether girl or boy. We always trying to get the perfect boobies. They are hard to get, I think. Superficial yes, fun yes,important no. lol


I can’t get past all that bossom on display,she fine as hell but this dress was inapropriate in my opinion.


She has always had thin sides. No shade bc she still is beautiful. I’m glad she is wearing her natural tresses!


So most people keep saying traction alopecia or her hair is thinning, why assume the worst? She’s usually rocking a short doo of some sort. I can barely remember her with long hair?

REMEMBER some people have fine thin hair… not everyone is rocking some luscious locks….


She’s HOT…She’s a first lady..and she’s living life with her curls and souled out for Christ Hubby? Im sorry but when i grow up I want to be just as sexy and sanctified as this!!!

GOOD JOB BGLH!!! Meagan girl you rock it till the shade never stops!!! *Zig-zag snaps*


Look I don’t make the rules for Christianity, the bible does but I’m sure there’s nothing in it where sexy and sanctified go to get her in any way, shape or form. I’m just saying its what I read but people are making their own rules now anyway and that’s between them and God.


Weeeell…People have been making their own rules since Christianity’s roots in Judasism. The denominational split between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox versions of Christianity in the 4th Century CE deepened the divide more and then split of Western Christianity into Catholicism and Protestantism split it even more. Each time the splits occurred it was because of varied interpretations of the text. Therefore, there are no hard and fast rules in Christianity because they change not just because of individual interpretation but also because of denominational interpretation.


I get your point but in none of those branches (and none today that I know of) Christianity did sexiness ever go with sanctity.
Individuals will make their own rules as they want though and like I said its between each of us and God.


Lol well if you don’t make the rules? Why even care? If you looked like her, you’d be showing it too! Yes you would! There is NO WAY I would hide myself if I were this gorgeous! I’m putting this picture of her on my fridge for inspiration. What, are we under the Taliban or Sharia laws now?

Michelle Hubbard

Meagan’s hair is tex-laxed..I can tell..which is no big deal. I think you should do what you want to do with your own hair. She looks very pretty.


She’s gorgeous! It would be nice to have pics that show her hair better, hope she wears her curls more often because it really does suit her!


Meagan needs to big chop and start over. Her hair isn’t just thin, it is thinning. She could actually go bald and still be pretty. It’s better than dealing with see-through hair and the toll it undoubtedly takes on her self-esteem. It just needs a break from everything to recuperate.


Okay so hair unrelated but
is it possible to have boob envy? Like how in the world does one, not only get such amazing breasts, but torso to hip ratio to rock this dress as good as she does? Like, this is the only time in which I have seen a woman in a super low cut dress and actually look like the dress was made for her.


Girl yes!!! She has the most perfect breasts lol! I like my boobs too though. Don’t get me wrong. I’m now wondering if it’s because she exercises and has great muscle tone, yet still maintains a moderate amount of body fat? She looks beautiful in that blue dress! I don’t know if that is her hair texture at birth. It may be heat trained or something. She is still fabulous!


She got a boob job. You can google it.


Well even if she got a BOOB job? Who bloody cares!! If that really is true senora, then her doctor is great, because I sure would have thought they could be hers!ay dios mio que bonita!


Also unrelated to hair (but related to your comment lol); great boobs, but unflattering in that dress. They look like they need support :-/


Girl, what kinda support!? If she “supported” them more, they’d look ridiculous fake and plastic! But I guess you go for that silicone look. Hers are natural looking. Boobs are supposed to look normal, nit like a doctor made them. Even if they were saggier, they’d still look great to 99.9 % of people.


Oh dear, I don’t see where my comment indicated I was into the fake look. Quite simply, the style of dress does not suit her breasts – it makes them look saggy (IMO). Smaller breasts are more suited to this type of dress.


Cool. I guess each to their own. I’m a bit of a flashy sort, so this look would be ok in my eyes. I really am no fashion expert, just like to wear what feels good., this looks tasteful enough for me. I don’t have the best fashion sense, so you are probably correct. 🙂 It looks sexy tho and I’m happy they choose people who rep different perspnal styles. Personally I think it fits someone her age. Most of the time the celebs wear clothes that we are all gonna talk about the next day,it’s good for business.


She’s a pretty girl with nice curls but it is thin. It looks like she may have some tracks in her hair for the BET awards… its all good though!


She is a good actress. I like her nails.


Look, these celebs need to sit the hell down. I’m not interested. Word to the wise…put people that have a brain on your site. Her cleavage is extreme and she is married to a Preacher!!! No thanks BGLH.


If your not interested why click the link to this story???
C’mon it’s simple common sense if you don’t like something avoid it. It’s simple really…

Nappy 4C Rocks

um, what does that tell you about the preacher? women ALWAYS get the brunt of things…how is her cleavage is extreme? she and her ‘preacher’ husband is in show business…


She has a brain, even if it doesn’t work jajaja! Honestly she’s pretty hot. Like over a million degrees.


Va va voom


This is the kind of woman most men have called a dream girl! Lol i think she shaved her hair on the sides as a design.


cell phone cover is cute


My friend has the exact same cover you can get it off ebay or amazon for like 5 bucks!


Yeah it is! Love that!


I love her and think she’s gorgeous. She can do no wrong in my eyes. #admittedlybiased.


She’s beautiful, but the hair at her temples are very thin. Not sure if her hair is naturally thin or she has a bad case of traction alopecia.


She had both sides of her head shaven and it’s just filling in…


I don’t love them either but u can rock nails like this when you don’t report to an office everyday.


I rocked the stiletto nails to my office every day for almost a year. I loved them and received no complaints; but mine were tastefully done in neutral or pale colors–I didn’t do the designs and walk into my place of business. It’s funny, people have problems with pointy nails; but are more than willing to slap everything from neon green and tiger prints to Salvador Dali paintings on square ones (short and long) and consider THAT to be more office appropriate?


Trying to remember if she had the sides shaved off at one point or not. Looks like she has fine strands though..

Meagan is one of those girls that I don’t “see the big deal” about in regards to hair because majority of the time we see her, she’s rocking her natural hair, so she’s like one of the homegirls to me lol


Megan Good is so pretty.

SN: Unrelated to hair, but I despise those witch-looking stiletto nails. Yuck.