On the set of a recent pho­to­shoot actress Mea­gan Good took some time to make a quick video of what she described (in the video cap­tion) as her “nat­ur­al” curls. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.48.34 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.48.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.49.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 5.49.29 PM

Click here for the orig­i­nal video.

When not wear­ing a wig, Mea­gan often straight­ens her hair for a slick look, like she did at the 2013 BET Awards.



We say some tex­ture is wel­come any­time!

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Mercy Percy

Her hair tex­ture looks like Toni Braxton’s.


I find it fun­ny how every­one has to com­ment on her cleav­age when this is a post about hair. Gtfoh with that. Its not you, why are y’all wor­ried about it. I cant with this site, every time i turn around some­one on here is destroy­ing a fel­low black women/talking about some­thing oth­er than her hair on this “hair site”.


whats fun­ny is I had to scroll down and bam her boobs were in my face,anyways she has nice hair


Isn’t she mar­ried to a pas­tor?


My same ? .….pastor’s wife…dress holy on Sun­day but oth­er days dress like a ???


Megan is beau­ti­ful no mat­ter what she is in, but espe­cial­ly with her nat­ur­al curls and lit­tle to no make­up on. She’s a nat­ur­al beau­ty. And I love that dress. Wear it while you can girl!


She & her hair both look great; her nat­ur­al hair is nice to see. I think some of you are a lit­tle rude talk­ing about her cleav­age & ashamed of your­selves though. Did we for­get she’s in her THIRTIES grown?!


I’m not a fan, but I’d believe Megan’s real hair before Nik­ki Minaj’s. Megan has ALWAYS had gor­geous hair and has always had the abil­i­ty to grow and main­tain long length, so I have no doubts that her hair is curly like that, and I bet she would fall in the 3’s some­where when it comes to type.


I guess I am the only one who always hat­ed the short sleek hair­style on her. I pre­fer it curly.


This is sup­posed to be about her hair not her body or how “classy“she is…


I like to think this site is about, healthy hair, mind, body, etc…I think some of us are more inter­est­ed in how to get her healthy body and tone. No one seems too inter­est­ed in her hair, that’s for sure. Her hair just may not be the most amaz­ing part about her to some nat­u­rals, so people’s eyes auto­mat­i­cal­ly shoot to her amaz­ing fig­ure.


If you got it flaunt it.. they are just breasts. If it was her vagi­na it would be dif­fer­ent. I’m kind of indif­fer­ent to her hair, i’m use to it being short and cute so it’s noth­ing new.


She’s too pret­ty to have such hor­ri­ble fash­ion sense.


looks love­ly and love the ear­rings.



I wouldn’t wear that dress but, she looks great.

Maria V.

I could care less about the curl pat­tern but the hair itself doesn’t real­ly look very healthy to me. It looks real­ly thin and dam­aged! Am I being mean? I hope not. She’s a beau­ti­ful girl but that hair is not the busi­ness.


Maria, lets not for­get that some peo­ple have nat­u­ral­ly thin hair. It could be the way it grows out of her scalp.


True.Plus, I think she’s going for that retro look as well it seems? I think she would look bet­ter with chin length hair, but she is just as beau­ti­ful with short hair. Her hair looks very fine, cot­tony soft with silky fine strands. But it looks sort of punk, retro 80’s. I like the look. It gives her a more youthful,modern, updat­ed appear­ance and it is sim­ple too. She can make any style appear ele­gant.


they’d like to see more than just job sto­ries here. To your point, whee­htr or not it’s OK to have tat­toos in tech depends on a cou­ple of things, com­pa­ny cul­ture first and fore­most. Many com­pa­nies don’t care. In oth­ers, you’d bet­ter be able to cov­er them up. But I have to dis­agree when you say tat­toos aren’t for IT pro­fes­sion­als. I’ve met many a game devel­op­er, mobile devel­op­er and even some cyber­se­cu­ri­ty folks who’re very proud of theirs. As for the pain issue, well, I can’t real­ly speak to that. I have trou­ble get­ting through a blood test.


No I don’t think you’re being mean. It’s your obser­va­tion… The only thing I would say is that because it’s thin it’s easy to assume it’s dam­aged…

But, I per­son­al­ly don’t think it is nec­es­sar­i­ly dam­aged.


I like her hair! Do not like the Cleav­age. Some­thing about it doesn’t look right. Noth­ing left to the imag­i­na­tion.


I agree…her breasts look droopy. She´s very beau­ti­ful, nonethe­less, but if she keeps some­thing to her­self would have been better…and I´m a cleav­age fan!


All things aside… I LOVE her old skool cas­sette play­er phone case! Goes on ebay to find it..


Here we go with text­lax police again. No offense, but I don’t think it’s tex­tur­ized. Peo­ple say that but I’m nev­er sur­prised, since black peo­ple have so many vary­ing tex­tures of hair. I nev­er once look at some­one with curly hair and ana­lyze whether or not it’s texlaxed. Lol

Sibongile Amy

Mea­gans curls, well it’s her hair and she does what she feels most com­fort­able with. Nat­ur­al or not, I like how she styles it up when she does wear it out.
I don’t like that much cleaveage on dis­play though.
Again, to each their own


Mea­gan Good is gor­geous, there’s no ques­tion about that. Her hair is real­ly pret­ty too. I per­son­al­ly am not a fan of reveal­ing that much over the top side boob/cleavage. It’s not classy. How­ev­er, I’m going to do me, and let Mea­gan is going to do what she does. Live your life and let oth­ers do the same!

Jenna Marie Christian
Jenna Marie Christian

I love mea­gan. she is gor­geous and always seems so sweet. She can do no wrong in my eyes..lol

nappy headed black girl

I think she’s been nat­ur­al for a while now. I wish the pics were clear­er and more detailed.




Because peo­ple have a boob obses­sion, whether girl or boy. We always try­ing to get the per­fect boo­bies. They are hard to get, I think. Super­fi­cial yes, fun yes,important no. lol


I can’t get past all that bossom on display,she fine as hell but this dress was inapro­pri­ate in my opin­ion.


She has always had thin sides. No shade bc she still is beau­ti­ful. I’m glad she is wear­ing her nat­ur­al tress­es!


So most peo­ple keep say­ing trac­tion alope­cia or her hair is thin­ning, why assume the worst? She’s usu­al­ly rock­ing a short doo of some sort. I can bare­ly remem­ber her with long hair?

REMEMBER some peo­ple have fine thin hair… not every­one is rock­ing some lus­cious locks.…


She’s HOT…She’s a first lady..and she’s liv­ing life with her curls and souled out for Christ Hub­by? Im sor­ry but when i grow up I want to be just as sexy and sanc­ti­fied as this!!! 

GOOD JOB BGLH!!! Mea­gan girl you rock it till the shade nev­er stops!!! *Zig-zag snaps*


Look I don’t make the rules for Chris­tian­i­ty, the bible does but I’m sure there’s noth­ing in it where sexy and sanc­ti­fied go to get her in any way, shape or form. I’m just say­ing its what I read but peo­ple are mak­ing their own rules now any­way and that’s between them and God.


Weeeell…People have been mak­ing their own rules since Christianity’s roots in Juda­sism. The denom­i­na­tion­al split between Catholi­cism and East­ern Ortho­dox ver­sions of Chris­tian­i­ty in the 4th Cen­tu­ry CE deep­ened the divide more and then split of West­ern Chris­tian­i­ty into Catholi­cism and Protes­tantism split it even more. Each time the splits occurred it was because of var­ied inter­pre­ta­tions of the text. There­fore, there are no hard and fast rules in Chris­tian­i­ty because they change not just because of indi­vid­ual inter­pre­ta­tion but also because of denom­i­na­tion­al inter­pre­ta­tion.


I get your point but in none of those branch­es (and none today that I know of) Chris­tian­i­ty did sex­i­ness ever go with sanc­ti­ty.
Indi­vid­u­als will make their own rules as they want though and like I said its between each of us and God.


Lol well if you don’t make the rules? Why even care? If you looked like her, you’d be show­ing it too! Yes you would! There is NO WAY I would hide myself if I were this gor­geous! I’m putting this pic­ture of her on my fridge for inspi­ra­tion. What, are we under the Tal­iban or Sharia laws now?

Michelle Hubbard

Meagan’s hair is tex-laxed..I can tell..which is no big deal. I think you should do what you want to do with your own hair. She looks very pret­ty.


She’s gor­geous! It would be nice to have pics that show her hair bet­ter, hope she wears her curls more often because it real­ly does suit her!


Mea­gan needs to big chop and start over. Her hair isn’t just thin, it is thin­ning. She could actu­al­ly go bald and still be pret­ty. It’s bet­ter than deal­ing with see-through hair and the toll it undoubt­ed­ly takes on her self-esteem. It just needs a break from every­thing to recu­per­ate.


Okay so hair unre­lat­ed but
is it pos­si­ble to have boob envy? Like how in the world does one, not only get such amaz­ing breasts, but tor­so to hip ratio to rock this dress as good as she does? Like, this is the only time in which I have seen a woman in a super low cut dress and actu­al­ly look like the dress was made for her.


Girl yes!!! She has the most per­fect breasts lol! I like my boobs too though. Don’t get me wrong. I’m now won­der­ing if it’s because she exer­cis­es and has great mus­cle tone, yet still main­tains a mod­er­ate amount of body fat? She looks beau­ti­ful in that blue dress! I don’t know if that is her hair tex­ture at birth. It may be heat trained or some­thing. She is still fab­u­lous!


She got a boob job. You can google it.


Well even if she got a BOOB job? Who bloody cares!! If that real­ly is true seno­ra, then her doc­tor is great, because I sure would have thought they could be hers!ay dios mio que boni­ta!


Also unre­lat­ed to hair (but relat­ed to your com­ment lol); great boobs, but unflat­ter­ing in that dress. They look like they need sup­port :-/


Girl, what kin­da sup­port!? If she “sup­port­ed” them more, they’d look ridicu­lous fake and plas­tic! But I guess you go for that sil­i­cone look. Hers are nat­ur­al look­ing. Boobs are sup­posed to look nor­mal, nit like a doc­tor made them. Even if they were sag­gi­er, they’d still look great to 99.9 % of peo­ple.


Oh dear, I don’t see where my com­ment indi­cat­ed I was into the fake look. Quite sim­ply, the style of dress does not suit her breasts — it makes them look sag­gy (IMO). Small­er breasts are more suit­ed to this type of dress.


Cool. I guess each to their own. I’m a bit of a flashy sort, so this look would be ok in my eyes. I real­ly am no fash­ion expert, just like to wear what feels good., this looks taste­ful enough for me. I don’t have the best fash­ion sense, so you are prob­a­bly cor­rect. :-) It looks sexy tho and I’m hap­py they choose peo­ple who rep dif­fer­ent per­sp­nal styles. Per­son­al­ly I think it fits some­one her age. Most of the time the celebs wear clothes that we are all gonna talk about the next day,it’s good for busi­ness.


She’s a pret­ty girl with nice curls but it is thin. It looks like she may have some tracks in her hair for the BET awards… its all good though!


She is a good actress. I like her nails.


Look, these celebs need to sit the hell down. I’m not inter­est­ed. Word to the wise…put peo­ple that have a brain on your site. Her cleav­age is extreme and she is mar­ried to a Preach­er!!! No thanks BGLH.


If your not inter­est­ed why click the link to this sto­ry???
C’mon it’s sim­ple com­mon sense if you don’t like some­thing avoid it. It’s sim­ple real­ly…

Nappy 4C Rocks

um, what does that tell you about the preach­er? women ALWAYS get the brunt of things…how is her cleav­age is extreme? she and her ‘preach­er’ hus­band is in show busi­ness…


She has a brain, even if it doesn’t work jaja­ja! Hon­est­ly she’s pret­ty hot. Like over a mil­lion degrees.


Va va voom


This is the kind of woman most men have called a dream girl! Lol i think she shaved her hair on the sides as a design.


cell phone cov­er is cute


My friend has the exact same cov­er you can get it off ebay or ama­zon for like 5 bucks!


Yeah it is! Love that!


I love her and think she’s gor­geous. She can do no wrong in my eyes. #admit­tedly­bi­ased.


She’s beau­ti­ful, but the hair at her tem­ples are very thin. Not sure if her hair is nat­u­ral­ly thin or she has a bad case of trac­tion alope­cia.


She had both sides of her head shaven and it’s just fill­ing in…


I don’t love them either but u can rock nails like this when you don’t report to an office every­day.


I rocked the stilet­to nails to my office every day for almost a year. I loved them and received no com­plaints; but mine were taste­ful­ly done in neu­tral or pale colors–I didn’t do the designs and walk into my place of busi­ness. It’s fun­ny, peo­ple have prob­lems with pointy nails; but are more than will­ing to slap every­thing from neon green and tiger prints to Sal­vador Dali paint­ings on square ones (short and long) and con­sid­er THAT to be more office appro­pri­ate?


Try­ing to remem­ber if she had the sides shaved off at one point or not. Looks like she has fine strands though..

Mea­gan is one of those girls that I don’t “see the big deal” about in regards to hair because major­i­ty of the time we see her, she’s rock­ing her nat­ur­al hair, so she’s like one of the home­girls to me lol


Megan Good is so pret­ty.

SN: Unre­lat­ed to hair, but I despise those witch-look­ing stilet­to nails. Yuck.